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XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector: Lightweight. Deep. Fast.

Those who take up the hobby of metal detecting and immediately love it, develop a passion for detecting like nothing else. They would rather hunt for treasure than do just about anything! Every hobbyist starts detecting for the same reason—to find valuable treasure. Whether it’s old relics, old coins, clad coins, lost jewelry or a treasure cache, every find is a conquest. There are hundreds of different metal detectors on the market today, and choosing the best one can be the most complicated thing about metal detecting. Many hobbyists want to find everything with their metal detector—coins, jewelry, caches, relics, beach treasures and gold nuggets. Typically, you would need two or three detectors to accomplish this. Unless, of course, you learned about an expert unit that has advanced all metal detection technology—the XP DEUS.

Real Finds. Real Performance.

Detectorists who use the Deus metal detector cannot say enough about the design. One reviewer raves, “Most amazing detector ever made. Lightweight and easy to use!”

If you want a true all-around metal detector, and there are few on the market that will do all aspects, many detectorists will point you to the XP DEUS wireless metal detector. You can find everything with the XP DEUS. Gold? Yes. Meteorites? Yes. Wet salt-water beach hunting? Yes. Antique jewelry, relics and coins? Of course! Wires that can get tangled? No. The XP DEUS comes with a wireless search coil, wireless remote control digital display and wireless audio headphones. It is truly a genius design because all three devices communicate with each other via a digital wireless radio signal developed specifically for metal detecting. You can control everything from the XP DEUS remote LCD display. Simply toggle through the menus to adjust the controls: audio response, iron level, multi tone, notch, discrimination and ground balance. Detectorists who use this unit cannot say enough about the design in XP DEUS product reviews. One reviewer raves, “Most amazing detector ever made. Lightweight and easy to use!” There are so many incredible features on this patented model—it’s really too many to list. See complete list of DEUS product details. The DEUS Starter Bundle includes the WS4 LCD Backphone Headphone & 9″ search Coil with Telescopic Pole. Holiday Sale Price $1199.

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With the Garrett Ace 150, Kids Can Dream Big!

Kids should be encouraged to dream their many dreams. Armed with a metal detector, they can embark upon exciting and potentially lucrative treasure hunts. There is no limit to the treasure kids can find: lost or buried coins, jewelry, military relics, antique toys and artifacts, meteorites and even gold. In 2010 in England, a three-year-old boy was on his first treasure hunt with his father when his metal detector signaled. The little boy found a gold locket potentially worth £2.5million (almost $4 million U.S.) It was found in a gold container used to hold religious relics. Experts later analyzed the container and locket, determining an early 16th century origin—likely belonging to a member of the royal family. Most kids don’t start treasure hunting when they’re three! But it goes to show you, you can only strike gold if you’re looking and digging.

Daniel Bernzweig of said “lots of first-time hobbyists get their first metal detector as a Christmas or holiday gift.”

The Garrett Ace 150 is the perfect entry-level model for beginners and kids! At the holiday sale price, the Garrett Ace 150 offers amazing features and value for the money.

The Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector is the lowest priced metal detector in the popular Ace series. It is the perfect entry-level model for beginners and kids!  At today’s holiday sale price of $152.95, the Garrett Ace 150 offers amazing features. For one thing, it has a large visual target ID display screen, which identifies the type of metal found, and also has a coin depth indicator. The Garrett Ace 150 features three different search modes, discrimination capability and audio tone identification—all for one low price. And the best part? It is easy to operate! All you have to do is look at product photos and read the Garrett Ace 150 reviews to see why this is among the best metal detectors for beginners. Daniel Bernzweig, of adds, I love to see kids with metal detectors. They get to explore and be young adventurers. Who knows what they may discover?

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Top of the Line Entry-Level Metal Detector

Know someone who has the metal detecting bug? Treasure hunting is a growing hobby—gaining in popularity because amateurs are striking it rich! People around the world are using metal detectors to find buried valuables including relics, ancient and modern jewelry, old coins, antique bottles and toys and other buried treasure. Quite often, treasure hunters find objects with enough value to pay for their hobby. Metal detectors and related equipment have made their way onto several “top holiday gifts” and “best gadget gifts” lists this year. Our annual Holiday Sale is the best time to buy a metal detector gift.

Bounty Hunter Legacy 3500: Top Model in the Legacy Series

The Bounty Hunter Legacy 3500 metal detector features automatic and manual ground adjustment, digital target identification, depth reading, a zap mode for accepting or rejecting targets and so much more!

Detectorists advise, “It’s smart to buy the best machine you can possibly afford.” This way, the metal detector is equipped with enough advanced features to locate deeply buried objects, discriminate out trash and display the type of targets being found. Bounty Hunter offers a series of entry-level metal detectors called “Legacy,” and the Bounty Hunter Legacy 3500 is the top-level model in this series. You’ll see a full 5-star rating in the Bounty Hunter Legacy 3500 product review. One reviewer says, “This is my first machine, and it is excellent for a first-timer! Legacy 3500 is simple to use straight away. Fine tuning is easy and it has all the features I need. On my second trip, I found an ornate Viking piece and WW II items. This machine goes quite deep! On sale now for $249.99, the Bounty Hunter Legacy 3500 features automatic and manual ground balance adjustment, digital target identification, depth readings, a zap mode for accepting or rejecting specific targets and so much more!

