Kids Metal Detectors Make the Ultimate Science Gift

Use a metal detector with children and discover the hobby that can pay for itself!

Looking for a unique holiday gift idea for your child or a loved one? It’s hard to get kids excited about gifts that aren’t today’s popular choices: video games, iPods, iPhones, etc. There is one gift out there that’s more special than anything advertised on TV and that is a metal detector for recovering valuables! Metal detectors encourage children to get outside

Best Metal Detectors for Kids

Metal detecting is a hobby the entire family can enjoy. Metal detectors for kids make the perfect gift idea for children of all ages.

and LEARN! “Treasure hunting”- as it is often referred to- is all about learning. All too often, learning is forgotten about and traded for mindless shoot ‘em up games. With a metal detector, kids will learn about the weather, geology (soil type), biology, physics (metals and materials) and electronics.

A Unique Educational Gift Idea!
Kids have so much fun detecting that they don’t even realize they’re learning! But when it comes to geology, the first thing kids learn is the soil type in your area. It may be sandy, hard-pack clay or highly mineralized gravel. This affects digging and metal detector settings. Soon, they’ll be tracking where erosion occurs, where sedimentation is covering up coins and where salt deposits are affecting the metal detector. Take them to the beach, the park, playgrounds or your own backyard. Kids will have a blast discovering coins, jewelry, relics and interesting artifacts. They can even set up a display case featuring all of the treasure they have found.

Science and Electronics Discovery for Children
Learning about electronics is also practical knowledge for kids. Once you turn a metal detector on, you move slowly over the area you wish to search. In most cases, you sweep the coil (search head) back and forth over the ground in front of you. When you pass it over a target object, an audible signal occurs. More advanced junior metal detectors provide displays that pinpoint the type of metal detected and how deep in the ground the target object is located.

What are the Best Kids Metal Detectors?
There are a number of kids metal detectors to choose from, which you can find here. It’s important to note that the kids’ detectors we recommend are not toys. They are lightweight, made to fit a kids size and they feature many of the same professional features that adult models have: LCD target identification screens, visual depth indicators and automatic frequency adjustment. All this and at lower prices than most people expect.

How do you Select the Right Metal Detector for their Age?
According to Daniel Bernzweig of MetalDetector.comFor kids aged eight and under or

metal detector finds coins

Your child can enjoy using a metal detector to find new treasures like coins.

those that are small for their age, a good start is the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker.”  This model is of good quality and works very well. For children who are age nine and older, an adult sized detector with a modest amount of features will work well for them. Many are well featured, easy to operate, and moderately priced. Two great models include the Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 and Legacy 2500. The age of the child and the treasure you’d like to recover will serve as a guide for deciding which kids’ metal detector is right for the special child in your life.

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