Fisher F2 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F2 Metal Detector

The Fisher F2 metal detector is perfect for those looking to find buried treasures.

If  you are looking for an entry-level metal detector for locating jewelry, coins and relics at the beach or on land, the Fisher F2 is worth a closer look. The Fisher F2 is the first model in the Fisher F-Series which also includes the F4, F5, F70 and the top of the line F75 and F75 Limited. With the F-Series, the Fisher engineering team went back to the drawing board with the goal of designing a whole new concept in metal detecting.  As a result, the entire F-Series is perfectly balanced and packed with features.

The F2 design is lightweight and intuitively laid out. You will find that the ease of use, makes the F2 one of the best metal detectors for kids and seniors alike. The detector includes a waterproof 8’ concentric search coil, ideal for metal detecting on land or at the beach.

The F2 can be purchased alone or with one of two optional accessory kits. The options you can choose from are:

  • 1. Fisher F2 Standard includes the 8″ Search Coil
  • 2. Fisher F2 Pinpointer Kit includes: 4″, 8″ Search Coils & Fisher Pinpointer Probe
  • 3. Fisher F2 Search Coil Combo Kit includes: 4″, 8″ & 10″ Search Coils, Fisher Pinpointer & Carry Bag
Fisher F2 Metal Detector Display

The display on the Fisher F2 metal detector is easy to read and helps make it the perfect detector for beginners.

With the F2, you are equipped to hunt effectively even in high-trash areas such as ball fields and parks.  Discriminate between nuisance items, such as pull tabs, and valuable items, such as coins and jewelry, with the great features found on this detector.  This model features a large easy to read LCD display screen. With it, you can easily see and hear the target identification before you dig. This model will also display a unique target number for each item. With the F2, you will know exactly how far down to dig and what you are digging for! This model also includes a one-touch pinpoint control to zero in on your targets.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector Reviews from Users:

Tim said:  “I’ve found well over $234.63 in modern clad, copper and silver coins at face value. One 14kt gold ring with 21 diamonds, two silver rings, a class ring and a bucket load of clad and zinc coins.”

Al says:  “The F2 is 99.99% correct about ID’ing unwanted trash when you get bouncing numbers–a repeatable signal is a good target to dig. Goes 7-8 inches deep on coins in ideal soil conditions. Very happy with my Fisher F2!”

To learn more about the Fisher F2 metal detector, check out the F2 product details page, which gives you a complete overview of product features.  Videos on the Fisher F series metal detectors are available in the learn library.  You can also access an operating manual on this product in the learn library, where you can find such details as information about the four audio tones and what they signify. You can view and compare all the models made by Fisher Metal Detectors.

If you live near a beach or just want to get out to the park with an  entry level model, you can’t go wrong with the Fisher F2 metal detector. This convenient model allows you to grab, go, and find success in digging up buried treasure, whether you are young, old, or somewhere in between.