Metal Detecting Holiday Gifts for Men on Fathers Day 2016

The Garrett AT Pro - One of the great metal detectors for dad on Fathers Day 2016.

The Garrett AT Pro – One of the great metal detectors for dad on Fathers Day 2016.

Metal detecting is becoming a popular outdoor hobby these days, partly due to all of the reality TV shows that chronicle the adventures of detectorists. If the man in your life loves shows like “Diggers” and “Rebel Gold,” surprise him this holiday season with the gift of a lifetime – a metal detector! Before you decide on the right detector, here are a few questions: do you think he will be hunting for coins, historical relics, gold, or all of the above? In the beginning, most new hobbyists want to search for everything. Experts say a good first detector is an all-purpose unit. For example, the Garrett AT Pro, at around $600, is considered one of the best all-around metal detectors on the market. Of course, there are detectors at lower price points, as well. If you are purchasing a detector as a surprise holiday gift, consider your budget before choosing a detector. Below is a list of our top sellers at prices from low to high.

Top 5 Metal Detectors for Fathers Day 2016

Be sure to visit our Learning Library of Metal Detectors, which is chock full of information you can use right now, in choosing the best equipment for that special man in your life!

Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer – Save Hours in the Field!

Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer made by Whiles Metal Detectors

Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer made by Whiles Metal Detectors

For locating treasure in the hole 10x faster, rely on Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer! Like a miniature metal detector, this unit fits easily into any digging hole to precisely locate treasure you have targeted. Whites Bullseye TRX is waterproof up to 10 feet and is completely automatic (no tuning needed). Features include: LED light, audio/vibrate alert, auto “power off,” lost pinpointer alarm and much more! Loyal Bullseye TRX owners say this pinpointer beats the competition because of its tip detection and ground balance “ratchet,” which instantly zero in on your target. According to Ashtro in NC, “Where it is pointed is where your target will be. With tip detection, the Bullseye TRX is the best bang for your buck!”



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Maine Mineral and Gem Museum Offers $20,000 Reward for Piece of Rangeley, ME Meteorite Fall!

A meteorite Fall was recorded on police video Tuesday Morning. If you were lucky enough to see this extraordinary event, you watched a historic event. The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum is offering a reward for the first one-kilogram meteorite recovered from this fall!

”Barbra Barrett, Mineral and Gem Museum director, said in a press release “This is an exciting opportunity and we need the public’s help,”  We spoke with the Museum staff this afternoon and confirmed that the $20,000 reward noted in their press release is still available.

Police Video of Tuesday’s Meteorite Fall in Rangeley, Maine Region

According to the Boston website “Based on hundreds of eyewitness accounts collected and analyzed by the American Meteor Society, scientists were able to pinpoint that the meteoroid entered Earth’s atmosphere over Maine, and it’s terminal explosion—the bright flash that most people witnessed, which usually coincides with fragmentation of the fireball—occurred about 30 kilometers, or about 18.6 miles, west of Rangeley, Maine.”

Michael Bernzweig of said today: “The top metal detector model for locating meteorites is the XP DEUS Metal Detector.” In December of 2013 Twink Monrad and metal detecting partner Don Morin joined some meteorite hunting friends at the Franconia, Arizona strewn meteorite field using the DEUS. Complete details are shown in the article entitled “XP DEUS Meteorite Find Classified by Dr. Garvie at Arizona State University.” In another article entitled “Meteorite Hunting with my XP DEUS Detector” Twink said “I was able to find a buried Gold Basin meteorite and my hunting partner Don found two Gold Basin meteorites with his DEUS with 11” coil.



How the Shape of Your Metal Detector’s Search Coil Effects Your Treasure Hunting Success

Search Coils

Owning the right type of search coil that matches your metal detector will make it easier when searching for treasure.

The shape of the search coil you use on any of your metal detectors will change the capabilities of your machine and, as a result, having several different types on hand will really enhance your treasure hunting experience. In fact, many metal detectorists feel that you can transform your metal detector into an entirely new machine simply by selecting different size and shape search coils as opposed to actually buying a whole new machine! There are two parts of a search coil to talk about when discussing their shapes. First is the shape of the search coil itself. The search coil itself will be either round or elliptical – most will be round. More important than this though is the internal construction. The way the wires are attached to the coil internally will take one of the three following forms – Concentric, Double D, or Coaxial – each giving your metal detector different capabilities. Let’s discuss each of these search coil designs, their benefits, drawbacks, and more.


