Exclusive Black Friday Metal Detectors Sale

Take advantage of our annual black friday metal detector sales event!

This year we kicked off the holiday shopping season during our annual Thanksgiving day sale with the metal detector “Daily Deals” and “Special Buys” that you see featured throughout our site. Our Black Friday metal detector event kicks it up a notch with a new and exclusive daily deal! For those of you who look forward to the holiday all year long, we’re making it worth your while to shop this Black Friday 2013. You can shop with confidence as MetalDetector.com is a Google Trusted Store and is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Take advantage of the Garrett Ace 350 or the Bounty Hunter Platinum offers which include special 2013 holiday packages. Check out all of the daily deals and special buys during our annual black friday metal detector specials starting today!

Take advantage of the Garrett Ace 350 or the Bounty Hunter Platinum offers which include special 2013 holiday packages. Check out all of the daily deals and special buys during our annual black friday metal detector specials starting today!

Our rock bottom best values on Black Friday Metal Detectors are now available. You will not find better metal detector deals online before or after the holiday. Daniel Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com said “For Black Friday 2013, we hand-selected and negotiated some of the best deals of the year for our customers.” He went on to say “I get excited about Black Friday each year because I know many children receive their first metal detector as a holiday gift and it reminds me of when I first got started as a kid.”

It’s a great time to introduce kids to treasure hunting, as well as retirees or anyone who has expressed an interest in a metal detector – what a unique gift idea! This hobby offers health benefits (i.e. exercise), a learning environment and can really be lucrative. People use detectors in their own neighborhoods, rural areas, at the beach or underwater and on vacation. Metal detectors are typically lightweight and portable—making them perfect to travel and hunt with. New hobbyists will be delighted with the types of items that are easy to find: coins, jewelry (gold, silver bronze, platinum), relics and other metal valuables.

Is this gift for a beginner? New users will find everything they need to know about metal detecting in our Learning Library. There’s an entire section dedicated to Getting Started. It takes beginners step-by-step through how to gear up and get out in the field with their new metal detector.

Buy Now & Pay Later with Bill Me Later!

Need more time to pay? Shop with Bill Me Later this season to make your holiday money go further. Get No Payments + No Interest on metal detectors and accessories if paid in full within 6 months on purchases of $99 or more with Bill Me Later during Paypal Checkout. For more detailed information about shipping, delivery and special metal detector promotions, visit our Holiday Gift Center.


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Thanksgiving Thursday Metal Detectors Sale

Thanksgiving Deals are here early before Black Friday!

Already know you’d like to get a metal detector for someone special this holiday season? You don’t have to wait until Black Friday! This year we are kicking off the shopping season with metal detector “Daily Deals” and “Special Buys” that you will see featured throughout the site starting today, Thanksgiving day. All of the top metal detectors for sale are listed in this promotion.

We have been hard at work tracking down some of the best metal detector offers for Black Friday. Good news, they are available starting today! You will see these offers shown in the new “Daily Deal” and “Special Buys” sections throughout the site. Buying for a youngster? Be sure to check out our top picks for metal detectors for kids and the related article on picking out the best metal detectors for children.


Thanksgiving sale on Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector

Check out the Bounty Hunter platinum and other special buys during our Thanksgiving metal detectors sale. View our daily deals and special buys. This sale includes special packages on Garrett metal detectors, bounty hunter and more all before black friday.

Daily Deals – Each day during this holiday season, you will find hot deals to take advantage of. Daily Deals will add even more value as you shop for metal detectors. Daily Deals are limited to, you guessed it, that day only and you will see a countdown clock with how much time is left to take advantage of that days deal. Deals are also over and above our low prices and any free gift items or bonus packages that you will see with many of the metal detectors for sale on our MetalDetector.com website. With our best price guarantee you can be assured that you are always getting the lowest prices on metal detectors.

If your loved one has expressed interest in metal detecting this year, an entry-level or mid-range metal detector will be their favorite gift of the holiday season. Words cannot express how happy people are to receive their very first detector. Similarly, if there’s already a hobbyist in your home, they will be delighted to receive the particular model they’ve had their eye on.  Thanksgiving Thursday—get the best models and prices and get a jump on your gift list!

Metal detecting has catapulted into the spotlight during 2013! Hit TV shows like Travel Channel’s Dig Wars and National Geographic Channel’s Diggers drew in big crowds, giving the public a taste of the excitement and adventure involved in this rewarding hobby. These shows take viewers into the field with expert detectorists while they compete or search enthusiastically to find fascinating and valuable artifacts at historical spots. MetalDetector.com is proud to carry the majority of all metal detector brands featured on both of these shows including the top brands like Garrett Metal Detectors as well as Fisher,Teknetics, XP Deus and Bounty Hunter metal detectors.

Holiday related questions? Visit our Holiday Gift Center to get detailed information about shipping, delivery and the special metal detector promotions that are only available during the holidays. Checkout our Holiday Shipping Schedule for guaranteed holiday delivery. You may contact us anytime.

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Makro deephunter Metal Detector Review

Makro deephunter mineralized beach comparison

The Makro deephunter offers mineralized beach comparison that allows you to easily find jewelery and coins deep within the sand.

Metal detectorists have dreamed about a true, all around machine for years.  With the creation of the Makro deephunter pro metal detector this dream has finally come true!

