Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector Review

GTI 2500 metal detector

The GTI 2500 is the top of the line Garrett metal detector that gives people looking to find buried treasures the power they need.

For those new to the hobby and treasure hunting veterans alike, the GTI 2500 from Garrett is worth a good look. Garrett’s top of the line GTI 2500 metal detector is perfect for the serious enthusiast. This model incorporates advanced features like target imaging and the ability to attach extreme depth search coils. These features are unique to the GTI 2500 and not found in other brands. The overall ergonomic design of this model is well thought out. It is well balanced, lightweight and features a detachable and hip mountable battery pack.

This model incorporates all of the high end features you would expect in a top model and then some that will be a nice surprise. Graphic Target Imaging is a unique concept that Garrett includes in their top metal detectors. The display shows clearly how deep and how large, detected targets underground are. This feature provides another dimension of target analysis before you dig. For example, a target will show if it is in the coin sized range, what it is made of and how deep it is on the meter. No more digging soda cans and other large metal objects in error. The Garrett GTI 2500 is also quite versatile.  It can be used on the beach to retrieve lost jewelry and coins, as well as relic hunting, gold prospecting, and even deep treasure recovery.

Garrett Pro Package

The Garrett Pro Package includes imaging search coils, headphones, instruction video and the book "How to Find Lost Treasure."

Be Well Equipped with the Pro Package

For a limited time, this machine comes complete with Garrett’s pro package. This bundle includes both the 9.5″ and 12.5″ Imaging search coils, headphones, a carrying case, instruction video, the Garrett book entitled “How to Find Lost Treasure” and an all weather screen cover. You’ll be all set to head out and start treasure hunting right from the start!

GTI 2500 Metal Detector Reviews from Actual Users

S. Tormin said:  “Lightweight and easy to use… the 2nd Garrett GTI I have bought…easy to use and lightweight to swing

Greg S. Said:  “buy the best – you will never be disappointed… quality detector… excellent depth and performance”

J. Thomas:  “Garrett has done it again… very easy to use and comfortable design… the best detector I have owned”

Samantha L.:  “The deep seeking coil is easy to use… located a deep treasure cache that had been buried generations ago… Imaging works very well in the field”

Advanced Features

The GTI 2500 includes a DSP Microprocessor to drive the PowerMaster Circuitry. This digital design assures stable operation in the toughest soil conditions. The overall design is easy to turn on and use right away. The menus and controls are clear and intuitive. The large LCD graphic target analysis display shows you what you have located. This model also features superb discrimination capabilities. The display shows 24 individual notch discrimination points. You can easily customize the discrimination by turning on or off any of the individual discrimination points. The automatic pinpointing feature allows you to precisely locate your targets in the ground before digging. Aside from the two coils that are included in the pro package, you can also choose from three additional optional, non imaging, search coils. These include a 4.5″ round coil, an elliptical 5″x10″ coil and the Eagle Eye Depth Multiplier coil.

GTI 2500 with Eagle Eye Depth Multiplier

The Garrett GTI 2500 with Eagle Eye Depth Multiplier gives you that extra punch you need to find buried treasures deep within the ground.

Eagle Eye Depth Multiplier For Garrett GTI 2500

This coil system is an attachment that you can use along with the Garrett GTI 2500 metal detector. With this unit attached, you can locate extremely deep treasure caches and hoards. You can either dream about locating deep treasures, or you can get out there and find them. The GTI 2500 is the only model in the Garrett line that allows you to attach this coil system. This will let you easily turn the GTI 2500 in to a deep seeking, 2 box style metal detector. You can buy Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector with Eagle Eye Depth Multiplier as a package at a special discounted price.

Buried Treasures, Fact or Fiction?

Hundreds or even thousands of years ago, many people really did hide valuables in the ground for one reason or another. Folks buried their valuables in secret hiding places – like a hole in the barn floor, near a gate, a post or large tree. It’s easy to see that there are treasure caches still buried deep underground all over the world! Deep Seeking or 2 box metal detectors are best at finding large veins of gold or large treasure hoards, buried deep under ground.

Don’t just dream about it.  Research and follow up on stories you hear about lost relics, hidden family treasure caches or other buried treasures. It’s not only fun and exciting to go searching for these potential treasure hoards, but, it can end up being very rewarding too!  The GTI 2500 is a perfect all around machine that is great for locating coins, relics, jewelry and gold nuggets. From the beach to parks and fields, the GTI 2500 is a proven performer that is versatile and capable of delivering exceptional performance in all ground conditions.