Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 metal detector is an easy to use detector with the deep seeking capabilities to find what you're looking for.

For a feature filled, easy to use metal detector check out the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500. The Legacy series is Bounty Hunter’s updated line of metal detectors and the 2500 is it’s mid range model; just as the 2200 was to the Discovery series made by Bounty Hunter. With their Legacy line Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors took full advantage of all the latest advancements in technology in order to create a more advanced machine that’s even easier to operate than their former models.

One of these changes is the large LCD display screens. From here you can manage everything on your metal detector. Touch pad controls include Sensitivity, Discrimination, Zap, and Notch while the LCD screen gives digital depth and target identification readings. It’s these intuitive controls that allow the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 to be such a high tech metal detector yet still easy to use. In fact, it’s recommended for kids and adults.

In addition to the information received on the LCD screen, the Legacy 2500 metal detector also features a four (4) tone audio response system. This enables you to more clearly identify the target and determine whether or not to invest your time in digging it up.

Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 Metal Detector display and controls

With the display and controls on the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 metal detector you will be able to easily spot buried coins and relics.

With it’s deep seeking search coil design the Legacy 2500 will find a variety of different types of treasures including jewelry, coins, and relics. The coil’s triple spoke design also helps minimize weight which helps enhance the time you can spend using the metal detector as well. Plus, with it’s concentric circle design, the coil enables the detector to achieve the ideal balance between depth and sensitivity so you can find all the treasure in the area, instead of just some of it.

To get a feel for how this metal detector performs in the field, lets take a look at some of the customer reviews we’ve received regarding the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500:

N.F. Digger writes – “My finds in the first 6 weeks paid for this detector! I’m hooked.”

Jordan (9yo) shares – “I found a blue sapphire ring with diamonds on my first day out! This metal detector is great for kids.”

Leigh emailed – “The Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 is an excellent all around metal detector and deep seeking too. I didn’t expect that in a detector costing so little.”

As you can see the Legacy 2500 metal detector is a machine that will allow kids and adults of any level of experience with the hobby enjoy finding treasures right from the start. To see if this Bounty Hunter metal detector is the right one for you, visit our Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 product page. Here you’ll find a stat sheet, feature overview, the full manual available to view or print, and more all to help you find the best metal detector to meet your specialized needs.