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The Learning Library of Metal Detectors at is an amazing compilation of “how to” guides, metal detector articles, in-depth product reviews, field tests, videos, product manuals and catalogs. It is perhaps the most comprehensive “how to” collection of information about the hobby of metal detecting available on the internet. But, it’s not just for hobbyists; you’ll find articles about professional uses for metal detection equipment such as security and industrial units.’s Learning Library features all introductory topics for beginning detectorists as well as volumes of articles pertaining to intermediate and advanced-level detecting and equipment. Basically, anybody and everybody seeking information about metal detecting should visit this online library.

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Before making any important purchase, it’s wise to gain knowledge about the product you’re buying. For example, if someone is in the market for a new car, they check out Consumer Reports or It’s the same when it comes to a metal detector. Michael Bernzweig of considers the Learning Library to be a tremendous resource. He says, “When my brother Daniel & I launched, our goal was to provide all of the customer service of a local dealer with the resources of a library. A library exclusively dedicated to the use of metal detectors. This is an exciting tool for our customers to use and learn from.”

Based on which type of treasure hunting you’ll be doing or professional application, you can find the best metal detector for the task. Simply click on the section of the Learning Library called Buying Guide Articles. Here, you’ll find a table of contents organized by usage. There are tabs dedicated to every type of hobby detecting from: coin hunting to gold prospecting, relic hunting, treasure caches & hoards, meteorite hunting, scuba detecting and so much more. There are articles about the best detectors for kids and seniors. Buying Guide Articles also includes a widely viewed section called Getting Started with several helpful articles for people who are new to detecting.

Be sure to check out the sections of our Learning Library of Metal Detectors:
1. Buying Guide Articles
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2. Field Tests & Reviews
Read actual field test reports from a wide variety of authors and sources.
3. Instructional Manuals
Find a wide variety of manuals for all of the current metal detector models that we offer.
4. Treasure Videos
Discover the latest metal detector tips, techniques, how-to guides and product videos.
5. Product Catalogs
Get general information on metal detectors from manufacturers’ brochures.

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Garrett PD6500i Security Metal Detector Review

Garrett PD 6500i Security Metal Detector

The Garrett PD 6500i is a walk through security metal detector that can help keep your event or facility safe.

Keeping everyone safe and secure is a big job these days; and one the Garrett PD6500i is designed specifically for.  From industrial stop loss of inventory to securing your event or facility, this model is designed to suit a wide range of applications. This walkthrough, security metal detector meets full TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) guidelines for U.S. airport enhanced metal detector systems and provides superior 33-zone pinpoint detection for full body coverage of the subject.  Coupled with it’s multi dimensional coil design these features allow the Garrett PD6500i security metal detector to find guns, knives, and other types of weapons regardless of where they may be concealed.

For added functionality, the PD6500i is tamper proof. The unit features keyed locks along with two levels of access codes, one for owners & one for operators, that are required to get into the control system of the machine.  Plus, it’s Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based circuitry offers protection from interference that might otherwise be caused from other types of machines while also supporting the operation of several PD 6500i metal detectors in the same area without issue.

Garrett PD6500i Walk Thru Security Metal Detector Controls

The controls on the Garrett PD6500i metal detector are easy to use and can help you spot potential problems.

In addition to these features, Garrett has designed the PD6500i security metal detector with intuitive controls to make the process easy for those operating the machine as well as those proceeding through the security checkpoint.  Once an item has been detected, a hand held wand like the Garrett Superscanner V or the Garrett Superwand will help you to pinpoint the exact location of the target. A wide variety of optional accessories such as remote displays, a battery backup module and more are available and shown under the “related products” section on the Garrett PD6500i product detail page.

For more information from users in the field, let’s take a look at these customer reviews we’ve received regarding the Garrett PD6500i metal detector.

Michael V.  shares – “New Garrett PD6500i metal detectors were installed last month and the entire security department can’t stop talking about how much better these are compared to our old machines.”

Garrett PD 6500i Go Display

The display on the Garrett PD 6500i is easy to read and can help make the process of handling large crowds easier.

Jade S. writes – “Since installing the PD-6500i in our nightclub we have not had an incident. This unit is easy to operate for our staff and rugged in design. I would suggest this for any highly trafficked establishment.”

Irun C. said – “This is our second Garrett Security Metal Detector and the technology associated with the new model is well worth the purchase price. Anyone looking for a top quality detector should certainly purchase the Garrett PD6500i.”

