Kids are Sure to Appreciate a Metal Detector this Summer

Metal detecting is a hobby the entire family can enjoy. Metal detectors for kids make the perfect gift idea for children of all ages.

Metal detecting is a hobby the entire family can enjoy. Metal detectors for kids make the perfect gift idea for children of all ages.

Shopping for Children this Summer?  

It can be hard to find gifts for kids that are exciting and educational. That’s where metal detectors come in. When you give a child a metal detector, you not only give them that machine, you also offer them a route into a potentially life long hobby that’s filled with education, fun, treasure, and so much more.

When Can a Child Begin Metal Detecting?

By about 6 or 7 years old children can manage their own metal detector and nearly all of them that try it have a fantastic time. Younger children interested in metal detecting can also participate. There are pinpointers they can use as well as shovels, sandscoops and other types of metal detecting tools like these smaller children can use to help their sibling or parent while metal detecting.

Which is the Best Metal Detector to Give a Child?

For many, the toy store would be the obvious place to begin your search for a children’s metal detector. However, a machine that is a toy first and a metal detector second will not yield real results for your little treasure hunter; and she or he will almost certainly become frustrated and quickly lose interest in metal detecting.

Instead, the best metal detector to give a child is a real machine that has an adjustable handle and that’s lightweight. This way, the metal detector can grow with your child and, it’s easy to maneuver. From there you’ll want to look at the feature set and be sure the metal detector isn’t overly complicated to use. That said, you’ll want the machine to be able to offer the child learning opportunities as well so it shouldn’t be too easy to use either. For some recommendations on the best metal detectors for kids as well as specific features to look for and more, see our buyers guide article “Best Kids Metal Detectors”.

What Are the Benefits of Metal Detecting for Kids?

There are a variety of reasons kids of any age will thoroughly enjoy receiving a metal detector this Summer including:

  • Metal detectors help you explore your surroundings.

  • They teach you about history, geology, electronics, and the environment.

  • When you go metal detecting you spend the entire time outside.

  • You also spend the entire time exercising.

Oh, and don’t forget the opportunity metal detectors give kids to find valuable treasure! Although most metal detectorists will tell you they’re not in it for the money, the opportunity to find a piece of gold, antique jewelry, precious stones, coins, or other treasure is always present. What child wouldn’t love a gift that offered this level of fun and excitement?

When you give a child a metal detector, you’ll get to give them a gift that will keep giving back to them for many years to come. Not only do they get to benefit from all the educational opportunities, and health benefits that come with every use of your gift, each time they find a special treasure, they’ll think of you. So give the special child(ren) in your life a metal detector this Summer and watch them light up with excitement you can feel good about.

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Metal Detecting Ethics and The Treasure Hunter’s Code

Metal detecting ethics are a very important part of the hobby. In fact, without them, there would be no metal detecting! The Treasure Hunter’s Code of Ethics is something we believe each and every metal detectorist should always abide by. Here is The Treasure Hunter’s Code of Ethics reprinted in it’s entirety as written by FMDAC (Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Club Inc) so you can memorize it, and keep it in mind whenever you’re out metal detecting.

I WILL always check federal, state, county, and local laws before searching. It is my responsibility to “Know the Law”.

I WILL respect private property and will not enter private property without the owner’s permission where possible, such permission will be in writing.

I WILL take care to refill all holes and try not to leave any damage.

I WILL remove and dispose of any and all trash and litter that I find.

I WILL appreciate and protect our inheritance of natural resources, wildlife, and private property.

I WILL act as an ambassador for the hobby, use thoughtfulness, consideration, and courtesy at all times.

I WILL work to help bring unity to our hobby by working with any organization of any geographic area that may have problems that will limit their ability to peacefully pursue the hobby.

I WILL leave gates as found.

I WILL build fires in designated or safe places only.

I WILL report to the proper authorities any individuals who enter and or remove artifacts from federal parks or state preserves.

The first point above is not part of the original Treasure Hunters Code. We included it since it is so important that you “Know the Law” in your local area. For more on metal detecting ethics, please review these related articles we pulled from our learning library:

Read the full article Treasure Hunter’s Code of Ethics

Also see our article on Digging Etiquette and the Best Tools for Target Retrieval


Catch the Big One at your Local Beach!

