Fisher TW-6 2-Box Metal Detector Review

Fisher TW-6 Industrial Metal Detector Receiver and Transmitter

The Fisher TW-6 Industrial Metal Detector receiver and transmitter can help find pipes, cables and other types of metal objects.

An industrial, two box metal detector like the Fisher TW-6 has many different types of uses.  Primarily though, they’re used by telephone, power, and gas companies to locate pipes, cables, manhole covers, and other types of metal objects like these.  This allows workers to make repairs and rearrange lines more easily as well as ensure any digging projects are safe.  This machine is also ideal for what’s referred to as “blind searches”; a search for a cable or pipe in which the starting point is unknown.

Fisher TW-6 Industrial Metal Detector

The Fisher TW-6 Industrial metal detector is a powerful tool that can hep telephone and power companies find metal objects.

With all of these capabilities it might seem that the TW-6 two box metal detector would be difficult to use or too pricey for most to afford; but the opposite is actually true.  Keeping with the long held Fisher Labs’ tradition of high quality, easy to use machines sold at affordable prices, the TW-6 is just that.  In fact, this is one of the easiest two box metal detectors to use on the market. This unit finds deeply buried targets every time.  The controls include: power on/off, intensity meter, battery test, sensitivity, depth level, accessory input and output jacks and a continuous or warble tone selector switch. This model can perform both inductive and conductive traces. A wide range of optional Fisher TW-6 accessories are available which are shown under related products on the product detail page. The pole kit is sold as an option but is highly suggested for all users.

Actually, speaking of TW-6 users, we have received quite a few customer reviews about this metal detector in particular.  Here are just a few for you to take a look at.

Gill E. says – “Just got the Fisher TW-6 yesterday and can already see why it’s the highest rated two box metal detector in the industry.”

Hal J. writes – “We’ve had several Fisher machines at the shop and adding the TW-6 has made our work even easier if you can believe it!”

Natty S. shares – “This Fisher TW-6  is truly a deep seeking metal detector and has helped us locate all the old pipes in town for replacement with no problems.”

To learn even more about the Fisher TW-6 two box metal detector, visit our product page.  Here you can find out all kinds of great information about the machine including an informational video, additional specifications, the full instruction manual, product catalog, and so much more. You will quickly see just how useful this reliable, affordable metal detector can be for all kinds of jobs.