Deep Seeking Detectors Find Buried Treasure

Deep Seeking Metal Detectors

When trying to find treasures buried deep within the ground, you'll need a deep seeking metal detector that can help you locate it.

Have you happened upon an exciting tip regarding the whereabouts of a buried treasure also known as a treasure cache? It may be the opportunity of a lifetime! With the right equipment, it’s possible to unearth enviable treasure. Obviously, caches exist in all different shapes and sizes; it depends on who buried their treasure and what the circumstances were. If you anticipate that the cache is deeply buried, you’ll need a deep-seeking or two-box metal detector. Daniel Bernzweig of offers this advice, “Try to determine the depth of the cache. Within an arm’s length seems to be most frequent. However, over time, caches have been recovered from depths different than where they were originally buried.”

Deep-seeking and two-box metal detectors will generate the best results for anything buried deeper than 1 meter. A ground two-box metal detector can penetrate the earth using special search coils that transmit signals. Once the signal reaches the treasure, it bounces back to the metal detector, which pinpoints the location. Learn more about deep search metal detectors and their specialized purposes by reading: What are the Best Two Box and Deep Metal Detectors? This article details how to go about searching for a treasure cache and walks you through which deep seeking metal detectors will help you get the job done.

Dig Wars Season Finale Tonight on Travel Channel

The Season finale of the Travel Channel’s new TV series Dig Wars airs tonight. Dig Wars is a competition hunt between three pairs of metal detectorists who travel to historical locations in the U.S. in search of the most valuable artifacts. Each team has only one day

Mike Scott  of Dig Wars with treasure hunting brothers Daniel and Michael of

Mike Scott of Dig Wars with treasure hunting brothers Daniel and Michael of

to dig; then an appraiser determines the value of each of their finds. The team who rings up the highest price tag at the end of the day wins that hunt. So far, each of the teams has chalked up victories. Teams consist of Mike Scott and Larry Cissna, Ron Guinazzo and Mark Slinkman, along with the husband and wife team Abby and Josh Silva. Chicago Ron, Larry Cissna and Mike Scott are well-known in the industry and each of the contestants are highly experienced detectorists.

What’s really refreshing about this digging show is that it’s closer to the reality of metal detecting than some of the other dramatic “reality” shows seen in the past. In Dig Wars, we get to see the truth of unsuccessful days and run-of-the-mill finds. However, the Civil War battlefields, old settlements, forts and mines these folks gain access to are places detectorists dream of. And each of the teams score some amazing finds.

Discoveries of the Dig Wars Cast Members

In Fort St. Philip, an abandoned military outpost in Louisiana, Ron and Mark hit a home run by finding a military officer’s seal appraised at $1200. That’s not to take away from Josh and Abby’s finds: a cannonball and 1812 buttons. Mike and Larry found a noteworthy 100-lb. parrot shell. At the Eastover Plantation in Virginia, the teams dig near the site of America’s oldest European settlement. It was fun to see the rare 1806 silver half-dollar Josh/Abby found as well as Mike’s steelyard scale. Mark and Ron rejoiced with the bayonet they found in Episode 3 on their dig at the Antietam Overlook Farm in Maryland.

Historic sites – exciting metal detector finds!

Digging Georgia Landing is an exciting episode for Civil War buffs because it’s set at the site of the Battle of Georgia Plantation in LA. Josh and Abby won this round with their finds of a Louisiana coat button appraised at $700 and a Yankee button with the Connecticut state seal appraised at $200. Mike and Larry dug up two awesome pieces—a buckle and keeper from an 1851 officer’s belt: appraised at $700. In Ruby, AZ, the teams set out in search for gold in an abandoned gold mining town about 4 miles north of New Mexico. This day’s treasure hunt is mint for each of the teams. Mike strikes some gold nuggets and Mark and Ron found a soldier’s belt buckle from 1880 as well as a stashed purse with tons of valuable coins (Barber dimes/quarter, Indianheads, etc.)

Cast Members Use Equipment Stocked at

Dig Wars cast member Mike Scott said it best himself, “Tune in to see some cool detecting and good times on TV with Fisher, Teknetics, ….. and Garrett metal detectors all in action finding some really cool artifacts!” At, we are proud to carry the majority of all metal detector brands. Not to mention we have thoroughly enjoyed watching what these guys (and gal) have unearthed while checking out which equipment each of the detectorists are using.

The Season 1 finale of Dig Wars airs this Wednesday, July 10. 2013: 10:00pm Eastern / 9:00pm Central / 8:00pm Mountain / 10:00pm Pacific. This dig takes place at Fort Phantom in the ruins of a 19th-century fort. The teams will try their hand uncovering artifacts from Texas frontier life. Be sure to tune in to see who will gather up the best bounty and tell us if you’re enjoying Dig Wars as much as we are!

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