Beginners Metal Detectors Make Great Spring Gifts

Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector

With winter winding down, beginners metal detectors make great Spring gifts for a variety of people. Children, teens, adults, parents, grandparents and everyone else who tries it simply has a great time treasure hunting with a metal detector. It’s inherently exciting, takes you amazing places, teaches you new things, and introduces you to interesting people. In fact, what’s not to like about metal detecting?

Given this, even those you think wouldn’t ask for a metal detector, would actually enjoy receiving one as a gift this year. To help you find the best machine for the lucky folks on your shopping list, here are our top 6 picks for the best beginners detectors.

These beginners detectors mean you don’t have to worry about turning your friends or family members off to the hobby because the machine is too complex for them to enjoy, or they feel unsuccessful because the quality is poor and they never find any treasure. Instead, with these beginners detectors, you can give them all of the benefits of a high end, quality metal detector with “turn on and go” controls. Now you can choose the right beginners metal detector easily and give your loved one all the benefits of metal detecting in an easy to use package they’re sure to enjoy.

More Than One Search Coil Will Help with Your Success!

Adding a larger or smaller search coil can lead to increased finds.

Adding a larger or smaller search coil can lead to increased finds.

As a beginner, your first metal detector comes with a “standard” sized search coil—and that seems perfect. It signals metal objects, and it’s very exciting to hear beeps while checking out your LCD display for depth and ID. But did you know that search coils are interchangeable for different detecting purposes? As you grow into the hobby, you will learn that one size search coil doesn’t “fit all”- they come in several shapes and sizes. The standard search coil is typically 7-11″ with a sufficient scanning width—sensitive to a wide range of targets. Great for beginners, these medium-sized search coils are usually the best for coin hunting and general purpose treasure hunting.

Benefits of Smaller & Larger Search Coils

If you hunt trashier areas, however, a smaller search coil will help you find valuables. Junk-filled areas are easier to work with a smaller coil, which will separate responses from undesirable targets. Smaller search coils usually range from 3-6″ in diameter. Larger search coils (12″ diameter and larger) are designed to detect deeper targets—including treasure caches. Offering much more ground coverage, you can hit targets more quickly and deeply than other search coils. Among the larger coils are “DD” coils, which cover more ground and detect less mineralization in one sweep.

In summary, most manufacturers allow you to attach search coils of different sizes and shapes to your detector. As you grow into the hobby, you may decide to equip your detector with a different sized search coil based on your hunting preference. To find interchangeable search coils for your detector, see the “Related Products” information for your detector model or check out’s Search Coil Options.

Detectorists’ Dreams DO Come True! Silver Coin Hoard Found with the Garrett AT Pro

One lucky detectorist is keeping the dream alive for all of us who hope to find a coin hoard! Known as “Aquachigger” in his videos and metal detecting forums, this avid treasure hunter often searches rivers and streams. He spotted a river where he believed war relics would turn up, and started his shallow-water hunt. Aquachigger quickly hit on several silver coins in one concentrated area. Because the river floor here is bedrock, metals cannot sink any lower. This is perfect for uncovering coins, relics and gold. In his You Tube video that you can watch below: “OMG! I Found A Huge Silver Treasure Hoard Metal Detecting!” Aquachigger credits his Garrett AT Pro detector and Garrett Pro-Pointer for quickly signaling the silver coins. There was so much fence wire and lots of nails, he figures another detector may have passed right over the silver.

178 Silver Coins Found with the Garrett AT Pro!

Aquachigger’s Garrett AT Pro emitted a high pitch—with target ID reads from 89-90’s for silver. The AT Pro displayed 30’s when it passed over iron, making it easy to pinpoint the silver coins. After 5 or 6 trips to this riverbed hot spot, his total haul was 178 silver coins! The video is a worthwhile watch, as Aquachigger lays out all of his coins and explains what they are. A majority of the silver coin hoard includes U.S. halves, with the remaining pieces being Spanish 8 Reales, 5 franc coins and foreign (Brazil and Peru coins). It’s also interesting to read the comments about where this detectorist searched, how to find coins and how much the coins are worth. You can be next in a successful treasure quest!’s 2017 Winter Sale

Start your OWN treasure hunting adventures with a metal detector of your own! During’s 2017 Winter Sale, you’ll find the lowest prices of the year on the most popular metal detectors and accessories. This includes the Garrett AT Pro!


It’s Winter… But You Can Still Go Metal Detecting!

