XP DEUS: the “Do it All” Wireless Detector: Proven in the Gold Fields

Finding gold in nature is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack. A metal detector will make both of these tasks easier! This is because “float” gold is very small, lodging in hollow places or behind boulders and other barriers to its downhill movement. Float is part of the ore that somehow breaks off from the mother lode and gets carried away by gravity, wind, water, earth movement or other acts of nature. It often gets covered by a surplus of rock and gravel that has washed on top of the gold ore. Prospectors who search old placer mining areas can use a metal detector to find any gold that was bypassed. In many cases, the use of a deep-seeking high-quality metal detector is the only way long-overlooked ore deposits and left behind gold can be found. In just minutes or hours, a gold detector can locate the same precious metal that took months and years to find with shovels and pans.

A Good Quality Instrument is an Investment

In the field with the XP DEUS metal detector

Look to the XP DEUS metal detector since “the quality of the metal detector you take into the gold fields will have a significant impact on whether you find gold or not.”

Without a doubt, the quality of the metal detector you take into the gold fields will have a significant impact on whether you find gold or not. There are sophisticated detectors solely designed to find gold. But not so fast! Before you purchase a gold-seeking metal detector, there’s an important question you should ask yourself, “Will I be using this detector to hunt only for gold?” Treasure is everywhere—and while gold may be the crown jewel, you can also uncover valuable old coins, priceless military relics, antiques, meteorites, buried treasure caches and so much more! There are truly universal metal detectors, such as the XP DEUS, that are spectacular instruments capable of finding just about everything. Many veteran detectorists urge newbies to investigate the benefits of purchasing a multi-purpose unit—so as to get the most their money can buy.

XP DEUS – Lightweight, Powerful and Deep Seeking

The XP DEUS Metal Detector is the world’s first wireless metal detector. It is equipped with a wireless search coil, wireless remote control digital display and wireless audio headphones. All three components communicate through a digital wireless radio signal; this eliminates the need for wires that can get tangled and compromised. What’s really unique is you control all of the detector functions with the headphones alone: ground balance, frequency, discrimination, sensitivity and custom programs. Similarly, the search coil operates independently. The XP search coil processes the target signal directly via a miniature digital circuit. This is state-of-the-art technology exclusive to XP DEUS. This detector is known for detecting gold nuggets at extreme depths and seeing gold mixed close to and among iron. It is also an expert at locating coins, relics and meteorites. Wet salt-water beach hunting is a breeze with the XP DEUS. Field tests give it the highest possible ratings. One customer found a 5.6 gram nugget within 10 minutes. This is the best example of a “do it all” detector available today!

See: XP DEUS Metal Detector Reviews

Video: Introduction to the XP DEUS Metal Detector

What to Look for in a Good Beach Hunting Metal Detector

Metal detecting on the beach can be a fun and rewarding way to enjoy the hobby.  The sand, sun and surf are beautiful, and people lose a lot of things including money and jewelry at the beach.  If you’d like to head to the beach for some metal detecting you’ll want to be sure to choose the right machine.  The saltwater creates an environment where all of the signals the minerals in the soil give off are magnified.  This creates a lot of unnecessary chatter from an ill equipped metal detector and can make treasure hunting down right frustrating.  The best beach hunting metal detectors have ways around this.

PI and VLF Metal Detectors

For successful beach hunting choose a metal detector that features Pulse Induction circuitry.  PI metal detectors as they’re also known are able to essentially ignore the effects of these minerals.  However, they’re not good at discrimination so are unable to differentiate between trash targets and treasures like other metal detectors can.  The other option for beach hunting is a very low frequency (VLF) metal detector with a manual or preset ground balance control.  This will allow you to adjust your machine to the level of mineralization present in your current search environment, including the beach while maintaining the discrimination features as well.

You should also select a beach hunting metal detector that offers at least a waterproof search coil so you can search a wider area.  If you plan to also wade in the water you’ll want a machine that’s submersible.  After you’ve chosen your metal detector you’ll want to invest in a sand scoop and carrying case for your treasures.  Metal detecting headphones are also advantageous as you search since the beach can be a loud, real loud! Hearing your target with the noise of wind, waves and people just having fun is what a metal detecting headphone is made to do. A headphone is the number one item to grab after your metal detector.

