Black Friday: No Lines or Hassles. Just Savings on Metal Detectors!

… many people get metal detectors as holiday gifts. That’s how this great hobby of metal detecting continues to grow in popularity. – Michael Bernzweig, of

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year—and stores are already “leaking” their doorbuster ads early. The name Black Friday is becoming questionable because so many merchants are starting their holiday sale at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day. And while some people love the craziness of pushing through crowds to get savings, not everyone is so eager. Many shoppers dislike the madness of Black Friday. In one forum, a shopper commented, “I did Black Friday a few times and it was a nightmare! The electronics I wanted were gone within 10 minutes of the store’s opening. When I asked an associate about it, he said they stocked less than 10 units of each item.”

Black Friday Savings from your Easy Chair

The best way to enjoy Black Friday saving without the hustle and bustle is online shopping! Luckily, there are online merchants who offer big sales on Black Friday—among them, If you will be purchasing a metal detector this holiday season for someone on your gift list, our Black Friday savings event is here. No lines, no “out of stock” metal detectors; only savings in the comfort of your living room! You can skim through product information and compare metal detector models with ease to make the best selection.

Save Hundreds off Regular Prices

And you’ll be happy to know that you’ll find amazing sale prices on metal detectors and accessories: from $40—$500 off our regular prices. These are Black Friday prices to get excited about! Michael Bernzweig, of is passionate about the hobby of metal detecting and says, “We really enjoy the holiday season because many people get metal detectors as holiday gifts. That’s how this great hobby of metal detecting continues to grow in popularity.” It’s also the time when special savings and promotions are happening in our Holiday Gift Center. Find holiday savings on brands such as Bounty Hunter, Garrett, Makro, Fisher and more!

Quick Tip: View our Learning Library for reviews on metal detectors and selection help you can use right now!

Pinpointer Metal Detectors: the Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

Michael Bernzweig of said "Now is the time to pick out the perfect stocking stuffer during our annual Thanksgiving metal detectors sale which is now on." He went on to say "a pinpointer metal detector like the Garrett Pro-Pointer or the Makro-Pointer make the perfect gift idea for anyone on your 2014 holiday shopping list."

Michael Bernzweig of said "Now is the time to pick out the perfect stocking stuffer during our annual Thanksgiving metal detectors sale which is now on." He went on to say "a pinpointer metal detector like the Garrett Pro-Pointer or the Makro-Pointer make the perfect gift idea for anyone on your 2014 holiday shopping list."

The holidays are approaching and before you know it, bells will be ringing, mistletoe will be hanging in doorways and malls will be packed. For “think-ahead” shoppers, we’ve got savvy stocking stuffer ideas as gifts for the man or woman in your life. If your husband, wife or relative enjoys metal detecting, gift giving should be easy. There is one gift that fits perfectly into a Christmas stocking… It’s a metal detector pinpointer! Pinpointers are extremely handy in the field; they pinpoint treasure so you don’t end up digging aimlessly. Once a metal detector signals and the detectorist digs a small hole, a pinpointer is placed into the hole to determine the target’s exact location.

Pinpointer metal detectors typically range in price from $60—$150, with popular models at about $125. The latest handheld pinpointers are more durable and feature advanced circuitry. The Makro Pointer is brand new—just hit shelves November, 2015. It’s a fully waterproof hand-held pinpointer with a LED flashlight and 360 degree detection tip. That means the detection tip locates targets in every direction. This new model will help you pinpoint coins sized objects. As an added bonus it can also find gold nuggets as small as 1/10th of a gram with ease. The most popular hand-held pinpointer on the market is the Garrett Pro-Pointer. It features easy one button operation—immediately alerting the user to the target. At the low end price-wise is the ever popular Fisher and Bounty Hunter Pinpointers. This is a must-have in many hobbyists’ toolbox. For more on metal detecting pinpointers, check out: What are the Best Metal Detector Pinpointers?


- Great news, our Thanksgiving Metal Detectors Sale and Deals are now available!

- Learning article: “What Metal Detector Accessories Should I Start With?

Black Friday Metal Detectors Sale 2014

Black Friday Sale on metal detectors begins today and runs through Friday November 28, 2014. Discover our best packages on all of the top metal detectors from leading brands including Bounty Hunter, Garrett, XP, Makro and more during this annual sale.

