Supports US Troops Abroad with Free APO/FPO Shipping

Some of the $8,000 in treasure located by customer.

Pictured above are some of the over $8,000 in rings, coins and other jewelry found by customer John M from Texas.


To the staff and owners of,

I would like to thank you for your “Support of the Troops.” I ordered a sand scoop from you about 5 or 6 months ago. I had a very hard time finding a store that would ship to an APO.

When I ordered the scoop on eBay from you, eBay charged me the shipping and your store said free shipping to an APO. I had asked that you just throw in a poncho for me and we’ll call it even. You sent me the poncho and refunded my shipping, which I thought was very commendable.

I have been in the Army for over 27 years, and found this hobby to be a lot of fun in Japan. I hit almost every beach on the Island and some off Island, like Tokashiki and Zumami Island. My wife supports me in my hobby and asked me yesterday if I would like a new metal detector. After-all, I probably found over $8,000 worth of Japanese clad and jewelry; 18K gold rings, 2 Platinum rings, a 5 gram gold ingot, rings with gems, solid gold pendants, silver rings and many other fine items.

I was able to find the owners of a few wedding bands and return them. That sand scoop you sent me worked like a charm. I will order my new Gold Bug 2 today from your store for two reasons; 1. Too return the support you gave me and 2. You have the best prices out there!

Thank You! Sincerely,

John M from Texas

Review of the XP DEUS Metal Detector in the United States

Metal product specialist Moe DiPinto testing XP Deus

Metal product specialist Moe DiPinto testing the XP Deus wireless metal detector on the beach. The wet salt sand in New England is one of the toughest tests for any metal detector in the United States.

As a product specialist at, one of the best parts of my job is testing out the latest equipment. I first started metal detecting back in 1989 and have had the chance to use a wide variety of equipment over the years. After reading about the success of the XP DEUS abroad, I was eager to get my hands on one. At first glance, I was impressed by the comfortable and unique wireless design. For this post, I decided to give it a try with the standard search coil on a salt water beach and an old farm site. I have hunted both of these sites many times in the past and knew what to expect from each.

With a cool fall breeze in the air and my DEUS fully charged, I decided to put the unit to the test. My first stop was one of New England’s tough salt water beaches. I arrived at low tide which I knew would give me plenty of wet salt sand to hunt. I had no problem ground balancing the detector. I selected the wet beach mode and set my discrimination level at 22. I adjusted my sensitivity to 70 and the frequency to 17.8 kHz. It did not take long before I started finding coins. The detector ran smoothly and produced crisp clear signals on targets even at 8 inches plus. My first low tone was a pull tab down 10 inches! With a few hours under my belt, I had a good number of coins, a small silver toe ring and one Gold 10K hoop earring to show for my efforts. I was impressed with how many targets I dug on a beach that is well trafficked by treasure hunters.

Product specialist Moe DiPinto test the XP Deus at an old farm site. product specialist Moe DiPinto field tests the XP Deus wireless metal detector at an old farm site in New England. This iron infested location proved to be no match for the XP Deus.

For my second hunt I decided to take my wireless wonder to an old farm that I have hunted many times over the years. The site contains lots of iron nails as the original barn had been destroyed by a fire. The property is strewn with rubble and small bits of metal. I set the detector to the DEUS fast mode, the discrimination to 45, the sensitivity to 82 and the frequency to 12 kHz. The detector is so light weight that I could swing it all day. As I powered up the unit and started detecting, the signals were few and far between at first. Then I got my first target! The display identified my find as a 94. I was hoping that my first target would be old silver, but it turned out to be a 1969 Washington quarter. The target was about 7 inches down and gave a very loud repeatable signal. My second find gave a lower ID of 88 and was fainter. Anxious to dig it up, I wasted no time in retrieving a 1956 wheat penny at over 10 inches.

In summary, the DEUS is versatile and handles all types of ground conditions with ease. The features on this machine are unmatched and the performance in the field is exceptional. The wireless concept has me converted; I am hooked on the new DEUS. I hope that my hunting buddies are slow to discover this exciting new metal detector.

Garrett Metal Detectors Announces AT Gold Introductory Bonus Package

Garrett Metal Detectors has just announced a free bonus package along with the purchase of the new Garrett AT Gold metal detector. With the price of gold at record highs, this offer may just help you turn a fun hobby in to a profitable pastime! This simple to use gold nugget prospecting metal detector is the latest addition to the Garrett line. Be sure to act fast as this offer is only available for purchases through December 31, 2011.