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River Gold in the River of Dreams: Garrett ATX Metal Detector

The majority of people know that natural gold is found in water, but they don’t know why. Although gold is commonly found in rivers and streams, it didn’t just originate there. Over centuries, changes in water movement occur. These changes create new streams which travel into gold fields—where dirt, rock and gold lies. As gravity carries the water and elements, heavier materials (namely, gold) become trapped under lighter dirt and rocks. Gold is eventually pulled by gravity to the lowest possible level of the waterway in which it’s traveling. This is why many prospectors spend their time searching for natural gold in “alluviums”: the sedimentary material deposited in the valleys of large rivers.

Where are Gold Placer Deposits Found?

Typical locations for alluvial gold placer deposits are on the inside bends of rivers, in natural hollows and at the base of a waterfall or other barrier. Basically, anywhere you can see a bend, twist or entanglement in a river or stream is a good place for gold prospecting. Smooth river-worn nuggets are out there—waiting to be uncovered; they are the prized finds of a prospector. With the correct equipment and necessary techniques, any recreational prospector can be successful.

Military-Grade Tough: Garrett ATX Waterproof Metal Detector

Garrett Metal Detectors ATX metal detector.

Considered a “super” detector for gold, the Garrett ATX metal detector uses pulse technology to locate the smallest gold nuggets plus relics and coins in the most extreme conditions.

For the reasons described above, a serious gold prospector needs a heavy-duty, highly capable gold metal detector. In comes the Garrett ATX Metal Detector—among the very best gold metal detectors ever manufactured. It has a durable design that meets military standards, so this detector can easily withstand extreme conditions and rugged terrain. Many detectorists stay away from the water because they are afraid of damaging their detector or search coil. The Garrett ATX is waterproof to 10 feet, so creeks and rivers are no problem. You can hunt in places inaccessible to others. The Garrett ATX features advanced pulse induction technology and a new DD coil design for extreme and uniform sensitivity— finding tiny gold pieces as easily as larger gold nuggets. One prospector who only hunts with his ATX says, “It handles EMI’s (electrical interference) perfectly and ground balances extremely quick. I give this unit a 10 out of 10.”

There are many more exciting features the Garrett ATX has to offer. Be sure to read about ATX’s exclusive Advanced Ground Balance capabilities!

Must Have Metal Detector Digging Tools

Picture of the Lesche All Purpose Shovel

Digging tools such as the Lesche All Purpose Shovel will help you retrieve targets faster and with less effort.

When you go metal detecting, you’ll need to have more with you than just your machine. Metal detector digging tools are just as important or you won’t be able to unearth what you find. Here is our list of the best metal detector digging tools so you can be sure you’re prepared for proper target retrieval.

Digging Trowel

A metal detector digging trowel is quite different than the trowel you have used in your garden. Stronger and made of hardened stainless steel, a metal detecting trowel is designed for a long life even when frequently used in harsh conditions.

Metal Detecting Shovel

A proper metal detecting shovel is another one of the must have metal detector digging tools on our list. Unlike traditional shovels, a metal detecting shovel is compact, and lightweight so it’s easier to use and carry. Although not to be used in every application, if you’re metal detecting in previously disturbed ground or searching for deeply buried treasures, a metal detecting shovel is the digging tool you’ll need.

Pictured above is the Makro Pointer Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector

Pictured above is the Makro Pointer Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector


Although not technically a metal detector digging tool, a pinpointer helps with digging up treasures so much we had to list it here. A pinpointer helps you zero in on your target and as a result, reduces digging time and makes finding your target safer as well. Look below for our buying guide article on pinpointers or to see one of the most popular units now, check out the Garrett Pro-Pointer.

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TV Shows “Gold Rush” & “Jungle Gold” Inspire New Prospectors

The gold nuggets pictured here were found in New Zealand with the use of a metal detector. Click the picture and read the story of how they were found.

