Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector Review

Rated Best Overall Value at for the Holidays

The introduction of the Bounty Hunter Platinum metal detector was ground-breaking because its do-it-all design opens up the hobby to many new treasure hunters. It’s versatile enough to satisfy just about any metal detecting expedition with the simplicity to power up and go. Bounty Hunter Platinum really is a top gun performance metal detector—the manufacturer’s highest end, top model.

Key Features of the Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector

What is everybody raving about in regards to this metal detector? The Bounty Hunter Platinum is simply one of the best metal detectors available online and the price is unbeatable. Here are its key features that make treasure hunting a breeze. The Platinum features enhanced target identification, jumbo LCD display screen, pre-set ground balance and a manual ground balance control, deep depth reading and lightweight design.

Bounty Hunter Platinum LCD Display

The Bounty Hunter Platinum LCD display is easy to read, which helps make it the perfect metal detector for beginners and experts.

You can read extended details on our Bounty Hunter Platinum product page. Just getting started? Learn how easy it is to operate the Bounty Hunter Platinum by printing out the manual found on our Metal Detector Manuals page. Before you make your decision, read first hand Bounty Hunter Platinum reviews from consumers that own it.

Seven Free Bonus Accessories Included

A exclusive: The Bounty Hunter Platinum ships with everything a new metal detectorist needs to get started, entirely free! The free metal detector accessories include: 1. Pro Series Trowel, 2. Depth Master Headphones, 3. Pro Series Carry Bag, 4. Pro Magnifying Glass, 5. Pro Treasure Gloves, 6. Pro Treasure Beach Bag and 7. Treasure Magazine.

What can Treasure Hunters Find with the Bounty Hunter Platinum?

You can search for and recover just about anything that has value to you—coins, gold and silver jewelry, relics, treasure caches and more. Some people want to strike it rich the first time they turn on their metal detector, while others are content to search for a few coins at the local park. Some people love the idea of returning class rings and other valuables to their owners while others like to display discovered treasures in their home.

The Bounty Hunter Platinum is a general-purpose detector, so you can search for ALL types of treasure. Fact: Millions of valuable coins have been lost and are just waiting for a metal detector

Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Platinum metal detector is one of the best to use in the field to find hidden treasures like coins.

hobbyist to uncover them. You can search for Indian Head and Wheat back pennies, Buffalo nickels, Barber dimes, Liberty and Washington quarters, gold coins, rings and early colonial buttons and coins. Collecting and studying relics has become a very popular hobby in recent years. The value of Civil War artifacts can be astronomical. You can recover buttons from Union and Confederate uniforms, buckles and more.

Beaches make great metal detecting sites to find jewelry and coins. There are thousands of swimming beaches no longer in use. You can locate these sites with a small amount of research, then search for the older more valuable objects waiting to be found!

Bounty Hunter Platinum Reviews from Users:

J. Gilmore said “I have been detecting since 1975 and have owned many detectors and this is the easiest one to use I have ever owned.”

R. La said “Really like this new hobby and machine. Glad I spent the extra dollars for a top grade unit.”

C. Digger said “The build quality is excellent and it’s so light that you can swing it all day with no fatigue.”

G. Keepr said “I’ve been using it for about six months. I’ve found several rings. A 2012 class ring I returned to its owner, a ladies emerald diamond ring, a silver band, a nice stainless steel spinning ring. I’ve also dug up around sixty dollars in change. ”

Newest, Top Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

At the same time Bounty Hunter released the Platinum detector, they also discontinued three other long standing detector models. The discontinued models were the Bounty Hunter Time Ranger, Land Ranger and Land Star. Now with the Platinum, not only can you uncover the oldest and deepest coins, but the detector will easily pinpoint rings, jewelry and relics on the beach or dry land.

In the end, the Bounty Hunter Platinum is an amazing value as a holiday gift. Plus, when you figure in the free bonus accessory package that’s included, you have everything a treasure hunter needs to get started!