Black Friday Sale on metal detectors begins today and runs through Friday November 28, 2014. Discover our best packages on all of the top metal detectors from leading brands including Bounty Hunter, Garrett, XP, Makro and more during this annual sale.

Our Black Friday 2014 sales event is sure to surpass even the awesome metal detector deals we were able to offer last year!  We’ve been working hard to get the best prices possible from top manufacturers of metal detectors like Fisher, Bounty Hunter, Garrett, Tesoro, XP and many others; and we’ll make them all available starting today and available to the public through Black Friday 2014.

Shopping For a First Metal Detector as a Gift?

With the extraordinarily deep discounts we offer for Black Friday, it’s also the perfect time to introduce someone like your grandchild, father, grandmother, friend, etc. to the hobby.  And, don’t forget to take this opportunity to save big to stock up on Holiday gifts for all the metal detectorists on your list.  With all the money you save, you’ll be able to treat yourself to something special for the Holiday season too.

Of course we always offer all the metal detectors and accessories we sell at the lowest prices possible all year long.  But our Black Friday 2014 deals are a reason to get your shopping done early this year. No matter which brand or product you check out on our website, look for our Daily Deals and Special Buys on the left hand side of each page. So, If you’re a metal detecting pro, this is the time of the year to get that new machine you’ve been dreaming of, or to pick up those metal detecting accessories you’ve been hoping to order.

Metal Detector Information and Reviews

Not sure which metal detector is the one for you?  Visit our Learning Library to find out which machines are best for which conditions, which are the easiest to use, and more.  Then, once you’ve saved all that money and your new machine has arrived, be sure to take advantage of our Club Finder feature to help you find your local metal detecting club where you can meet other enthusiasts, go on group treasure hunts, and other fun things like this.

So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and stop by on Friday, November 28th, 2014 to save a bundle on metal detectors and accessories.  We have thousands of metal detectors and just as many accessories in-stock; all at the lowest prices guaranteed!

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Special Thanksgiving Thursday Metal Detectors Sale

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

The Garrett Ace 250 is one of the featured units this year on the Thanksgiving Thursday Metal Detectors Sale from

There’s no need to wait for Black Friday to get all the metal detecting equipment on your Holiday shopping list.  Our special Thanksgiving Thursday Metal Detectors sale will offer all your favorite metal detectors, digging tools, headphones, and more at unheard of low prices.

You can also take advantage of our Daily Deals and Special Buys during our Thanksgiving Thursday metal detectors sale.  These extra low prices are available for just a limited amount of time though; which means you’ll want to be sure to stop in Thursday, and every day after that to see what new deals are being offered so you don’t miss anything.

Thanksgiving isn’t just for turkey anymore!  Now it’s for metal detectors too.  Be sure to join in the new tradition and take part in our Thanksgiving Thursday metal detectors sale to get the lowest prices possible on all the best metal detecting tools and equipment around.


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Hint, Hint… I Would Love a Metal Detector this Year!

The holidays are just around the corner…time to drop hints about what you want for Christmas or Hanukkah! Don’t be shy—relatives are going to buy you gifts anyhow. You might as well ask for what you really want. A metal detector is the perfect gift and entry-level models are reasonably priced. People can expect to spend between $150 to $300 for an entry-level detector or a bit more for a mid-level unit. General purpose detectors for beginners have all the functions you need to get started. If the budget warrants, add more features by choosing an advanced all-terrain model, such as the Garrett AT Pro. There are more detectors to choose from and a great place to start are with the buying guide articles and metal detector reviews found in our Learning Library of Metal Detectors.

What types of treasure can you expect to find as a beginning hobbyist? Clad coins, (which are the more recent coins), are easy to find. Pennies and dimes are a dime a dozen when detecting in a park. Older coins can be located if you are in an area that dates back a century or two in history. One detectorist who found a British Copper from the late 1700′s cherishes the coin because she imagined it being held by a new settler to this country. Old homesteads are a great place to dig because you can find relics and old coins all in one place. Some old cellar holes turn up old coins, jewelry and farm equipment and old embossed bottles. To learn more about common metal detector finds and where to search, here’s a helpful article: Where to Find Treasure.


