New Year’s Metal Detector Sale

Our Annual New Year’s Sale on Metal Detectors – Now in Progress!

As the ball drops, we are ringing in the new year with our annual New Year’s metal detector and accessory sale.  Starting now and running through Midnight January 6, 2013, celebrate the best metal detector deals of the new year. Shop metal detectors for yourself as we ring in the new year!

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Here Are Our New Year’s Metal Detector Deals, Accessories and Promotional Offers:

1. DepthMaster Audiophone II Metal Detector Headphones (Save $40)
Professional metal detecting headphones. Coiled cord. Dual volume controls. Works with all detectors. Hear the oldest, deepest targets.
List Price: $79.95 – New Year’s Sale Price $39.95 – See Deal Now

2. Gold Metal Detector Accessory Starter Kit (Save $219.85)
Contains Everything You Need to Get Started: Headphones. Digging Trowel. Carry Bag. Free Bonus Golden Doubloon Replica Coin. Our best selling starter kit.
List Price: $289.80 – New Year’s Sale Price $69.95 See Deal Now

3. Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 Metal Detector (Save $60)
Digital LCD Display. Top Selling First Detector. Our lowest price of the year. Includes Free Bonus Kit.
List Price: $199.99 – New Year’s Sale Price $139.99 See Deal Now

4. Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector (Save over $280)
Our Best Selling Model Bounty Hunter Metal Detector at the Lowest Price of the year. Free Headphones, Carry Bag and Bonus Accessory Kit Included.
List Price: $579.95 – New Year’s Sale Price $299.95 See Deal Now

5. XP Deus Wireless Metal Detector (Save $400)
Lightweight. Powerful. Fast. Deep Seeking. World’s First Wireless Metal Detector. Top of the line model.
List Price $2299.00 – New Year’s Sale Price $1899.00 See Deal Now

6. Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector (Save $120)
Package Includes: 10″ BackPacker Gold Pan, You Can Find Gold With a Metal Detector, Gold Guzzler bottle, Recovery Tweezers/Magnifier, Two (2) Gold Collection Vials, Plus an extra $179.65 Bonus Package!
List Price: $799.95 – New Year’s Sale Price $679.96 See Deal Now

7. Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector with Pro Package (Save over $460)
Package Includes: 9.5″ PROformance Imaging Searchcoil, 12.5″ PROformance Imaging Searchcoil, Garrett Supreme GTI Carry Case, Garrett Deluxe Headphones, GTI Environmental Screen Cover Up, How to Find Lost Treasure Field Guide, Plus an extra $179.65 Bonus Package!
List Price: $1,399.95 – New Year’s Sale Price $934.96 See Deal Now

Treat Yourself!
Got your holiday cash in hand but not the metal detector you’ve been dreaming of? Now you can treat yourself to the metal detector that you really wanted. No matter where you are in the world, now you can get the exact metal detector that you desire at the best price possible. After all, who knows what you want better than you?

Sale and special promotions are good only when you shop at  Take advantage now as these offers end at Midnight on January 6, 2013.

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector Review

The original Fisher Gold Bug is a legendary gold prospecting metal detector that was designed and manufactured by Fisher Research Labs.  The Gold Bug 2 is an enhanced version of this tried and true gold prospecting metal detector and is sure to excite and amaze just as the original did with a variety of features that make treasure hunting successful, and fun!

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector

The Fisher Gold Bug 2 is a high frequency metal detector that is perfect for prospecting for gold nuggets.

High frequency metal detectors like those in the Gold Bug series are ideal for finding gold nuggets, among other things.  The Gold Bug 2 takes this to the next level by offering users a machine that operates on the highest frequency in the line up – 71kHz.  This makes the machine highly sensitive and enables it to find even the smallest gold nuggets.  And, for even greater precision the Gold Bug 2 also comes equipped with a manual sensitivity control.