The gold nuggets pictured here were found in New Zealand with the use of a metal detector. Click the picture to read the story of how they were found.

Discovery Channel has tapped into the 21st century gold rush in recent years with action-packed TV shows like “Gold Rush” and “Jungle Gold.” “Gold Rush” follows the journey of six men from Oregon who lost their jobs during the 2008 economic crisis and decided to pack it up and risk it all to mine for gold in Alaska. Even though Todd Hoffman and his buddies had no previous gold prospecting experience, they managed to mine over 1,000 ounces of gold worth well over $1 million dollars during the first few seasons. Their adventures continue as the cameras still roll, following Todd Hoffman and 2 other mining crews on their quest for gold.

When “Gold Rush Alaska” premiered on the Discovery Channel, it was Discovery’s highest rated docu-series, beating out “Deadliest Catch” and others in their lineup. That is probably why Discovery Channel launched a new series called “Jungle Gold” in 2012. Similar to “Gold Rush” in its backstory, “Jungle Gold” chronicles the real-life story of two real estate moguls who lost everything after the housing crash. Former millionaires George Wright and Scott Lomu were over $1 million in debt and had families to support. They decided a high-stakes gamble was the only way out after learning about the recent African gold rush. So, off to Ghana, West Africa the duo headed to try their hand at gold placer mining in one of the most temperamental regions on the planet.

Get Rich Quick? Maybe Not…

Most prospectors will tell you, you’re not going to make a living by prospecting for gold nuggets and your chances of getting rich are slim. Sometimes you’ll read a news story about an amateur treasure hunter finding gold, such as the massive gold nugget stumbled upon in Australia a few years ago. The value of this nugget is at least $300,000; and the region was continuously searched for the past 150 years. According to the amateur explorer, “In the old days, miners could only see or feel gold – but now with metal detectors they can hear it.” Perhaps this story should include the disclaimer, “Results not typical. The average treasure hunter should not expect to recover substantial amounts of gold.” Regardless, more and more people are flocking to rivers and hillsides in search of gold. Why? Because they know that natural gold can be found—and modern metal detectors are sophisticated at pinpointing tiny nuggets and flakes of gold.

You Will Definitely Have Fun Trying!

If the idea of prospecting intrigues you, try your hand at it! Even if you don’t get rich when you’re prospecting for gold, remember: it’s fun and exhilarating, it’s great exercise and you’ll enjoy fresh air while being outdoors. Many people schedule camping trips around their prospecting adventures. And if you’re lucky…you may just make a profit while you’re at it. When selecting a metal detector for prospecting, you’ll see a broad range of prices. All gold detectors are designed to search in heavy mineralized soil, but advanced models have specialized features: some are waterproof to 10 feet, some feature automatic ground tracking, an iron-discrimination mode or a sophisticated audio or target identification display. Experts recommend that you purchase the best unit you can afford without breaking your budget.

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10 Tips from the Pros: How to Find Gold Nuggets

There are a handful of ways in which a prospector can search for gold. Among these methods include dry washing, dredging, panning, high banking, sluicing and “nugget shooting.” Nugget shooting, or searching for gold with a metal detector, is the premiere form of prospecting—in that it is becoming extremely popular. There is a distinct reason why everyday people are becoming weekend and recreational prospectors. Gold prices continue to skyrocket and the economy seems to be unpredictable. Gold is predictable, in that it will always hold its value and geologists know that much gold still exists in nature; it is yet to be found. In fact, some experts theorize that only 15-20% of the world’s gold has already been discovered.

While panning for gold is tried and true. When you add the use of a prospecting metal detector, your chances of finding gold are increased greatly.

While panning for gold is tried and true. When you add the use of a prospecting metal detector, your chances of finding gold are increased greatly.