Serving up Savings this Thanksgiving on Metal Detectors!

This year Thanksgiving Deals are here early before Black Friday!

Bounty Hunter Platinum 11" DD Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Platinum is a top seller for Thanksgiving. Available with either an 8" or 11" coil. This and other special buys are available during our annual Thanksgiving metal detectors sale. View our daily deals and special buys. Take advantage of our best packages on Garrett metal detectors, Bounty Hunter and others now before black friday.

Before you pull up a chair and heap your plate with turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving, why not steal a deal in electronics at Daniel and Michael Bernzweig have been part of the family metal detector business for over 30 years – and they love traditions! One of their favorite traditions during the holiday season is offering the best packages and lowest prices of the year on metal detectors and accessories. They have been working hard finding some of the best metal detector offers for Black Friday. Great news, they are now available starting today! You will see these offers shown in the new “Thanksgiving Daily Deal” and “Special Buys” sections throughout the site.

The Annual Thanksgiving Sale kicks off our season of savings for the 2014 holidays. Here you’ll find the most popular metal detectors on sale at the lowest prices. offers our Best-Price Guarantee on metal detectors. Entry-level metal detectors are sure to make “best electronics gifts for 2014” lists due to amazing recent hobbyist finds! Our Thanksgiving Metal Detector Sale features unbeatable prices on brands including the Bounty Hunter Legacy series and Garrett Ace series (both series known as exceptional entry-level metal detectors.) Other hot prices include the Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector, the new Makro Pointer and DepthMaster metal detector headphones.

Buying for a child or young adult? Be sure to check out our best top picks for metal detectors for kids and our buying guide article on choosing the best metal detectors for children. We have included all of our top metal detectors for sale in this promotion. To view our full list of holiday sales and our top holiday questions and answers, scroll to the bottom paragraph of our Holiday Gift Center. You can view a comprehensive Holiday Shipping Schedule with detailed order and delivery dates. Here’s to an enjoyable 2014 holiday season!

Metal Detectors for Seniors: Add a Spark of Excitement to Your Life

Less than two months ago, the largest haul of Viking treasure ever found in Britain was unearthed by a metal detecting enthusiast. The treasure trove consisted of more than a hundred artifacts including gold rings and an ancient silver cross. Here in the U.S., a California couple found $10 million in gold coins walking their dog. Stories like this should pique everyone’s interest in metal detecting. But not everyone has time to do it. Retirees fit the perfect profile of a detectorist, because it takes time, patience and light exercise.

Retiree’s Find Metal Detecting Beneficial

Staying active is extremely beneficial for seniors, and a hobby is a great way to do it. If you’re interested in taking up a hobby such as metal detecting, here are a few questions to ask:

1. Do you enjoy getting exercise that’s not too strenuous, such as walking on paths and occasionally bending over?

2. Do you like being outdoors: in fields, woods, the park or beach?

3. When you find something unexpected, are you curious about its origin?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then metal detecting is an ideal pastime for you! Keep your mind sharp and stay heart healthy with a hobby that involves light exercise. It’s easy to recruit family members to treasure hunt with you (especially the grandkids). And you’ll easily find other seniors in your area who are detectorists. What’s more, this hobby can be very profitable. To learn which types of detectors are well-suited for seniors, read: Why Metal Detecting is the Perfect Hobby for Seniors.


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What’s all the “Buzz” about Metal Detecting?

The hobby of treasure hunting with a metal detector is catching on like wildfire. So, you may be wondering what all the buzz is about. There are many reasons why treasure hunting is gaining popularity—it’s fascinating, profitable, mentally stimulating, takes you outdoors and can be a family hobby. That’s just to get started. From a universal perspective, metal detecting is a perfect hobby for anyone. Kids and teens will enjoy it because it channels their natural energy and curiosity while offering adventure and excitement. Nature lovers can explore the outdoors, adding the element of searching for gold and precious minerals.