Depending on which region you live, winter can be a challenging time for metal detecting! Cold, northern climates tend to get bitter cold for part of the season. Detectorists in these areas say you would need a jackhammer to dig in snow and hard-packed icy soil. But they do offer winter hunting tips so you don’t have to put your detector away all season.

  • Take advantage of warm days, especially if there are a few in a row. The ground will start to warm up and become more diggable.
  • Ski resorts are lucrative detecting spots!! The cold temperatures make fingers smaller. So, when skiers take their gloves off, RINGS fall off into the snow. Best places to hunt include near the lodges, ski lifts and gathering places.
  • Tot lots usually have wood chips, which are easier to search in the cold.
  • Beach areas may still have a couple of inches of loose snow. You may hit hard-packed sand when searching deeper, though.
Winter: Perfect for researching new metal detecting sites

Winter: Perfect for researching new metal detecting sites

Utilize the Off-Season to Find New Search Areas

Too cold to treasure hunt today? This is a great time to research new detecting sites. Google maps is the ultimate resource; here, you’ll find old maps, topographical maps and aerial maps. A good start is to look up “old maps” in your city. Compare the old map with a newer map and look for homes that are no longer standing. On an old topographical map, homes are illustrated with little black squares. Old homesteads can yield great treasure finds—not to mention buried coin hoards! Check local history to see if any military events took place. The sites of battles and skirmishes are where valuable relics lie. One detectorist suggested printing a current road map on a clear overlay—then placing it on top of an old map for comparison.

Pick Out Your Next Metal Detector

Experts advise that you get out detecting at least three times a month. This way, you’ll stay familiar with your machine and keep up with the hobby. If you need a new detector, this is also a great time to research the latest models. Here are some of the hottest-selling models:


Whites Spectra VX3 Metal Detector- a “Dream Machine!”

Whites Spectra VX3 Metal Detector

Whites Spectra VX3 Metal Detector

Satisfied owners of the Whites Spectra VX3 Metal Detector say this IS the RIGHT detector for serious hobbyists! “The VX3 continues to produce more good finds than any other machine I have used in the past 30+ years!” So, what sets the Whites Spectra VX3 apart? First of all—it has all the bells and whistles of the highest-end detector with the ‘turn-on-and-go’ ease of Whites Coinmaster. Most importantly: 8 pre-set operating modes include: •Coin,  Coin/Jewelry, • Salt Beach, • Relic, • Prospecting, • Deep Silver, • Hi-Pro, • Demo. Modify any of the programs to suit your needs!

Whites Spectra VX3 is also “deluxe” because it features 3 frequencies: 2.5 kHz, 7.5 kHz, and 22.5 kHz for each type of treasure hunting. Spectra VX3’s high-resolution backlit display screen has target ID icons, VDI numbers, SpectraGraph technology and much more! Equipped for optional wireless VX3 headphones.

See all models of Whites metal detectors

Coin Hunting – Get Started with Your NEW Metal Detector!

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

Excited to go out treasure hunting with your new metal detector? Hunting for coins is a GREAT way to get familiar with your new detector—and enjoy success! Coins are the perfect target for first-time detectorists of all ages. There are millions of coins waiting to be discovered all around us. According to the late, famous detectorist and author, Charles Garrett, “ An experienced coin hunter can find 5,000 coins per year. Anyone can search for coins and quickly discover the best places to find them.” Among these places are parks, fields, beaches, around buildings, in construction areas, rural areas and even in your own backyard. Old, valuable coins are as abundant as newer clad coins, so they are definitely worth searching for! And surprisingly, gold coins continue to be discovered.

Target Identification—Coins

Most new metal detectors (if not ALL), have an LCD display which indicates which type of coin is being signaled. For example, the Whites Coinmaster entry-level model shows you whether you’ve found a nickel, dime, quarter, silver dollar or a junk target (such as foil or a nail). Other models indicate silver, gold or iron, with specific Target ID numbers that tell you which type of coin is underfoot. For example, the Fisher F22 has a Target ID screen that ranges from Fe (iron) to 10. Nickels show up on the screen as a “3,” a penny registers as zinc “5,” dimes are “6,” quarters are “7,” and half dollars are “8.” Being able to read your targets ahead of time, then test the Target ID accuracy is a great way to get familiar with your metal detector. Your detector manual will also detail your display screen and Target Identification conductivity bar.

Here’s a helpful article about to get started coin hunting: “Tips for Finding Coins in your own Neighborhood. Happy New Year and we hope you love your new hobby!