Gold Nuggets are the Crown Jewel for Prospectors

A gold nugget, whether it’s the size of a pin or a lug nut, is what most prospectors are searching for with a metal detector. Even a tiny nugget weighing in at only 1 gram can be sold for a profit. In the early 1900’s, a single ounce of gold was worth almost a week’s pay, while a larger nugget was the equivalent of a month’s salary. That’s why men quit their jobs and moved out west. However, the “get rich quick” mentality didn’t pay off back then, and still doesn’t today. Experts caution new prospectors, “Most people will never get rich searching for gold. It’s a fun and exciting hobby nevertheless.” If the lure of gold gets your blood pumping, you should give it a try! It’s out there; and with the right equipment, you may just find it!

10 Prospecting Tips to Shorten the Learning Curve

Here are some tips from the pros, such as Charles Garrett, who have spent many years prospecting. They have searched the desert, mountains and rivers and have a collection of gold nuggets to prove it.

  1. Make sure you have the right kind of metal detector for finding gold and that it is ground balanced properly. Check the ground balance periodically because it changes as mineral conditions beneath your search coil change. Experts also recommend headphones, especially if you are searching around noisy running water.
  2. Whenever you find a nugget, keep searching the nearby area. Search in a large radius around your discovery location and be very calculated and diligent. You know that one nugget was there. There could be others.
  3. If you hear about an area where only shallow nuggets have been found, search that location. It may be that nobody has searched the area recently with a newer high-tech gold detector. Deep nuggets could still be there. Just because an area has been worked by others doesn’t mean that all the nuggets have been found.
  4. Discrimination is a trick bag when it comes to prospecting. You may be searching trashy areas and want to use it. However, pure gold is rarely found alone in nature. Any discrimination you use might eliminate alloy metals from detection, making nuggets even harder to find.
  5. When nugget shooting in rivers and streams, use a submersible search coil. Scan above the bottom of the stream, moving slowly over your search area. Change your operating height if the mineralization in the area causes too much “chatter.”
  6. Two other tools will help you with river prospecting: a plastic gold pan and a good shovel. You can use your shovel to loosen rocks and gravel.
  7. When you discover a metallic target, scoop it into your gold pan. Test the entire pan of material with your detector to determine if you have recovered your target. If the target is not in the pan, dump its contents back into the water, locate your target again with your detector and continue until you have the target.
  8. Gold is often mined from old extinct riverbeds. This is because erosion grinds gold free from the rock it was trapped in and travels downstream. A good indicator of gold-bearing deposits is a river valley that cuts through an area of land.
  9. Ancient riverbeds are now in either high benches or old river channels that are now over-grown with cottonwood trees or other water-loving plants. Once you have located an old river, look for an overgrown gravel area where cottonwood trees are prevalent.
  10. Keep a map showing where you have found nuggets. You might notice a pattern where nuggets are being found and want to scan the area again later.


Reference: “You Can Find Gold with a Metal Detector.” Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal

Consulting the Library for Good Metal Detecting Sites

Whether you’re a new metal detectorist or a seasoned pro, finding good metal detecting sites can be a challenge. One of the most helpful resources you can use to help you locate hot metal detecting sites is the local library. When you go to the library near where you will be metal detecting, you can review periodicals, like magazines and newspapers, as well as almanacs, non-fiction books, and other research materials you won’t find anywhere else.

Within these documents you can get a picture of what life was like in the area over the years. As you glean a little bit about the historical happenings in the town, you can begin to map out potential metal detecting sites. What should you look for? Special events and buildings where there were groups of people often yield the most treasure. Look for sites including former:

Picnic Groves
Fair Grounds
Drive Ins and other “Hang Out” spots
Town Halls

From here, consider how these potential metal detecting sites look today. Is there a strip mall there now? Then It’s probably not all that searchable today. However, if it’s an open space of some sort you may have just found a fantastic place to go metal detecting. To find out for sure you’ll need to visit the property to scout it out as well as to see if you can talk to an owner so you can obtain permission to go metal detecting there.

As you continue metal detecting, keep a map to mark possible sites, the ones you visit, what you find there, and other notes like this. It will help you determine other potential metal detecting sites in the area; and, it’s a pretty cool way to track some of your adventures too! For more information on finding good metal detecting sites, please review these articles from our learning library.

