Bring Your Metal Detector Along when Geocaching

Metal Detectors for Geocaching

Metal detectors have become a great tool for people getting into geocaching as it provides them with another tool to use while hunting for treasure.

The sport of geocaching is catching on like wildfire throughout the USA and worldwide. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get started with geocaching if you’re interested. All you need to do is 1. Visit geocaching websites to learn a bit about how it works. 2. Select a specific geocache and get the GPS coordinates. 3. Locate the geocache—put your name in the logbook and document the time/date in the website log. Not only is locating a geocache a personal achievement, the sport evokes a sense of community. Geocachers are all logging the same finds; they also help each other with traveling to geocaching locations.

There are several reasons why geocachers like to utilize metal detectors while they are out on a mission. For one thing, it can speed up the treasure hunting process when you are so close but just can find the cache. Metal detectors can help locate the geocaching coins that many times are buried with a cache.

Geocaching and Family Fun

Geocaching is exciting, even more so when done as an outing with the whole family. Bringing a metal detector along will help to pique the interest of all members of your family no matter which activity they get involved with. When geocaching or metal detecting as a family, you will be sharing an adventure and making memories that you will treasure for years to come. For even more fun, let’s combine geocaching and camping. There is an RV camping resort that just wrote a blog post about geocaching and camping called “GPS Treasure Hunting – A Camper’s Guide to Geocaching“.

Michael Bernzweig of says Geocaching or camping alone are great hobbies shared by many of our customers. When you combine them with the hobby of metal detecting, all in one, the possibilities will seem endless Michael suggests you learn more about metal detectors and geocaching by reading two insightful articles that we have written: Metal Detectors are Useful in Geocaching and Geocaching with a Metal Detector.

Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 metal detector is an easy to use detector with the deep seeking capabilities to find what you're looking for.

For a feature filled, easy to use metal detector check out the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500. The Legacy series is Bounty Hunter’s updated line of metal detectors and the 2500 is it’s mid range model; just as the 2200 was to the Discovery series made by Bounty Hunter. With their Legacy line Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors took full advantage of all the latest advancements in technology in order to create a more advanced machine that’s even easier to operate than their former models.

One of these changes is the large LCD display screens. From here you can manage everything on your metal detector. Touch pad controls include Sensitivity, Discrimination, Zap, and Notch while the LCD screen gives digital depth and target identification readings. It’s these intuitive controls that allow the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 to be such a high tech metal detector yet still easy to use. In fact, it’s recommended for kids and adults.

In addition to the information received on the LCD screen, the Legacy 2500 metal detector also features a four (4) tone audio response system. This enables you to more clearly identify the target and determine whether or not to invest your time in digging it up.

Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 Metal Detector display and controls

With the display and controls on the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 metal detector you will be able to easily spot buried coins and relics.

With it’s deep seeking search coil design the Legacy 2500 will find a variety of different types of treasures including jewelry, coins, and relics. The coil’s triple spoke design also helps minimize weight which helps enhance the time you can spend using the metal detector as well. Plus, with it’s concentric circle design, the coil enables the detector to achieve the ideal balance between depth and sensitivity so you can find all the treasure in the area, instead of just some of it.

To get a feel for how this metal detector performs in the field, lets take a look at some of the customer reviews we’ve received regarding the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500:

N.F. Digger writes – “My finds in the first 6 weeks paid for this detector! I’m hooked.”

Jordan (9yo) shares – “I found a blue sapphire ring with diamonds on my first day out! This metal detector is great for kids.”

Leigh emailed – “The Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 is an excellent all around metal detector and deep seeking too. I didn’t expect that in a detector costing so little.”

As you can see the Legacy 2500 metal detector is a machine that will allow kids and adults of any level of experience with the hobby enjoy finding treasures right from the start. To see if this Bounty Hunter metal detector is the right one for you, visit our Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 product page. Here you’ll find a stat sheet, feature overview, the full manual available to view or print, and more all to help you find the best metal detector to meet your specialized needs.

Fisher M-97 Industrial Metal Detector Review

Fisher M-97 Industrial Metal Detector

The Fisher M-97 industrial metal detector is a must have for finding metal objects like septic tanks and manhole covers at construction sites.

