Gold Rush Spurs Interest in Gold Prospecting

Gold is on the top of every metal detecting hobbyist’s list. Those who have actually recovered gold can’t say enough about the thrill of the find! The very first rock of gold discovered in the U.S. was fished out of a North Carolina creek in 1799. Since then, gold nuggets have been found in 24 American states. The quest for prospectors today is placer gold, which refers to an alluvial deposit of gravel that contains particles of minerals such as gold. Beginners should not be discouraged; rather, they should be aware that pure gold exists in pretty harsh conditions- where the ground is heavily mineralized or full of conductive salts. So, to specialize in gold hunting, you will need equipment specifically designed for the task.

Yes, Metal Detectors Can Find Gold

Gold prospecting metal detectors have frequencies ranging from 18kHz to a maximum of 71kHz. The highest frequencies are fine-tuned to target very small grains of gold. Gold detectors, like the Garrett AT Gold can detect right through tough ground conditions, making it easier to pick out all of the pure gold. Unfortunately, most entry-level detectors that are made to find coins, will send you on a wild goose chase, digging up false signals everywhere. Try to buy the best specialty machine you can afford on your budget. To learn more, check out: What’s the Best Gold Prospecting Metal Detector?


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Gold Panning Kits

Automatic Gold Panning Machines

Just like the Diggers, You Can be a Relic Hunter!

Relic hunting is the search for historical artifacts, including military items from the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War. For detecting hobbyists who enjoy learning about history, this can quickly become a favorite pastime. On one hunting trip, a detectorist might find a hundred-year-old musket ball and on the next—a cannon ball or an officer’s Medal of Honor. Treasure hunters who live near heavily wooded areas of old home sites should try their hand at relic hunting, because this is prime hunting territory. Many protected U.S. battlefields are off-limits to detectorists, but if you live in parts of the country where Civil War battles took place, you may be able to build a military relic collection!

So which type of metal detector is designed for finding relics? Most multi-purpose units work just fine when adjusted with a small amount of discrimination. Too much discrimination will reject valuable targets, which is why gold and beach-hunting detectors aren’t ideal. Relics are typically made of iron, steel or brass. A visual target display is an extremely valuable feature for relic hunting, so that should be on your list of ‘must haves’ when shopping for a new detector. To learn which types of detectors professional and serious relic hunters use, check out: What are the Best Metal Detectors for Finding Relics? One last consideration after your metal detector, is a heavy duty shovel, so you can dig all those great relics you are in search of with ease. The Lesche shovels and digging tools are highly regarded by relic hunters and are affordable, yet built to last for many years of use.

Pre-Order the new Makro Pointer Waterproof Pinpointer

Exciting news is trending in the metal detecting world—particularly among the water hunters. Makro Detector is unveiling its brand new pinpointer- called the Makro Pointer. The Makro Pointer is being hyped as the best waterproof pinpointer on the market today (although it is actually not hitting the shelves until mid-November 2014.) Here’s a quote from a detectorist who was lucky enough to preview and field test the Makro Pointer: “This is an excellent tool! All of us water guys have been begging for a good waterproof pinpointer for years. This is it! It seems to be made exactly like we wanted it.”

The Makro Pointer is definitely a premium pinpointer, although it is certainly affordable. It’s fully waterproof and boasts several advanced features that haven’t been available on pinpointers to date. We are going to highlight the settings and features of the all-new Makro Pointer. You may not even get through the review before picking up the phone and pre-ordering yours. They will likely sell out quickly around the launch date and in the months to follow.

Features of the New Makro Pinpointer

In a nutshell, the Makro Pinpointer has a professional waterproof design. Target alerts include audio, vibration or both at the same time. And it is also equipped with a powerful LED light for locating targets in deep or dark holes.

Waterproof: Fully waterproof design—pinpointer can be used underwater to depths of 1 meter (just over 3 feet). Meets IP 67 waterproof rating.

360° Detection Tip: Makro Pointer’s detection tip will detect targets all the way around its surface. Up until now, high-end pinpointers only had side-scanning capabilities. 360°detection is much more efficient.

Sensitivity Settings: Has 4 different sensitivity settings, so you can adjust accordingly. Simply press the +/- button to reach ideal sensitivity.

LED Light: Has a powerful built-in light that is referred to as a ‘flashlight’. Other pinpointers aren’t equipped with a light or don’t feature an on/off control. Easily switch off light when not needed.

Three Target Alert Options: Features audio alert, vibration alert or audio and vibrate at the same time. Select your preference depending on types of targets or time of day.

Coil Interference Blocking: When pointer is switched off, the coil’s magnetic transmission is disabled. This eliminates interference from a metal detector or the Makro Pointer itself.

Two Hard-Shell Cases: Included with the pinpointer are a standard hard shell protection tip and a hard shell with built-in scraping blade. Both fit snugly over the end of the pointer to protect the tip while in use.

