The New XP ORX Metal Detector Product Review Video

Field Test Video on the New XP ORX Metal Detector:

Why has XP metal detectors released the ORX?

The team at XP wanted to produce a hybrid machine while still maintaining the much loved Deus DNA. The ORX has a very easy to understand menu with 4 factory pre-set programs 2 Gold and 2 Coin – All accessed by the simple press of a button. The main menu has a wide range of features if you feel the need to make any adjustments in the field.

The ORX Metal Detector LCD Display Remote Menu features preset and custom programs.

The ORX Metal Detector LCD Display Remote Menu features preset and custom programs.

Menu Features:

  • Factory Programs 3 & 4 Coin Fast and Coin Deep
  • Discrimination 0 -99
  • Sensitivity 0 – 99
  • Frequency
  • Iron volume on / off
  • Reactivity 1 to 3

Coin Fast is very much in line with the existing Deus Fast program, it uses a 3 tone audio and I am guessing will be the most popular choice. Coin Deep uses slightly different filtering and a slower reactivity, this allows better ground penetration for deeper targets, idea if the ground is cleaner. User save programs 5 & 6. There are 2 empty memory banks so the user can save their custom programs.

The ORX metal detector is for use in all terrains. Select your program and start detecting!

The ORX metal detector is for use in all terrains. Select your program and start detecting!

Find out more about the XP ORX by watching the video at the top of the page. We have so much more to talk about in coming blogs but are sure you will agree when we say simplicity combined with performance is going to make the ORX the perfect detecting companion.

The ORX Metal Detector is now available in two configurations from See product videos, specifications, pricing and complete product details here:

Black Friday Metal Detector Deals Video (2018)

Enjoy Our 2018 Black Friday Metal Detector Deals Video Cartoon

We hope that you and your loved ones are having a relaxing holiday get together. This year we thought it would be fun to share a lighthearted holiday cartoon video that our team put together.

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New Makro Kruzer metal detectors Series Comparison Guide: Kruzer, Multi Kruzer, Gold Kruzer

Makro Kruzer metal detectors series. Gold Kruzer, Kruzer and Multi Kruzer.

New article compares the Makro Kruzer metal detectors series. (l-r) Gold Kruzer, Kruzer and Multi Kruzer.

Looking for a new detector that you can take from land to sea with top performance and features? Look no further; three Makro Kruzer Metal Detector models are here now and ready to help you find treasure!

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Free Pinpointer with Any Purchase of $300! Learn Why Metal Detector Pinpointers are Essential

Find your target two to three times faster.

A pinpointer will allow you to find your target two to three times faster.

If you are new to the hobby of metal detecting—congratulations! Exciting adventures await for you. As you start locating metal targets, you will soon see that pinpointing them can be challenging. Your detector will signal, but you will probably dig up hole after hole before finding your target. This can get frustrating, which is why experts strongly recommend utilizing a detecting pinpointer.

Why Experts Recommend Pinpointers

Detectorist Phil Goodson says , “Even if your metal detector has ‘pinpoint mode’, a hand-held pinpointer is worth EVERY penny! It’s a valuable tool that saves you time, effort, and money.”  It also cuts down on your digging time. He points out that a pinpointer narrows your search area to an inch or so for quickly locating a small coin or piece of jewelry. Goodson says on his first time out detecting, he found a gold ring, because his brother handed him a pinpointer. “There was only grass under the coil. Using my brother’s pinpointer, I was able to zero in on my target. I cut a small plug of grass and soil and started to pull it apart. I noticed a small strip of yellow metal about 1/4 inch wide embedded in the clay. I showed my brother, who said, “Are you kidding me?” “That’s gold! You’ve found your first gold ring!” This is how the passion of metal detecting begins!

Pinpointers on Sale at stocks the best, most popular pinpointers on the market! Right now, the Garrett Pro-Pinpointer II and Garrett Pro-Pointer AT are sale-priced, as well as the Makro Pointer and White’s Bullseye TRX. Be sure to check out the new XP MI-4 Pinpointer, with great features it’s a value you simply can’t afford to miss.

FREE PINPOINTER- Free with any Purchase of $300 or More. (Discount shown in cart)

The Bounty Hunter Pinpointer pinpoints the exact location of buried metal objects to less than an inch. While the units mentioned above offer greater performance, this Pinpointer was designed to be used with any metal detector to help precisely locate coins and other treasures. It’s a great way to see for yourself if investing in one of the top units we have spoken about today would be right for you.

