Metal Detectors for Seniors: Add a Spark of Excitement to Your Life

Less than two months ago, the largest haul of Viking treasure ever found in Britain was unearthed by a metal detecting enthusiast. The treasure trove consisted of more than a hundred artifacts including gold rings and an ancient silver cross. Here in the U.S., a California couple found $10 million in gold coins walking their dog. Stories like this should pique everyone’s interest in metal detecting. But not everyone has time to do it. Retirees fit the perfect profile of a detectorist, because it takes time, patience and light exercise.

Retiree’s Find Metal Detecting Beneficial

Staying active is extremely beneficial for seniors, and a hobby is a great way to do it. If you’re interested in taking up a hobby such as metal detecting, here are a few questions to ask:

1. Do you enjoy getting exercise that’s not too strenuous, such as walking on paths and occasionally bending over?

2. Do you like being outdoors: in fields, woods, the park or beach?

3. When you find something unexpected, are you curious about its origin?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then metal detecting is an ideal pastime for you! Keep your mind sharp and stay heart healthy with a hobby that involves light exercise. It’s easy to recruit family members to treasure hunt with you (especially the grandkids). And you’ll easily find other seniors in your area who are detectorists. What’s more, this hobby can be very profitable. To learn which types of detectors are well-suited for seniors, read: Why Metal Detecting is the Perfect Hobby for Seniors.


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What’s all the “Buzz” about Metal Detecting?

The hobby of treasure hunting with a metal detector is catching on like wildfire. So, you may be wondering what all the buzz is about. There are many reasons why treasure hunting is gaining popularity—it’s fascinating, profitable, mentally stimulating, takes you outdoors and can be a family hobby. That’s just to get started. From a universal perspective, metal detecting is a perfect hobby for anyone. Kids and teens will enjoy it because it channels their natural energy and curiosity while offering adventure and excitement. Nature lovers can explore the outdoors, adding the element of searching for gold and precious minerals.

History Is All Around Us

Historians can’t get enough of using a metal detector to uncover items from past generations. Thrill-seekers can shipwreck dive and search for underwater treasure. Everyday people looking for a new source of excitement can search for coins, jewelry and other valuables. And treasure hunting is also ideal for seniors. Seniors and retirees can enjoy a renewed sense of adventure while getting outdoor exercise. Essentially, anyone can add excitement to their lives by simply picking up a metal detector. And it doesn’t require the expense of travel or extensive equipment.

Seeking lost treasure is intriguing to everyone. Nothing compares to the sheer thrill of discovery, whether it’s an 80-year-old coin, a gold bracelet, a small gold nugget or a trinket 1000′s of years old. And it doesn’t matter where you live, because lost treasure can be uncovered anywhere- even in your own backyard. If you live in an area where a Civil War battle was fought, you might search for relics. Out West is well-known for its gold prospecting; around the Great Lakes, there are still many undiscovered shipwrecks. And there’s always beach hunting, parks, baseball fields and construction sites. If you do a little research in your town library, you’ll learn a lot about potential treasure hunting sites.

Metal Detector Selection and Usage Information

The first step is getting a decent metal detector and learning how to operate it. You can easily learn some “basics” about metal detecting at The Learning Library is an easy-to-search metal detector article library with how-to-guides and lots of starter information. Articles for beginners will take you step-by-step through the process of selecting a metal detector and how to get started with it. Once equipped with your detector, read the manual and learn about its signals and features, modes of operation and capabilities. And don’t forget to learn basic information about search coils, so you know understand your hunting depths. Soon, you’ll discover why treasure hunting is where it’s at!

Kids Holiday Gift Surprise: A Metal Detector!

They Won’t Believe their Eyes!

My fifth grader is studying about India and China in the 16th Century—learning about once powerful emperors and how commercial trade began. He isn’t thrilled to write school reports about the subject, but we were both interested to learn that new discoveries have been found along the Silk Road. Treasure hunters are the source of new-found artifacts that now put different trading posts and settlers in the history books. This has awakened my son’s curiosity about archeology and how history is documented. And I’m excited that he wants to learn!

