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You can enter your own My Metal Detector Finds story for a chance to win a Weber Smokey Mountain 14.5" cooker and smoker. Enter between January 1, 2014 and March 31, 2014 at MetalDetector.com

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Open Saturday December 21 for Guaranteed Holiday Metal Detector Delivery

We are open this Saturday from 9 − 2. Visit us locally or place your order online for guaranteed holiday delivery. Our elves are working around the clock to ensure your metal detector is delivered in time for the holidays. See our Guaranteed Holiday Delivery Schedule for complete details on this offer. Michael Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com said “As a UPS Premier

Saturday December 21 Metal Detector Sale

Daniel and Michael Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com announced this evening that they will be open and shipping holiday metal detector orders this Saturday December 21 from 9-2. Orders placed by 11 am EST on saturday by UPS Next Day Air will be delivered on Monday December 23rd and by UPS 2nd Day Air will be delivered on Tuesday December 24th.

partner, MetalDetector.com is pleased to be able to be part of the UPS Super Saturday program. Our customers will receive their Next Day and Second day air shipments as if they were shipped on Friday!” He went on to say that ” There is no additional fee for this enhanced service. Customers just need order their metal detectors by 11am EST on Saturday December 21 and select UPS Next Day Air® or UPS Second Day Air® service.”

You Heard Correctly – Yes, we are shipping on Saturday!
For Orders Placed by 11 AM EST:
•   UPS Next Day Air will be delivered on Monday December 23rd
•   UPS 2nd Day Air will be delivered on Tuesday December 24th (This is the last day to ship 2nd Day Air packages in time for Christmas)

If you are in the local area, you can also pick up your order at our Southborough, Massachusetts metal detector store. We are located half way between Boston and Worcester, MA. All of the brands shown on our website are available for local pickup. Simply place your order online and select “in store pickup” at the checkout. We are located at 23 Turnpike Rd., Southborough, MA 01772. Be sure to mention this blog post to receive a FREE gift just for stopping in!

Best Places to Treasure Hunt with Your Metal Detector

Treasure Hunting Tips

When treasure hunting, two of the most important things are knowing where to search and having the right metal detector to help you.

When you’re eager to find lost coins, jewelry, relics and treasure—the first question in your mind is “where should I hunt?” Obvious spots are probably right under your nose and it’s prudent to get suggestions from veteran treasure hunters. After all, they’ve been experimenting with metal detectors for years and know where to find success. If you’re a fan of the National Geographic TV show Diggers, you’ve heard KG and Ringy talk about finding ‘nectar.’ This refers to the millions of dollars in coins and artifacts that sit just below our feet. So, with metal detector in hand—you’re probably ready to find some valuable nectar yourself. Here are suggestions from the experts for potentially successful metal detecting spots:

Public Parks & Recreation areas – search around drinking fountains, benches, picnic tables, walkways, entertainment platforms & pavilions. When metal detecting on private property you need to get permission from the land owner. With that said, amusement parks, fairgrounds, carnival & circus sites can be great spots to search. Any areas where lots of people have gathered over the years such as sports stadiums are great sites. You can check around the buildings, in the parking lot and even beneath stadium seats!

When metal detecting, it is important to learn about the local and national laws before setting out on your hunt. National treasure hunting organizations and local treasure hunting clubs can provide information on the current laws, rules and regulations. Other top sites to explore include:

  • – Beach swimming areas and public pools – especially concession and play areas
  • – Swimming pools and swimming holes
  • – Fishing piers, boat ramps and landings
  • – Horse and hiking trails, campgrounds and children’s camps
  • – Schools and colleges – around playground equipment, water fountains and doors or where people wait in line
  • – Tourist and rest stops lookouts and scenic spots
  • – Wishing wells and fountains- search below ponds or water where people pitch coins
  • – Service stations – don’t forget older and abandoned gas stations
  • – Old drive-in theater locations – search around ticket windows and concession areas
  • – Motels and hotels- current and former locations
  • – Old buildings and abandoned homes – doorways, next to porches and steps, near mailboxes and along all walkways and paths
  • – Your own yard – you will be surprised what you can recover from your own backyard!

