Garrett Superscanner V Security Metal Detector Wand Review

Garrett SuperScanner V Security Metal Detector Wand

The Garrett SuperScanner V security metal detector wand is simple to use and will help to keep your event or workplace safer.

Used by law enforcement agencies and security specialists worldwide, the Garrett Superscanner V wand is one of the top security metal detectors on the market today; and for good reason.  With the Superscanner V, Garrett has given security personnel the ability to scan individuals thoroughly yet quickly.  This brings lower wait times, fewer pat downs, along with happier (and safer) visitors and security staff alike.

Users report that the other reason they’re so pleased with the Garrett Super Scanner V hand-held metal detector is that it’s easy to use.  Focus is on the security check not the machine; which only requires workers to insert a fresh battery, and turn it on in order for it to function accurately.  This saves time and money on staff training plus helps increase the pass through speed as well as overall safety.

Garrett SuperScanner V Security Metal Detector Wand in Use

The Garrett SuperScanner V is popular with law enforcement as it is simple to use and works well.

To support operation in any setting the Superscanner V security wand alerts users to a hazard in three different ways; a red light, tone, or vibration.  The selection can easily be made via the 3 way power switch.   Garrett Headphones for the Superscanner are an option and may be used for silent operation or to support more efficient use in a noisy environment when audio alerts are preferred.  The only other control is an Interference Elimination Button to silence any false signals that might be present due to metal rebar in the building’s floor, such as when scanning footwear or walls for example.  These benign metals might produce a signal from the machine when scanning due to its high sensitivity levels and resulting ability to detect even the smallest metal objects.

As you can see this is an incredibly easy to use security metal detector wand and with past clients like the London Olympics and many venues large or small, it’s quality and reliability aren’t an issue either.  Our customers agree as well.  Here are a few of the customer reviews we’ve received about the Garrett Superscanner V so far.

G. Ts shares – “The Garrett Superscanner security wand is very handy and works great.”

Kelli P. writes – “I ordered 3 Superscanner wands for our security department.  The staff have all said their stations have never moved visitors through so smoothly.”

Geoff N. emailed – “Definitely fewer pat downs and less false signals over all with our new Garrett Superscanner V security wand.”

If you’re in need of a security metal detector wand, the Garrett Superscanner V security wand is really a high performer.  Learn more about why it’s the industry leader on our Garrett Super Scanner V product page.  You’ll find additional information and specs on the machine, along with an overview video, as well as the complete instruction manual and product catalog all to help you get to know this security metal detector and decide if it’s the best security detector wand that meets your security needs.

Lesche GS Ground Shark Shovel Model 38 Review

Full length view of the Lesche GS Ground Shark Shovel for Metal Detecting

The Lesche GS Ground Shark Shovel is a must have metal detecting tool that can help you easily dig up buried treasures.

The Lesche GS Ground Shark Shovel is a very valuable metal detecting tool.  When out searching for treasure, recovering it is often more than half the battle.  As a result, the right shovel can make all the difference; and the Lesche GS Ground Shark Model 38 is a great choice.  At 38” long it’s a medium size shove and the only one in the Lesche shovel line with a D shaped handle for superior leverage and easy grip.

Made with a pre sharpened serrated edge on one side, the Lesche GS Ground Shark is a metal detecting shovel that’s designed for serious treasure recovery.  Not only that, like all Lesche shovels, the GS Ground Shark is hand crafted of aircraft quality steel.  This means it’s solid, strong, rust proof, and ready for years of use.  Plus, Lesche stands by their quality name too by offering a 5 year warranty on this and all their digging tools.

Real user experiences are what really matter though, so, let’s take a look at a few of the customer reviews people have been generous enough to email or leave for us about their metal detecting experiences with the Lesche GS Ground Shark Shovel.

Lester writes – “Nice shovel.  That serrated side is the best.”

Jack shares – “The Ground Shark lives up to it’s name!”

Bow Hunt says – “Makes digging easy.  Fantastic, everyone needs 2!”

If you frequently go metal detecting in difficult soils, you’ll never want to head out again without the Lesche Ground Shark shovel.  You’ll spend less time digging up your finds and enjoy your time out metal detecting even more when you use a quality digging tool like the Lesche GS Ground Shark.  To learn more about this unique metal detecting tool, visit our Lesche GS Ground Shark product page.  Here you’ll be able to access helpful information including the product specifications, an informational video and more.  Then, you can decide just how the Ground Shark shovel will fit into your metal detecting tool box for years of easy treasure recovery.