Do you need to find buried or even paved over metal items like manhole covers, valves,  and septic tanks?  Concealed metal objects are revealed quickly with the Fisher M-97 industrial metal detector.  Designed to be easy to use, the Fisher M-97 features push button tuning for reliable pinpointing as well as manual sensitivity selector and ground balance controls for optimal performance and penetration no matter what type of conditions you’re working in.

Users will also enjoy the fact that this metal detector is a Ground Effect Rejection VLF, or Very Low Frequency metal detector.  This means that it’s ease of use is increased even further because this feature eliminates false signals from pavement or soils with high levels of ground mineralization for example.  Instead, you only dig for and find the buried metal objects you were looking for; saving you time and money.

Other features include a waterproof search coil, adjustable shaft with double locking stem, as well as simple, quick assembly and storage.  This model includes a mode switch, ground adjust control and a retune button. A headphone jack is mounted on the control panel for easy access. A battery check is shown on the large meter which also displays the signal intensity as well.

How do users think Fisher Labs has done with the M-97 industrial metal detector?  Let’s take a look at some of the customer reviews we’ve received from people who’ve purchased the M-97 metal detector from us and are currently using them in the field.

Miguelo O. writes – “The Fisher M-97 was just what we needed.  All of my employees can use it and we’re actually considering adding a second machine.”

Steven K. emailed – “Thank you for suggesting the M-97 metal detector.  We’re looking for some very deeply buried targets in some mineralized soils and the M-97 has been reliable and easy to use even with these conditions.”

If you’re considering a metal detector to help you find deeply concealed industrial metal targets the Fisher M-97 may be just the machine for you too.  To learn more, visit our Fisher M-97 product page.  You’ll be able to view a video overview of the M-97 detector, as well as the manual, product specs, and other types of helpful items like these that will assist you in deciding for sure if this is the right Fisher metal detector to meet your needs.

It’s a Great Time to be a Beginner Metal Detectorist

Metal Detectors for Beginners

For beginners looking to get into metal detecting, you need to make sure you find the right detector that can help you find hidden treasures.

Now is the perfect time to get started in the hobby of metal detecting. Not only have the prices of metal detectors gotten very affordable, advances in technology have made these units extremely accurate and easy to operate. Even entry-level metal detectors are computerized now; many feature simple, one-touch operation. Toy detectors (which don’t find much of anything) are becoming obsolete.

Daniel Bernzweig of suggests that beginners consider a unit with a visual target indicator. “Visual target ID will report on every target your searchcoil sweeps over. If you see your target, you’ll know whether it’s worth digging.” With so many makes and models of metal detectors, how do you know which one to select? Bernzweig’s advice is to spend a few minutes reading about the subject: How to Select a Metal Detector.

Compare Metal Detectors

After browsing through different brands and products on the website, use the “Compare” feature. Select the “Compare” button on two different detectors. You will see a side-by-side metal detector comparison chart listing each model’s features, star rating from customer reviews and the price – discounted of course.

Lesche T Handle Ground Shark Shovel Review

Lesche T Handle Ground Shark Shovel

The Lesche T Handle Ground Shark Shovel is a must have for treasure hunters. This Lesche Shovel will help you more easily find buried treasures.

The Lesche T Handle Ground Shark shovel is a very versatile metal detecting tool and can be used for most any type of treasure recovery including relics, jewelry, and gold nuggets.  Depending on your needs the Ground Shark comes in 28”, 36”, and 40” T handle lengths so you can choose a length that’s right for your size and your treasure recovery needs.

You’ll find, like all Lesche digging tools, the T Handle Ground Shark shovel is crafted of the finest aircraft quality steel for a lightweight, yet strong shovel that can dig through any ground you need it to.  This shovel is also made in the USA and backed by a 5 year warranty and shows Lesche is a company that stands behind their products and provides their customers with only the best metal detecting tools around.  In fact, here are a few of the customer reviews we’ve received from customers who’ve purchased and are now using the Lesche T Handle Ground Shark shovel.

Marge U. reports – “I’ve used other shovels – and the Lesche Ground Shark is nothing like them!”