These are just a few ideas for treasure hunting locations. You can also visit your local library and do a little research on local history. Perhaps you’ll stumble across information about rumored treasure caches or the sites of old buildings. This may provide you with a list of spots that could yield quantities of old and valuable treasure. If you’re new to the hobby of metal detecting, check out the articles at MetalDetector.com that cover beginner basics, such as Digging Into Research at Your Local Library- Uncovering the Best Sites for Locating Treasures.

Tips For Using Metal Detectors During the Winter

Depending on where you live, metal detecting may have become only a three season activity.  But it doesn’t have to be!  Even if you can’t actually dig the ground up there are a variety of ways you can still be metal detecting during the winter months.

Daniel Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com shown with the Garrett Ace metal detector, one of our top metal detectors for sale. From kids to adults, popular brands like Bounty Hunter, XP and Tesoro make great Christmas gift ideas.

Daniel Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com shown with the Garrett Ace metal detector, one of our top metal detectors for sale. From kids to adults, popular brands like Bounty Hunter, XP and Tesoro make great Christmas gift ideas.

Daniel Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com said “Winter in the North East, where we are located, is a magical time of year. Thoughts of Christmas and other seasonal traditions are on all of our minds. It is the time of the year when children have metal detectors at the top of their holiday wish lists. Be sure to read our section on selecting the best metal detectors for kids. 

Unfrozen Water Bodies

Some of our top metal detectors for sale are perfect for hunting during the winter. If you have water bodies that aren’t frozen, you can get yourself a pair of insulated waders or a wetsuit and use your metal detector here.  Shallow water metal detecting can be a lot of fun and lead to some very unique finds. There’s also a lot less trash to dig when metal detecting in the water. Two popular waterproof detectors are made by Garrett Metal Detectors. These models include the AT Pro and the new ATX which we reviewed in our October blog post.

The Shoreline and Beaches

The shoreline and some beaches (especially saltwater beaches) can also be good places to go metal detecting in the winter.  Metal detectors from Bounty Hunter are fun to use at the beach as all of their models contain water-proof search coils. Even when surrounding areas are snowy, often, with the help of the water and the wind these areas remain snow free.  Plus, sand doesn’t generally freeze above the high tide line, and even then, with a little help from the sun, these areas can be digable during some parts of the day depending on where you are.

Winter Gathering Spots

Even though the ground may be frozen, you can still hunt for treasure in the snow.  Places like sledding hills, ice skating and hockey rinks, and ice fishing ponds can lead to a great deal of treasure like jewelry and coins since items easily fall out of people’s pockets during activities like these. You can find them all winter long with your metal detector!

Researching Areas for Future Hunts

If it’s just too cold and too frozen to actually get outside and go metal detecting where you are, you can begin researching places to hunt once the weather breaks.  The best, most successful metal detectorists do their research before they head out into the field.  They look for specific spots that were well traveled, or where events took place in the past.  Information on your area can easily be found at places like the local historical society and the library.  You might even speak to users from local metal detecting clubs in your area. Longtime residents of the area can also be excellent resources.

Although searching for treasure in the actual ground may not be possible during the winter, you can still go metal detecting.  And, by preparing for spring, summer, and fall metal detecting trips during the winter, all your treasure hunts become more successful.  Don’t put your metal detecting equipment away when the weather turns.  Use these tips to find ways that you can keep up your hobby all year long no matter what mother nature throws at you!

What Does a Metal Detector’s Search Coil Do?

search coil

The search coil of your metal detector allows you to better scan the ground for hidden treasures.

The finest metal detector in the world is no better than its search coil, so be sure not to overlook your search coil’s importance in treasure hunting. The type of search coil you use will determine how effectively your metal detector will perform the task at hand. What exactly is the search coil’s function? The search coil is mounted on the lower end of the detector’s stem. It takes power from the control housing through the search coil cable. Then, it transmits data between the metal detector and the ground. The search coil simply scans to allow the metal detector to find metal targets.

