Garrett PD6500i Security Metal Detector Review

Garrett PD 6500i Security Metal Detector

The Garrett PD 6500i is a walk through security metal detector that can help keep your event or facility safe.

Keeping everyone safe and secure is a big job these days; and one the Garrett PD6500i is designed specifically for.  From industrial stop loss of inventory to securing your event or facility, this model is designed to suit a wide range of applications. This walkthrough, security metal detector meets full TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) guidelines for U.S. airport enhanced metal detector systems and provides superior 33-zone pinpoint detection for full body coverage of the subject.  Coupled with it’s multi dimensional coil design these features allow the Garrett PD6500i security metal detector to find guns, knives, and other types of weapons regardless of where they may be concealed.

For added functionality, the PD6500i is tamper proof. The unit features keyed locks along with two levels of access codes, one for owners & one for operators, that are required to get into the control system of the machine.  Plus, it’s Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based circuitry offers protection from interference that might otherwise be caused from other types of machines while also supporting the operation of several PD 6500i metal detectors in the same area without issue.

Garrett PD6500i Walk Thru Security Metal Detector Controls

The controls on the Garrett PD6500i metal detector are easy to use and can help you spot potential problems.

In addition to these features, Garrett has designed the PD6500i security metal detector with intuitive controls to make the process easy for those operating the machine as well as those proceeding through the security checkpoint.  Once an item has been detected, a hand held wand like the Garrett Superscanner V or the Garrett Superwand will help you to pinpoint the exact location of the target. A wide variety of optional accessories such as remote displays, a battery backup module and more are available and shown under the “related products” section on the Garrett PD6500i product detail page.

For more information from users in the field, let’s take a look at these customer reviews we’ve received regarding the Garrett PD6500i metal detector.

Michael V.  shares – “New Garrett PD6500i metal detectors were installed last month and the entire security department can’t stop talking about how much better these are compared to our old machines.”

Garrett PD 6500i Go Display

The display on the Garrett PD 6500i is easy to read and can help make the process of handling large crowds easier.

Jade S. writes – “Since installing the PD-6500i in our nightclub we have not had an incident. This unit is easy to operate for our staff and rugged in design. I would suggest this for any highly trafficked establishment.”

Irun C. said – “This is our second Garrett Security Metal Detector and the technology associated with the new model is well worth the purchase price. Anyone looking for a top quality detector should certainly purchase the Garrett PD6500i.”

To learn even more about this walk thru security metal detector, visit our product page. Here you can view the instruction manual, the Garrett product catalog, an informational video and more all in order to help you decide if the Garrett PD6500i is the right metal detector to ensure the security of your facility.

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