Blane L. writes – “The Ground Shark has made treasure recovery easier and metal detecting more enjoyable.”

Cho P. shares – “Great metal detecting tool.  Digs through any ground easily.”

Overall, the Lesche Ground Shark shovel is a very helpful and useful metal detecting tool.  It’s easy to carry with you no matter where you’re going and can help you get through any type of soil to recover the treasure your metal detector located.  To decide if the Lesche T Handle Ground Shark is a shovel you want to add to your metal detecting tool chest, visit our product page.  We’ve got a lot of additional product information here in hopes of assisting you in finding the right metal detecting tools and equipment to meet your unique treasure hunting needs.

Garrett THD Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector Review

Garrett THD Tactical Hand Held Metal Detector

The Garrett THD tactical hand held metal detector allows you to search a full body thoroughly and reliably with its uniform detection field.

Metal detectors can have a variety of uses when it comes to law enforcement activities.  From searching suspects to searching crime scenes having the right security wand can make a real difference.  One of the best currently on the market is the Garrett THD tactical hand held metal detector.

Garrett THD Tactical Metal Detector with belt holster

The Garrett THD Tactical metal detector is popular among law enforcement as it helps them easily search a suspect.

Designed with Garrett’s patented Full 360 Plus detection the THD tactical metal detector is able to search the suspect’s full body thoroughly and reliably with a uniform detection field that’s free of hot spots and minimizes false alarms.  In addition, the Garrett THD boasts a silent alert system so the security personnel can keep the upper hand in all situations alerting the suspect to their find only when fully ready.

Given it’s primary role as a law enforcement metal detector, the THD tactical hand-held security wand is incredibly easy to use as well.  Simply turn it on, scan the suspect, and watch for the red light and/or wait to feel the vibration.  If the alert goes off, the machine, equipped for accurate detection of all ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel weapons, contraband and other metallic objects, has found something and it’s time to cautiously search the subject.

Garrett THD Tactical Hand Held Metal Detector 360 degree detection

The 360 degree detection field of the Garrett THD allows you to easily search for and detect weapons.

These features, combined with the fact that the security wand is waterproof, lightweight, equipped with a slip free handle, and constructed of rugged ABS plastic makes the Garrett THD tactical metal detector ideal for use in the personal security and law enforcement fields.  But, what do actual users say?  Do they agree?  Let’s take a look at a few of the customer reviews we’ve received regarding the THD and see.

Harry H. writes – “I was issued a hand held metal detector from my new employer but, I purchased the Garrett THD a few years back and have always liked it best so got permission to use it instead.”

Garrett THD being used at a crime scene investigation

The Garrett THD is used frequently at crime scene investigations to help find and locate things that can harm law enforcement officers.

Sal W. emailed – “I count on my Garrett THD tactical security wand every day.  It’s reliable and protects me from all the unknown hazards a suspect might have stashed away on their person.”

As you can see users do agree, the Garrett THD tactical hand-held security metal detector is the one they want to use and the one that reliably detects weapons and other types of contraband.  To learn more about this highly rated security wand visit our product page.  You’ll find a variety of helpful information including the full, downloadable instruction manual, an overview video, and the product catalog all to help you fully research the Garrett THD and confirm it’s the best  metal detector to meet your needs.

Diggers: A New Metal Detecting Show on National Geographic You Should Be Watching shares information on National Geographics Diggers television Show

National Geographic's new show Diggers is a must watch for those who love metal detecting as it provides an inside look into how the pros do it.

Today we’re excited to share a fun new show with you that we’ve all been enjoying on the National Geographic Channel called Diggers. The show is about two guys based in Montana, Tim Saylor and George Wyant (AKA Ringy and The King), who love metal detecting. They head out into all kinds of different terrain all around the country and film their adventures. They’re fun to watch because you can tell that they truly enjoy the hobby. They’re both knowledgeable about metal detecting as well as history so they are able to create a solid mix of entertaining and informative content too. Plus, when one of them actually finds something; let’s just say they’re not low key about it!

