Hunting for Lost Coins with a Metal Detector

Metal Detecting for Coins

Having the right metal detector can help you more easily find buried coins.

Get in on the Fun – Hunting for coins is the heart and soul of metal detecting because almost every hobbyist searches for coins. They are a great target for first-time detector owners of any age. There are millions of coins that have passed through the hands of many generations and not all of them have worn out. So, where are they now? Lying along or beneath the ground, around buildings, in parks, fields, beaches or in waters of lakes, streams and oceans.

Coin hunting with a metal detector is fascinating, lucrative and goes hand-in-hand with the hobby of coin collecting. Daniel Bernzweig of says, “In just average worn condition, a rare coin such as the 1916D silver dime can be worth up to $1,000!”  Daniel started collecting coins as a child and would save his monthly allowance to buy rare coins. Buying his first metal detector at age ten, he was thrilled to be able to add coins to his collection and at the same time, save his allowance.

Getting started with the best metal detector for coins

Daniel also put together an extremely helpful guide called, “What are the Best Metal Detectors for Finding Coins?” This article covers all of the basics of what you need to know to get started coin hunting. It will assist you in equipment selection, the best places to search & where to find old coins and which types of old coins you might discover. If you end up loving the hobby and depending upon where you are in the world, you may want to up the ante and start searching for rare and ancient coins. Be sure to read our article entitled “Locating Ancient Coins with a Metal Detector.”