History Is All Around Us

Historians can’t get enough of using a metal detector to uncover items from past generations. Thrill-seekers can shipwreck dive and search for underwater treasure. Everyday people looking for a new source of excitement can search for coins, jewelry and other valuables. And treasure hunting is also ideal for seniors. Seniors and retirees can enjoy a renewed sense of adventure while getting outdoor exercise. Essentially, anyone can add excitement to their lives by simply picking up a metal detector. And it doesn’t require the expense of travel or extensive equipment.

Seeking lost treasure is intriguing to everyone. Nothing compares to the sheer thrill of discovery, whether it’s an 80-year-old coin, a gold bracelet, a small gold nugget or a trinket 1000′s of years old. And it doesn’t matter where you live, because lost treasure can be uncovered anywhere- even in your own backyard. If you live in an area where a Civil War battle was fought, you might search for relics. Out West is well-known for its gold prospecting; around the Great Lakes, there are still many undiscovered shipwrecks. And there’s always beach hunting, parks, baseball fields and construction sites. If you do a little research in your town library, you’ll learn a lot about potential treasure hunting sites.

Metal Detector Selection and Usage Information

The first step is getting a decent metal detector and learning how to operate it. You can easily learn some “basics” about metal detecting at The Learning Library is an easy-to-search metal detector article library with how-to-guides and lots of starter information. Articles for beginners will take you step-by-step through the process of selecting a metal detector and how to get started with it. Once equipped with your detector, read the manual and learn about its signals and features, modes of operation and capabilities. And don’t forget to learn basic information about search coils, so you know understand your hunting depths. Soon, you’ll discover why treasure hunting is where it’s at!

Kids Holiday Gift Surprise: A Metal Detector!

They Won’t Believe their Eyes!

My fifth grader is studying about India and China in the 16th Century—learning about once powerful emperors and how commercial trade began. He isn’t thrilled to write school reports about the subject, but we were both interested to learn that new discoveries have been found along the Silk Road. Treasure hunters are the source of new-found artifacts that now put different trading posts and settlers in the history books. This has awakened my son’s curiosity about archeology and how history is documented. And I’m excited that he wants to learn!

A Learning Tool and Adventure All Wrapped up in One

To fuel his interest in social studies and world history, he will be getting a metal detector for Christmas this year. Of course, it’s a surprise… he doesn’t know it will be his big gift. A metal detector is a “gadget” that kids love to learn to operate, but from a parent’s perspective—it’s a learning tool! Each time my son uncovers an item with his detector, he will carefully examine it and speculate where it came from. This is the hand’s-on aspect that teachers are encouraging more and more. I’m not even going to mention the part about finding money, because I don’t want that to be his main focus. But I’m sure we’ll be visiting a “Coinstar” machine in no time. We will likely start him with the Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 because this model is easy to use and adjustable for kids; also a great price for the value! If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for your child, pre-teen or teenager, this kids guide lists suggested models: Best Kids Metal Detectors.

Must Have Accessories in any Metal Detectorist’s Arsenal

Garrett Pro-Pointer Hand-Held Pinpointing probe

Pictured here is one of the most popular hand-held pinpointers, the Garrett Pro-Pointer. The Pro-Pointer is also listed in the buying guide article "What are the Best Metal Detector Pinpointers"

Your trusty metal detector will alert you when there’s treasure, but you will need to pinpoint and unearth it. Recovery tools will become your faithful digging companions and you will quickly gravitate to your favorites. Metal detecting knives, hand-held diggers/trowels, relic hunting shovels and pinpointers are the preferred tools used by detectorists. These high-quality, durable tools can easily cut through the toughest roots and soil conditions. Many war relics are found in densely wooded areas, where you’ll need a steel shovel with a sharpened cutting edge—such as the Lesche All-Purpose Shovel.

Many metal detectors are equipped with a pin-point mode, even a good number of entry-level models. However, you may find that a hand-held pinpointer is more accurate and makes it easier and quicker to find coins, jewelry and relics. Another interesting point: coins buried for several years turn almost a dirt color and are therefore difficult to locate. You don’t want to miss a potentially valuable item; a pinpointer will solve this problem! Advanced, yet affordable pinpointers include the Garrett Pro-Pointer and the Makro Pointer. Read up on available pinpointers: What are the Best Metal Detector Pinpointers and Digging Trowels and Shovels for Metal Detecting.