Halloween 2016: Compassionate Detectorist Helps Widow Find Husband’s Lost Ring

Tom Shively and Catherine Tucker show the metal detecting equipment that helped find a lost wedding band. Catherine Tucker said she could not stop crying after finding her late husband's ring.

Tom Shively and Catherine Tucker show metal detecting equipment that helped find a lost wedding band. Catherine said she could not stop crying after finding her late husband’s ring.

Metal detectorists love their hobby for many reasons. First of all, there’s the thrill of the hunt. Secondly, there is the possibility of uncovering extremely valuable treasure: coins, jewelry, relics and even gold. Yet another passion of detectorists is helping out other people. Kind-hearted and compassionate, many detectorists use their expertise to help others locate sentimental lost items. This was the case recently when a seasoned hobbyist helped a distraught woman who lost her late husband’s ring while handing out Halloween candy.

Lost Ring Passing Out Halloween Candy

Catherine Tucker, a mother of two from mid-Michigan, became a widow three years ago when her husband died in a motorcycle accident. A former Air Force Lieutenant, husband Chris left the military to stay home with his daughters. Chris’s tragic motorcycle crash occurred on the day of his daughter’s birthday. Catherine had to sell her own wedding ring after the accident; and all she had left was her husband’s wedding band. After passing out Halloween candy, she realized the ring was missing and put out a plea on social media to look for the ring.

“Treasure Tom” to the Rescue!

Thankfully, Tom Shively (a.k.a. “Treasure Tom,” of Holt, MI.) read the story and offered his detectorist experience. Shively spent 80 minutes methodically searching Tucker’s yard with his metal detector. Tucker thanked him and told him to give up, but Shively asked for a few more minutes. Ten minutes later, he heard a faint, high-pitched tone. Sure enough, he found the ring! It had fallen upright in the grass and someone had stepped on it. Tucker was eternally grateful and emotional—and in the end, Shively would not accept a reward.

If you are inspired to take up metal detecting (whether to help others or make a profit), now is the time to get started. Technological advancements have made even entry-level units VERY efficient. Any hobbyist can easily locate lost valuables and treasures with a newer metal detector!

Here are some of the most affordable and popular entry-level detectors available today:

Entry-Level Metal Detectors:’s Big Holiday Sale

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Whites TREASUREpro—an Amazing Metal Detector!

The Whites TreasurePro metal detector in action.

The Whites TreasurePro metal detector in action.

Even seasoned detectorists are blown away by the advanced technology and overall features of Whites TREASUREpro Metal Detector. For starters, this model was built with true ‘Automatic Ground Balance,’ meaning it adapts to the ground conditions as you’re hunting. With no constant adjustment to maximize depth and sensitivity, owners love this technology. Another beloved feature of the TREASUREpro is its large backlit display, set up in a speedometer style with important data off to the side.

Features of the Whites TreasurePro

This unit includes a 10″ DD waterproof search coil, 8 Target ID segments and 5 search modes including: Coins & Jewelry, Beach, All Metal, Pinpoint and High Trash. In the $300 – $400 price range, it would be hard to find a better machine!

Did you know? We stock all models of Whites Metal Detectors here at including accessories for all current Whites detectors.

Exciting Civil War Relic Hunt: with Men, Women and Kids!

One of the artifacts recovered from the Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan’s raid site.

One of the artifacts recovered from the Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan’s raid site in Ohio.

In Carroll County, Ohio, a group of 80 hopeful treasure hunters gathered to unearth Civil War relics. Well-known Ohio detectorist Sam Waters organized the hunt after she learned of a Confederate raid in Carroll County. Waters, a passionate relic hunter, has been detecting since the age of 12. She researched the event and learned: in the summer of 1863, Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan led his cavalry on a 1,000-mile raid through Indiana and Ohio. The cavalry stole 2,500 horses and raided 4,375 homes. Morgan’s men fought with pursuing Union cavalry throughout Carroll County. Waters got permission from property owners to search the area.

Waters’ group scoured 500 acres with metal detectors; and in just three days, uncovered more than 200 items! Some of the treasure hunters were kids (joined by their parents). The group ranged in age from 8 to 75. Also joining the team was Josh Silva, one of the stars of the TV show “Dig Wars!”  Waters estimated that approximately half of the recovered items may be Civil War related. One intriguing find was a Confederate stirrup. She added, “The stuff we found was all over—scattered around the woods, fields and valley.” The metal detectorists worked with and gained permission from the Carroll County Historical Society. The society also owns an acre of land tied to the raid.