“With the price of precious metals … the incentive to grab a metal detector and head to the shoreline is increasing daily. While treasure hunting can be lucrative, it is also very relaxing and great exercise.” – from What are the Best Metal Detectors for Metal Detecting on the Beach By Daniel Bernzweig

The Makro Racer

The Makro Racer is one of a new breed of metal detectors that will give you smooth operation, even on wet salt water beaches.

Beach combing for treasure is the most popular type of metal detecting. That’s probably because it doesn’t require any advance research or special knowledge. The shifting sands and pounding surf reposition objects all the time, so you could find more treasure than someone who searched just hours before. Coins and jewelry fall into dry sand, so you can try your hand at beach hunting with any multi-purpose metal detector. Treasure hunting on lake shores and river banks is pretty much the same as on ocean beaches, but the lack of saltwater is easier on your equipment.

If the beach you plan to detect on is fresh water, then just make sure your metal detector can get wet. For saltwater beaches that don’t consist of highly mineralized sand, a Very Low Frequency (VLF) is a great choice. They typically do a fine job of discerning various types of metal and a handful of the very newest VLF units do a great job. However, if you are hunting a saltwater beach with a high mineral content, you will want to look into a Pulse Induction (PI) metal detector. PI detectors are designed with advanced circuitry that cancels out the effects of salt when you’re pinpointing targets. For a broader overview of hunting sand and surf, read:  What are the Best Metal Detectors for Metal Detecting on the Beach There is a treasure chest of items waiting to be found!

Using Metal Detectors While Geocaching

Have you heard of geocaching? Finding hidden “caches”, or treasures located at specific geographic locations around the world has become an exciting pastime for many young and old. And now, metal detectorists are getting involved too.

Although geocaching and metal detecting have some differences they also have a great deal in common. In fact, you can even use a metal detector to find some geocaches; especially those buried under a lot of brush or foliage. Also, many geocachers in more northern parts of the globe find that metal detectors allow them to go geocaching even when there’s snow on the ground; which wasn’t possible before.

Selecting from the Best Metal Detectors for Geocaching

The best metal detector for geocaching is a basic detector with a standard or medium sized search coil. You don’t need a lot of high tech functionality if you’re only going to go geocaching with it. However, many of our customers who begin using a metal detector for geocaching find a whole new hobby and end up becoming a metal detectorist as well as a geocacher. If you think that might be you, consider your purchase a bit more and choose a machine that may have a few more options like a manual ground balance control, a built in pinpointer, and a visual target ID, that arent’ always that important if your machine is only for geocaching. For more on geocaching with a metal detector and equipment selection, please enjoy these articles from our learning library:

Article: Over 1 Million Geocaches are Hidden Around the World

Article: Metal Detectors are Useful in Geocaching

Article: How to Select a Metal Detector

Big Summer Sale on Metal Detectors 2015 from

Big Summer Deals on Metal Detectors, Accessories and Promotional Offers:

Our 2015 Big Summer Sale on Metal Detectors is Here!

Metal Detector Summer Sale

Brothers Michael and Daniel Bernzweig of Metal invite you to enjoy our Big Summer metal detector Sales promotion.

Summer is the best time of the year to get out and enjoy the fun hobby of metal detecting.  As Spring showers bring new life to the landscape, the warmer weather and longer days of Summer let us all get out and enjoy the hobby. From metal detecting on land to treasure hunting under water – the hobby offers something for everyone. Get started discovering the excitement of digging up a bit of history today!

Everyone at works hard to make your Summer traditions come to life. Whether this is your first time visiting our website or we have already become part of your annual tradition – we appreciate your support of our family business over this past year.

No matter where you are located, you can take advantage of our annual Summer Sale on metal detectors.  Beginning now and running through Midnight September 30, 2015, you will find our best metal detector deals and special values. Feel free to Contact Us with your questions or comments. Our Learning Library of metal detectors and the articles section is a great place to learn about selecting equipment. It’s a great resource on metal detectors and accessories for those just getting started with metal detecting.