To learn even more about this walk thru security metal detector, visit our product page. Here you can view the instruction manual, the Garrett product catalog, an informational video and more all in order to help you decide if the Garrett PD6500i is the right metal detector to ensure the security of your facility.

Related Buyers Guide Article: “Understanding and Selecting Walk Through Security Metal Detectors”

Fisher F5 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F5 Metal Detector

The Fisher F5 metal detector is one of the best detectors for hunting for jewelry, coins, relics and more.

Metal detectors are used for a wide variety of reasons.  If you’re looking for a machine that will find treasures like coins, relics, and jewelry, the Fisher F5 would be an excellent choice.  This metal detector is well equipped for metal detecting and treasure hunting at the beach, parks or even in your own back yard.  The F-5 features an easy to read high resolution display screen to see what you have found.

You’ll also find the Fisher F5 has other features that make it an option most users will enjoy metal detecting with.  For example, it offers both visual and audio target identification with 4 different audio tones.  This way, no matter how well you hear or your preferences for relying on audio vs. visual target ID you’ll be ready for any situation with the F5.  Easily tell the difference between trash metals like nails and bottle caps and the good stuff saving you time and energy by avoiding digging where you don’t need to.  Plus, with it’s variable tone pinpointing system, you will hear your target better when you set the tone for your ears.  Other precision controls on the Fisher F5 include Discrimination and Notch Discrimination, Threshold, Frequency, Gain, and Phase Lock.

Overall, with the F5 Fisher has created a metal detector that the majority of users, regardless of skill set, find quite effective.  Read Fisher F5 metal detector reviews:

H. Acvatui writes –  “ I like this metal detector!”

Gloria P emailed –  “I tried a friend’s Fisher F5 and a few other models – I ordered the F5 from you and am so happy!”

Damien M says –  “…. My son and I get out and find treasures like coins and medallions. We are creating great memories ….”

Fisher F5 Metal Detector Controls and Display Screen

Shown here, the display screen and controls on the Fisher F5 metal detector. Full of info yet easy to understand, together they offer visual and audio target identification to help you find hidden treasures.

As you can see from these customer reviews, with the F5 Fisher has designed a metal detector that’s easy to use and provides for a successful and fun metal detecting experience for it’s user; the ultimate goal of any detector.  To learn more about this detector, take a minute to visit our Fisher F5 product page.  We’ve provided a great deal of information on the product page including the instruction manual, product catalog and specs so you can get a feel for this metal detector and decide if it’s the one that will give you the best metal detecting experience possible.

Why Kids Love Metal Detecting

Kids Metal Detectors

When it comes to metal detecting for kids, you need to find the right beginners metal detector that is easy to use.

Helping “newbies” to select and get started with their first metal detector is something we pride are selves on. Nothing though, is more thrilling then when we help kids and children enter the hobby of metal detecting. Today we received a product review of the Fisher F2 from Martha who purchased the detector for her grandsons after consulting her Brother and his detecting friends. In her review, Martha shares why metal detecting is so wonderful for kids.  She mentions the history of the Civil War, coin collecting and how it’s a new hobby they will enjoy for many years to come.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

If you are a metal detecting hobbyist, it should come as no surprise when your son, daughter or grandchild wants to give your detector a whirl. It’s amazing how your child will transform into an eager and willing listener when you are teaching them how to find treasure with a metal detector. Why not get them involved in this fun and educational hobby at a young age? If you happen to have a one-touch or turn-on-and-go unit, it will be easy to teach a child the ropes. In any case, you can demonstrate how to scan the ground methodically and inspect every signal carefully.

“Kids are very visual, so you may want to select a model with a graphic target ID display. It will identify the targets – good or bad – so they can make an educated decision to dig, or just keep walking.”  –  Daniel Bernzweig of

There are professional quality metal detectors that are specifically designed for children; there are also ready-to-go detectors that are slightly more advanced—but ideal for kids ages 9 and up. These units are often equipped with target identification displays, visual depth indicators, audio tone and trash elimination modes and yes, they are easy to use. Beginner metal detectors are reasonably priced and sure to get years of use. Daniel Bernzweig, of points out, “Kids are very visual, so you may want to select a model with a graphic target ID display. It will identify the targets – good or bad – so they can make an educated decision to dig, or just keep walking.” When selecting a child’s metal detector, Daniel suggests two articles:  1. Best Kids Metal Detectors as it a buying & selection guide with specific models you can compare side-by-side and  2. What are the Best Beginners Metal Detectors? which is more of an overview of selecting metal detectors for kids of “any age”.