Want to Detect for Historical Artifacts?

Are you intrigued by history and finding artifacts from the past? If so, dig in with a relic-hunting metal detector! These units are specifically designed for unearthing relics which are usually made of iron, steel or brass and sometimes sometimes gold or silver. Relic hunting detectors are different than all-purpose and coin-hunting models. They specialize in ground balance control and ground adjust so you can filter out interference from other minerals. They also use lower frequencies and offer high sensitivity and pinpointing abilities. Many of these units have target identification, which will display the type of metal you have located.

Quality is key when hunting for relics. Here are some great detector choices for all budgets:

Entry Level Relic Metal Detectors:

Mid Level Relic Metal Detectors:

Higher-End Relic Metal Detectors:


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Metal Detectors: Best Holiday Gift for the Outdoorsy Woman

Woman with her Garrett Ace 200 metal detector

Outdoor fun can be yours! Here’s a young woman using her Garrett Ace 200 metal detector.

Your nature-loving wife, sister or best friend may love spending every free moment in the great outdoors. So, what’s a great holiday gift that will meet her approval? Hikers, rock climbers and skiers are usually already equipped—which makes it challenging to find the perfect gift. But, here’s a suggestion that will knock her ‘30 Below’ thermal socks off: a metal detector for treasure hunting! It stays true to her nature-loving instincts while fueling her curiosity about the region and its history. There is something incredible about removing a piece of earth and seeing something glimmering below. Metal detecting hobbyists find treasure every day. It could be a lost relic from hundreds of years ago or an old coin made of silver, bronze or gold.

Why Treasure Hunting Is Exciting

Sometimes just planning a new metal detecting adventure is an adrenaline rush. It’s exciting to pour over maps and decide a route where there’s likely to be treasure. Where are the treasure hunting sites around you? Virtually everywhere! Popular places include local schools, parks, beaches, baseball fields and fairgrounds. Some of the best hunting sites are old homes and cellar holes. Older and more valuable items can be found around old homesteads. And there may even be fabled hidden treasures in your city or township. It’s very easy to locate metal treasures and it can prove to be highly profitable.

On a Budget?

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a metal detector if you’re on a budget. You can find a proficient beginner’s model for under two hundred dollars. Most new detectors can filter out trash so that the signals are good ones—not bottle caps, pull tabs or tin foil. A model with a discrimination feature will save the detectorist from digging up a bunch of trash. When purchasing a metal detector for the first time, experts recommend that you start simple, but buy the best unit you can afford. The turn-on-and-go units offer automatic adjustments to avoid complication.

For a unique and unexpected women’s holiday gift, a metal detector is perfect! Here are our suggested choices at entry-level, mid-priced and luxury-model price points.

10 Popular Metal Detectors for Female Hobbyists:

1. Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 Metal Detector – Big Holiday Sale price: $139.99 – Buy With 12 Monthly Payments As low as $12.31: Get Details

2. Fisher F22 Metal Detector – Big Holiday Sale price: $229.00 – Buy With 12 Monthly Payments As low as $20.13: Get Details

3. Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector – Big Holiday Sale price: $339.96 – Buy With 12 Monthly Payments As low as $29.89: Get Details

4. Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector – Big Holiday Sale price: $299.95 – Buy With 12 Monthly Payments As low as $26.37: Get Details

5. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector – Holiday Sale price: $594.95 – Buy With 12 Monthly Payments As low as $52.31: Get Details

6. Teknetics T2 Metal Detector – Big Holiday Sale price: $499.00 – Buy With 12 Monthly Payments As low as $43.87: Get Details

7. Makro Racer 2 Metal Detector – Big Holiday Sale price: $749.00 – Buy With 12 Monthly Payments As low as $65.84: Get Details

8. XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector – Starter Bundle – Big Holiday Sale price: $799.00 – Buy With 12 Monthly Payments As low as $70.24: Get Details

9. XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector – Big Holiday Sale price: $1,520. – Buy With 12 Monthly Payments As low as $133.61: Get Details

10. Garrett ATX Metal Detector– Big Holiday Sale price: $2,120.75. – Buy With 12 Monthly Payments As low as $186.42: Get Details

Getting fresh air while finding coins, jewelry and relics is an exhilarating feeling. To learn about metal detecting basics and get hunting tips, check out this metal detecting Learning  Library. Happy holidays!


If that someone special on your list is wanting a metal detector for gold nugget prospecting, check out our recent post: “Give a Glittery Holiday Gift: a Gold Metal Detector!”