Accessory Necessity: Metal Detecting Headphones

Metal Detector Headphones

Owning the right metal detector headphones can help make it easier to find hidden treasures.

Do I really need to buy separate headphones for metal detecting? This is a question that Michael Bernzweig of gets asked a lot. His response, “You should always wear headphones when you search with a metal detector. In noisy areas, such as the beach or near traffic, it’s the only way to filter out interference and hear your signal.” As a rule, you will hear weaker sounds and detect deeper targets when quality headphones are used.

Quality headphones for metal detecting don’t cost a fortune, either. You can find a good set for under $50. See our metal detecting headphones page to view our full product selection, compare features and prices. The Depthmaster Audiophone II is our most popular model as it offers top quality features at an affordable price. Another reason headphones are invaluable is that most detectors are operated at full volume with the audio control adjusted so that a faint sound continually comes from the speaker. When a target is detected, the volume increases to maximum loudness. Headphones allow you to set the threshold lower, thus hearing more, more deeply and thereby increasing your finds. To answer whether you need headphones other than the ones you already own, read: Choosing a Metal Detector Headphone.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

The Fisher F75 is a top of the line metal detector perfect for those that are serious about metal detecting and finding buried treasures.

The Fisher F75 metal detector is a top of the line, multi use metal detector that provides users with an excellent experience.  Made and manufactured by Fisher Metal Detectors, also known as Fisher Research Labs, the F75 metal detector is equally suited to finding relics, coins, and even gold nuggets. The F75 detector provides a level of versatility many feel is important and very useful. Earlier this month, we reviewed the Fisher F75 Ltd, which you may want to compare as you choose the best detector for your needs.

Advanced hobbyists will find the manual controls like trigger activated pinpointing, manual or auto ground balancing, and multi mode FASTGRAB serve to give users an opportunity to use a metal detector that’s hands on yet, at the same time, not overwhelmingly difficult to use either.  In fact, the Fisher F75 even has the capability to save your personal settings in it’s non volatile memory!

Fisher F75 Metal Detector Controls

The controls on the Fisher F75 metal detector are easy to use and can help you more easily find relics buried in the ground.

In addition, the Fisher F75 also provides a comprehensive view of the target through it’s large, easy to read LCD display.  Here you can access helpful information including a mineralization bar and 0-99 numeric target identification, plus, the screen comes complete with back-lighting so all this information is readable in low light treasure hunting conditions as well.  This way, you’re well informed about your target no matter where you are and can save time and energy as a result.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector Reviews:

Marc M. emailed – “The Fisher F75 was just the combination of manual and intuitive controls for me.”

Jane O. shares – “I have been enjoying the versatility of this metal detector very much!”

Lawrence R. offers – “A great experience all around!  Even found some treasure the first day out”

If the Fisher F75 sounds like a metal detector you’d like to use as well, visit our Fisher F75 product page.  Here you’ll find more information including the instruction manual and more to assist you in getting to know this metal detector and decide if it’s the one for you.  After all, there are quite a few excellent metal detectors out there, but, finding the one that will work best for you is the only way to truly enjoy this fun hobby.

Is it Possible to Find Meteorites with a Metal Detector?

Finding Meteorites and Gold Nuggets or Gemstones with a Metal Detector

When searching for meteorites or gold and gemstones, you need to have the right metal detector as it will make it easier to find them.

Locating meteorites with a metal detector is both exciting and possible. With all of the attention in the recent media about today’s Meteorite explosion over the Ural Mountains in Russia, it causes one to ponder. The shear magnitude of a meteorite impact is an awe inspiring event. In a Reuters news story entitled “Meteorite explodes over Russia, more than 1000 injured”, the details and extent of the impact can truly be felt. Our thoughts & prayers are with anyone in the affected area.

Meteorites can be broken down in to three main categories:

1. Stony Meteorites

2. Iron and Nickel Meteorites

3. Stony-Iron Meteorites.

While the category of stony meteorites can not be detected with a metal detector, the last two categories of meteorites can easily be located with the correct metal detector that is sensitive enough to do the job. Be sure to read our article on meteorite hunting with a metal detector entitled “What are the Best Metal Detectors for Finding Meteorites?”