Most search coils operate with electromagnetic transmitter and receiver antennas embedded within the search coil. An invisible electromagnetic field is generated and picks up signals from the surface you’re scanning—soil, rock, water, sand, etc. Search coils designed by major manufacturers and provided with their detectors are generally reliable because they are maximized for performance. However, experts say there is no such thing as a standard search coil. A coil that operates perfectly in the park may not be suited for a pop-top filled beach. Search coils that find coins are not the same as those used to search for a treasure cache. There is also the issue of moisture and/or water-resistant capabilities. Find out if your search coil can resist a small amount of moisture, is waterproof for operating in heavy rainfall, or is fully submersible. Most coils made today fall into this last category of fully submersible.

Size Matters When it comes to Search Coils

Search coils come in many shapes and sizes. In general, the smaller the search coil, the smaller the object that can be detected. Larger search coils are designed to detect larger, deeper targets—but they can often locate small objects at deep depths, too. From small to large, search coils are designed with specific objectives in mind. Here is a snapshot of sizes & functions.

3-5″ Diameter: Very small search coils, also called “Snipers,” are ideal for trash-filled areas, allowing a detectorist to pinpoint coins in spite of nails and other junk. These search coils are able to maneuver in tight spots and around obstacles. They will signal at the detection of small and shallow targets. However, depth of detection is not as great as larger search coils.

7-9.5″ Diameter: This size search coil is what comes equipped with most detectors. 7-9″ search coils are usually the best for coin hunting and general purpose treasure hunting. These search coils are lightweight with a good scanning width and they are sensitive to a wide range of targets. Mid-range search coils offer decent depth of detection.

10-12″ Diameter and Larger: Large search coils are designed to detect coins and other targets at greater depths. Precise pinpointing is more difficult with the larger sizes because they pick up more mineralization. But these search coils are beneficial for finding, large relics and treasure caches. They provide considerable ground coverage, so you can cover a lot of ground more quickly than with a medium search coil.

Shop by Features for Search Coils at MetalDetector.com

MetalDetector.com stocks over 100 available optional search coils for just about every manufacturer’s detectors. To make it easier to narrow down your search results, you can Shop by “Features.” Choose from Brand, Search Coil Size, List Price, Search Coil Shape or Type, Audio Identification, Water Resistance, Country or Warranty. Daniel Bernzweig, of MetalDetector.com suggests, “To improve your understanding in all types of treasure hunting, I encourage you to learn about the various types of search coils and practice using them whenever possible.” Learn more about search coils in the Getting Started section of MetalDetector.com’s Learning Library: Choosing the Best Search Coil.

Metal Detectors: Reviewing Your Best Holiday Shopping Options

Learn about the best models for sale from the first online retailer of metal detectors. Discover the top metal detectors for everyone on your holiday shopping list from adults to kids and young children.

Learn about the best models for sale from the first online retailer of metal detectors. Discover the top metal detectors for everyone on your holiday shopping list from adults to kids and young children.

Just ask any metal detectorist and they’ll tell you how important it is to feel confident in your metal detector supplier. Hobbyists rely on their equipment; they often have questions and need support when looking for the top metal detectors for sale. Also, there are many occupations which utilize metal detection equipment. Industrial and commercial users require expertise from professionals with field training and detector knowledge.

Michael Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com said “From models for adults to the best kids metal detectors for the child on your holiday list, we have it all in stock for guaranteed holiday delivery!” He continued by adding “this year, we have many special bonus packages and discount offers from all of the top manufacturers including Garrett metal detectors and the popular Bounty Hunter brand as well.”

Quality metal detectors (and related accessories) are a large purchase, so wouldn’t it be great to establish a relationship with one metal detector company that you trust? In order to do that, it’s important to get to know your metal detector supplier. What are their strengths? What is the company’s business philosophy? We invite you to take a few minutes to learn “About MetalDetector.com”: the people, our mission and philosophy, Our Guarantee and a behind-the-scenes look at day-to-day operations at our warehouse.

