Detectorists’ Dreams DO Come True! Silver Coin Hoard Found with the Garrett AT Pro

One lucky detectorist is keeping the dream alive for all of us who hope to find a coin hoard! Known as “Aquachigger” in his videos and metal detecting forums, this avid treasure hunter often searches rivers and streams. He spotted a river where he believed war relics would turn up, and started his shallow-water hunt. Aquachigger quickly hit on several silver coins in one concentrated area. Because the river floor here is bedrock, metals cannot sink any lower. This is perfect for uncovering coins, relics and gold. In his You Tube video that you can watch below: “OMG! I Found A Huge Silver Treasure Hoard Metal Detecting!” Aquachigger credits his Garrett AT Pro detector and Garrett Pro-Pointer for quickly signaling the silver coins. There was so much fence wire and lots of nails, he figures another detector may have passed right over the silver.

178 Silver Coins Found with the Garrett AT Pro!

Aquachigger’s Garrett AT Pro emitted a high pitch—with target ID reads from 89-90’s for silver. The AT Pro displayed 30’s when it passed over iron, making it easy to pinpoint the silver coins. After 5 or 6 trips to this riverbed hot spot, his total haul was 178 silver coins! The video is a worthwhile watch, as Aquachigger lays out all of his coins and explains what they are. A majority of the silver coin hoard includes U.S. halves, with the remaining pieces being Spanish 8 Reales, 5 franc coins and foreign (Brazil and Peru coins). It’s also interesting to read the comments about where this detectorist searched, how to find coins and how much the coins are worth. You can be next in a successful treasure quest!’s 2017 Winter Sale

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Searching the Shallows With Your Metal Detector

You don’t have to be a SCUBA diver to find treasure underwater with your metal detector.  In fact you can find a lot of different valuables in the surf.  From antiques and relics to gold and jewelry, metal detectors work well in areas of the ocean or a lake that are 6 feet of water or less.

Before you head out to the water, you’ll want to be sure you have the right machine.  The best metal detectors for hunting along the beach and in the shallower water like this are going to feature a ground balance control and they’ll be rated waterproof for up to 6 feet of water or more.  You’ll also want to invest in a pair of metal detecting headphones, a metal detecting sand scoop with a longer handle, and a carrying case for all the treasure you find.

Selecting the Best Equipment

The shore line is an excellent treasure hunting spot. It’s not always crowded and, the changing tides help unearth new treasures for you to find at nearly every visit.  For more on the best metal detector to take shallow water treasure hunting with you, please enjoy the following articles.  You can also visit our learning library for even more great metal detecting tips and information.

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