Others ask an obvious question, is it possible to locate Gemstones with a metal detector. This is a really good question—with an interesting answer. Michael Bernzweig of says, “A metal detector can’t specifically target gemstones because they are not composed of metal. However natural gold, such as gold nuggets, is often found with precious minerals. So, in your quest for gold, you may come across gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.” In gold prospecting, these are called indicator minerals. Along with iron and Quartz, certain minerals indicate that gold is nearby. Many treasure hunters search for gold in the hopes of also finding gold and gemstones.

Using a metal detector that is designed to locate gold is an innovative way to acquire precious gemstones. According to hobbyists, there is nothing like the thrill of finding gemstones (and gold)! Many say that one successful outing with a gold detector can pay for the unit. You can find great quality gold detectors in entry-level, mid-level or advanced ranges. There are two articles in our Learning Library that are must-reads for those who want to learn about targeting gold and gemstones: What’s the Best Gold Prospecting Metal Detector? and How to Find Meteorites, Gold & Other Precious Minerals with a Metal Detector.

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector Review


The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II expertly eliminates trash while still locating precious metals with its state-of-the-art Discrete Trash Elimination mode.

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector

The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II metal detector is one of the best waterproof detectors for searching for hidden treasures in salt and fresh water areas.

For scuba diving, snorkeling and beach hunting, the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector is the cream of the crop! It’s durable, fully waterproof cutting-edge design is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater hunting. So, no matter which ocean, lake or beach front is within driving distance, you can immediately start locating valuable treasure. Jewelry, coins and more are effortlessly separated from trash with the Sea Hunter Mark II.

State-of-the-art Discrimination

Garrett has employed groundbreaking technology with Sea Hunter Mark II’s patented Discrete Trash Elimination mode. What this does is expertly eliminate pull-tabs while still targeting smaller valuables with a similar frequency—such as gold rings. Avoiding trash when treasure hunting is the ultimate goal, but prior to Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II’s Discrete Trash Elimination mode, other valuable targets were eliminated along with other junk targets. A first when it comes to metal detectors using a pulse induction type of circuitry. Finally, we have a solution to this dilemma.

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Features

This top-notch submersible metal detector offers full-range Pulse Induction discrimination. Salt elimination allows this model to be unaffected by wet salt sand and ground minerals. The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II is highly sensitive to precious metals, is very deep seeking, can operating to a depth of 200 feet and is great for tough ground mineral conditions. This rugged model features an All-Metal Deep-Seeking mode, Sensitivity/Depth adjustment and Discrete Trash Elimination mode. It is equipped with an 8” PROformance submersible searchcoil and Garrett submersible headphones.

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II – Endorsed by Pro’s

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector Options

The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II metal detector has a number of options so you can customize it to your hunting needs.

The Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector is endorsed by two of the most famous American treasure hunters: Mel Fisher and Bob Marx. Mel Fisher discovered the 1622 Spanish wreck containing a $450 million cache known as “The Atocha Motherlode.” It included 40 tons of gold and silver. Bob Marx is a pioneer scuba diver who hunts for shipwrecks and sunken treasure. The king of underwater exploration, he has accomplished over 5,000 dives. This is quite a testament to the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II!

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector Reviews:

Brownie said: “Used at the beach and love it! Bought my Sea Hunter in April for use at Myrtle Beach and just returned from vacation where I used it for the first time. I found the detector easy to use and in no time I was digging up all sort of things and found it to be great fun.”

Beacon S. said: “I love my SeaHunter. I have been hunting with it for just over a year and have discovered dozens of rings. This model is superb in the salt water. Just turn it on and go.”

Samuel B. said: “Hot on gold! I love the simplicity of this machine. Get one!”

The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II is a Water Hunters Dream

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector Controls

The controls on the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II metal detector are easy to use so you can find hidden treasures.

This underwater/beach metal detector is easy to use and loaded with high-end features. Find less trash on the beach and more valuables with its patented Discrete Trash Elimination mode. Pulse induction discrimination or the all-metal deep-seeking mode make snorkeling and scuba diving for treasure more successful. Sea Hunter Mark II’s control functions are user friendly. Just power on and choose either of two search modes. Threshold sets the base audio level. This detector is comfort designed for longer treasure hunts with a long stem with hip mount configurations. Check out the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II video to see how easy this model is to operate. You will also see the full owner’s manual and complete product details on the product page for the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II.

