Dig Wars: A New Metal Detecting TV Show on the Travel Channel

Starting June 12th, 2013 the Travel Channel will be debuting their new television series Dig Wars. The show is a reality series that follows three teams of metal detectorists as they work unique sites around the country to see who can come up with the best metal detecting finds and treasures.

Teams consist of Mike Scott and Larry Cissna, Ron Guinazzo and Mark Slinkman, along with the husband and wife team Abby and Josh Silva. Each of the team members is an experienced metal detectorist and, of course, brings a “colorful” personality to the table as well in order to help create what looks to be a very unique, educational, and exciting metal detecting program.

Dig Wars team member Mike Scott with Daniel and Michael Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com

Dig Wars TV Show Mike Scott (middle) pictured with Michael Bernzweig (left) and Daniel Bernzweig (right) of MetalDetector.com. The three have known one another for over twenty years. The Dig Wars metal detecting show will debut on the Travel Channel this Wednesday evening.

Because Dig Wars is a TV show, the teams get to search some really fantastic places. For example, during one of the first shows that will air, the teams get the opportunity to search Fort Saint Philip; an abandoned military outpost in Louisiana that’s been closed to visitors since Hurricane Katrina. This is the type of site that would make any metal detectorist drool to say the least! However, most historical sites like these are closed to metal detectors; not those on Dig Wars though!

Viewers also get in on the appraisal side of metal detecting. Each team takes their finds to a local appraisal company to get some historical information on the pieces as well as to determine their value. The appraised value of each of the team’s finds is then totaled and a winner determined for that site.

Metal Detectors used on Dig Wars TV Show

In addition to all this, we get to watch the teams use some of the best metal detecting equipment and accessories too. You’ll get to see Abby Silva search sites with her Teknetics G-2 metal detector, and, on another episode, Mike Scott debuts his “Dirt Diggler” which is an original factory prototype of a not yet released model. The current top of the line model is the Teknetics T2 Special Limited Edition metal detector. Watch Larry Cissna with his “Blue and Grey” Tesoro Tejon detector. On the TV show, relic hunting will be a constant theme and all of the units mentioned so far, are some of the best metal detectors for finding relics. The rest of the team members use quality metal detectors and tools like these as well; which gives all of us watching a nice opportunity to see these machines in action.

“On Dig Wars, you will see some of the top brands of metal detectors in action… all brands we have proudly represented for decades.”  Daniel and Michael Bernzweig of Metaldetector.com commenting on the new Travel Channel TV show Dig Wars

Daniel explained that “The Travel Chanel has selected some of the most experienced and enthusiastic detectorists for their DigWars TV show”. Michael went on to say “On Dig Wars, you will see some of the top brands of metal detectors in action like Tesoro and Teknetics. A neat fact is the company that produces Teknetics, also makes Fisher and Bounty Hunter metal detectors, all quality brands that we use ourselves.”

With all of these elements, we’re pretty sure Dig Wars is going to be a metal detecting reality show that’s worth watching. In fact, we’ll be tuning in ourselves come Wednesday, June 12th and can’t wait to see what treasures all the folks behind Dig Wars unearth.

Here are the Dig Wars TV show times for June 12, 2013: 10:00pm Eastern / 9:00pm Central / 8:00pm Mountain / 10:00pm Pacific

Dig Wars Repeat Times: June 13 at 1:00am Eastern /1 2:00am Central / 1:00am Pacific  and  June 12 at 11:00pm Mountain


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