Announcing the Fisher F-19 Metal Detector

A top choice for Relic Hunters and Treasure Hunters Alike!

The Fisher F-19 Limited Metal Detector comes in Pink or Green Camoflouge and is a Relic Hunters dream machine.

The Fisher F-19 Limited Metal Detector comes in Pink or Green Camouflage and is a Relic Hunters dream machine.

We’ve been carrying Fisher metal detectors since the late 1980s. Today, we’re pleased to announce that is now carrying yet another of their fantastic machines, the Fisher F-19 metal detector.

The F-19 was designed to be a high performance gold, coin, and relic detector.  It has an amazing feature set including:

  • Computerized GROUND GRAB®, one touch ground balance with manual override that can ground balance all the way to salt.

  • FeTone™, Adjustable Iron Audio and V-Break®, Tone Discrimination System gives the F-19 unmatched target identification and separation capabilities.

  • Continuous ground condition readout with Ground Phase Value and Fe304 Graphic, clearly indicates the amount of ground mineralization present.

  • Static all metal pinpoint with depth indicator make target location and retrieval easier and more accurate.

  • 19 kHz operating frequency to help you locate coins, relics, and gold.

  • Weighs just 2.5 lbs. (1.1 kg.) for hours of comfortable metal detecting.

In addition to these and all of it’s other features, currently, the Fisher F-19 is also available in either Green or Pink Camouflage.  Plus, for a limited time only, when you order from we’ll include a free special bonus package!

As you can see the Fisher F-19 is a versatile metal detector that can be used at the beach, in the park, or out in the mountains to find anything from jewelry to gold nuggets, to antique coins, and much more.  It has a range of features that make the machine easy to use and treasure easy to find.  While this is essentially the goal of every metal detector, the Fisher F-19 is one of the machines that actually pulls it off.

Whether you’re new to metal detecting or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to enjoy the Fisher F-19.  Check out our product page for the Fisher F-19 metal detector to learn more.  Here you can view an informational video, read a full product overview, and gain access to the product manual and full list of stats.  So be sure to take a closer look at the Fisher F-19 because you may have just found your perfect metal detector!

Did You Know: We stock the complete line of Fisher Hobby metal detectors and have done so for decades. We also stock the Fisher Security and Walk Through metal detectors and locators from the Fisher Industrial division.