Fisher F5 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F5 Metal Detector

The Fisher F5 metal detector is one of the best detectors for hunting for jewelry, coins, relics and more.

Metal detectors are used for a wide variety of reasons.  If you’re looking for a machine that will find treasures like coins, relics, and jewelry, the Fisher F5 would be an excellent choice.  This metal detector is well equipped for metal detecting and treasure hunting at the beach, parks or even in your own back yard.  The F-5 features an easy to read high resolution display screen to see what you have found.

You’ll also find the Fisher F5 has other features that make it an option most users will enjoy metal detecting with.  For example, it offers both visual and audio target identification with 4 different audio tones.  This way, no matter how well you hear or your preferences for relying on audio vs. visual target ID you’ll be ready for any situation with the F5.  Easily tell the difference between trash metals like nails and bottle caps and the good stuff saving you time and energy by avoiding digging where you don’t need to.  Plus, with it’s variable tone pinpointing system, you will hear your target better when you set the tone for your ears.  Other precision controls on the Fisher F5 include Discrimination and Notch Discrimination, Threshold, Frequency, Gain, and Phase Lock.

Overall, with the F5 Fisher has created a metal detector that the majority of users, regardless of skill set, find quite effective.  Read Fisher F5 metal detector reviews:

H. Acvatui writes –  “ I like this metal detector!”

Gloria P emailed –  “I tried a friend’s Fisher F5 and a few other models – I ordered the F5 from you and am so happy!”

Damien M says –  “…. My son and I get out and find treasures like coins and medallions. We are creating great memories ….”

Fisher F5 Metal Detector Controls and Display Screen

Shown here, the display screen and controls on the Fisher F5 metal detector. Full of info yet easy to understand, together they offer visual and audio target identification to help you find hidden treasures.

As you can see from these customer reviews, with the F5 Fisher has designed a metal detector that’s easy to use and provides for a successful and fun metal detecting experience for it’s user; the ultimate goal of any detector.  To learn more about this detector, take a minute to visit our Fisher F5 product page.  We’ve provided a great deal of information on the product page including the instruction manual, product catalog and specs so you can get a feel for this metal detector and decide if it’s the one that will give you the best metal detecting experience possible.