The Free Garrett AT Gold Prospecting Bonus Package Includes:

  • Garrett Detectorist’s Deluxe Backpack

    Purchase your Garrett AT Gold from by December 31, 2011 and receive the free bonus package pictured above.

    Purchase your Garrett AT Gold from by December 31, 2011 and receive the free bonus package pictured above.

  • 10” Backpacker Gold Pan
  • Garrett Retreiver Digging Tool
  • Charles Garrett/Roy Lagal Book You Can Find Gold With A Metal Detector
  • Gold Guzzler Bottle
  • Recovery Tweezers
  • Magnifier
  • Two Gold Collection Vials

A Perfect Holiday Gift Idea!

The free accessories included in this offer have a total retail value of $113.80. We can’t think of a better way to get started than with a complete prospecting package. Now you can hit the gold fields well equipped and with the latest equipment. The AT Gold is the first waterproof gold prospecting detector to feature a full LCD display. The AT Gold has a suggested list price of $799.95. This new nugget finding metal detector is available from at the discounted price of $679.96. Remember, this bonus offer is only available through the end of the year and will ship free with your purchase.

XP Introduces the DEUS 2.0 Wireless Metal Detector

XP Metal Detectors of Toulouse France has just introduced the new DEUS Wireless metal

XP Metal Detectors introduces version 2.0 of the popular XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector

XP Metal Detectors introduces version 2.0 of the popular XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector

detector to the United States. This exciting new metal detector is a first in many respects.  Take a close look and you will quickly understand why the DEUS (pronounced day-uhs) is distinctive. Weighing in at just 1 pound 15 ounces, the XP DEUS is not just elegant in design, but also innovative in performance. Pick one up and you will quickly experience the extreme depth & fast recovery that everyone is talking about. Soon, you will begin finding what  others have been are missing!

Unique Patented Design and Technology

The innovative XP DEUS is based on three unique elements: a wireless search coil, a wireless digital display and a wireless audio headset. The genius behind the design is that all three devices communicate together via a digital wireless radio link that was developed just for metal detecting.

World’s First Completely Wireless Metal Detector

No more wires to snap, cut, break or get tangled up in. Get your hands on a DEUS and you will soon understand why worldwide demand has far out paced manufacturing capacity. The DEUS marks a major advance in metal detection design and performance. Experience one detector with multiple frequencies for locating coins, relics, beach hunting and prospecting.

Purchase It Once and Upgrade it For Life

Simply plug your XP DEUS in to your pc and download the latest version of the software. This innovative design means that you will always have access to the latest version of the DEUS.

Unique Design, Awarded Multiple Patents

The XP DEUS was designed with total body ergonomics in mind. Simply put, it is a better Ergonomic Design. The patented pole design allows you to quickly set up or stow away your DEUS detector. Most users agree that it is easier to handle than a straight stem. You will be amazed at the comfort. You can set up or fold away the detector faster than you can say DEUS!

Complete specifications including field test reports, a detailed product catalog, product manual and more are available on the XP DEUS product page.

Garrett Introduces the AT Gold Prospecting Metal Detector

Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland Texas has just introduced the new Garrett AT Gold metal detector. This easy to use gold prospecting metal detector is the latest addition to the Garrett line-up. With the price of gold within striking distance of $2,000 an ounce, their

Garrett Electronics has just introduced the AT Gold Metal Detector. This model will be available in limited supply from starting in October, 2011.

Garrett Electronics has just introduced the AT Gold Metal Detector. This model will be available in limited supply from starting in October, 2011.

timing could not have been better!

This model is produced in the same chassis as their popular water hunting metal detector, the Garrett AT Pro. Don’t let the familiar design fool you! This new model in the AT series is a serious gold prospecting detector, packed with new features. The AT Gold is designed with ease of use in mind. This unit contains features that are sure to help even the novice treasure hunter strike gold! While complete details are shown on our Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector page on our website, here are the items that catch our eye.

An Adjustable Ground Balance Window

For the first time, users now have the capability to spread the ground balance setting. This allows you to effectively ground balance to a range of values. This is particularly helpful in reducing the effects of hot rocks and terra cotta.