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“Get a Hobby!” with the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500

Do you know someone who needs to get a hobby? Perhaps it’s your spouse, your dad, brother or yourself. Here’s a holiday tip: instead of kicking around all sorts of hobby ideas, why not give the gift of an exciting hobby this year? A metal detector for treasure hunting could easily be the best gift your loved one gets—as long as you jump on it! Daniel Bernzweig of says, “Metal detecting is the greatest hobby on earth! There are treasures everywhere, both large and small,  just waiting for you or me to dig them up. Right now as we speak, people are digging up buried treasure!” During the Annual Holiday Metal Detector Sale, some of the most popular detectors and accessories are at the lowest prices in years.

The Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 is a great all around metal detector for coin, relic and beach hunting. It's a great combination of quality, features and price.

One good example is the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500, which is on sale for $179.99. That is a savings on $140 off the regular price. This is the perfect entry-level metal detector because it has advanced features and settings—more like a high-end unit. The Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 features a large LCD display screen with digital target identification and depth readings. The Legacy 2500 metal detector also has four different audio tones and is another way the unit can better identify what the target may be. Another huge perk on the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 is that the holiday special includes a free bonus accessory kit. It’s a great holiday gift at an amazingly low price!

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Dare to Dream: Will the Next BIG Treasure Find be Inspired by You?

No longer are treasure hunts governed by centuries’ old pirate maps drawn on parchment paper. Today’s remarkable treasure finds are largely accredited to amateurs, many armed with a metal detector, field gear and plenty of perseverance. According to historians, there are millions in valuable relics and hidden money still out there waiting to be discovered. On the list of incredible treasure finds by amateur metal detectorists include 40 Roman gold coins dating back to 408AD, a solid gold chalice from the Bronze Age, and $10 million in 19th century gold coins buried in canisters. What this list proves is that anyone with a little patience and tenacity can get lucky; making worldwide headlines! A metal detector makes the perfect holiday gift for the outdoorsy or adventurous type, kids, teens and anyone who needs a hobby. Perhaps you can be the inspiration for the next great amateur treasure hunter.

Garrett Ace 350—Best Seller in the Popular Ace Series

The Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector is a best seller. When you read metal detector reviews, it’s easy to see why the Ace 350 is so popular. It presents unprecedented “bang for your buck.”

If you’re considering gifting a metal detector this holiday season, the best place to start is the 2014 Annual Holiday Metal Detector Sale, where you’ll find ‘doorbuster-low’ prices. The Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector is discounted more than $50 below regular price—which is hard to believe since it’s a best seller. When you read metal detector reviews, it’s easy to see why the Garrett Ace 350 is so popular. It presents unprecedented “bang for your buck.” The Garrett Ace 350 features exceptional iron discrimination (which separates good targets from trash), a higher operating frequency, LCD display with advanced and intuitive target identification and the deepest-seeking Garrett Ace search coil ever. The Ace Double-D (DD) search coil is waterproof and boasts enhanced salt water capabilities for searching saltwater beaches and tough ground conditions. For this type of capability, you usually have to purchase a more expensive mid-level or high-end unit. What’s more, the current Garrett Ace 350 promotion includes free ClearSound headphones and 6 other bonus items!

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Give Him a Metal Detector and the Fun Will Last All Year Long

Guys can be some of the hardest people on your Holiday shopping list to find gifts for.  This year, make it easy on yourself and give him a metal detector.  Whether he’s never been metal detecting before, is a seasoned pro, or falls somewhere in between, you can find a machine he’s sure to enjoy.  And, best of all, when you give him a metal detector this Holiday season, the fun will last all year long.

Metal Detecting Offers Many Benefits

When you get down to it, not only are metal detectors a gift that offers nearly year round entertainment, they will give him a lot of other benefits as well.  Your father, brother, son, grandfather or other lucky guy on your list will also get a gift that encourages him to get outside, exercise, and learn more about history, geology, antiques, and other subjects.  Oh, and he may just find a treasure or two while he’s out there.

Metal Detectors are One of the Only Gifts that Will Literally Give Back

Probably one of the best benefits of metal detecting is the fact that he will actually find some treasure while he’s out in the field.  While many items found by metal detectorists could actually be classified as junk, others have historical or even sentimental value.  Then, there are the other targets like gold, old coins, antiques ie. old old junk, lost jewelry with or without precious stones, and more that offer the finder great monetary value. When he finds treasures like these, your gift all of a sudden becomes even more meaningful.

They’re Perfect for Any Skill Level Too

Our Learning Library has over 50 articles to help you select the best metal detector. Look to the articles as your metal detector reviews and guides to make your selection of equipment easy.

If you’re concerned that the guy on your Holiday shopping list has never gone metal detecting before, not to worry.  There are models for every ability level.  You can learn more about how to find the right metal detector for anyone on your list in our learning library.  We have a variety of articles, many written as buying guides, that discuss the best metal detectors for new users as well as information on the machines more advanced users are hoping to see under the tree, how to select the metal detecting accessories he needs, and much more.  This way you can be sure you’re getting the best metal detector for the special guy(s) on your list.