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector Control Panel

The control panel of the Gold Bug 2 metal detector offers dual knob ground controls and a 3 position mineralization switch to help make it easier to find buried gold.

In addition, the Gold Bug 2 features dual knob ground rejection controls and a 3 position mineralization switch so you don’t have to worry about soils with high ground mineralization levels; which is where gold is often found.  The Gold Bug 2 features a waterproof search coil and is resistant to dust and moisture as well.  So, while the control box is not submersible, the Gold Bug 2 is ideal for use in wet areas like rivers, streams and creeks where gold is often found.

The Gold Bug 2 provides users with a metal detector that will meet their needs for comfort too.  It weighs only 2.9 lbs, is ergonomically designed, and, the control box can be chest or hip mounted for even more comfort.  The, the Gold Bug 2 improves the user’s experience even further with it’s “Iron Discrimination” mode that rejects iron trash targets and hot rocks so you’re only spending your time digging for real treasure.

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Reviews:

Jan shares – “I always wanted to find gold and the Gold Bug 2 has made it happen.”

Brian writes – “The Gold Bug 2 has been easy to use and I take it most places I go. I was most surprised by it’s sensitivity and it’s been reliable. My gold finds have paid for this machine many times over.”

Along with the product summary and customer reviews, you can also find information like the instruction manual, product specifications and a video overview at our product page for the Gold Bug 2.  You have three choices when ordering, the Gold Bug 2 with either the smaller 6.5″ search coil, the larger 10′ coil or a combo with both search coils.  Take a look, then after taking in all of this great information, you can make a more educated decision about the Gold Bug 2 metal detector and it’s place in your treasure hunting tool box.

Treasure Products Vibra Tector 730 Review

Treasure Products Vibra Tector 730

The Vibra Tector 730 mini underwater metal detector is lightweight and is an ideal tool you will want for treasure hunting while diving.

The Vibra-Tector 730 from Treasure Products is a state of the art, mini hand-held underwater metal detector that incorporates Treasure Products’ trademark vibration style of communication along with pulsing lights to further assist you in easily locating and identifying targets soundlessly.  While many metal detectors and tools incorporate audio target locating systems that use beeps and buzzes to communicate with you, the Vibra-Tector 730 uses these other forms of soundless communication (ie. vibrations and lights) to communicate with users to help them identify and locate their targets.  This is a feature that might be preferred by some users including those who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as those who simply don’t like buzzers or headphones.

In addition to this unique communication system, the Vibra-Tector 730 also offers users features like Pulse Induction technology, automatic tuning, “Tilt On/Off”, and, this machine is waterproof too.  Plus, it’s only 1lb!!  That’s a very lightweight metal detector with a lot of useful features. In fact, the Vibra-Tector 730 is one of the most popular models in the entire series. Scuba divers just love the ease of use and first time treasure hunters find the Vibra-Tector 730 packs easy in a back pack or suitcase.

Taking a trip and just want a light weight unit that is compact and easy to snorkel or dive with? The Vibra-Tector 730 is an ideal choice. With a reasonably good sized search head, this unit will discover treasures at good depth. Users will find that the Vibra-Tector’s lightweight and small 4” search coil, coupled with it’s compact design make it a nice metal detector for travel, snorkeling & diving, and for children to use as well.  Plus, it’s Made in the USA which is always important.

Vibra-Tector 730 Reviews:

Terry Bide shares  “It’s of good build with a clever tilt on/off switch and feels sturdy in your hands.”

Maddie reports  “I’ve been using the Vibra-Tector snorkeling in Hawaii with great success, even on the black sand beaches!”

GeorgeMcG says  “This is such a nice, lightweight metal detector.  I purchased one for myself and one for my wife.  Now we go out together and share all our finds.”