Concentric circle search coils are probably the most popular design of search coil for metal detectors today. Most commonly used for finding smaller targets like gold, jewelry, coins, and relics that are generally found near the surface concentric coils are also excellent at target discrimination and pinpointing. They’re drawback? Concentric coils are easily compromised in heavily mineralized soils.

Double D

A Double D search coil is designed in the shape of two capitol letter “Ds” hence it’s name! Double D metal detecting search coils are reliable in heavily mineralized soils, like what you run into at the beach for example, and cover more ground in one sweep than other types of coils. They’re not as good at pinpointing nor as adept at target discrimination; although many of the newer DD coils being made today are.


Coaxial coils are probably the least popular search coil design type and are rarely found on metal detectors made today. While it’s detection depth is usually lower, the coaxial search coils are the best type of coil to use when you need to minimize interference from utility wires or other metal detectors. Coaxical coils are also great at pinpointing and discrimination even in areas with very heavy trash.

All shapes are generally available in all sizes (extra small/mini, small, medium, and large) and vice versa. Whatever size and shape search coil you buy for your metal detector though, be sure you’re purchasing quality search coils that are compatible with your metal detector in order to avoid violating any warranties or, worse, causing your machine to malfunction. You’ll also need to consider the type of metal detector you’re using, the frequency it operates on, and, as we mentioned, where you’re working, and what you’re hunting for. From there though you’ll easily be able to buy all the right shapes and sizes of search coils to find treasure wherever you’re metal detecting.

Lesche All Purpose Shovel Review

Lesche All Purpose Shovel

The Lesche All Purpose Shovel is one of the best digging tools that will help you find buried treasures and relics.

When you’re out metal detecting, a large part of your adventure will involve treasure recovery. While any old shovel will technically do, digging up the treasure you find is infinitely easier when you have the right tools. One of the tools the pros never leave home without is the Lesche All Purpose Shovel.

Made in the USA, the Lesche All Purpose Shovel was designed by Walter Lesche and is part of his line of patented digging tools also known by the name “The King of Spades”; and rightly so. After all, like all Lesche tools, the Lesche All Purpose Shovel is made of aircraft quality steel which makes it durable, strong, and rust resistant. It’s also designed with a T-handle for good leverage as well as a long tapered cutting edge to make digging even in difficult soils a breeze. And, at just 26” and weighing in at only 2.3 lbs, the Lesche All Purpose Shovel is easy to carry when not in use as well. Don’t take our word for it though, let’s take a quick look at a few of the customer reviews we’ve received recently about the Lesche All Purpose Shovel.

Vince E. shares – “This isn’t a regular old garden shovel.”

Tara T. writes – “After reading a fair amount of reviews, and looking at what others bought, I decided on the Lesche. I wanted an all-around, sturdy shovel, not too big and not too small. So far, the Lesche has fit the bill. It’s relatively compact (for a nonfoldable), light weight, yet strong. The 4.5″ blade is a good size for plugs, and I use it for other jobs around the yard!”

Scott writes – “I have found that this is a very sturdy shovel. It cuts through tough clays and even cuts through decently-sized roots and the T-handle is great.”

Our resident experts here at agree as well; The Lesche All Purpose Shovel is an excellent metal detecting tool and will only serve to enhance this already exciting hobby even further. Plus, the company even stands behind it with their full 5 year warranty.

To learn even more about the Lesche All Purpose Shovel and decide if it’s the digging tool for you, visit our Lesche All Purpose Shovel product page.  This is where you’ll find all the information you need about this quality metal detecting tool including the instruction manual, product specifications and more.  Then, you can see just how much the Lesche All Purpose Shovel will add to your metal detecting experience and begin recovering your treasure with less work right away.

Spectacular 13 Gram Gold Nugget Found in Africa with XP DEUS!

A prospector using the XP DEUS metal detector in Africa turned up this amazing 13 Gram gold nugget. He was using the XP DEUS GoldField program 10 when he made the impressive recovery. You can see the actual recovery detailed in this video below.

Developed and perfect in the gold fields of Africa, the XP DEUS GoldField program has turned up several notable finds over the years. Complete details on the GoldField program 10 are shown at this link. While the GoldField program is extremely powerful, it is a turn-on-and-go preset mode that is simple to use. The XP DEUS with the GoldField program comes in the four model configurations shown here.