A Learning Tool and Adventure All Wrapped up in One

To fuel his interest in social studies and world history, he will be getting a metal detector for Christmas this year. Of course, it’s a surprise… he doesn’t know it will be his big gift. A metal detector is a “gadget” that kids love to learn to operate, but from a parent’s perspective—it’s a learning tool! Each time my son uncovers an item with his detector, he will carefully examine it and speculate where it came from. This is the hand’s-on aspect that teachers are encouraging more and more. I’m not even going to mention the part about finding money, because I don’t want that to be his main focus. But I’m sure we’ll be visiting a “Coinstar” machine in no time. We will likely start him with the Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 because this model is easy to use and adjustable for kids; also a great price for the value! If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for your child, pre-teen or teenager, this kids guide lists suggested models: Best Kids Metal Detectors.

Must Have Accessories in any Metal Detectorist’s Arsenal

Garrett Pro-Pointer Hand-Held Pinpointing probe

Pictured here is one of the most popular hand-held pinpointers, the Garrett Pro-Pointer. The Pro-Pointer is also listed in the buying guide article "What are the Best Metal Detector Pinpointers"

Your trusty metal detector will alert you when there’s treasure, but you will need to pinpoint and unearth it. Recovery tools will become your faithful digging companions and you will quickly gravitate to your favorites. Metal detecting knives, hand-held diggers/trowels, relic hunting shovels and pinpointers are the preferred tools used by detectorists. These high-quality, durable tools can easily cut through the toughest roots and soil conditions. Many war relics are found in densely wooded areas, where you’ll need a steel shovel with a sharpened cutting edge—such as the Lesche All-Purpose Shovel.

Many metal detectors are equipped with a pin-point mode, even a good number of entry-level models. However, you may find that a hand-held pinpointer is more accurate and makes it easier and quicker to find coins, jewelry and relics. Another interesting point: coins buried for several years turn almost a dirt color and are therefore difficult to locate. You don’t want to miss a potentially valuable item; a pinpointer will solve this problem! Advanced, yet affordable pinpointers include the Garrett Pro-Pointer and the Makro Pointer. Read up on available pinpointers: What are the Best Metal Detector Pinpointers and Digging Trowels and Shovels for Metal Detecting.

Purchasing a Metal Detector for a Beginner?

Given today’s economy and all of the noteworthy treasures that have been found with metal detectors recently, detecting is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. There’s no better time than now to purchase a metal detector for a loved one or yourself. Newbies to the hobby can get started immediately, as so many entry-level models are built to “turn on and go.” Almost all manufacturers have models that are easy to use and understand. If you’re purchasing a detector as a gift, don’t get overwhelmed by too many choices. Make it easy for yourself by answering a few simple questions.

What do you think the newbie will be searching for? Typically, the answer is “everything!” General purpose metal detectors find everything from coins, rings, and jewelry to relics—and they are available at all price levels. For general purpose treasure hunting, look for detectors that include discrimination and pinpointing features. There are popular entry-level (beginners) machines—such as Bounty Hunter metal detectors and Garrett detectors, that come with a very affordable price tag and are extremely simple to operate. However, more advanced models have more features: they may be more capable of identifying targets and cancelling out junk so more valuable are being retrieved. To help make a detector selection, see: What are the Best Beginners Metal Detectors?

Decisions, Decisions… Which Metal Detector Should I Buy?

Check any online metal detecting forum, and you’ll see one of the most popular questions: “I am new to the hobby, and want to order my first machine. What’s the best?” It’s a great question posed to a crowd who definitely knows the answer. It’s just that 30 detectorists may suggest 30 different models. So, which should you pick? Tagging along with a hobbyist for an outing is great because you can ask questions about features and try out the detector. Also, look at hobby magazines and metal detecting buying guides. After that, you should have a general idea of what features you want on your metal detector. Experts say: no matter what your budget is, you should be buying the best machine you can possibly afford. A few great finds like gold jewelry or a valuable relic could pay for your investment.