In addition to the specs, features, and customer reviews we’ve shared here, you can learn more about the Vibra-Tector 730 by visiting our product page where you’ll find the instruction manual, the product catalogue, an informative video and more.  Do your research and, if it’s right for you, the Vibra-Tector from Treasure Products is an excellent metal detector you’ll find yourself enjoying over and over again through many successful treasure hunting expeditions.

Tips for Finding Antique Toys with a Metal Detector

metal detectors can locate an antique toy car such as the one pictured here

With the right metal detector, you will be able to find hidden treasures like antique toy cars.

Back in “The Good Old Days” toys weren’t made from plastic.  Toys were made of metal and made to last. This is great news for metal detector enthusiasts!  Antique toys like metal cars and trucks, tin windup toys, lead soldiers, and many others can still be found all around the world in many different types of locations that are easily accessible to metal detectors.  From former dumps to old home sites and more, old toys can be unearthed almost anywhere actually; and they can sell for quite a bit depending on the type of toy you find along with it’s condition.

You won’t locate anything if you don’t have the right machine though.  If toys and other types of collectibles antiques like these will be a primary target for your metal detecting expeditions, there are a few features you’ll definitely want to be sure your machine has in order to be successful in your search.

Ground Balance Controls

When metal detecting relics and antique toys, dealing with ground mineralization in many parts of the world is a reality.  Choose a machine that features a ground balance (also known as ground adjust) control.  This will enable the metal detector to filter out all this extra chatter caused by the ground minerals, while still being sensitive enough to target lower conductivity metals like those that antique toys were made of.

Lower Frequency Metal Detectors

Metals like cast iron, tin, and steel have lower conductivity and, as a result, will be best located with a lower frequency metal detector as opposed to a high frequency machine. Please see our newly released Learning Library article: “Antique Toy Hunting with a Metal Detector” for help in sorting out your best metal detector choices on this subject.

Pinpointing Control

the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is one of the best metal detectors for locating relics and antiques

Using a metal detector like the Garrett AT Pro, you will easily be able to find buried antiques and relics.

A metal detector that incorporates a pinpointing control is helpful when metal detecting relics like antique toys.  This additional capability allows your machine  to zero in more precisely on your target for easier excavation and faster recovery.

If your metal detector has these three features, you should be all set as far as your machine goes, but, once you locate something, good digging tools are a must to make target recovery easier and more efficient. Lesche digging tools are a good example of what we mean here.  Strong, tough and build to last, these aren’t garden tools, these are metal detector digging tools and the difference shows. In addition to a quality digger, consider a hand held pin-pointer like the Garrett Pro-Pointer. This device will help you quickly and precisely locate your target in the hole.

In addition to your equipment needs, we also recommend that you do your research in order to find a good site to begin your search.  Look for places that were vibrant communities during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Choose locations like old schools, parks, playgrounds, and as we mentioned above, old dumps and home sites.  If your research leads you to a private piece of property, you will need to get permission from owners prior to metal detecting there.  Without their OK you may end up in trouble for trespassing as well as for removing anything you find on private lands.

Now that your research is done and you’ve got all the equipment you need, you’re ready to begin metal detecting relics and increasing your collection of antique toys; and possibly the size of your bank account as well!

Garrett Infinium LS Metal Detector Review

The Garrett Infinium LS (“L” for land, and “S” for sea) is the king of all multi-faceted metal detectors. This model is equally adept at land detecting as shallow and deep water diving. 

Garrett Infinium LS Metal Detector

The Garrett Infinium LS metal detector is one of the best detectors for treasure hunters looking for deeply buried gold nuggets, coins and relics.

The Garrett Infinium LS Metal Detector is nicknamed the “Go Anywhere” detector for good reason—it’s fully capable and ready to detect in all terrains, on land or underwater. It really is the king of multi-faceted metal detectors. Avid detectorists have long awaited a high-end fully-loaded model that will accurately hunt both land and sea. The Infinium LS is the frontrunner of detectors that get outstanding marks for land detecting as well as shallow and deep water diving. Garrett’s exclusive Advance Pulse Induction (API) technology is what sets this metal detector above all the rest. The Infinium is one of the deepest seeking metal detectors for gold nugget detection. Also of note is the fact that the Garrett Infinium LS is one of the top rated gold metal detectors found on the article What’s The Best Gold Prospecting Metal Detector?.