Tip from If you will be detecting in ten feet of water or less, you may want to take a peek at the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector. Also made by Garrett Metal Detectors, the AT Pro detector may be used not only at the beach and ocean but also on dry land. Besides target identification by audio tone, the AT Pro has full visual target identification on an LCD display screen.

Fisher F75 Special Limited Edition Metal Detector Review

Fisher F75 Special Limited Edition Metal Detector

The Fisher F75 Special Limited Edition metal detector can help you easily find coins, relics and gold nuggets buried in heavily mineralized soils.

With the Fisher F75LTD, Fisher has taken what many have called the best Fisher metal detector available, the F75, and made it even better.  With the F75, Fisher created a versatile metal detector that can not only find the smallest gold nuggets in the most heavily mineralized soils, but, it can also locate relics, coins, jewelry, and a variety of other types of treasure too.  The F75 is also notably easy to use while still offering users the opportunity to operate manual controls in order to refine the experience however they’d like.

The F75LTD takes all of this, along with the F75’s lightweight, ergonomic design, as well as it’s large LCD display screen, and gives it a “boost”.  By including a more powerful microprocessor along with DSP code the F75LTD offers two new modes called “Boost Process” and “Cache Locating Process”.  With this Fisher has created a machine that can find all of these different items and more in deeper conditions.  The larger the item the deeper the F75LTD can search to find it.  That said, this newest F75 model can also find smaller gold flakes at deeper depths than the standard model.

These new capabilities are only available for a limited time though.  So if you’re thinking the F75 Limited Edition metal detector might be the metal detector for you, you won’t want to wait too long or, it might be gone.  To give you some more information and help you decide if this is the best metal detector for your, let’s take a look at a few customer reviews we’ve received about this unique detector from Fisher metal detectors.

Miguel J. shares –  ”I’ve been so pleased with my Fisher F75 limited edition metal detector.  Excellent deep seeking capabilities and so versatile.”

Aaron B. writes –  “Already finding treasures and have only had the Fisher F75 Limited for a few days!”

Fisher F75 Special Limited Edition Metal Detector Controls and LCD Display Screen

The display and controls on the Fisher F75 Special Limited Edition metal detector are easy to read and use and can help you to find buried treasures deep in the ground.

Belinda D. reports –  “My husband and I have several metal detectors between us, our new Fisher 75LTD is the one we’re both reaching for first.”

If you’d like to see additional information about this spectacular twist on an industry favorite, visit our Fisher F75LTD Metal Detector product page.  This is where we post even more information about the F75LTD including the product video, product specifications, instruction manual, and product catalog.  Take a look and then, if you think the Fisher 75 limited is the best metal detector for you, make your decision before time runs out and you can’t get this enhanced model any longer.

Treasure Products EZ Swing Metal Detector Harness Review

Treasure Products EZ Swing Harness for Metal Detctors

Treasure Products EZ Swing Harness is the perfect metal detector accessory that can help make treasure hunting easier for you.

The EZ Swing metal detector harness is an accessory any metal detector user will find helpful.  It’s a simple yet ingeniously designed system that takes the weight from your metal detector off of your arm and shifts it to your hips where it’s much more evenly distributed.  This makes your metal detector more comfortable to use, and might even make the hobby possible for some where it wasn’t before.

There are no adjustments or tools needed for the EZ Swing harness to work with your metal detector, instead, the system relies on an easy to use D ring.  This D Ring attaches to a hook and loop, that’s then attached to a web belt via two flexible crossed bands and shoulder pads.  These shoulder straps coupled with the web belt help distribute the weight down to your hips without making it uncomfortable on your neck or shoulders; and without making the machine awkward to use either.

You’ll find the EZ swing metal detector harness isn’t just an excellent accessory for your metal detector alone.  It also features a steel ring so you can attach your metal detector tools to your belt as well.  Not only that though, the EZ Swing also gives you a 9 inch storage pouch for treasures, or even another metal detecting tool.  Plus, like all of Treasure Products other items, the EZ Swing is Made in the USA with great attention to detail and quality.