Makro JeoTech Deep Seeking Metal Detector Review

Makro Jeotech Deep Seeking Metal Detector

The Makro Jeotech deep seeking metal detector allows you to easily find treasures buried deep within the ground and the type of metal, either Junk or Precious.

Want to find the gold, jewelry, caves, cellars, and other types of deeply buried targets others have left behind? The Makro JeoTech deep seeking metal detector Pro Package is what you need to do just that. This metal detector was designed by Makro Metal Detectors to find targets ordinary detectors aren’t able to locate. And, now that you can get the pro package, the Makro JeoTech can go even deeper!

Complete with two search coils, the Makro JeoTech has the ability to search as deeply as any two box metal detector yet, at the same time, it’s also able to detect gold and buried treasures up to 4 meters (a little over 13 feet!). With this type of search capabilities, the Makro JeoTech metal detector gives users an exceptionally wide range of possible search targets and conditions.

In addition, Makro has equipped the JeoTech metal detector with an advanced Target Signal Identification System. With both a flash LED display system and Audio alerts you’ll be able to identify what you find underground in real time before you dig it up saving time and reducing false positives that send you expending energy digging for trash instead of treasure. The LED display system will tell you if the target is a Junk or Precious metal or if it is a Cavity or Void under foot. You’ll also find easy to use manual controls including Sensitivity, Reset, Volume and Light Adjust, Scan, and Ground. Everything you need to adjust the machine for a successful expedition whatever the conditions.

Don’t take our word for it though let’s look at a few of the customer reviews we’ve received regarding the JeoTech deep seeking metal detector Pro Package:

Sherman emailed – “I’ve enjoyed the Makro JeoTech a lot.”

Win writes – “Great detector, easy to use, and fantastic depths.”

Joe shares – “The JeoTech pro package is the most sensitive deep seeking metal detector I’ve seen yet. Great recommendation! Exactly what I was looking for.”

Think the Makro JeoTech Pro-Package may be the deep seeking metal detector for you too? Visit our product page for more information. You’ll find even more product stats along with an informational video, the full downloadable instruction manual and the product catalog. Take a minute to read through everything and then you’ll know pretty much everything there is to know about the JeoTech deep seeking metal detector and can be sure it’s the one to help you meet your personal treasure hunting goals.

Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector Review

Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector

The Tesoro Tiger Shark metal detector is one of the best detectors for shallow water and deep sea hunting as it is able to dive to depths as low as 200 ft.

The Tesoro Tiger Shark represents an excellent example of a multi function land and underwater metal detector.  In fact, it’s actually one of the most versatile metal detectors currently available.  This might make it sound like it would also be the most complicated metal detector on the market too, however, that’s definitely not true. Tesoro has done an excellent job yet again of making the Tiger Shark, like their other metal detectors, an advanced machine that’s still easy to use.

“Normal” vs “Salt” Mode

One of the ways Tesoro has made the Tiger Shark so advanced yet so easy to use is by having two different modes of operation that can be easily changed with only a flip of a switch.  On “Normal Mode” the Tiger Shark is excellent at dry land and freshwater treasure hunting.  Then, as soon as you’re near salt water you can switch the machine easily to “Salt Mode”.  In salt mode the Tiger Shark is prepared to block out much of the extra chatter caused by the heavy ground mineralization salt water is known for.  That said, if you plan to spend the bulk of your time in salt water areas, you might prefer the Tesoro Sand Shark instead.  It’s a Pulse Induction metal detector while the Tiger Shark is a Very Low Frequency (VLF) machine.  PI detectors are known as being the best at salt water metal detecting, while VLF models are good in salt water but more the choice machine when you plan on working in a variety of conditions or having a focus on land or freshwater treasure hunting instead.

Dive up to 200ft Deep

Another one of the very unique features of the Tiger Shark that sets it apart from other metal detectors and further increases its versatility is the fact that you can dive up to 200 ft with it.  This machine also comes with a removable center pole so it can instantly be made shorter in order to be the right size for diving without buying any extra equipment.

Find a Variety of Treasures

With this level of versatility you might guess that the Tesoro Tiger Shark can be used for finding a wide variety of different types of treasures.  If so, you guessed right!  You can use this metal detector to find relics, gold nuggets, jewelry; and pretty much anything else you’re looking for.

Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector Reviews:

In our experience, one of the best sources of information about the functionality and usability of any product are the actual users themselves.  Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received from customers about the Tesoro Tiger Shark.

I.J. from Washington says – “I live near the mountains and visit the ocean a lot as well.  The Tesoro Tiger Shark has been a great all around fit for me.”

Mary L. from Florida writes – “I purchased the Tesoro Tiger Shark a few weeks ago and, after trying it out, couldn’t be happier.  Plus, it’s already found me treasure!”

Ray from Wyoming reports – “I’ve enjoyed other Tesoro metal detectors and the Tiger Shark I just bought is no different.  It is an excellent machine for land and for diving.”

Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector Controls

With the controls on the Tiger Shark Metal Detector, you can easily switch between settings to search either in fresh or salt water.

If after reading all of these specs and customer reviews you’d like even more information about the Tiger Shark, you can find great articles, the full product catalog, along with the company’s instruction manual for the Tesoro Tiger Shark all on our product page.

When your metal detecting work takes you to a variety of different locations to find a variety of different types of treasure, you need a versatile machine, like the Tesoro Tiger Shark.  Then, you’ll be prepared to hunt for treasure successfully every time you go out no matter what the surrounding environment is like.

Makro Announces deephunter Metal Detector

Makro deephunter Metal Detector

The Makro deephunter metal detector is one of the best detectors on the market today that can find smaller items and larger treasures, no matter the conditions.

Introducing the new Makro deephunter Pro Metal Detector!  This model detector is now in stock in our warehouse and ready to be shipped to your door.  Why is this so important? Well, while we always get excited when a new metal detector is released, the deephunter is particularly thrilling.

The large color LCD display provides complete target analysis. Now you can know what you have found, how deep it is and the target dimensions before you dig. A visual image analysis of the target signal is shown in color on the display. The type of target, Gold, Iron etc. is displayed visually on the display.

The deephunter Pro is honestly like no metal detector we’ve seen to date.  Complete with 4 different search

Graphical view of Makro deephunter, which can find large, deeply buried treasures of gold, silver and other precious metals.

Graphical view of Makro deephunter, which can find large, deeply buried treasures of gold, silver and other precious metals.

coils and two separate operating modes – one mode for small sized objects and the other for larger deeply buried targets.  The deephunter can locate nearly any type of target even in the worst soil conditions and at depths unattainable by other metal detectors.  Basically, the Makro deephunter is two separate machines combined into one to create a level of versatility never before experienced in a metal detector.

That said, it’s not a complex machine either.  Most users will find the deephunter fairly simple to operate after reading the easy to understand instruction manual that’s included with the machine. The Manual can also be read in full on our deephunter Pro product page.  Plus, this metal detector really is just easy to operate.  For example, switching between modes requires only the touch of a button.  Setting the ground balance is just as simple.  Other manual controls on the deephunter include Depth, Record, Reset, and Scan.  Controls that are easy to use and understand.

Graphical view of Makro deephunter, which can find individually buried jewelry, relics, gold nuggets and coins

Graphical view of Makro deephunter, which can find individually buried jewelry, relics, gold nuggets and coins

Prepared for any situation, you need only choose the correct operation mode and corresponding search coil to meet your current target choice and the type of environment you’re treasure hunting in.  Then, your deephunter metal detector is ready to roll whether you’re at the beach looking for coins, in the mountains looking for gold, or anywhere in between treasure hunting for any other type of items large or small and either deep or shallow.

With it’s deep seeking capabilities, it’s even possible to find voids in the ground, such as caverns and caves at surprising depth levels with this metal detector as well.  And, while it’s unheard of to find a metal detector that can find both coins and jewelry as well as caverns, caves and other deeply buried treasures, with the release of the Makro deephunter, this unique combination of capabilities is now available.

Metal detectorists take note.  The Makro deephunter is currently the most technologically advanced machine available as well as one of the best deep seeking metal detectors.  If you’re looking for a versatile, easy to use machine that’s ready to go wherever you are, the deephunter Pro is the metal detector to beat and one you’ll definitely want to experience for yourself.

Big Spring Metal Detector Promotion

Our Big Spring Promotion on Metal Detectors is Now On!