Garrett Infinium LS Features

The Infinium LS boasts so many stand-out qualities; it’s hard to know where to begin.  Experts agree this model’s Advanced Pulse Induction circuitry is the industry’s greatest innovation in years.  It is extremely deep seeking and automatically cancels out salt/ground mineralization. It also features full-range discrimination. The Discrimination Dial provides all-metal detecting or varying degrees of discrimination. And the Infinium LS provides discrimination for nearly 100% of its detection depth- which is state-of-the-art. Three controls are all you need to successfully hunt for relics in old battlefields, shipwreck dive, search for gold nuggets or easily locate jewelry and coins. The control box functions include Discrimination, Threshold and Automatic Ground Track. Ground Track is equipped with lock, slow and fast settings to master changing soil conditions.  Garrett recommends that Discrimination should be initially set on 0 or a low level to determine which types of trash metal targets you want to eliminate. It is also suggested that the Threshold be set low on this model for optimal audio detection.

Diving with the Garrett Infinium LS Metal Detector

If you're looking for a metal detector to take diving for hidden relics in sunken ships, then the Garrett Infinium LS is the detector for you.

The Infinium LS features rugged design and exceptional stability, even in heavy mineralized soil. Its adjustable operating frequency is a stand-out feature, as it minimizes electrical interference—especially helpful for isolating gold nuggets. Also, Infinium LS’s Reverse Discrimination feature will identify most iron. This model comes with land headphones, a 10″x14″ Power DD searchcoil and is waterproof.  Scuba dive down to 200 feet when you add the optional Garrett Submersible Headphones.

Read Garrett Infinium LS Reviews from Users

Abdallah said “It’s the best performing detector in the field… very satisfied with it! Thank you!”

Travis said “The Garrett Infinium LS is one awesome machine. I was looking for a metal detector that would go from highly mineralized gold fields to scuba diving in fresh water. The Infinium has awesome depth in any soil conditions. This machine is definitely worth the price. I would highly recommend the Garrett Infinium to any serious treasure hunter.”

H. Oseb said “I’ve found the Infinium to be such a versatile machine. It gives you the freedom to search the beaches, to wade out onto the surf, to search for lost jewelry, and to cope with the highly mineralized ground of gold fields. And to do all of them well! A wonderful unit.”

Garrett Infinium LS Metal Detector Battery Compartment

The Garrett Infinium LS metal detector battery compartment helps protect it during deep sea treasure hunting dives.

You’ve never seen a multi-faceted detector like the Garrett Infinium LS before. The Infinium LS is easy to use with optimum deep-seeking capability. The superior technology of API is what makes it possible to hunt the gold fields of Australia just as successfully as wreck diving in Maui; to hunt Civil War relics just as easily as treasure hunting Pacific or Atlantic beaches. The Infinium LS is lightweight and features 4 control housing configurations to suit every pro treasure hunter. Settings such as Ground Tracking, Discrimination, Threshold and Detection Frequency allow you to adjust this model for any and every metal detecting excursion. Check out the Garrett Infinium LS video to take a deeper dive into this model. On the Infinium LS product page, you will see the detectors full description, specifications, instruction manual and accessories including a wide range of optional search coils.

Articles on the Best Metal Detectors

Articles on the best metal detectors

Get the resources you need to find the best metal detector for your treasure search.

If you are shopping for a last minute holiday gift, our fast shipping will get it to you quickly and on time! Please see our Holiday Metal Detector Shipping Schedule, for deadlines on placing your order. With the articles and resources found in our Learning Library, selecting metal detectors and accessories will also be fast and easy. As always, please contact us with any questions you may have.