Some hobbyists and pro metal detectorists comment that Nat Geo’s Diggers is overly dramatic and the actors use slang that is not representative of the hobby. Nonetheless, we find it to be entertaining as it unveils the hobby of metal detecting to the public. Perhaps it will inspire newbies to test their hand at this amazing hobby.

Metal Detectors Used on Diggers TV Show

Watching Diggers is also neat because we get to see all kinds of cool, high tech metal detectors and detecting equipment in action. You can watch them search with their Garrett AT Series metal detectors and even hear the signals as they would through their headphones. There are two Garrett detectors in the AT Series. The Garrett AT Pro used more for coins, relics and jewelry and the Garrett AT Gold for gold nuggets. Watch as they pinpoint their targets with the Garrett Pro Pointer, and dig everything up with their Lesche Digging Tools. These are some of the best metal detectors out there, products we’ve sold for a long time, and, unless you were using them yourself, seeing them out in the field like this used to be rare. Ringy and The King are changing all that though with Diggers the television show.

Diggers not only provides metal detectorists with the honor of finally having a show that celebrates our hobby though, it’s also turned a lot of folks onto the spectacular world of metal detecting that didn’t know about it before. Tim Saylor and George Wyant explain the basics as they go through a show, yet, they have a way of talking about what they’re doing that doesn’t distract from the fun of the program for more experienced metal detectorists either.

And then there’s the sites they get to explore. Whether you’re a metal detector yourself or not you can’t help but think it’s cool when they verify a former Buffalo Soldier camp by finding soldier’s buttons and coins from that time, or when they get to search the site of an old hotel locating jewelry, antique bottles, rare coins, and more.

They don’t always keep the treasures they find from sites like these. When they searched the hotel site for example, they were assisting the property owners and a local historian who were starting a museum about the famous property and were given access to the site on the condition everything they found went to the museum. But, Ringy and The King didn’t get into metal detecting for the money (they say they actually end up spending money each time they go out!). They’re in it for the thrill of the hunt. So, they say, whether they come away with a treasure jackpot or not they’re always having a good time because they’re out metal detecting.

In addition to Tim Saylor and George Wyant Diggers also employs an Archaeologist, Kate Culpepper, to authenticate the finds and add additional historical information to the show. She ensures all the metal detecting is done in an ethical way and that it respects the historical integrity of each site they visit as well as the artifacts the guys find. If you are new to metal detecting, we ask that you read the “Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunter’s Code of Ethics“.

So, if you’re a metal detectorist, have one in your life, or are just looking for some good TV, you won’t want to miss Diggers on the National Geographic Channel and at It’s authentic metal detecting with awesome equipment on a show that’s just simply fun to watch!

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XP Metal Detectors Announces XP DEUS WS-5 Wireless Headphones

XP DEUS WS-5 Wireless Heaphones

The XP DEUS WS-5 is one of the best wireless headphones on the market today. For use with the DEUS metal detector and weatherproof, they will let you hunt outdoors no matter what the weather is like.

XP DEUS owners can take treasure hunting to the next level thanks to the all-new WS-5 Wireless Headphones. WS-5 is a significant upgrade in high-performance wireless headphones for the DEUS metal detector. They are fully equipped with built-in control functions to operate the detector. The headphones’ screen and keypad control the important aspects of the XP DEUS, so even without the remote control, the DEUS will continue to function. What makes the WS-5 wireless headphones stand out is their full size design, crisp clear audio, large LCD display and one more benefit, they are weatherproof. Now you can hunt outdoors comfortably during adverse weather conditions. The full sized design is great for those looking for a headset that will block exterior noise from the environment.

These wireless headphones were over a year in the making, as engineers at XP wanted to “bring it” with this latest and greatest design. Users will appreciate the full-sized ear-cup that is sealed from the elements; snug fit, but not too tight. These headphones are perfect for metal detecting, including coin and relic hunting since the crystal clear audio makes it easy to hear the signals being sent from the search coil. The jumbo LCD display and touch pad is another enhancement from previous iterations. XP DEUS enthusiasts have eagerly awaited this headphone upgrade and now the WS-5 model is here! Read all the features and functions of the WS-5 headphones and see if it should be the next accessory for your DEUS Metal Detector.

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