Here are the offers included in Our Big Summer Metal Detector Sale:

  1. DepthMaster Audiophone II Metal Detector Headphones (Save $40)

Professional metal detecting headphones. Coiled cord. Dual volume controls. Works with all metal detectors. Hear the oldest, deepest targets. Our best selling headphone for metal detectors. List Price: $79.95 – Big Summer Sale Price $39.95 – See Deal Now

  1. Gold Metal Detector Accessory Starter Kit (Save $219.85)

Contains All the Accessories You Need to Go with Your Metal Detector: Headphones. Digging Trowel. Carry Bag. Free Bonus Golden Doubloon Replica Coin. Our best selling metal detector accessories kit. List Price: $289.80 – Big Summer Sale Price $69.95 – See Deal Now

  1. Bounty Hunter Legacy Metal Detector Series – Affordable Line of “First Detectors”:

Bounty Hunter Legacy 3500 Metal Detector (Save $150) – This top Legacy model features an easy to read LCD display with digital target identification and depth readings. This Bounty Hunter model features automatic and manual ground balance adjustment to allow the detector to operate in the toughest ground conditions. Includes headphones, carry bag and Free Bonus Accessory Kit. List Price: $399.99 – Big Summer Sale Price $249.99 – See Deal Now

Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 Metal Detector (Save $140) – Target identification, Expanded Depth Reading with quick “zap” trash rejection, all on a Jumbo LCD Display Screen. Includes Free Bonus Accessory Kit. List Price: $319.99 – Big Summer Sale Price $179.99 – See Deal Now

Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 Metal Detector (Save $60) – Huge value in a beginer’s detector with three tone audio and visual display target identification. Includes Free Bonus Accessory Kit. List Price: $199.99 – Big Summer Sale Price $139.99 – See Deal Now

  1. Garrett Ace Metal Detectors Series – Hardworking, Easy to Use Entry Level Units:

Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector (Save $52.50) – Top Ace model. Exceptional iron discrimination, a higher operating frequency, new salt water capabilities and the deepest seeking Garrett Ace search coil ever plus free headphones. Includes Free Bonus Accessory Kit.

List Price: $349.95 – Big Summer Sale Price $297.45 – See Deal Now

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector (Save $37.50) – All-time favorite Ace detector. Expanded visual identification, Pre-set and custom trash elimination, depth reading, yet very easy to use. Includes Free Bonus Accessory Kit.

List Price: $249.95 – Big Summer Sale Price $212.45 – See Deal Now

Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector (Save $27) – Lowest priced Ace detector. Has both visual display and audio tone identification. Includes Free Bonus Accessory Kit.

List Price: $179.95 – Big Summer Sale Price $152.95 – See Deal Now

  1. Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector – (Save over $280)

Our Best Selling Model Bounty Hunter Metal Detector at the Lowest Price of the year. Free Headphones, Full-Size Carry Bag and Bonus Accessory Kit Included. List Price: $579.95 – Big Summer Sale Price $299.95 – See Deal Now

  1. Garrett Pro-Pointer AT pinpointing metal detector – New Item (Save over $22)

Just like the popular Garrett AT Pro and AT Gold metal detectors, the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is fully submersible. This unit is the latest evolution of the popular Garrett Pro-Pointer. The unique waterproof design lets you search for targets on both land or underwater to a depth of 10 feet. Watch Pro-Pointer AT Field Test Video. List Price: $149.95 – Big Summer Sale Price $127.46 – See Deal Now

  1. Makro Pointer Waterproof Pinpointer – New Item (Save $24)

The Makro Pointer is definitely a premium pinpointer, although it is certainly affordable. It’s fully waterproof and the Target alerts include audio, vibration or both at the same time. Also has a powerful LED light for locating targets in deep or dark holes. List Price: $149.00 – Big Summer Sale Price $125.00 – See Deal Now

  1. XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector – (Save $225)

WS4 Backphone Heaphones + 9″ or 11″ Coil + Telescopic Pole – Lightweight. Powerful. Fast. Deep Seeking. World’s First Wireless Metal Detector. The DEUS Starter Bundle includes the WS4 LCD Backphone Headphone & 9″ or 11″ Search Coil with Telescopic Pole. Control all detector functions with the headphones on this completely wireless metal detector. Great for Coins, Relics, Jewelry and Gold Nugget Prospecting. List Price $1100.00 – Big Summer Sale Price $875.00 – See Deal Now

  1. Garrett ATX Metal Detector with Deepseeker Package (Save $449)

Find gold nuggets with this exceptionally deep, Garrett metal detector for gold. Deepseeker Package Includes: ATX detector with 12″ DD search coil, Land Headphones, Soft storage/travel case, Garrett Detector Sling, AA Alkaline and rechargeable batteries, battery charger, 20″ Deepseeker Mono Searchcoil, Military Grade Garrett Hard Case. List Price: $2995.95 – Big Summer Sale Price $2546.56 – See Deal Now