Who We Are: Our Team, Philosophy and Values

According to Michael Bernzweig, co-owner of MetalDetector.com, “We are a family-owned business that’s been in operation for over 30 years. My brother Daniel & I take pride in the fact that we are second-generation owners. We are passionate about helping others enjoy this hobby to its full potential. Since childhood, Daniel and I have been avid treasure hunters, so we are knowledgeable about metal detectors and how to select the right equipment.”

The entire team at MetalDetector.com has a clear and guiding mission: to be the BEST choice among online retailers for purchasing metal detectors and equipment. How do we accomplish this? With Our Guarantee—along with providing the best total customer experience in the industry.

Here are some of the highlights of Our Guarantee at MetalDetector.com:

– The First Online Retailer of Metal Detectors: We sold our first metal detector online in the 1990’s!

A Proven Track Record: Approved and A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and Google Certified as a Google Trusted Store.

Factory Trained Product Specialists: Every member of our team receives ongoing training in relation to the equipment we sell. Individuals who are trained in the specific equipment that you have a question about are available to provide support.

Our No-Haggle, Best-Price Guarantee on Metal Detectors: The best pricing allowed by contract with each manufacturer.

Fast, Free Shipping with No Fine Print: Free ground shipping applies to all orders over $99.95 shipped within the continental United States.

The bottom line is: we want each and every customer to be satisfied. That’s why we have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee; so you can feel confident making an online purchase with us.

Customer Service & Online Support

Do you have questions about ordering a metal detector online, how shipping is handled or if you can return or exchange merchandise? It’s easy to get all of your questions answered at MetalDetector.com before making a purchase. This way, you can feel 100% confident throughout the purchase process knowing that you’ll be satisfied with your transaction. Not only can you call our customer service center directly, we have LIVE CHAT, a “Call Me Back” feature and an Online Support Center. Our Online Support Center has answers to the most frequently asked questions about ordering products. You will see that the Online Support Center clearly explains how to determine the status of an order, get tracking details, cancel or update orders and other important ordering information.

The folks at MetalDetector.com are here to help you through every step of the metal detector shopping, ordering and customer support process. Please feel free to contact us any time during business hours by phone or Live Chat for professional advice. We do everything possible to further the hobby of metal detecting and the careers that involve metal detection equipment!

Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker is one of the best metal detectors for kids as it's easy to use and powerful enough to find hidden treasures.

For a child 8 and under there’s no better metal detector than the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker. While older children are big enough to use an adult metal detector with an adjustable arm, most children 8 and younger still need something smaller and lighter weight. That’s where the Junior Treasure Tracker comes in. We reviewed this detector over a year ago and thought we should take another look since it is one of the most popular kids detectors and there have also been new reviews submitted by customers.

Many metal detectors made for younger children sacrifice quality for a lower price tag. This is unfortunate though as lower quality machines often make metal detecting hard for children because they don’t have the features that are necessary to actually find treasure. The Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker is the opposite of all this though. It’s a child sized metal detector (the adjustable search pole extends to 27 inches and the metal detector weighs less than 2 lbs.) with a set of features you’d find on any other basic hobby detector made for adults.

The Junior Treasure Tracker also comes equipped with a 6.5 inch, water resistant search coil that’s able to find coin sized treasure upwards of 5 to 6 inches deep! Most metal detectors for kids can’t come close to this type of depth. With easy to distinguish audio tone this VLF (very low frequency) metal detector also helps kids zero in on their treasures while leaving behind trash.

Of course with children in mind the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker was designed to be easy to use as well. With a very simple interface and just two dial controls (1. Power/sensitivity and 2. Discrimination also known as Trash Elimination) children can focus on the fun of finding treasure instead of the technical aspects of running their cutting edge metal detector.

Now, let’s take a minute and read through some customer reviews we’ve received from people who have purchased the Junior Treasure Tracker to share the hobby of metal detecting with a child in their lives and see what they have to say about the machine.