Today Daniel Bernzweig of shared some thoughts on choosing the best metal detectors. He said “be sure to explore the articles in our learning library in our Best Metal Detectors Series” If you are just getting started, he suggests the following two articles: What are the Best Beginners Metal Detectors? and What is the Best Metal Detector? and he went on to say “if you are interested in a specific type of treasure hunting, be sure to explore some of the topic specific articles included in our learning library such as What are the Best Metal Detectors for finding Antique Bottles? and How to Find Meteorites, Gold & Other Precious Minerals with a Metal Detector?

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector Review

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

The pinpoint control of the Teknetics Delta 4000 metal detector makes it simple to find buried treasures.

For metal detecting hobbyists who crave an abundance of high-tech features, yet want to spend under $300, the Teknetics Delta 4000 is the way to go. Read on and discover why this lightweight, feature-packed powerhouse is worth a serious look. The Teknetics Delta 4000 is a considerable step up from the manufacturer’s entry-level Alpha 2000 for just $80 more. This unit has enhanced target identification capabilities, more operating modes and menu options and an added precision pinpoint control. Delta 4000’s 99-digit visual display indicator really helps to fine-tune identification of your targets. Also, the jumbo LCD screen is one of the largest in its price range.

Added Pinpoint Control is Very Accurate

Pinpointing is the process of finding the exact location of an object. Long-buried items can appear similar to the surrounding soil and can sometimes be difficult to isolate. The pinpoint control on the Delta 4000 is one of the most accurate and easiest to use. All you need to do is hit the pinpoint button and then move your search coil until you reach the highest number on your screen. The object will be located directly in the center of the coil. The number on the display screen while pinpointing will be your target’s approximate depth in inches.

Teknetics Delta 4000 Features

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector LCD Display

The easy to use Teknetics Delta 4000 metal detector LCD display helps you to find buried relics and treasures deep within the ground.

The Delta 4000 is a very sophisticated, powerful metal detector that is extremely easy to operate. It is designed with a transmit frequency of 7.8 kHz and features a concentric 8″ open-face coil system for deep target detection. The Delta 4000 will detect a coin-sized object to a distance of 8 to 12″ from the searchcoil at maximum sensitivity. Larger metal objects can be detected over a foot! The jumbo LCD display features two sections: Mode and Menu. Simply press the Mode button to toggle between the Discriminate mode and All-Metals mode. All-Metals offers maximum sensitivity to all buried targets. Press the Menu button to select the menu item you wish to adjust. Each mode has individual adjustable sensitivity settings.

Common targets are shown on the LCD display, such as iron, foil, nickels, aluminum, pennies, quarters, etc. A numerical category ID system is yet another way the Delta 4000 helps to precisely identify your target. Three different audio tones (low tone, medium tone and high tone) offer unique sounds, so you can determine if you’ve located trash or treasure. Six levels of discrimination are ideal for honing in on your intended targets. Discrimination will eliminate each target category as you select it. Delta 4000 users also say they appreciate both the 1/8” and 1/4” headphone jacks as they accommodate your preferred metal detecting headphones.

Teknetics Delta 4000 Reviews

Mike said: “This is a world-class detector for the price. The first thing you will notice is the lightweight, around 2.5 pounds, maybe less. Its vdi numbers are very precise, they will really help to ID targets like coins. Just like other detectors some tabs will have the exact same vdi numbers as nickels. Also with 2 audio jacks, and a volume adjust, this helps to keep the tones at a level you can take.”

Peter said: “Great bang for your buck. I managed to trade one model for a brand new Teknetics Delta 4000. What a difference!!! The Delta 4000 is going to be my first of many Teknetics machines. I love this detector. My first time out I went to a local park and in just 1 hour I found 15 clad coins. I can’t brag this machine up enough for the price.”