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Treasure Hunter’s Code of Ethics

Where does Gold Lie? Look to the Fisher Gold Bug Pro

The Fisher Gold Bug Pro metal detector has features that are easy to use.

The Fisher Gold Bug Pro has features that are easy to use and that you would expect to find on gold detectors costing much more.

Hobbyists’ quest for gold is as varied as its hue—there are weekend prospectors, gold hunters with a part-time curiosity and beginners who are eager to learn. There are avid prospectors who are making a career out of detecting, panning and dredging for gold. A hot commodity, this glistening metal has been pursued since primitive time. These are exciting days for prospectors, since gold metal detectors have become highly capable and accessible. When detecting for gold, there are a few things to consider. Gold and silver metals are highly conductive; they often display a broad range of readings on a target ID. For this reason, prospectors achieve greater success using a detector with a higher operating frequency (specifically a gold detector). Hunting for gold will also steer you into stream beds, requiring a unit that has a waterproof search coil and functional in mineralized soil. With the correct equipment, a detectorist has a good chance of finding at least small gold nuggets or large flakes.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

Nugget hunters and experienced gold prospectors were over the moon when Fisher introduced the Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector. Because Fisher is a highly regarded manufacturer, the expectations for this unit were high. And according to reviewers, Fisher has gone over and beyond with the Gold Bug Pro! With its operating frequency of 19 kHz, the Fisher Gold Bug Pro easily handles highly mineralized ground that is overrun with hot rocks. One prospector raves, “If you are a dedicated gold nugget hunter who is looking for gold, then the Gold Bug Pro is your best choice!” The Gold Bug Pro features a visual target ID that displays a numerical readout along with a signal. This is a huge help for identifying trash targets. It is lightweight and boasts many unique features, including Computerized Ground Grab™. Additionally, the Gold Bug Pro is one of the easiest gold detectors to learn. In just a few hours in the field, a beginner should be comfortable operating this unit.

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Pro Tips to Help You Find the Best Metal Detector

The best metal detector can sometimes seem elusive. There are so many options, and many of them are excellent machines. So, we asked the professionals “How can you find the best metal detector?”.

The philosophy of the pros is that you need to find the machine that’s ideal for you personally. The best metal detector depends on your individual needs and once you figure out what those needs are, you’ll be able to zero in on the best metal detector for you. Here are a few tips from professional metal detectorists to help you find a metal detector that’s best for you.

Metal Detecting Experience

One of the most important considerations when looking for the best metal detector is your current level of metal detecting experience. There are beginner machines for a reason and you should choose one if you’re new to the hobby.

Physical Ability

Some metal detectors are easier to use physically than others. If you have physical limitations look for a machine that’s lightweight and more compact, or if heavier, one that features a harness for more support. You may also benefit from a model that offers an adjustable handle. You may be surprised at the comfort of having the length just right; one click longer or short can make a world of difference!

Location, Location, Location

Where you hope to go metal detecting will also help determine the best metal detector for you. If you’re heading to the beach you’ll need a different machine than if you’re hoping to hunt where old Civil War relics will be found for example.

Type of Treasure

Metal detectors are designed to be good at finding different types of targets. So try to determine whether you want to find antique coins, gold, or other type of treasure and that will help lead you to the best metal detector.

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Brothers Michael and Daniel Bernzweig of Metal Detector.com invite you to enjoy our big spring metal detector promotion.

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8. XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector – (Save $251)
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10. Makro deephunter Pro Metal Detector (Save over $2299)
deephunter by Makro Locates Large Deep Treasures, Cavities and also Individual Coins and small items like gold nuggets. This is a multi-purpose metal detector and with the Pro Package, you will receive all accessories you need, such as: Two Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Batteries, Universal AC Wall Charger, Cordura Nylon Carrying Bag For All Equipment, Car Charger, Premium Head Phone, Detailed Manual, Instructional DVD (English/Spanish), 2 Year Warranty, Four Search Coils and much more.
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