How to Use Gold Metal Detectors in your Search for Precious Gems and Minerals

Gold metal detectors

Using a gold prospecting metal detector can help you easily find hidden gems and minerals buried in the ground.

Gold prospecting metal detectors are generally used for finding, well, gold. That’s not all they can do though. While these machines are incapable of finding or detecting precious gems, minerals, and stones in the traditional sense (ie. underground), gold metal detectors can still help in your search for all these things and more while you are out mining for gold.

Here are several ways you might find gold as well as precious gems and stones at the same time when out treasure hunting with your gold prospecting metal detector.

Gold mining areas

One of the best spots to find hidden gold, gems and minerals are in mining areas.

Mining Areas
Many of the best spots for gold prospecting around the world, are also the best spots for locating natural gems and minerals. It is not uncommon to locate precious stones while mining for gold. While your prospecting detector may lead you to the source of the gold, you may be surprised to see what else turns up in your search.

One of the ways you can find gems and minerals with nugget detectors is when you find jewelry. Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. are usually made of a precious metal like gold yet designed to include gems as well. Gold metal detectors will locate these items because they’re made from gold while the gems and precious stones will come along as an added bonus.

Some types of antiques that include gold are adorned in precious stones as well. Gems and minerals along with gold are used in many ways to create antiques like mirrors, vases, picture frames, and more that were made with the wealthy in mind.  These were status symbols even back then and they were very likely to include both gold and jewels for maximum effect.

Treasure Caches
There are stories everywhere about different treasure chests that may or may not be hidden here or there.  Many are said to contain lots of gold; which is how gold metal detectors will locate them.  Not only that though, most treasure caches are rumored to contain other items as well, including precious gems and minerals.

gold pan kits

One of the best ways to filter out and find gold is by using a gold pan.

Gold Panning
One of the oldest and possibly most lucrative ways to find gold is with a gold pan. While uncovering gold nuggets, and flakes it is not uncommon for gems and minerals to turn up as well. Garrett produces a range of gold pan kits all based on their patented gold trap design. Fisher labs also offers several popular gold pan kits that include everything you will need to get started.

Now that you can see all the possibilities, you’ll need a good gold prospecting metal detector. If you are looking to find small gold nuggets be sure to read our article entitled “What’s The Best Gold Prospecting Metal Detector?”. Look for a Two Box or a Deep Seeking model to find some of the larger pieces mentioned above like the treasure chest or some of the gold and gem encrusted antiques. We also have a buying selection article on the deep seeking detector you can review called “What are the Best Two Box and Deep Metal Detectors?“.

Gold metal detectors aren’t adept at finding gems and minerals on their own but, there really are many different ways that gold and gems can be found together and, as a result, very successfully located with a gold prospecting metal detector. Research some good sites and head out mining for gold today; you’ll likely find more than just a gold nugget or two!