All of the Bells & Whistles at an Affordable Price

The Delta 4000 gets high marks for features and functions normally found on more advanced units. Its deep detection depths and enhanced target ID have made this a very popular metal detector for countless ground conditions. Detectorists will definitely appreciate Delta 4000’s pinpoint control and notch discrimination. You can notch out anything in the icon bar and also notch in targets. The simple push-button controls, numerical depth readout and discrimination by categories will be impressive to both the professional treasure hunter and the novice. At a lightweight 2.2 pounds, hunting for hours really does seem like a walk in the park. With the Delta 4000, you can look forward to targeting the flavor of the day (old coins) and search for a different treasure tomorrow (jewelry or relics). Learn can more about features and how they compare to the other Teknetics Metal Detectors.

In summary, you will easily cherry pick just the best treasures with the Teknetics Delta 4000 metal detector. It is powerful and chock full of features. Get your hands on one today, you will be happy that you did.

Treasure Products Vibra-Probe 580 Pinpointer Review

When you’re metal detecting, a pinpointer is a very valuable tool.  As the name suggests, a pinpointer helps you zero in on a target identified by your metal detector.  Having one helps save you time and energy with less digging and a shorter item recovery time; always nice bonuses when out treasure hunting.

Treasure Products Vibra Probe 580 Pinpointer

The Treasure Products Vibra Probe 580 Pinpointer is the perfect tool for treasure hunters that's easy and enjoyable to use.

One of the pinpointers many metal detector users enjoy taking out in the field with them is the Vibra Probe 580 Pinpointer.  Made by the Treasure Products company to replace their 560 and 570 models of the tried and true Vibra-Probe pinpointer, the new 580 model offers all the features you want in a pinpointer to help make metal detecting even more successful and enjoyable, along with the quality you’ve come to expect from all Treasure Products metal detecting tools.

Tilt On, Tilt Off Activation

One of the most useful features the Vibra Probe 580 includes, is “Tilt On and Off” technology; which means no switches are required to activate the pinpointer.  Instead, you simply tilt it as directed.  This may seem like a little thing, but, it’s surprisingly helpful, and, is the kind of feature where, once you’ve tried it, you’re never going back to metal detecting without it!

Tip-Only Detection

In addition to the always convenient tilt on and off feature, the Vibra-Probe 580 also offers  tip-only detection.  This means that only the top of the device detects items and, because of this, identification of exactly where the target is located can be quite precise.  This also means items are found faster and unearthed more easily; something all metal detector users enjoy for sure.


Given the way pinpointers are used, it’s highly advantageous when they’re waterproof; and the Virba-Probe 580 Pinpointer is just that – up to 100 feet (30 meters) underwater!  Even when you’re not by the water sometimes, there’s water beneath you and, you’ll encounter it when you dig to recover your item, even though you don’t see it at first.  To successfully pinpoint your target in surprise situations like this and others you’ll need a machine that can get wet.  So even if you think where you’re hunting for treasure will be dry, choose a waterproof pinpointer just in case.

Pulse Induction

Pulse Induction technology is adept at managing areas with heavy ground mineralization like salt water and black sand beaches, yet, is still excellent in regular ground conditions as well.  Given this, PI pinpointers are some of the most versatile on the market and highly recommended.

Vibration Identification System

When you finally locate a target, in some situations, you might want to be sure you’re the only one that knows about it.  You can do just this with the Treasure Products Vibra Probe 580 since it uses vibrations only to communicate with you and notify you where your treasure is located.  Not only that, when you’re already wearing headphones from your metal detector, a vibration only target identification system like the one employed by the Vibra Probe is ideal so you don’t have to keep taking your headphones on and off while using your pinpointer.

In addition to all of these fantastic features, the Vibra Probe 580 Pinpointer also comes with a built in low-battery indicator, a holster, auto off battery saver and more!

Read Vibra Probe 580 Pinpointer Reviews:

BJ says – “This is a must have in my book. It saves so much time digging!”

