Detech Chaser Metal Detector with 9″ Search Coil – (North American Version)

Detech Chaser Metal Detector

The Detech Chaser Metal Detector, a great unit for deep coin, relic and jewelry hunting.

Manufacturers of over 30 after-market search coils, the Detech brand is well-known for extreme depth! So, if you’re looking for an all-terrain metal detector with maximum depth potential, discover the Detech Chaser metal detector with 9″ Search Coil. Easy to use, this model has an intuitive touch pad display with five preset programs. Select the program best suited for beach hunting, relics, coins or deeply buried treasure.

Detech Chaser – Easy to Use

Detech Chaser’s main menu features six simple navigation icons:

  • Sensitivity Adjust:  can be adjusted on a 100-point scale
  • Volume Adjust:  set volume on a 15-point audio scale
  • Audio Gain Adjust:  2 settings to fine-tune for best performance
  • Tone Select:  choose low or high frequency audio
  • Frequency Shift:  shift frequency near power lines or other detectors
  • Memory Select: turn “on” and all your settings will be saved

Detech Chaser includes their patented 9″ DD Ultimate Search Coil which provides maximum depth, better ground balancing and very accurate target ID.

Also available for the same price is the Detech Chaser metal detector with 12″ x 10″ SEF Butterfly Search Coil.


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Garrett AT Gold Underwater Detector: Hunt Rivers, Streams and Gold Fields

Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector

Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector is an All-Terrain Best Seller!

Hand’s down, the Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector gets top ratings as a prospecting detector. This is a deep-seeking, all-terrain metal detector with an 18 kHz frequency- the best frequency for finding gold. The price of raw gold is high (recently $60/ per gram; $1,850 per ounce), so it is no surprise that detectorists who live in gold country hunt rivers and streams in search of pay dirt!  The rugged, high-performance Garrett AT Gold delivers BIG TIME with its advanced underwater design. Top features include: • True All-Metal Mode – provides deep detection and sensitivity for small nuggets, • Iron Audio – Hear discriminated iron and adjust mid-tone range, • Digital Target ID- from 0 to 99 (ferrous starting at 1 and highest conductive items at 99), • Tone Roll Audio offers enhanced target information as you pass over targets. Waterproof up to 10 feet. According to one reviewer: “I found 13 specimens of gold ore on an old tailings pile next to a road in S. Wyoming. The AT Gold is very sensitive. I am confident I will have no trouble detecting rare coins and gold nuggets down to 8″ deep or more.”

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Highly-Acclaimed Garrett AT Gold is Key to Success

If you watch the metal detecting TV series “Diggers,” you may already know that both “KG” and “Ringy” swear by Garrett metal detectors. The Diggers have amassed quite a treasure collection—much of it they attribute to the rugged, extreme-performance Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector. It seems like every time George Wyant or Tim Saylor reach their hunting destination, they’re within a few feet of sweet nectar. When asked how they do it, KG tells hobbyists, “It’s hard work, smart research, and plain ol’ luck. And most importantly, it’s the equipment that we use.”

Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector

The Garrett AT Gold is a deep-seeking, all terrain metal detector. Built with an 18 kHz frequency, it is the go-to metal detector for treasure hunters and prospectors looking for gold nuggets. With enhanced detection ability, the AT Gold is also ideal for targeting coins, relics, jewelry and treasure caches. Here’s what sets the Garrett AT Gold apart from other models:

True All-Metal Deep – seeking Mode- provides deepest detection and sensitivity in mineralized soil.

All-Metal Iron Audio – a Garrett exclusive that identifies iron objects even while operating in a true all-metal mode.

High-Resolution Iron Discrimination – features 44 points of iron resolution; this is viewed as a digital number for precisely determining good targets from iron trash.

Waterproof – up to 10 feet in freshwater rivers, ponds or shorelines.

Digital Target ID – Garrett AT Gold’s numerical scale from 0 to 99 displays a target’s conductivity for increased ability to distinguish targets.

This Garrett detector is touted for hunting all sorts of treasure—not just gold. Among the items the Diggers have found with the AT Gold: a brass trigger from an 1851 Colt revolver, a gold military uniform button from the Civil War, a tiny solid silver St. Christopher statue from the 1800s, an antique duck call and an antique belt plate from 1851. The AT Gold is as fully featured as it gets at a mid-range price point. It is definitely worth checking out the Garrett AT Pro product page and reading customer reviews!

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