Fisher F70 Metal Detector Review

Picture of the Fisher F70 Metal Detector

Pictued above, the Fisher F70 metal detector is the ideal detector for treasure hunters looking to find buried coins, relics, gold prospecting and more.

The Fisher F70 metal detector is a top choice for those interested in a machine capable of finding nearly any type of treasure.  Coins, relics, gold nuggets, jewelry and then some are all potential targets for the Fisher F70 metal detector.  That said, with it’s double discrimination mode, the F70 is also well equipped to distinguish between treasure and trash, even in “trashy” locations to get you all the treasures possible while avoiding wasting any time on most garbage.  And, with a ground balancing range from ferrite to salt, you can also use this metal detector in pretty much any type of soil, anywhere; which makes for a very versatile machine.

You’ll also find the F70 is an easy to use metal detector.  It has an intuitive user interface along with a large LCD display screen so you can clearly read all the helpful information the machine provides including target depth, ground mineral concentration, speed, sensitivity levels, and target categorization.  Then, add in push button pinpointing and all the targets the F70 metal detector helps you locate are also easier to unearth.  Other precision controls include sensitivity, notch, threshold, speed, and Fisher’s patented GROUNDGRAB for fast touch pad ground balancing.

Picture of the Controls on the Fisher F70 Metal Detector

Pictured above are the Fisher F70 metal detector controls which are easy to use and read to help you more easily find buried treasures.

This metal detector also offers users two search modes (discriminate and auto tune), two memory settings, plus, it’s lightweight, ergonomic design provides for hours of comfortable metal detecting.  Obviously you can tell we feel the Fisher F70 is a quality metal detector, but, what do other users say?  Well, here are some Fisher F70 metal detector reviews:

Denise and Jed emailed – “We have a few different metal detectors at our house, but, we both own a Fisher F70.”

Mark P. wrote – “Thanks for suggesting the Fisher F70 it’s easy to use and I’ve found several deep targets. Pinpointing and target identification are right on.”

In addition to these customer reviews, you can also find information about the Fisher F70 metal detector on our product page of the detector.  Here we’ve added an overview video, specifications, the instruction manual and all of the accessories for the detector.  This way you can find all the information you need to get a solid understanding of this metal detector and decide if it’s the best of the Fisher metal detectors for you.