Kaza Komi shares – “This is an excellent product, built to last, finds targets like a good probe should, and does it with granular details no other probe I’ve tried will.”

So, if you need to add a pinpointer metal detecting tool to your collection, the new Vibra-Probe 580 is a great choice.  It’s a nice, high quality option you’re sure to enjoy for many years.  See the Vibra-Probe 580 product page where you can read through the product catalog, instruction manual, see the specs and more to help you decide if this fantastic pinpointer is the one for you.

Getting the Best Metal Detector For the Money

best metal detectors

Find the resources you need to get the best metal detector for the money.

On a daily basis, there is one question we hear from our customers more than any other, and that is “what is the best metal detector for the money”. The articles you will find in our Learning Library were written with this question in mind.

Michael Bernzweig of has some advice for consumers looking to get the best detector for their money. He said “take some time to do your research before making your selection.” he went on to add “Be sure to read the following articles in our learning library How To Select A Metal Detector and What Are the Best Beginners Metal Detectors?”.

How to Use Gold Metal Detectors in your Search for Precious Gems and Minerals

Gold metal detectors

Using a gold prospecting metal detector can help you easily find hidden gems and minerals buried in the ground.

Gold prospecting metal detectors are generally used for finding, well, gold. That’s not all they can do though. While these machines are incapable of finding or detecting precious gems, minerals, and stones in the traditional sense (ie. underground), gold metal detectors can still help in your search for all these things and more while you are out mining for gold.

Here are several ways you might find gold as well as precious gems and stones at the same time when out treasure hunting with your gold prospecting metal detector.

Gold mining areas

One of the best spots to find hidden gold, gems and minerals are in mining areas.

Mining Areas
Many of the best spots for gold prospecting around the world, are also the best spots for locating natural gems and minerals. It is not uncommon to locate precious stones while mining for gold. While your prospecting detector may lead you to the source of the gold, you may be surprised to see what else turns up in your search.

One of the ways you can find gems and minerals with nugget detectors is when you find jewelry. Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. are usually made of a precious metal like gold yet designed to include gems as well. Gold metal detectors will locate these items because they’re made from gold while the gems and precious stones will come along as an added bonus.

Some types of antiques that include gold are adorned in precious stones as well. Gems and minerals along with gold are used in many ways to create antiques like mirrors, vases, picture frames, and more that were made with the wealthy in mind.  These were status symbols even back then and they were very likely to include both gold and jewels for maximum effect.

Treasure Caches
There are stories everywhere about different treasure chests that may or may not be hidden here or there.  Many are said to contain lots of gold; which is how gold metal detectors will locate them.  Not only that though, most treasure caches are rumored to contain other items as well, including precious gems and minerals.

gold pan kits

One of the best ways to filter out and find gold is by using a gold pan.

Gold Panning
One of the oldest and possibly most lucrative ways to find gold is with a gold pan. While uncovering gold nuggets, and flakes it is not uncommon for gems and minerals to turn up as well. Garrett produces a range of gold pan kits all based on their patented gold trap design. Fisher labs also offers several popular gold pan kits that include everything you will need to get started.

Now that you can see all the possibilities, you’ll need a good gold prospecting metal detector. If you are looking to find small gold nuggets be sure to read our article entitled “What’s The Best Gold Prospecting Metal Detector?”. Look for a Two Box or a Deep Seeking model to find some of the larger pieces mentioned above like the treasure chest or some of the gold and gem encrusted antiques. We also have a buying selection article on the deep seeking detector you can review called “What are the Best Two Box and Deep Metal Detectors?“.

Gold metal detectors aren’t adept at finding gems and minerals on their own but, there really are many different ways that gold and gems can be found together and, as a result, very successfully located with a gold prospecting metal detector. Research some good sites and head out mining for gold today; you’ll likely find more than just a gold nugget or two!