We are looking forward to the first warm days of Spring here in New England, where is located. While thoughts of spring flowers and longer days bring smiles

big spring metal detector promotion

Brothers Michael and Daniel Bernzweig of Metal invite you to enjoy our big spring metal detector promotion.

to many, it is also the perfect time of year to start planning your metal detecting and treasure hunting adventures. Now is a great time to review your equipment needs and plan your purchases. If your existing equipment is in need of parts, you will be happy to know that we stock all of the replacement parts and accessories for every current model of the metal detectors that we offer. Now is the time to break out your equipment and make sure that everything is in good working order for the upcoming treasure hunting season.

No matter where you are, we invite you to take advantage of our annual Big Spring Promotion on metal detectors. Starting now and running through Midnight June 20th, 2013, enjoy our best metal detector deals.

Here are the offers included in Our Big Spring Metal Detector Promotion:

1. DepthMaster Audiophone II Metal Detector Headphones (Save $40)
Professional metal detecting headphones. Coiled cord. Dual volume controls. Works with all metal detectors. Hear the oldest, deepest targets.
List Price: $79.95 – Big Spring Promo Price $39.95 – See Deal Now

2. Gold Metal Detector Accessory Starter Kit (Save $219.85)
Contains All the Accessories You Need to Go with Your Metal Detector: Headphones. Digging Trowel. Carry Bag. Free Bonus Golden Doubloon Replica Coin. Our best selling metal detector accessories kit.
List Price: $289.80 – Big Spring Promo Price $69.95 See Deal Now

3. Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 Metal Detector (Save $60)
Digital LCD Display. Top Selling First Detector – Great for Beginners. Our lowest price of the year. Includes Free Bonus Kit of accessories.
List Price: $199.99 – Big Spring Promo Price $139.99 See Deal Now

4. Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector (Save over $280)
Our Best Selling Model Bounty Hunter Metal Detector at the Lowest Price of the year. Free Headphones, Ultimate Accessory Carry Case and Bonus Accessory Kit Included.
List Price: $579.95 – Big Spring Promo Price $299.95 See Deal Now

5. XP Deus Wireless Metal Detector (Save $400)
Lightweight. Powerful. Fast. Deep Seeking. World’s First Wireless Metal Detector. Top of the line model.
List Price $2299.00 – Big Spring Promo Price $1899.00 See Deal Now

6. Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector with Adventure Package (Save $127)
Package Includes: Garrett Edge Digger with Sheath, Garrett Camo Diggers Pouch, Garrett 5″ x 8″ DD Search Coil Cover, Garrett Soft Case, Universal 5 Pocket Metal Detector Carry Bag (Digital Camouflage), Pro LED Treasure Light, Treasure Magazine Collectors Back Issue, Two Reale Gold Doubloon Replica Coin (golden-bronze finish). This bonus pack is valued at $274.60!
List Price: $849.95 – Big Spring Promo Price $722.46 See Deal Now

7. Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector with Pro Package (Save over $460)
Package Includes: 9.5″ PROformance Imaging Searchcoil, 12.5″ PROformance Imaging Searchcoil, Garrett Supreme GTI Carry Case, Garrett Deluxe Headphones, GTI Environmental Screen Cover Up, How to Find Lost Treasure Field Guide, Plus an extra $179.65 Bonus Package!
List Price: $1,399.95 – Big Spring Promo Price $934.96 See Deal Now

8. Makro deephunter Pro Metal Detector (Save over $2299)
deephunter by Makro Locates Deep Treasures, Cavities and Individual Coins.  Pro Package Includes: 2 Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Batteries, Universal AC Wall Charger, 100 to 240 Volts, 50 and 60 Hz, Special Leather Carrying Bag for LCD System, Cordura Nylon Carrying Bag For All Equipment, Adjustable Shaft and Cable, Premium Carrying Harness, Cordura Nylon Carrying Bag For Deep Search Coil, Car Charger, Koss UR/29 Premium Head Phone, US & European Wall Plug Connections Included, Detailed Product Manual, Instructional DVD (English/Spanish), 2 Year Warranty, C32 DD Search Coil 26 x 32 cm (10 x 12.5 Inches), C47 DD Search Coil 39 x 47 cm (15.5 x 18.5 Inches), T44 DD Search Coil 36 x 44 cm (14 x 17.5 Inches), T100 DD Search Coil 60 x 100 cm (23.5 x 39.5 Inches)
List Price: $7,999.95 – Big Spring Promo Price $5700 See Deal Now

Remember, as you shop metal detectors, these special promotional offers are good only at & valid while supplies last.  Be sure to act fast as these offers end at Midnight on June 20 th, 2013.