EZ Swing Metal Detector Harness Reviews:

BobV. says – “The EZ Swing Metal Detector Harness has made metal detecting much easier and I stay out longer now too!”.

Margaret K. shares – “I go out metal detecting so much more since getting the EZ Swing. My arm is never sore anymore!”

Phil Q. offers – “The EZ Swing was one of the best metal detector accessories I’ve purchased!”

To learn more about the this product and see if it might be the right metal detector accessory for you visit the EZ swing metal detector harness product page.  There you’ll find an informational video about the harness, product specifications, and more.  Overall, if you enjoy metal detecting, you ought to consider adding the EZ swing metal detector harness to your collection of metal detector tools and accessories.  It can help you enjoy metal detecting even more no matter what your physical fitness level and, that means you’ll stay out longer, and, find more treasures in the long run.

Strike Gold with a Metal Detector

Gold Prospecting Metal Detectors for Finding Gold

When it comes to prospecting for gold, you need to own the right gold metal detector that can help you find it.

Can you really find gold with a metal detector? That’s a common question that both Michael and Daniel Bernzweig of get asked a lot. Their response? “Yes! With the correct type of metal detector and patience, it is very possible for any hobbyist to locate gold nuggets and flakes.” Gold prospecting metal detectors can discover gold as small as half a grain. They can also detect nuggets up to depths over a foot. These modern high-tech detectors with precise circuitry have the high sensitivity needed to find gold and can balance out all effects of mineralization.

Some gold prospecting metal detectors, such as the Garrett AT Gold and Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ, feature discrimination capabilities that allow you to search for coins, jewelry and relics as well. Before you set out for gold, get off to an educated start by reading an article from our Learning Library: What’s the Best Gold Prospecting Metal Detector? It will enlighten you about the types of gold detectors, search coils for prospecting, discriminating out junk metals and how deep you can search for gold. The Bernzweig brothers offer a final bit of advice, “Hunt in areas where gold has already been found. Today’s modern gold metal detectors may lead you to small and even large nuggets previously overlooked.”

Fisher TW-6 2-Box Metal Detector Review

Fisher TW-6 Industrial Metal Detector Receiver and Transmitter

The Fisher TW-6 Industrial Metal Detector receiver and transmitter can help find pipes, cables and other types of metal objects.

An industrial, two box metal detector like the Fisher TW-6 has many different types of uses.  Primarily though, they’re used by telephone, power, and gas companies to locate pipes, cables, manhole covers, and other types of metal objects like these.  This allows workers to make repairs and rearrange lines more easily as well as ensure any digging projects are safe.  This machine is also ideal for what’s referred to as “blind searches”; a search for a cable or pipe in which the starting point is unknown.

Fisher TW-6 Industrial Metal Detector

The Fisher TW-6 Industrial metal detector is a powerful tool that can hep telephone and power companies find metal objects.

With all of these capabilities it might seem that the TW-6 two box metal detector would be difficult to use or too pricey for most to afford; but the opposite is actually true.  Keeping with the long held Fisher Labs’ tradition of high quality, easy to use machines sold at affordable prices, the TW-6 is just that.  In fact, this is one of the easiest two box metal detectors to use on the market. This unit finds deeply buried targets every time.  The controls include: power on/off, intensity meter, battery test, sensitivity, depth level, accessory input and output jacks and a continuous or warble tone selector switch. This model can perform both inductive and conductive traces. A wide range of optional Fisher TW-6 accessories are available which are shown under related products on the product detail page. The pole kit is sold as an option but is highly suggested for all users.

Actually, speaking of TW-6 users, we have received quite a few customer reviews about this metal detector in particular.  Here are just a few for you to take a look at.

Gill E. says – “Just got the Fisher TW-6 yesterday and can already see why it’s the highest rated two box metal detector in the industry.”

Hal J. writes – “We’ve had several Fisher machines at the shop and adding the TW-6 has made our work even easier if you can believe it!”

Natty S. shares – “This Fisher TW-6  is truly a deep seeking metal detector and has helped us locate all the old pipes in town for replacement with no problems.”

To learn even more about the Fisher TW-6 two box metal detector, visit our product page.  Here you can find out all kinds of great information about the machine including an informational video, additional specifications, the full instruction manual, product catalog, and so much more. You will quickly see just how useful this reliable, affordable metal detector can be for all kinds of jobs.