Makro deephunter deep search comparison

The Makro deephunter offers deep search comparison that allows you to find things more easily that are buried deep within the ground.

Makro has designed the deephunter metal detector to be adept at finding the widest range of targets possible.  From small coins and gold nuggets to large deeply buried treasures to underground caverns and caves the deephunter can find it all.  In fact, when you use the deephunter metal detector you’ll end up finding targets others have missed because this machine is so unique in it’s capabilities.

For example,  The Makro deephunter can find a 2.9 gram copper coin between 9 and 17 inches underground depending on the search coil used.  At the same time it can also find a 40 inch copper plate at over 10 feet deep!  This truly is a wide range of targets; and the metal detector finds all these treasures at depths no other multi use metal detectors can touch.

The deephunter’s ability to search so deeply in any type of ground conditions is supported in part by the four (4) search coils included with each machine; two (2) for each mode.  Switching between the coils is quick and easy, and provides users with the largest set of search options imaginable; even in highly mineralized soils.  It’s these search coils, coupled with the two distinct operating modes, that give the deephunter

Makro deephunter Metal Detector

The Makro deephunter metal detector is one of the most powerful detectors on the market today that can easily detect things buried deep within the ground.

capabilities that essentially make it two different metal detectors rolled into one.

You might assume that with all of these specialized search capabilities the deephunter is an advanced metal detector and would be difficult to use.  That would be wrong though!  Makro made the deephunter easy to use so that every metal detectorist can enjoy it’s state of the art feature set.  The machine can change between modes with just a flip of a switch.  Additional manual controls include Ground, Depth, Record, Reset, and Scan, along with general buttons like “OK”, “+”, and “-”.

The Makro deephunter metal detector makes target identification and recovery easier as well thanks to the large, color, LCD screen located right on top of the control box.  You can get visuals on everything that’s going on in simple to read, full color graphs including depth readings and a graphic that shows the shape of each target detected.  In addition, while visual alerts are available in Mode 1, Mode 2 provides users with audio alerts.  This way, if there is a preference, the Makro deephunter can meet these needs as well. When the deephunter is first turned on, you may choose either English or Spanish as your operating language.

Users will also surely enjoy the ferrous elimination feature.  Operational in both mode 1 and mode 2, the ferrous elimination feature makes junk metals almost disappear.  As a result, the deephunter is able to make target recovery even more efficient since you aren’t wasting time digging for trash.  With the Makro deephunter, you’ll only be finding treasure.

This metal detector is so unique it’s already stirred conversation including here at MetalDetector.com.  Let’s take a look at one of the customer reviews we’ve received so far.

Mitchell writesI’ve wanted a multi use metal detector for years but never been convinced.  I finally decided to try one when I saw the Makro deephunter.  It’s only been three weeks but

Makro deephunter search

If you need a detector that can seek deep within the ground and be able to distinguish what you're looking for, the Makro deephunter is for you!

it really does anything anywhere!  Thanks for your help and patience on the phone while I was trying to pick the right unit.

As you can see the Makro Deephunter is not like any other metal detector on the market today.  To learn even more about this new machine visit our deephunter product page.  Here you’ll find a full color interactive slideshow, the product catalog, downloadable instruction manual, an informational video, and more in order to help you get the feel for the device and decide if it’s the metal detector that will best meet your individual needs.





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Is it Easy to Shop for a Metal Detector Online?

Online shopping should be easy, yet with too much information, it can leave you dazed. Also, online shopping for an item you may not know much about, such as a metal detector, can leave your head spinning. Well, there is good news! To help you sort through the information quickly, just click on the Browse / Shop menu at the top left of any page here at MetalDetector.com. Our Browse Shop tab puts all the products you are looking for at your fingertips. Now it is easy to find just what you need! There’s even more to help you, so let’s take a closer look.

Easily shop for metal detectors using the "Browse Shop" tab found at MetalDetector.com.

Shopping for metal detectors has never been easier with the "Browse Shop" tab found at MetalDetector.com.

Michael Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com says it is extremely easy to browse metal detectors and accessories. “We spent a lot of time creating the most user-friendly shopping experience possible. The Browse Shop tab caters to every type of detector customer. For example, if you know you want a specific brand, you can click directly on it such as Garrett Hobby or XP. Or, if you will be using your detector exclusively for one purpose, such as gold detecting, you would select ‘Gold Prospecting‘ found under the ‘Shop by Usage’ category”.

The Browse / Shop tab in the top navigation offers 4 ways to shop:

1. Shop by Categories: Categories include Hobby, Security, Industrial, Marine Search & Recovery, Accessories and Bargain Center.

2. Shop by Brands: Here, you’ll find well-known metal detector brand names to choose from.

3. Shop by Usage: This section includes every possible metal detection application you can think of—ranging from beach hunting to coin & jewelry, relic hunting, gold prospecting to underwater hobby to crime scene investigation.

4. Shop Accessories: Find every type of metal detecting accessory—from search coils to digging tools to headphones, pinpointers, poles and hardware and many more categories.

MetalDetector.com’s Browse Shop navigation will take you through every step of the metal detector shopping process. You can learn about all of the brands, get product details and specs, perform product comparisons and compare prices across brands. We built the website with your needs in mind and every team member working behind the scenes at MetalDetector.com is committed to making it easy for you to shop and buy metal detectors.