Garrett Introduces CSI Pro Ground Search Metal Detector

You don’t have to be an avid television fan of the CSI series to understand the importance of reliable detection equipment, when it comes to crime scene investigation. The new Garrett CSI Pro Ground Search Detector was designed to recover evidence in all terrains.

An Advanced Evidence Recovery Metal Detector

The Garrett Crime Scene Investigation Pro Metal detector, features a target identification meter that includes a legend, designed to identify common targets found at a crime scene. Locate bullets, shell casings and knives quickly and efficiently. This detector will speed your evidence recovery of metallic objects.

Video on Garrett CSI Pro Metal Detector:

For Both Land and Water Recoveries

The CSI Pro Detector is perfect for all conditions. You can hunt on the land on sunny days and rainy days alike. Take the detector in the water to chest level with the standard, in-the-box headphones. You can even take the CSI Pro in the water to a depth of 10 feet with the optional underwater headphones. That’s right, it’s fully waterproof! There is nothing like the all terrain versatility of the CSI Pro. This model provides unequaled performance for recovery of all common crime scene targets.

Decades ago, Charles Garrett wanted the metal detectors he produced to be turn-on-and-go. He wanted users to find good items on day one, yet have features to take them into the future. As we enter our third decade as a dealer of Garrett Metal Detectors Security models, I am happy to report that the Garrett CSI Ground Search detector lives up to Mr. Garrett’s core philosophy.   Daniel Bernzweig of

Advanced Features – Yet Easy To Use:

  • High-Res Iron Discrimination: Allows the user to set iron discrimination to one of 40 levels for precise ability to separate good targets from trash.
  • Pro Audio: Proportional audio and Tone Roll Audio features allow the user to hear subtle ranges in a target’s audio response, to better judge its conductivity, size, shape, depth.
  • Fast recovery speed: Allows greater ability to pick out desired targets amongst trash items.

A Complete Evidence Recovery System

The CSI Pro Ground Search detector ships as a single product sku, with all of the following items included:

  • Deluxe Headphones for land-use
  • CSI Pro-Pointer pinpointer
  • Tactical Soft Case, black color

Quick Recoveries in All Environments

Since the Garrett CSI Pro works on all terrains, it can be used in the grass and dirt, sandy areas, rocky environments and in the water. When it comes to solving crimes, speedy evidence recovery is key to resolving the case. The Garrett CSI Pro is the ultimate crime scene investigation metal detector. This model can be used by operators of all skill levels and has the capability of locating evidence quickly.

Now your organization can purchase one, easy to use unit, for all of your crime scene evidence recovery requirements. Feel free to contact one of our metal detector product specialists with questions on this or any of our security metal detection products.

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