The new Makro Pinpointer is rugged and features high-quality components. Inside the box, you will find a durable zippered case for the pointer, carrying strap, a belt clip holster, a “find’s bag” containing the 2 hard shell cases, a battery and the instructional manual. That’s everything you need to power up and go treasure hunting. This is an exceptional gift for yourself or a fellow detectorist!

PRE-ORDER the Makro Pointer Waterproof Pinpointer by Phone: 1-800-446-0244 (USA) or 1-508-460-6244 (International). To see a Makro Pointer product demo watch this video 

What is the benefit of carrying a pinpointer? Hand-held pinpointers save you a lot of time recovering targets. First, you find a signal with your detector. Next, pin-point a more accurate location using your detector. Then, dig a plug and use your detector to scan the plug. If it is there, use your pinpointer to find it. If not, place your pinpointer in the hole to see where the target is. To read more about the pin-pointing process, see: What are the Best Metal Detector Pinpointers?

Is the Next Big Treasure Cache Buried in your Backyard?

Cache hunting is the pursuit of “buried treasure” left behind by outlaws and pirates; or, it could consist of containers with valuables or currency hidden on old family homesteads. According to historians, there are thousands of treasure caches and money hoards still undiscovered. Recently, a couple in California found canisters containing 1,400 gold coins buried in their own yard and just last month a man in Scotland unearthed over 100 pieces of Viking treasure that will soon be on display to the public! Usually, it is the seasoned detectorist who embarks upon cache hunting when he has reason to believe the treasure may exist. This knowledge can come from research or local legend.

Metal detectorists who have actually found a treasure cache report finding tobacco tins full of coins or paper money, iron boxes or safes filled with jewels or coins, old metal cans brimming with gold coins, or even just a hole in the ground heaped full of valuables. People buried money when the stock market crashed and they didn’t trust banks or if they had something to hide. Locating a true treasure cache requires a deep-seeking metal detector because they are often buried two to four feet underground. A two-box metal detector penetrates deeply into the ground; it is equipped with special search coils that sends a signal into the ground and transmits back to the detector. Some deep seeking detectors can even detect voids in the soil where a container is taking up space with gems or other non-metallic items.  Read more about deep-seeking detectors: What are the Best Two Box and Deep Metal Detectors?

The 1913-S Lincoln Wheat Penny is Worth up to $50

Coin shooting is the hobby of using a metal detector to hunt for coins. It is a great starting point into the world of metal detecting. Many beginners are proud to say they found enough coins in their first few months or year of coin shooting to pay for their new machine. Nothing beats the excitement of uncovering coins that have been buried in the ground for hundreds of years! As an added bonus, some old coins such as the 1913-S Lincoln Wheat Penny are very valuable! Even in dug condition, this coin is worth much more than an average wheat penny of about 5 – 10 cents.

Detectorists can search for coins anywhere—sweeping for lost change in highly trafficked older areas such as a park, beach or pick nick groves of a by gone era. Some of these machines can discriminate out junk metals that are lying right next to an old coin. But beginners can feel confident that they will locate coins with any quality entry-level or mid-level metal detector. To read more about where to search for lost coins and equipment selection, check out this helpful guide: What are the Best Metal Detectors for Finding Coins? Then you can start hunting for cold, hard cash!


All Detector Pro Headphones Now Available at

Every metal detectorist needs a good pair of headphones; and that’s why we’re so pleased to be able to offer the full line of DetectorPro metal detecting headphones.  No matter what type of machine you have, Detector Pro has a set of headphones that will help you hear every single hit your metal detector receives – even the “Ghost Signals”.

The Detector Pro headphones you’ll now be able to find at include:

Black Widow

DetectorPro’s Black Widow metal detecting headphones are some of the only headphones to feature independent volume controls for each ear.  This is of particular interest to those metal detectorists with hearing differences and/or individuals hunting in environments where ambient noise levels are high.


Designed for use in those special places where you also need to keep an ear on what’s around you, the Rattler metal detecting headphones are made with just one earcup.  These headphones will be of particular interest to gold nugget hunters who frequently go metal detecting in places where there are a range of dangers  – including the Rattle Snake!

Gray Ghost Amphibian

If you’ve got a Garrett underwater metal detector like the Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold, Sea Hunter Mark II, ATX, or Infinium, the Gray Ghost Amphibian is the set of DetectorPro headphones for you.  Designed to be submersible up to 30 feet you can use these metal detecting headphones on dry land as well so wherever your treasure hunt takes you, the Gray Ghost Amphibians can got too.

Gray Ghost DMC

DetectorPro created the Gray Ghost DMC headphones for use with the Nautilus DMC, Minelab CTX, and other metal detectors that emit different signals for each ear.  In addition to the separate signals, the Gray Ghost DMC metal detecting headphones also offer separate volume and limiter controls for each ear as well.