D Keenan wrote These guys [Metaldetector.com] know their stuff and are a huge help deciding what is the best deal and product. I bought the Bounty Hunter Jr and an adult metal detector. Great family fun for Granddaughter and Grandson. Thank you!!

Picture of the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker Metal Detector controls

One of the reasons why the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker metal detector is popular with kids is due to the controls being so easy to use.

Katie S writes – I bought 2 metal detectors for 2 of my grandsons, ages 4 and 6. They had been going on “treasure adventures” with their Dad for several months before getting these. Having their own has just made the adventure that much better ….

Scott B shares – I got this for my 6 year old daughter. I cannot believe how well it works. She is finding all kinds of stuff. I even used it to find a lost key ring and it found it ….

Parents and kids alike are happy with the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker. So, if you’re looking for a kids metal detector, be sure to fully review the Junior Treasure Tracker before making your purchase. While children’s metal detectors need to be easy to use and small, they don’t have to sacrifice quality to provide these other features. The Junior Treasure Tracker has combined an excellent machine into a child’s sized package for a complete kids metal detector that’s fun to use and actually finds a lot of treasure! For additional information visit our Bounty Hunter Junior product page. You can view additional stats, read the full manual, and more. Then you’ll see the difference between those other metal detectors for children and the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker!


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Bounty Hunter makes a full line of quality metal detectors that are fun yet easy to use for kids and adults.

Metal Detectors: Our 2013 Holiday Gift Ideas for Adventurous Women

If the damsel on your holiday list would rather be rock-climbing than snuggled up reading a book or watching TV, encourage her passion for the great outdoors! Treasure hunting with a metal detector is an exciting hobby for any outdoor enthusiast. This year, become her holiday hero by thinking outside of the box and presenting her with a gift she can really use.

The Garrett Ace 250 and Ace 350 are two top buys available for the woman on your Christmas shopping list this year. Both models from Garrett Metal Detectors ship with an exclusive bonus package only available from MetalDetector.com.

The Garrett Ace 250 and Ace 350 are two top buys available for the woman on your Christmas shopping list this year. Both models from Garrett Metal Detectors ship with an exclusive bonus package only available from MetalDetector.com.

The great thing about today’s metal detectors is that you can easily find a model that is suited for a beginner, yet full-featured enough to locate valuables at a considerable depth. It’s not difficult to find coins, jewelry and relics anywhere in the U.S. It’s also fascinating to look for treasures with a metal detector in areas known for specific categories of finds. For instance, the west coast is coined “gold country,” and produces lots of gold nugget finds. Civil War relics are often found in the Southeast and Eastern U.S., Colonial period relics show up out east, coastal areas are great for underwater detecting, the Great Lakes are known for lost shipwreck treasure and ghost towns can be found in every state.

Daniel Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com said tonight “Get the woman on your holiday gift list something she will really enjoy this year.” he went on to say “We offer models that range from entry level units from Bounty Hunter metal detectors to top models produced by Garrett Metal Detectors.” It is interesting to note that both of these quality brands are produced right here in the United States.

More and more, women are jumping into the hobby of metal detecting. It’s not just men scouring the beach for coins and lost trinkets anymore. The thrill of finding treasure is addictive. Every time a beep goes off, it’s like pulling the handle on a slot machine. Will it be a jackpot or junk? If you’re buying a holiday gift for more of a thrill-seeker this year, be sure to check out our top 10 Metal Detector Picks For the Adventurous Women.

Metal Detectors are Ideal for Seniors with Free Time

Metal Detectors for Seniors

We can help seniors find the right metal detector that best fits their treasure hunting needs.

Many retirees find themselves with nothing to do and all day to do it. If you have extra time on your hands, it puts you in a great position to take up the hobby of metal detecting. Carefully scanning a park or campsite or combing the beach for treasure takes time—which is stretched thin for a majority of the population. Those who are fortunate enough to have free time should seriously consider purchasing a metal detector (or suggest it as a gift). Treasure hunting can add variety, excitement and adventure to your life!