Don’t settle for another boring tie, or a video game that will just leave him inside sitting on the couch.  Instead, get the guys on your Holiday shopping list a metal detector and give him a gift that will bring him loads of fun, treasure, and so much more for many Holidays to come.

Dare to Dream: Find Your Treasure with the Garrett Ace 250

garrett ace 250 being used in a field

Grab a Garrett Ace 250 metal detector and start your own adventure. The Ace 250 is one of the featured detectors in the 2014 Holiday Sale going on at This model also includes a Bonus kit filled with 6 Free items plus free shipping.

Will you or someone you know find the next big treasure cache or ancient gold pendant? It is definitely possible—and that’s the greatest thing about the hobby of metal detecting. Anybody with a metal detector has the potential to discover important or valuable treasure. In the past few years, amateur metal detectorists have stumbled upon millions in lost or hidden treasures; not to mention rare meteorites!  Michael Bernzweig of says, “This is an adventure-filled hobby that includes everything from finding Civil War relics, to diving in a tropical ocean to prospecting for gold. The possibilities are endless.” The thrill of finding treasure is like no other. And a metal detector makes the perfect holiday gift!

This is an adventure-filled hobby that includes everything from finding Civil War relics, to diving in a tropical ocean to prospecting for gold. The possibilities are endless. – Michael Bernzweig of

We have just announced our annual Holiday Sale which includes special packages on many of our top models for sale. Among the best-selling models with advanced detection features is the Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector, on sale now for $212.45. This is the ideal entry-level detector for hobbyists who are getting started—it has one of the best target ID displays available. When the detector signals metal, the display tells you whether you’ve located gold, bronze or silver and even specific items like pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters and trash; so you know not to dig. In addition, the Garrett Ace 250 has a high-end PROformance search coil for extended depth, pinpointing and a custom trash elimination setting. There are actually 5 different pre-set search modes for locating different types of treasure right out of the box. At the lowest price of the year, this Garrett Ace 250 deal is too good to pass up!

Beginner’s Metal Detector Encourages Kids to “Go Outside and Play!”

The Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 is a top-rated metal detector for both kids and beginner's. This Bounty Hunter metal detector is easy to use and on sale at

Today’s kids live in the age of technology, with gadgets we never even imagined. However, just like 30 years ago—they still need to get outside and play! Being glued to a computer playing games that are devoid of learning and values won’t help them succeed. An outdoor hobby, such as metal detecting for treasure, serves a multitude of benefits to kids and to the whole family! Exercise, quality mental stimulation and human interaction are just a few advantages of metal detecting. A metal detector is a gadget, so that will get kids interested. Little do they know how much they will learn about their treasure finds, geography and science. Now is a great time to purchase a beginner’s metal detector because prices have gotten very affordable.

On sale for $139.99, the Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 is loaded with professional features, yet it’s built for beginners. Kids simply power on the detector and go—finding coins, relics and jewelry on their first time out. The Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 features a depth indicator that kids find really neat because it shows how deeply an object is buried. It also features an easy-to-read LCD display with identification to show what the target is. In fact, this is the lowest priced detector from any company that features an LCD display screen. The detector only weighs two and a half pounds and has an adjustable shaft, so it fits both kids ages 9 and up and adults. Here’s a fun idea to get your child started: Set up a treasure hunt by burying metal objects in your own yard and giving kids a “treasure list” of items to locate. In minutes, they will be hooked on a new outdoor hobby. The Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 is a top-rated metal detector for both kids and beginner treasure hunters!

Not Afraid of a Little Water? You Can Make a Mint!

Some beach and water hunters are very secretive about their productive areas. That’s because the same type of treasure found on land is recovered in or near water. Beach and water hunters are very successful at recovering lost jewelry and valuable old coins. Spanish coins and other desirable items from shipwrecks get scattered along the shoreline of oceans, lakes and waterways. Beach hunting consists of walking the dry or wet sand—typically not fully submersing the search coil. Shallow water hunting involves wading into shallow water, usually at low tide. Advocates say that more jewelry and less junk is found in the water. Water hunting involves working the seabed or lake bottom in water from chest to neck deep. It is best done with a snorkel in good visibility.

When selecting a beach or shallow water detector, it’s important to decide which model is best for your beach and environment. Some detectors are water resistant—allowing only the coil to be submerged, while others, like the Garrett AT Pro, are waterproof to depths of 10 feet, so the whole unit can go underwater. It also depends on whether your beach is fresh or saltwater. VLF units are best for fresh water and/or dry beaches. One exception to this rule is the Fisher CZ-21 as it can be ground balanced right down to saltwater. Pulse induction models are best for saltwater; they are also among the deepest seeking detectors on the market. Detectors with discrimination (trash elimination) are helpful for dry beach hunting. But, water hunters usually dig all signals, because the audio tone for foil and aluminum sounds just like gold. For suggested features and best water-hunting models, read: Treasure You Can Find in up to Six Feet of Water.