  1. Makro deephunter Pro Metal Detector (Save over $2299)

deephunter by Makro Locates Large Deep Treasures, Cavities and also Individual Coins and small items like gold nuggets. This is a multi-purpose metal detector and with the Pro Package, you will receive all accessories you need, such as: Two Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Batteries, Universal AC Wall Charger, Cordura Nylon Carrying Bag For All Equipment, Car Charger, Premium Head Phone, Detailed Manual, Instructional DVD (English/Spanish), 2 Year Warranty, Four Search Coils and much more. List Price: $7,999.95 – Big Summer Sale Price $5700 – See Deal Now

  1. Makro Racer Metal Detector (Save $115)

Developed for searching coins, jewelry and relics, the Makro Racer metal detector offers you the ideal combination of cutting-edge technology and advanced design. The Racer features a simple, easy-to-use menu design and includes four pre-set detecting modes of All Metal, Two Tone, Three Tone and Salt Water Beach. List Price: $764 – Big Summer Sale Price $649 – See Deal Now

Our Annual Big Summer 2015 Metal Detectors Sale is Now in Progress!

Remember, as you shop metal detectors, these special promotional offers are good only at and valid while supplies last.  Be sure to take advantage of these offers now as they end at Midnight on September 30th, 2015. Feel free to Contact Us with your questions or comments.

Fisher F22 Metal Detector Video Review

“The new Fisher F22 is perfect for hunting in the toughest weather conditions … intuitive menu structure and turn-on-and-go design – perfect for users at all levels!” – Daniel Bernzweig of Detector Electronics Corp.

Last week we got out with the new Fisher F22 metal detector from Fisher Metal Detectors. To show you some real conditions, we went out metal detecting while it was raining to give this new weatherproof detector a true field test. This middle model in Fisher’s newest “F” series line-up offers quite a few features for the price. This well equipped mid level detector has a street price of just $229. We believe this unit offers exceptional features and value at an aggressive price.

Oops! Dropped it in the Water – Fisher F22 Metal Detector Field Test Review Video:

Daniel Bernzweig of Detector Electronics Corp. said “The new Fisher F22 is perfect for hunting in the toughest weather conditions. This model is clearly one of the most cost effective weatherproof machine available today.” He also said “We were impressed with the intuitive menu structure and turn-on-and-go design – perfect for users at all levels!”

F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector Features

This new model offers four modes of operation: Jewelry, Coin, Artifact and Custom. Above the F22 is the Fisher F44 and below it is the Fisher F11 metal detector models. If you are ready to take a next step up or are looking for a well featured weatherproof model, you will not find a model with more features for your dollar. The well thought out 9 segment visual target identification display is easy to read. With this feature, you can easily identify and separate junk targets from treasure. Four tone target identification allows you to hear what’s in the ground before you retrieve it. With Fishers’ patented adjustable iron audio feature, you will be picking out good targets from even the most trash infested locations!

Identify your targets with the large 2 digit target identification scale that goes from 1-99. This fully weatherproof detector model weighs just 2.3 pounds and operates on just two AA batteries. This model features a 9-Inch triangulated concentric search coil. 10 levels of adjustable sensitivity let you precisely tune this machine to your style of metal detecting. Like all Fisher metal detectors, the F22 is covered by a 5 year warranty.

Complete details on the Fisher F22 model are shown on our Fisher F22 Metal Detector product page. You will find videos, a complete product catalog and specification sheet and more on this page. Be sure to contact one of our product specialists for help in choosing the best metal detector model for your needs.


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Metal Detector Finds – How to Distinguish a Meteorite from a Rock

When your metal detector goes off and you begin to try to unearth the source of the signal you’re receiving, generally there’s some type of discernable target there like a coin, pull tab, piece of jewelry, or other piece of treasure (or trash!). If it’s one of those rare instances where you’re having trouble finding the reason your metal detector is signaling, consider meteorites.

Meteorites fall to earth all the time and many of them can be found with a metal detector. The meteorites that a metal detector will find are made up of iron and nickel and will signal on your metal detector as such. Here are a few other characteristics of meteorites to help you avoid overlooking them as plain old rocks.

  • The rock has a dark, glassy crust that looks “melted”.
  • There are thumbprint like impressions on the rock.
  • There are small, round particles (called chondrules) embedded in the rock’s surface.