A True Gold Prospecting Frequency

We were excited to see that Garrett chose an 18 kHz frequency for this new machine. This high frequency is perfectly suited to locate the tiniest gold nuggets.  As an aside, this unit will also be ideal for locating gold jewelry, lead relics, bronze, copper, silver and brass targets.

Rugged All Terrain Design and Versatility

Like the AT Pro, the AT Gold is waterproof to 10 feet. This unit is ideal for prospecting in streams and river beds. Now you can bring your metal detector in to the toughest environments.

A New Gold Prospecting Search Coil

Garrett has done their homework and designed a small, sensitive new coil featuring the DD design. The 5”x8” PROformance search coil is the perfect complement to the new AT Gold. The design of this coil provides smooth operation in the mineralized ground conditions where gold is found.

The AT Gold is the first waterproof gold prospecting display with a full visual display. We are confident that this new model will send their competitors back to the drawing board.  The AT Gold has a suggested list price of $799.95 and is available from at the discounted price of $679.96. The first shipments are expected to arrive in October, 2011.

XP Metal Detectors Appoints Detector Electronics Corp. as USA Distributor

Michael Bernzweig and Alain

US Distributor Michael Bernzweig of Detector Electronics Corp. (left), shakes hands with Alain Loubert of XP (right) while visiting their new manufacturing facility in the South of France.

XP Metal Detectors of Toulouse France has appointed Detector Electronics Corp. of Southborough, MA as their official Distributor in the United States. The popular XP DEUS Wireless metal detector will now be made available to consumers for the first time in the USA. Consumers can now purchase XP Metal Detectors and accessories online directly from or through a network of retailers across the United States.

XP DEUS is the world’s first completely wireless metal detector. The DEUS includes a wireless search coil, headphones and remote display screen. From the coil up, the design of the DEUS is unique. This model features a patented and fully telescopic stem design. The detector is digital in design and is lightweight, powerful and deep seeking.

XP Metal detectors are backed by a full 2-year warranty that covers parts and labor. The XP Service center is managed by Detector Electronics Corp. and is located in Southborough, MA. Through this facility consumers and dealers have quick access to spare parts and repairs.

XP Metal Detectors has been manufacturing and designing advanced metal detectors in Southern France since 1998. Their range of metal detectors includes units for all types of treasure hunting. The following models make up their current line-up: Gold Maxx Power, G-Maxx II, Adventis 2, ADX250, ADX150 and the DEUS wireless metal detector.

Extending Your Metal Detectors Battery Life

Extend your metal detectors battery life!

The team shares expert tips and advice on getting the most out of your metal detector batteries.

If you are an avid metal detector user, getting the best battery life out of your equipment is important. In this post we will cover several tips that will help extend your battery life and save money.

Start out with the right Alkaline Batteries

Upgrade to the Panasonic Evolta batteries for AA users or the Panasonic Digital batteries for 9 volt users. These batteries are priced similar to standard Alkaline batteries yet provide a significant increase in battery life. The Evolta batteries are so good that the Guinness World Records named Evolta the “World’s longest lasting battery.” We have tested these with a wide variety of metal detectors and agree that they provide the best value for your money.

Invest in a Quality Set of Metal Detecting Headphones

By simply plugging in a set of headphones, you effectively shut off the external speaker. In our tests, this saves a significant amount of power. As a bonus, a good set of headphones will help you hear the deeper, fainter signals and help block out exterior noises. Metal detecting headphones are different than a standard set of stereo headphones. Headphones designed for treasure hunting include a right angle ¼” connection on the cord, a long flexible cable cord, weather resistant mylar speakers, dual volume controls, a stereo mono switch and are matched to the audio impedance of a metal detector. We suggest the Depthmaster Audiophone II metal detecting headphones.

Fine-Tune Your Metal Detector Settings

Review your manual and follow the manufacturer tips for extending the battery life for your specific model. For example, most pulse metal detectors require more power as you increase the pulse width. Here are some other general points to consider. It is better to set your metal detector volume to a moderate level and then adjust the volume on your headphones. As you increase the gain or sensitivity of your metal detector this will decrease your battery life. In the end, you will need to find the best compromise between optimizing your settings and getting the most out of your equipment.

In summary, some minor adjustments to your equipment and treasure hunting technique can help extend your battery life. Be sure to check back often for additional treasure hunting tips and techniques from the team at!