“… look for a model that is lightweight with at least a few added features. This will set you up for success without going overboard …”  Michael Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com

Seniors/retirees can read about hidden treasure and long lost caches, research their locations; then, set out with a metal detector in hot pursuit. What type of metal detector is best suited for seniors? Michael Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com offers his advice: “If you’re just starting out, look for a model that is lightweight with at least a few added features. This will set you up for success without going overboard. Turn-on-and-go detectors are a great option for seniors.” Popular features include target identification display, a large easy-to-read LCD screen, visual depth indicator and multi-tone audio target identification. Learn about the benefits of metal detecting and types of detectors in our hand written article entitled Why Metal Detecting is the Perfect Hobby for Seniors.

One last item we would like to touch upon. Many have the idea that people who metal detect are mostly retirees or mostly kids and children. Well the fact is that the average age of metal detectorists is around 36 years old. So yes, it is seniors, kids and everyone in between who enjoys the thrill of a metal detector and the excitement it brings to life.


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Digging and Retrieval of Coins with Metal Detectors

Digging and Retrieval of Coins

Michael Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com is above metal detecting with the the Lesche digging trowel says "When trying to find buried coins, having the right tools will make it easier to find and retrieve them."

Once your metal detector has given you a strong signal and you’ve located a coin or something more valuable, how do you dig it up without damaging your find? Expert coin hunters give much advice on the safe retrieval of coins and interestingly, it’s all different. They say it depends on the kind of turf you’re digging. Each type of soil can require a different digging and retrieval method. Recovering coins from the beach may be easy, but digging coins from hard-packed clay is much more difficult.

Michael Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com said “Garrett Metal Detectors are one of the most popular brands for locating coins and valuables.” He went on to say “If you are looking for our top metal detectors for sale be sure to check out our top 10 list.”

For recovering coins on the beach, many people use two tools—a wire mesh or stainless steel sand scoop sifter and a small trowel. When they have pinpointed a metallic object with their detector, they scoop through the sand with a sifter. If the sand is loose and fine, the object may be in the sifter. However, if the coin is in wet sand near the water, it’s time for the trowel. After pinpointing, a detectorist will insert his/her trowel several inches into the beach sand and with one quick twist, remove the clump of sand. Hopefully, the coin will be at hand. Otherwise, keep digging with the trowel. It’s important to use tools for beach retrieval because you may encounter broken glass.

Other Methods for Probing and Retrieval

Some coin hunting experts like to use knives when retrieving their finds. They cut a plug of grass about three inches deep. When folding the turf back, the coin is usually in the plug of dirt. If not, you can remove a second and deeper plug. You can use a pinpointing metal detector to locate the target within the hole. After retrieving the valuable, you can fold the turf back into place and secure it. A stainless steel digging trowel is a great way to retrieve your target. Treasure digging trowels have marks to gauge the depth of a hole and they help to avoid marring coins while digging. You can shop for Digging Tools, Pinpointing Probes and Metal Detector Accessories at MetalDetector.com

When you click on the Browse Shop tab in the top navigation, you’ll see the Shop Accessories category. There are subheads for each accessory category, making it easy for you to locate what you’re shopping for. You can even find digging kits, such as the Garrett Treasure Digger Kit, which comes with a pouch, probe and trowel. Shop by Features or even do side-by-side comparisons by adding two products to review.

Types of Retrieval Equipment for Metal Detecting

Among the useful tools that you will need for locating and recovering coins are a knife such as the Lesche Digging Tool, stainless steel trowels, pinpointer and some type of apron or pouch. Electronic Pinpointer metal detectors are considered a gem among retrieval tools for many coin hunters. Electronic pinpointers help speed up recovery while adding extreme accuracy. The most popular model on the market today is the Garrett Pro-Pointer. Knives are essential for cutting plugs; metal detecting knives allow you to be exact, precise and quick. Trowels specifically designed for this hobby are typically made of hardened stainless steel. They come in many sizes to adapt to your needs.

To learn more about the safe recovery of coins and other valuables, be sure to read the following related articles from our Learning Library:

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