If you have a hand held pinpointer you can test each rock you’re finding more easily to see if one them is in fact what’s setting off your detector. Meteorites will be attracted to a magnet and are often heavier than most rocks. If you do think you’ve found a meteorite with your metal detector, be sure to have it positively identified by an expert to be sure.

For more information on how to find meteorites with your metal detector, please enjoy these related articles from our learning library.

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How to Clean Your Metal Detecting Treasures Carefully

If you’ve ever been metal detecting and located a target, then you know that the metal detecting treasures you find must be carefully cleaned and cared for after you unearth them if you’re to preserve their historical (and monetary!) value. Even a simple brush with your finger to remove the mud and reveal a date on the coin you just found could scratch its surface and reduce its value and integrity immediately.

How you clean your metal detecting treasure depends on what type of treasure you’ve found and what it’s made of.  Here are some examples.

  • Iron and Steel – Professionals should handle any historically valuable iron or steel pieces, but if you’ve found something that’s of personal value a simple wire brush can be used to get the rust off. Then apply a protective coating to your metal detecting find to prevent future rust from forming.
  • Coins – Given all the coins we’ve found throughout our years of metal detecting, we’ve tried a range of different cleaning methods. Our favorite, by far, is Finch’s Magic Tumble Clean which you can read about in our article “Cleaning Your Finds“. A cleaning solution and tumbler that really is magic as far as we’re concerned!
  • Silver – Commercially available cream cleansers are fine. But if you like the DIY method, you’ll want to fill an aluminum pan or bowl with a pint of distilled water and an ounce of washing soda. Then add two sheets of crumpled aluminum foil and your metal detecting finds. Soak until all tarnish is removed.
  • Gold – Soak the item in warm, soapy water until clean.

For tips on how to clean other types of metal detecting treasures, please enjoy these related articles from our learning library.

Cleaning and Preservation of Relics

Cleaning Your Finds

The Benefits of Metal Detecting for Teens

Metal detecting has become a popular hobby across all age groups. From children to seniors metal detecting has a lot to offer everyone. One particular age group that you may not expect to like metal detecting is teenagers. Some of the benefits teenagers enjoy from metal detecting include:

  • The opportunity to learn about history, geography, electronics, geology, science, the environment, and so much more while metal detecting.
  • Positive feelings of pride and accomplishment from searching for and recovering lost items.
  • Time spent in nature enjoying the outdoors and their natural surroundings.
  • Regular exercise.
  • A chance to learn a new skill set including being responsible for their machine and caring for the treasures they find properly.
  • A pathway to other hobbies like geocaching, coin collecting, scuba diving or antique collecting.

Plus, metal detecting is something you can do together, and they can enjoy with friends as well. So talk with your teen about metal detecting. You might be surprised how much fun they think treasure hunting can be! For more information on teenagers metal detecting, how to find the best machine for them, metal detecting accessories they might need, and other information that will be helpful as you get started, please enjoy these related articles:

The Perfect Metal Detectors for Teenagers

Which Metal Detector is Best for You

Tips for Finding Coins in Your Own Neighborhood


Looking for a Great Father’s Day Gift?

Don’t Forget Father’s Day: Sunday June 21, 2015

Father’s Day 2015 is nearly here!

Need a great gift for Dad? Father’s Day has to be one of the hardest holidays to shop for. That’s because most dads seem to already have it all—golf clubs, fishing gear, tools, clothes…what else is there to buy? What about a metal detector for treasure hunting?

This gift is guaranteed to impress!

Metal detecting or hunting for treasure with a metal detector is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world—for good reason! There is a virtual gold mine of old coins, valuable jewelry, artifacts, war relics and even gold nuggets hidden underfoot. It’s amazing how many people say they have found interesting treasures in their own backyard. Metal detecting is the IDEAL hobby for dads. After all, most men have a secret desire to hunt for hidden treasure. Who wouldn’t want to unearth a treasure cache from the days when folks didn’t trust banks or an old Indian arrowhead? Men inherently seek to learn about history and this is definitely the hobby for it. Hobbyists report that they get more of a thrill learning about local history than profiting from their finds.

Need More Quality Family Time?

Treasure hunting with a metal detector is the answer. Search the neighborhood, local parks and ball fields for coins and relics. It’s not hard to convince the kids to get outside with a metal detector when there’s the prospect of finding money. It’s more fun than working for their allowance! There are countless sites to treasure hunt in your own area. Check out articles about where to begin treasure hunting or visit the town room of your local library for potential hot spots. Metal detecting is inherently educational for the entire family—while trekking and searching the terrain, you are learning about geology, history and electronics. It goes without saying that the exercise and fresh air is beneficial.