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Nokta Makro Invenio – The World’s First “Smart” Metal Detector and Imaging System is Here!

Invenio Detector and Imaging System

Nokta Makro Invenio – World’s First “Smart” Metal Detector and Imaging System

Invenio – State of the Art Deep-Seeking Treasure Detector

Be among the FIRST to get your hands on revolutionary new detection and imaging technology! The just released Nokta Makro Invenio is the first real-time “smart” detector and imaging system. The Invenio system box and detector shaft communicate wirelessly via an artificial neural network. Uncover extremely deep treasures such as caches, gold, coins and relics as well as ground anomalies (caves and cavities). Invenio’s system box gives you a visual display of a target’s shape, dimension, true depth and identifies the type of metal. Unveiled just last week and now in-stock, Nokta Makro Invenio is the “smart” detector of the future. Order yours today!

Two Invenio Packages to Choose From

Invenio Coin and Nail Image Scan

Nokta Makro Invenio Image scan of a Coin and Nail

Long-Awaited X35: 35 Frequency Search Coils are Now Available!

The X35 DoubleD 35 Frequency Search coils for the DEUS Metal Detector

The X35 DoubleD 35 Frequency Search coils for the DEUS Metal Detector.

With the free Version 5 update for the XP DEUS metal detector, all-new search coils will allow you to utilize 35 frequencies! Select from frequencies ranging from 3.7 kHz to 27.7 kHz; in total, there are a whopping 35—based around 5 main frequencies. The new Version 5 BOOST mode when using low frequencies significantly increases detection depth on highly conductive targets- like silver. The highest frequencies (23-27.7 kHz) provide excellent sensitivity for finding small targets, as well as low conductive targets. Gold and silver targets overlooked before are now in your REACH!  See all-new X35 Search Coils below:

XP DEUS X35 Search Coils:

This is all-new technology with the XP DEUS Version 5 Update!

Professional-Quality Nokta Pointer Waterproof Pinpointer: Includes Complete Kit

Nokta Pointer Pinpointer

The Nokta Pointer Pinpointer.

Anyone who detects in streams and underwater should consider the Nokta Pointer Pinpointer. It is fully waterproof and can be submerged to 1 meter (3 feet) for 30 minutes at a time! Professional performance is in the design; Nokta Pointer features 10 levels of sensitivity control, a bright LED light and “Lost” alarm with auto shut-off. Target alert options include audio, vibration or both.  And what REALLY sets the Nokta Pointer Pinpointer apart is the included bonus kit: 2 hard shell cases (1 with scraping blade), carrying pouch, finds bag, belt holster and 9-volt battery. This is pinpointing to the extreme!

Advanced New Gold Detectors Bring ‘Hunted Out Sites’ Back to Life!

Makro Gold Kruzer metal detector

Makro Gold Kruzer metal detector shown with wireless headphones. Wireless headphones are standard equipment included with each Gold Kruzer detector.

Around the world, gold prospectors continue to unearth nuggets and flakes of gold—from Indonesia to Japan, South Africa to the U.S. Alluvial gold deposits in river beds and streams are prime prospecting territory; as well as popular gold fields. Serious gold hunters set out with a dedicated gold detector, such as the NEW Makro Gold Kruzer Waterproof Metal Detector. The Makro Gold Kruzer operates at 61 kHz and offers unparalleled sensitivity for finding the tiniest nuggets and flakes of gold. It is waterproof to 5 meters and includes wireless headphones.

Also see the 5-star rated Garrett AT Gold Waterproof Detector.


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Latest Trend: Add a New Search Coil for More Functionality

You will find targets hidden deeper with your metal detector when you add a larger search coil.

You will find targets hidden deeper when you add a larger search coil such as the Detech 13″ Ultimate pictured here.

Adding or changing your search coil is an exciting way to upgrade your metal detector. That’s because after-market search coils, like the Detech 13″ Ultimate and 12 x 10″ SEF Butterfly, can totally expand your search area! Find targets hidden deeper in the ground, such as large gold nuggets, silver, coins, jewelry and relics. Detech makes specially designed, waterproof search coils for most popular metal detector models. Can your detector be upgraded? Find out below!

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