Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector Review

The latest nugget hunting and gold prospecting model from Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector

The Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector is one of the best detectors to find gold and other buried treasures.

The Garrett AT Gold metal detector provides exceptional results for gold prospecting. This model is one of the best metal detectors for nugget shooting.  It’s no secret in the industry that Garrett detectors are among some of the best gold detectors available.  The Garrett AT Gold detector is a mid-level priced device with an 18 kHz frequency which provides extreme depth and performance in all terrains. The AT Gold design offers enhanced detection of small gold nuggets, gold jewelry and it can also be used for locating coins and relics.

Like the original Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger, the Garrett AT Gold detector is a stand-out product.  In fact, this unique waterproof design creates a new standard for All-Terrain Metal Detectors.  For the first time on a water proof detector, Garrett has included an LCD display screen and a target ID scale. The Garrett AT Gold’s digital target identification system gives you the specific value for each target.  This sophisticated technology allows you to more precisely identify the type of item you’ve pinpointed. The target ID scale provides another dimension of detail not found in previous Garrett models.

The Garrett AT Gold detector offers a unique set of features designed for serious gold prospecting. A true all-metal mode, sensitivity to the smallest gold nuggets, a rugged weatherproof housing, enhanced iron resolution, one-touch treasure hunting and more. Check out the product page for detailed information about the features included on the Garrett AT Gold detector.  While you are visiting the product page, be sure to check out the AT Gold instruction manual. You can see manuals for all Garrett detectors on our metal detector manuals page.

Garrett AT Gold LCD Display

The Garrett AT Gold LCD display makes it easy to read and spot buried gold and is one of the reason why it’s the ultimate detector for hobbyists.

AT Gold Metal Detector Reviews

  • Owner Bibicus said: “I just received my AT Gold a few days ago and on the first day trying it out I found a cache of over 1,000 quarters.”
  • Kul commented: “found 13 specimens of gold ore on an old tailings pile next to a road in Southern Wyoming.”
  • W. Wizard commented: “There’s nothing more exciting than the metal detector going off letting you know that you have found something…. exceptional value for the money.”

All Terrain Performance

If you have the opportunity to visit gold country, imagine the excitement of having this unique detector in hand for your adventure. This unit was designed especially for discovering nuggets, whether small or large. The Garrett AT Gold works as well in up to 10 feet of water as it does on land.  The waterproof design will allow you to hunt in the creeks, streams and river beds in gold country.

The AT Gold is the culmination of many years of research and development by the Garrett Electronics engineering team.  With this exciting new detector in hand, you can now hunt in locations that previous nugget shooters could only dream of!