Quality Metal Detectors for Gifting

Not sure where to begin shopping for a metal detector? We are offering two suggestions for the best-selling metal detectors for beginning hobbyists. One is more budget-friendly; the other is a great multi-purpose unit that is full-featured and an intermediate unit.

Top Pick Under $150

Makro Waterproof Pointer$149.00 Big Spring Sale: $125.00

Makro Pointer: Pinpointing to the Extreme! Professional waterproof design. Quickly and precisely locate your target with sound, vibration or both. Includes a powerful built in LED light. Complete kit includes everything you need to get started.

Makro Makro Pointer Includes the 8 Following Items Free:

  • Carrying Pouch
  • Hard-Shell Case
  • Hard-Shell Case with Scraping Blade
  • Finds Bag
  • Belt Holster
  • 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty (USA Service Center)

Top Pick Under $300

Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector$579.95 Big Spring Sale: $299.95

The Bounty Hunter Platinum is an easy to use metal detector that shows you what's in the ground before you dig.

The Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector has one of the largest display screens that you will find on a modern detector today. The Bounty Hunter Platinum is an easy to use metal detector that shows you what’s in the ground before you dig.

Bounty Hunter’s top-of-the-line model, Platinum is one metal detector that does it all. What does that mean? Instead of buying one model specifically equipped for coin hunting and another for finding relics or gold, this one detector is custom-made to hunt for various targets. It is designed with 4 custom search modes, so you can select the mode that corresponds with the objects you’re targeting. Modes include: Discrimination Mode, Pinpoint Mode, Ground Grab Mode and All Metals Mode. Platinum’s other amazing feature is the jumbo LCD target ID display. Not only does it identify metals such as iron, foil, nickels, pull tabs, quarters and more—it provides a unique target identification number for each target. This way, you know if you’ve found actual treasure before digging it up.

Top Pick Under $600

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector$699.95 Big Spring Sale: $594.95

This jewelry was found on a beach in Florida with the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector.

Jewelry can be found with a metal detector such as the gold and silver items seen here. This jewelry was found on a beach in Florida with the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector.

For extremely high-performance all-terrain treasure hunting at a mid-level price, nothing gets higher marks than the Garrett AT Pro. Its waterproof design allows this detector to be submersed in water up to 10 feet deep. Search along shorelines, rivers and docks just as effectively as you will in meadows, trails, hills and wooded areas. When detectorists need exceptional performance for both land and water, Garrett AT Pro is the go-to detector. The AT Pro features Fast Track™ ground balance for mineralized soil conditions, electronic pinpointing and an advanced digital target ID with 0-99 target identification scale. These numbers help distinctly identify objects you have located. Standard and professional audio modes offer enhanced ability to identify your target’s size, shape and depth. Get the BONUS Diggers Special Pack when you purchase the Garrett AT Pro through the end of August. A exclusive, the AT Pro Diggers Special Pack has 8 additional bonus items.

This Years Two Most Talked About Metal Detectors

If dad expects only the best, have a look at the Wireless DEUS detector from XP Metal Detectors. Developed for searching coins, jewelry and relics, the Makro Racer metal detector at $649.00 offers you the ideal combination of cutting-edge technology and advanced design.

Must-Have Metal Detecting Accessories

A trowel is a necessary tool for digging up buried targets. The Lesche Digging Tool gets high marks for being durable and cutting through the toughest soil conditions. The beauty of the Lesche digging tool is that it is available in a right- hand serrated blade (standard) or left-hand serrated blade (optional). Lesche crafts their digging tools with aircraft-quality steel and the blade on this trowel is serrated to cut through most anything. A pinpointing probe helps detectorists isolate targets very quickly. The Garrett Pro-Pointer pinpointing detector is featured on the TV show Diggers. This unit features easy one-button operation that alerts you to the target with both vibrations and audio. Two new and waterproof pinpointers are the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT and the MakroPointer.

Metal Offers Rush Shipping

Visit for the largest available online selection of metal detectors and accessories. If you are interested in RUSH shipping in time for Father’s Day, air shipping is available. Orders that are shipped by UPS or Fedex that are placed before 1 PM Eastern Standard Time are processed and shipped the same day. Feel free to Contact Us anytime with your questions.