“Diggers” are Back in Action for an All-new Season of Metal Detecting!

History buffs and metal detectorists, get your TV remotes in hand. “Diggers” Tim Saylor and George Wyant are jumping back into our living rooms with a new season of over-the-top treasure hunting adventures. Starting Tuesday, February 25, 2014 on the National

New season of Diggers TV show airs February 25, 2014 on the National Geographic channel.

New season of Diggers TV show airs February 25, 2014 on the National Geographic channel.

Geographic Channel. This fun-filled series again follows two master metal detectorists on a quest for the most sought-after and storied American historical artifacts. This season, you can look forward to “Ringy” (Tim Saylor) and “KG” (George Wyant) taking on even harder challenges with their own brand of humor and unique terminology. “Juice” is any great find; “roundness” means coins or token; “civ” is an artifact from the Civil War; “cologne” is from the Colonial days, and “rev” is a Revolutionary War artifact.

We covered details of last season in our season finale blog post last August. Ringy and KG are high-energy, extremely experienced relic hunters who are as passionate about their metal detecting equipment as they are about their finds. In previous episodes, the “Diggers” got their hands dirty searching for stolen gold in an abandoned Nevada saloon, traveled to New Mexico to look for famous American outlaw “Billy the Kid’s” prized revolver; they hunted for the missing graves of several inmates at the old Montana Territorial Prison, and they hunted for buried pirate’s gold in southern Louisiana (while dodging gators). And that’s just to name a few high-risk, yet high-reward escapades!

A Little Background on the “Diggers”

“Ringmaster” Tim Saylor is an Iowa native who started metal detecting in high school. He was hooked on the hobby when he began recovering silver coins in his own backyard. Saylor’s luck really runs high when it comes to finding rings, though, so that’s how he landed the nickname “Ringy.” Impressively, Saylor holds degrees in both German and Psychology – but his true passion lies in treasure hunting.

“King George” George Wyant is a born and bred Montana boy. He works at a large copper mine and doesn’t retreat to the couch come quittin’ time. The outdoors is Wyant’s playground; hunting, fishing, skiing and metal detecting! After becoming a local treasure hunting hero and surviving bear attacks in the wild, Wyant has certainly earned his nickname, “KG.”

Sneak Peak of Season Two Diggers Episodes

Always leading with a high card, Diggers Season Two debuts with “Steve Jobs Time Capsule.” According to insiders, the late, great Steve Jobs buried his own original mouse from the Apple Lisa in a time capsule in Aspen, Colorado. Due to erosion and natural causes, the time capsule has been unable to locate. KG and Ringy have agreed to step in and put their expertise to work uncovering Jobs’ coveted time capsule. Also, this season, look forward to the Diggers going on location at the former home of an Al Capone soldier and digging up a pot of ‘nectar,’ or Revolutionary War treasures in Rhode Island. As always, Saylor and Wyant work with historians and archaeologists at each site to ensure artifacts are preserved and kept in their respective communities.

Diggers Use Top-Notch Metal Detectors and Equipment

On the show and off camera, KG and Ringy use their favorite detectors and accessories. Both of the guys say they started using the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector first! The Garrett AT Pro can be used on land and in water; it features advanced target identification, so the digger can be relatively sure what they’ve located before digging their target. A higher-end model, the Garrett AT Pro, has several different search modes and advanced discrimination for precisely tuning segments out or including segments in. This means that they can tune out iron, foil and bottle caps, while tuning in nickels, bronze and gold. There is also a Pro Mode audio and Fast Recovery audio mode—just a few of Garrett AT Pro’s many features. KG and Ringy never leave home without a Garrett Pro Pointer which precisely locates an object after being detected The Garrett Edge Digger and the Lesche Digging Tools are always seen on camera with the Diggers, because they are the best for cutting through hard clay and soil, as well as thick underbrush.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Garrett Electronics. MetalDetector.com is proud to carry the entire line of Garrett Metal Detectors as well as all of the accessories that are featured on “Diggers.”

Tune in (along with us here at MetalDetector.com) to the National Geographic Channel on Tues., February 25, 2014 for back-to-back new episodes of “Diggers.” Get the new season episode listings and times at NationalGeographic.com.