Minelab Metal Detectors Used in Historical Preservation at James Madison Montpelier Estate

Metal Detectors Aid Archaeologists in Collecting Field Data

Minelab Americas was chosen to work with leading archaeologists to aid in the proper documentation and recovery of historical artifacts at the James Madison Montpelier Estate. Located in in Montpelier Station, VA, the property was the lifelong home of James Madison, the 4th President of the United States.

At the estate, Madison studied past democracies and envisioned the system of government that our nation follows to this day. Minelab has been afforded a rare opportunity to work with leading archaeologists to uncover new ways to properly collect field data. Metal Detectors like the Minelab E-Trac and the Minelab GPX series were used to aid in identifying the location of artifacts around historic structures on the site. Areas of the site were marked off in grid like patterns and then metal detectors were used to aid in the location of the buried artifacts.

In this video Minelab Metal Detectors are used in a methodical manner to mark the location of artifacts for proper recovery and preservation. This collaborative effort demonstrates the unique ways in which the metal detecting community can aid archaeologists in the preservation of history.

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