Gray Ghost NDT

NDT = No Down Time and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose the Gray Ghost NDT metal detecting headphones.  Designed with a rugged cord and locking connectors nothing will slow you down no matter where you’re treasure hunting.  Plus, you get two cords so if you do have a problem, you can fix it right away without any down time!

Ultimate Gray Ghost

The Ultimate Gray Ghost Headphones really are the ultimate in sound clarity and sensitivity.  You’ll hear every relic, coin, gold nugget or other target your metal detector hits on with these headphones no matter how small.

Gray Ghost XP DEUS Headphone

DetectorPro’s original Gray Ghost Headphones are now available for the XP DEUS wireless metal detector. Now for the first time you can have sound blocking muffs, high quality speakers and hear weaker signals in comfort with your Wireless XP DEUS metal detector. Hear the “ghost signals” others are missing when you use the Original Gray Ghost headphones by DetectorPro.

The Original Gray Ghost Headphones

DetectorPro’s original Gray Ghost Headphones are at the top of many professional metal detectorists’ ”best headphones list”; and with good reason!  These headphones were created to hear the “whispers” or “ghost signals” other headphones and even the naked ear miss. Once you try them, you’ll see just how much they’ll enhance your metal detecting.

Gray Ghost Deep Woods

They didn’t name these the Gray Ghost Deep Woods headphones for nothing.  With rainproofing, protected controls and other unique features like these, the Gray Ghost Deep Woods metal detector headphones are ready for all the hazards that come along with a damp, heavily wooded treasure hunt.

Gray Ghost Underwater

Take the Gray Ghost’s crystal clear sound into the water with the Gray Ghost Underwater metal detecting headphones.  Whether you’re diving or just searching in the surf the Gray Ghost Underwater headphones are the ones you want. These headphones come without a connector so you can add your own or hard wire directly into your metal detector.

Gray Ghost Underwater for Minelab CTX

While the Gray Ghost Underwater headphones can be used by nearly any metal detector, this model was created to be used specifically with the Minelab CTX.

Nugget Busters

Compatible with all single output metal detectors the Nugget Busters are the perfect metal detecting headphones for electronic prospecting and nugget hunting.  They’re some of the only headphones on the market that actually have the power to help you find small nuggets and gold flakes.

Nugget Busters NDT

The Nugget Busters NDT metal detecting headphones combine all of the features of the regular Nugget Busters headphones plus the features of the NDT series to get a set of headphones like no other.  Take them out on your next electronic prospecting mission and you’ll quickly see why gold prospectors everywhere are choosing DetectorPro’s Nugget Busters NDT metal detecting headphones.

Jolly Rogers Ultimate

Ready for any type of metal detecting any where the Jolly Rogers Ultimate headphones feature dual volume control, rugged construction, and a separate limiter.  These features are combined with DetectorPro’s legendary sound quality to provide a pair of headphones you’ll be surprised are so affordable.

Jolly Rogers

Whether you’re going coin shooting, nugget hunting, or simply looking for a lost wedding ring, the Jolly Rogers metal detecting headphones can help.  Designed with all treasure hunters in mind, these headphones are comfortable to wear, offer amazingly clear sound quality, and they’ll last for years to come.

As you can see, with the range of options available there’s definitely a set of DetectorPro metal detecting headphones that will help enhance your treasure hunting.  Visit our DetectorPro section to learn more about each model and find the right set of headphones to suit all your metal detecting needs.

Find Fellow Metal Detectorists With the Club Finder

Does your family long for the time when you’ll stop talking about metal detectors?  Do all your friends and colleagues try to change the subject when you bring up your new search coil or the awesome pair of metal detecting headphones you just got?  Well, you’re not alone.  Many metal detectorists, like you, are surrounded by others that while supportive, don’t share our, lets call it enthusiasm, for the hobby!

That’s why we created the Club Finder!

There are hundreds of metal detecting clubs across the US and Canada where you can hone your metal detecting skills, learn new tricks, talk shop about equipment, and more all with others who are, like you, truly interested in metal detecting.  We’ve combined clubs that specialize in gold prospecting with metal detector clubs.  But, how can you find the club closest to you?  Easily now that you can use the Club Finder.  All you have to do to find the best metal detecting club around is:

1. Visit

2. Hover over the “Community” menu item on our Home Page

3. Click “Club Finder”

4. Once on the “Club Finder Page” you can now select your region on the sidebar to the left.

5. After you select your state or province you’ll see the locations of the clubs appear on the map in the center of the page.  Hover over each marker to get the contact information for the corresponding club.