From the onset, you will see the names of the major metal detector brands. Among them are Garrett, Fisher Labs, Tesoro, Bounty Hunter and Teknetics. There are dozens of other manufacturers and you’ll begin to recognize the names. Next decision is the type of detector: VLF (Very Low Frequency) or PI (Pulse Induction). Most beginners select a VLF detector because PI’s are specialized for diving & salt water use and kind of pricey for the beginner. Then—how much will you spend? This will help to boil down your choices.  Finally—compare models.  Use the “Compare” button on this website. Simply select two different detectors and get a side-by-side chart listing each model’s features. Here’s an article we wrote that will really give you more insight: Which Metal Detector is Best for You?

Annual Thanksgiving Holiday Sale on Metal Detectors 2014

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Bounty Hunter Legacy 3500 Metal Detector (Save $150) – This top Legacy model features an easy to read LCD display with digital target identification and depth readings. This Bounty Hunter model features automatic and manual ground balance adjustment to allow the detector to operate in the toughest ground conditions. Includes headphones, carry bag and Free Bonus Accessory Kit. List Price: $399.99 – Big Holiday Sale Price $249.99 – See Deal Now
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Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector (Save $52.50) – Top Ace model. Exceptional iron discrimination, a higher operating frequency, new salt water capabilities and the deepest seeking Garrett Ace search coil ever plus free headphones. Includes Free Bonus Accessory Kit. List Price: $349.95 – Big Holiday Sale Price $297.45 – See Deal Now
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Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector (Save $27) – Lowest priced Ace detector. Has both visual display and audio tone identification. Includes Free Bonus Accessory Kit. List Price: $179.95 – Big Holiday Sale Price $152.95 – See Deal Now

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9. Makro deephunter Pro Metal Detector (Save over $2299)
deephunter by Makro Locates Large Deep Treasures, Cavities and also Individual Coins and small items like gold nuggets. This is a multi-purpose metal detector and with the Pro Package, you will receive all accessories you need, such as: Two Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Batteries, Universal AC Wall Charger, Cordura Nylon Carrying Bag For All Equipment, Car Charger, Premium Head Phone, Detailed Manual, Instructional DVD (English/Spanish), 2 Year Warranty, Four Search Coils and much more.
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Our Annual Holiday Metal Detectors Sale – Now in Progress!

Remember, as you shop metal detectors, these special promotional offers are good only at and valid while supplies last.  Be sure to take advantage of these offers now as they end at Midnight on December 31st, 2014. Feel free to Contact Us with your questions or comments.

Gold Rush Spurs Interest in Gold Prospecting

Gold is on the top of every metal detecting hobbyist’s list. Those who have actually recovered gold can’t say enough about the thrill of the find! The very first rock of gold discovered in the U.S. was fished out of a North Carolina creek in 1799. Since then, gold nuggets have been found in 24 American states. The quest for prospectors today is placer gold, which refers to an alluvial deposit of gravel that contains particles of minerals such as gold. Beginners should not be discouraged; rather, they should be aware that pure gold exists in pretty harsh conditions- where the ground is heavily mineralized or full of conductive salts. So, to specialize in gold hunting, you will need equipment specifically designed for the task.

Yes, Metal Detectors Can Find Gold

Gold prospecting metal detectors have frequencies ranging from 18kHz to a maximum of 71kHz. The highest frequencies are fine-tuned to target very small grains of gold. Gold detectors, like the Garrett AT Gold can detect right through tough ground conditions, making it easier to pick out all of the pure gold. Unfortunately, most entry-level detectors that are made to find coins, will send you on a wild goose chase, digging up false signals everywhere. Try to buy the best specialty machine you can afford on your budget. To learn more, check out: What’s the Best Gold Prospecting Metal Detector?


Related Gold Prospecting Equipment:

- Gold Panning Kits

- Automatic Gold Panning Machines

Just like the Diggers, You Can be a Relic Hunter!

Relic hunting is the search for historical artifacts, including military items from the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War. For detecting hobbyists who enjoy learning about history, this can quickly become a favorite pastime. On one hunting trip, a detectorist might find a hundred-year-old musket ball and on the next—a cannon ball or an officer’s Medal of Honor. Treasure hunters who live near heavily wooded areas of old home sites should try their hand at relic hunting, because this is prime hunting territory. Many protected U.S. battlefields are off-limits to detectorists, but if you live in parts of the country where Civil War battles took place, you may be able to build a military relic collection!

