Garrett ATX Metal Detector Review

New Garrett Gold Detector Overview – ATX Extreme Pulse Induction Metal Detector

The wait is nearly over! Garrett has just introduced their most advanced gold prospecting and relic hunting metal detector. The Garrett ATX metal detector is so versatile it is sure to become popular with coin and beach hunters as well. This premium machine is designed to military specifications! It’s unique feature set helps the ATX stand apart from its competitors and makes it a metal detector that can search successfully nearly anywhere.

Garrett Metal Detectors introduces the ATX metal detector.

Garrett Metal Detectors introduces the ATX metal detector. Locate deeply buried gold nuggets, coins, relics and jewelry with this innovative Pulse Induction metal detecting system.

This Garrett multi frequency detector features highly advanced pulse induction (PI) technology so it’s adept at finding treasure in even the most highly mineralized soils – including salt water. Yet, this machine is highly sensitive as well; which isn’t always the case with PI detectors. As a result, the ATX can find jewelry at the beach, tiny gold nuggets in iron stone ground, along with coins, and relics of all kinds even in the most extreme conditions. The ATX has been tested in the gold fields of Western Australia and in the highly mineralized soil of Virginia which is famous for it’s great relic hunting areas.

Detection of small targets is enhanced even further on the ATX metal detector by the addition of a new Garrett DD search coil. This unique search coil design supports easy pinpointing as well as uniform sensitivity around the entire detection area so the machine is able to find large and small targets even at it’s deepest depths.

In order to search even more deeply, users have the option to purchase the Garrett ATX metal detector with a special deep seeker package. This gives you a large, 20” Mono search coil in addition to the 10” X 12” medium DD coil that comes standard with the machine. The larger the search coil used the deeper the metal detector can find treasure. Often however, when you use a large search coil, sensitivity to smaller targets is diminished. However, with the Garrett DD search coil design this sensitivity remains much more intact even when using the larger 20” search coil.

The Garrett ATX metal detector is also unique in that it comes with a fully collapsible stem as well as an adjustable search coil up to 90 degrees. This means you can search embankments, crevices, and other tight places just as easily as you can search wide open fields. Not only that, the ATX metal detector is also submersible up to 10 feet to further widen the types of terrain searchable with this single machine.

Photo of the Garrett ATX metal detector with deepseeker accessories package

The Garrett ATX metal detector deepseeker package includes everything you need to locate deep treasures. The package includes the ATX with 12” DD coil, Land headphones, Soft storage/travel case, Garrett Detector Sling, AA alkaline and rechargeable batteries, Battery charger, 20" Deepseeker Mono Searchcoil and Military-grade Garrett hard case.

ATX Users will also enjoy features like the one handed control design, LED light indicators, audio retune to cancel out ambient noises, and other specialized features like these. The machine can be operated with the included headphones or via the external speaker too, and it has motion and non-motion modes as well to accommodate your preferences.

To find out if the Garrett ATX is the best machine for you, visit our Garrett ATX metal Detector product page. Here you’ll find valuable information like our exclusive chart that compares the ATX Standard and Deepseeker packages, additional key features, an informational video, and other helpful tools like these to assist you in finding the right metal detector for your unique needs.


Garrett ATX detector de metales en Español  (Garrett ATX Metal Detector in Spanish)

Updated 10/16/2013: Garrett ATX owners manual has been added to the product page and our Metal Detector Instruction Manuals page

Fisher F4 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F4 Metal Detector

The Fisher F4 Metal Detector offers intuitive controls that allow you to easily find hidden treasures like jewelry, coins and more.

When looking for a VLF (very low frequency) metal detector that’s adept at finding a range of different targets, the Fisher F4 may be just the machine that’s called for.  Suited for finding treasures like relics, jewelry, and coins, the F4 comes with both audio and visual target identification, a large, easy to read LCD screen, as well as a one touch pinpointing feature with depth readout; so once you get your trowel out, you know you’re digging for treasures instead of trash.

The Fisher F4 also provides users with a hands on yet easy to use feature set.  With the option for using either the machine’s auto ground balancing abilities or the manual ground balancing control you’re ready for metal detecting in any soil type.  Then, the user experience is further enhanced with one touch notch, auto tune, and discrimination controls.  With all of these simple, intuitive controls, the Fisher F4 is equipped to give users control over their experience while providing the option for automated settings at the same time.  As a result, regardless of skill level, you’ll have a great time with this metal detector.

Don’t take our word alone though, let’s take a look at some of the Fisher F4 customer reviews we’ve received:

Fred writes – “I’m new to metal detecting, and like most I did a lot of research before I bought. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The F4 is easy to operate after you stop over thinking it. I have been out three times this week getting to know my new toy, and I’m having a blast. On a side note, Moe at was very helpful when I called after I placed my order. I asked a question on a particular product and he gave his honest opinion, and recommendation, and that’s a hard thing to find now a days, so thanks. You have a customer for life.”

A. Knowles shares – “I bought my Fisher f4 two years ago and I could not ask for more. This F4 has a very deep hunt signal and this dog will hunt worth every penny. It’s easy to use with lots of options to boot. My friend has a top metal detector made by another company and I was following his footsteps. He got mad as anything when I pulled two silver coins and a nice diamond ring up in the path he was on … ”

Fisher F4 Metal Detector Controls

The Fisher F4 metal detector offers a large LCD display that is easy to read and use so you can spot buried treasures in the ground.

As you can see, by designing the F4 the way they did, Fisher has definitely created another excellent metal detector that users of all kinds find versatile, reliable, and easy to use.  You may agree too!  To learn more about the F4 and decide if it’s really the best metal detector for you, visit our Fisher F4 product page.  Here you can access information like machine specifications, the product manual, product videos and more so you can make an informed decision about the metal detector you’d like to buy and head out to successfully find some treasure right away.


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