6. Now, contact the club and find out when you can head over, meet the other members, and have some metal detecting fun!

In addition to finding metal detecting clubs in your area, the Club Finder can also help you locate coin collecting clubs and scuba diving clubs near you.  Just follow the same instructions outlined above but check “coin collecting clubs” or “scuba diving clubs” in the search section just above the map.  The hobbies of Scuba diving and coin collecting often overlap with metal detecting and you may find that one or all of these types of clubs interest you.

Also, many clubs have websites you can visit in order to learn more about the organization, find meeting dates, review new member information, and other options like this.  Once you choose the club (or clubs!) you’d like to join, you can head out to a meeting or event, find like minded folks who share your passion for finding treasure, and give your loved ones a break!

Already belong to a Club?

We know that many club members support us by purchasing their new metal detectors and accessories from us. The club finder is just one of the ways we give back and support those clubs. Check to make sure that your organization is listed. If not, submit your club details here today so new members may find you and be able to share in such an exciting hobby!

Check Out My Metal Detector Finds Section For Great Treasure Finds Stories

We all like a good metal detecting finds story, that’s a fact.  Whether you’re the storyteller or the listener, tales of someone researching, working hard, and then finding a beautiful treasure buried underground have always been exciting and entertaining; and they always will be.  With this in mind, we decided to create the “My Finds” section of

This new section of the website is devoted to sharing all the real life metal detecting treasure stories you can tell.  Whether it’s a coin, a piece of antique jewelry, a gold nugget, an old war relic, or anything else you’ve found with your metal detector that you think is unique, valuable or just plain interesting you can now share your story on for all to read and enjoy.

Not only do you get to share your amazing story though, you also could win a very special prize just for telling us about your metal detecting find.  To get started and share your story on the “My Finds” page, all you need to do is follow these few simple steps:

  1. Head over to

  2. Hover over the “Community” tab on our Home Page Menu

  3. You’ll now see a section for “My Finds” with a link to either view the stories, or submit your story.  Click “Submit Your Story”.

  4. You’ll now see a screen with several fields to complete including your personal information, the brand, model, etc. of you metal detector, along with a space to tell your story, upload photos, and even link to a youtube video.

  5. Once you’ve got everything the way you want it, click the green “Submit” button and your metal detecting finds story will be on it’s way to us.

Share Your Story – Be Entered to Win

After we receive your story we’ll review it, and, as long as it’s appropriate, we’ll get it posted to the “My Finds” page right away.  You’ll also be entered to win the prize for that time period.  Be sure to check in frequently to see how many people have viewed your story and how they’ve rated it.  And, if you have other stories about your metal detecting finds, please, submit them as well!

It’s sharing stories like these about the excitement, and success of metal detecting that make the hours of preparation and fieldwork inspiring and enjoyable. These stories are often what introduce new metal detectorists to the hobby as well.  So, if you’ve got a story about your metal detecting find(s), visit today and we’ll help you share it with the world. Plus, you may even win an awesome prize!

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Submit Entry to My Metal Detector Finds Sweepstakes for Chance to Win a Makro Pointer

Makro Pointer Pinpointing Metal Detector

Pinpointing to the Extreme! Professional Waterproof Design. The Makro PinPointer features three different target alert options: 1. Audio Only 2. Vibration Only 3. Both Audio and Vibration. Presents: My Metal Detector Finds – Ordinary People. Amazing Finds.™

Read some of the best metal detecting finds stories in our My Metal Detector Finds section. Now, Enter your own My Metal Detector Finds story from October 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014 for a chance to win a Makro Pointer. Be sure to submit your best find for your metal detecting story. You can include multiple photos and even a creative video with your submission. Once your story is published, you can share it with your friends.

Many of the stories submitted will be featured online in the My Metal Detector finds section of the website. As you read the metal detector finds stories, be sure to vote up your favorite My Finds story!

We hope that you have fun reading the stories which include some of the most interesting and best treasure hunting finds from around the world. See the official rules on the My Metal Detector Finds submission page for complete details.

About the Prize:

Pinpointing to the Extreme! The Makro Pointer offers a Professional Waterproof Design in a Metal Detector Pinpointer. Designed to meet the IP67 waterproof standard.

1. Audio Only
2. Vibration Only
3. Both Audio and Vibration.

Reach your target faster: Makro Pointer helps you locate your target quickly and easily in the hole. Flip it horizontally and you can easily scan a larger area.

Achieve the maximum performance in any environment. Simply adjust the sensitivity with the +/- buttons for the ultimate performance.

Makro Pointer comes with two hard-shell cases. The first is a standard hard-shell protection tip. The second is a hardshell protection tip with a built-in scraping blade. Both prevent wear of the detection tip while in use.

Makro Pointer’s powerful, built-in, LED flashlight illuminates the spot you are searching. Easily see your target at night or when hunting in dark places.

When it is off, the coil’s magnetic transmission is disconnected. This eliminates the possibility of interference from other metal detectors. This also prevents the Makro Pointer from being detected as a target.

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