So which type of metal detector is designed for finding relics? Most multi-purpose units work just fine when adjusted with a small amount of discrimination. Too much discrimination will reject valuable targets, which is why gold and beach-hunting detectors aren’t ideal. Relics are typically made of iron, steel or brass. A visual target display is an extremely valuable feature for relic hunting, so that should be on your list of ‘must haves’ when shopping for a new detector. To learn which types of detectors professional and serious relic hunters use, check out: What are the Best Metal Detectors for Finding Relics? One last consideration after your metal detector, is a heavy duty shovel, so you can dig all those great relics you are in search of with ease. The Lesche shovels and digging tools are highly regarded by relic hunters and are affordable, yet built to last for many years of use.

Pre-Order the new Makro Pointer Waterproof Pinpointer

Exciting news is trending in the metal detecting world—particularly among the water hunters. Makro Detector is unveiling its brand new pinpointer- called the Makro Pointer. The Makro Pointer is being hyped as the best waterproof pinpointer on the market today (although it is actually not hitting the shelves until mid-November 2014.) Here’s a quote from a detectorist who was lucky enough to preview and field test the Makro Pointer: “This is an excellent tool! All of us water guys have been begging for a good waterproof pinpointer for years. This is it! It seems to be made exactly like we wanted it.”

The Makro Pointer is definitely a premium pinpointer, although it is certainly affordable. It’s fully waterproof and boasts several advanced features that haven’t been available on pinpointers to date. We are going to highlight the settings and features of the all-new Makro Pointer. You may not even get through the review before picking up the phone and pre-ordering yours. They will likely sell out quickly around the launch date and in the months to follow.

Features of the New Makro Pinpointer

In a nutshell, the Makro Pinpointer has a professional waterproof design. Target alerts include audio, vibration or both at the same time. And it is also equipped with a powerful LED light for locating targets in deep or dark holes.

- Waterproof: Fully waterproof design—pinpointer can be used underwater to depths of 1 meter (just over 3 feet). Meets IP 67 waterproof rating.

- 360° Detection Tip: Makro Pointer’s detection tip will detect targets all the way around its surface. Up until now, high-end pinpointers only had side-scanning capabilities. 360°detection is much more efficient.

- Sensitivity Settings: Has 4 different sensitivity settings, so you can adjust accordingly. Simply press the +/- button to reach ideal sensitivity.

- LED Light: Has a powerful built-in light that is referred to as a ‘flashlight’. Other pinpointers aren’t equipped with a light or don’t feature an on/off control. Easily switch off light when not needed.

- Three Target Alert Options: Features audio alert, vibration alert or audio and vibrate at the same time. Select your preference depending on types of targets or time of day.

- Coil Interference Blocking: When pointer is switched off, the coil’s magnetic transmission is disabled. This eliminates interference from a metal detector or the Makro Pointer itself.

- Two Hard-Shell Cases: Included with the pinpointer are a standard hard shell protection tip and a hard shell with built-in scraping blade. Both fit snugly over the end of the pointer to protect the tip while in use.

The new Makro Pinpointer is rugged and features high-quality components. Inside the box, you will find a durable zippered case for the pointer, carrying strap, a belt clip holster, a “find’s bag” containing the 2 hard shell cases, a battery and the instructional manual. That’s everything you need to power up and go treasure hunting. This is an exceptional gift for yourself or a fellow detectorist!

PRE-ORDER the Makro Pointer Waterproof Pinpointer by Phone: 1-800-446-0244 (USA) or 1-508-460-6244 (International). To see a Makro Pointer product demo watch this video 

What is the benefit of carrying a pinpointer? Hand-held pinpointers save you a lot of time recovering targets. First, you find a signal with your detector. Next, pin-point a more accurate location using your detector. Then, dig a plug and use your detector to scan the plug. If it is there, use your pinpointer to find it. If not, place your pinpointer in the hole to see where the target is. To read more about the pin-pointing process, see: What are the Best Metal Detector Pinpointers?