Dads Love Metal Detectors! Father’s Day is: June 17, 2018

Makro Multi Kruzer metal detector with Wireless headphones

Makro Multi Kruzer metal detector with Wireless headphones

Father’s Day is almost here. Shop now during our Spring Sale and you’ll be ready for Dad’s special day! Every dad (young or old) gets a kick out of gadgets and the idea of finding buried treasure. On a budget? Entry-level models are more advanced than ever before and are totally affordable. If you can afford more of a splurge, we recommend a mid-level detector. This way, dad can grow into metal detecting without needing to upgrade his detector. Give dad the best gift with one of the models below!

Entry Level Metal Detectors:

Mid Level Metal Detectors:

Wishing For a New Metal Detector? The Holidays are Coming!

The Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector includes free special bonus items.

The Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector includes free special bonus items.

This is the perfect time to dream of your ideal metal detector. The holidays will be here sooner than you think, so what better time to drop the hint about your new favorite model? There are so many affordable upgrades in each brand line-up. Many detectors are sale priced at from now through December 20th. Save hundreds of dollars on the best mid-level detectors; thousands on higher-end units!! So, not only can you upgrade your detection equipment, the prices are the lowest you will find anywhere. Perhaps you realized that you need a PI unit instead of VLF because of its deep-seeking mineralization-cancelling qualities. Or maybe you live in gold country and want to upgrade to the Garrett AT Gold in hopes of better treasure. Whatever the case, this is the time to save BIG on the best detectors in our inventory. For our complete list of sale-priced detectors, see “The Big Fall Sale on Metal Detectors 2016.”

Some of our best deals on popular detectors from now through the holidays:

Kids Metal Detecting- Get Outdoors, Away from the Computer

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

Kids need exercise, mental stimulation and fresh air—and reports show they aren’t getting enough of it! A lack of stimulation and immediate gratification seems to be the reason why kids aren’t willing participants anymore when it comes to team sports and classroom activities. As parents, we need to insist upon physical activity—away from computer screens. Psychologists say computer technology disconnects kids emotionally from family and friends.  Instant gratification is now posing a problem in most U.S. households and classrooms. Kids are BORED in school because the “visual drama” of games and video is not there. This will become a huge problem for achievement in the future!

What can we do? The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests time limits for TV/internet/social media for all age groups from 3-18 years old. Physical activities and hobbies  are the only solution—and should be pursued by all parents! Metal detecting is a fascinating “kid friendly” hobby that can engage almost ANY child. Using electronics is exciting while listening for metal signals. Kids learn about science and geology while detecting, among other things. Even finding 1 quarter is a major achievement and can be celebrated! You can only imagine a child’s excitement when the coins pile up. Metal detecting makes what would otherwise be a boring story into an interactive adventure!

Top Metal Detectors for Kids Ages 9 and Up:

Metal Detectors Introduce a New Way to Find Antique Toys

New Ways to Find Antique Toys announces a new way to find antique toys with different metal detectors.

Avid collectors of antique toys are discovering a new way to build their toy collection—with a metal detector! Metal detector hobbyists have found thousands of valuable cast-iron, lead, tin and steel toys all around the world. Children’s favorite playthings from centuries ago can easily be detected with an entry-level or mid-level metal detector. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never used a detector before—there are guides in our Learning Library that can teach you the basics. We suggest you start with our article entitled “What are the Best Beginners Metal Detectors?”

Abandoned homesteads, schools, churches and town-sites are great places to start. Antique toys are considered relics (traces from the past), so a detector suitable for locating relics is the best choice for antique toy hunters. Michael Bernzweig of said “When I speak to toy collectors, I suggest that they read two important articles before selecting a metal detector: Antique Toy Hunting with a Metal Detector and What are the Best Detectors for Finding Relics?”

What to Look for in a Beginner Metal Detector

Introducing kids of any age to metal detecting can give them the opportunity to enjoy a hobby that can help them learn about history, geology, science, electronics, and so much more.  Not only that, they’ll enjoy exercising in the great outdoors, digging up unknown treasure, and maybe even cashing in on what they find!  Some of the things kids might find while out metal detecting include

  • jewelry
  • coins
  • antique toys
  • colonial buttons
  • civil war relics
  • gold and precious minerals
  • meteorites

A beginner metal detector is usually fairly good at finding all of these types of targets.  However, there are more advanced machines on the market you can work up to that are designed to be more sensitive to one type of treasure or another.

Important Features for Kids

Children’s metal detectors should also be lightweight, and feature an adjustable handle.  This way no matter what size your child is he or she can comfortably hold and swing the metal detector for hours of enjoyment.  For more on what to look for in a children’s metal detector, please review these related articles from our learning library.

Best Kids Metal Detectors

The Perfect Metal Detectors for Teens

What Are The Best Beginner Metal Detectors

Why Kids Love Metal Detecting

Kids Metal Detectors

When it comes to metal detecting for kids, you need to find the right beginners metal detector that is easy to use.

Helping “newbies” to select and get started with their first metal detector is something we pride are selves on. Nothing though, is more thrilling then when we help kids and children enter the hobby of metal detecting. Today we received a product review of the Fisher F2 from Martha who purchased the detector for her grandsons after consulting her Brother and his detecting friends. In her review, Martha shares why metal detecting is so wonderful for kids.  She mentions the history of the Civil War, coin collecting and how it’s a new hobby they will enjoy for many years to come.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

If you are a metal detecting hobbyist, it should come as no surprise when your son, daughter or grandchild wants to give your detector a whirl. It’s amazing how your child will transform into an eager and willing listener when you are teaching them how to find treasure with a metal detector. Why not get them involved in this fun and educational hobby at a young age? If you happen to have a one-touch or turn-on-and-go unit, it will be easy to teach a child the ropes. In any case, you can demonstrate how to scan the ground methodically and inspect every signal carefully.

“Kids are very visual, so you may want to select a model with a graphic target ID display. It will identify the targets – good or bad – so they can make an educated decision to dig, or just keep walking.”  –  Daniel Bernzweig of

There are professional quality metal detectors that are specifically designed for children; there are also ready-to-go detectors that are slightly more advanced—but ideal for kids ages 9 and up. These units are often equipped with target identification displays, visual depth indicators, audio tone and trash elimination modes and yes, they are easy to use. Beginner metal detectors are reasonably priced and sure to get years of use. Daniel Bernzweig, of points out, “Kids are very visual, so you may want to select a model with a graphic target ID display. It will identify the targets – good or bad – so they can make an educated decision to dig, or just keep walking.” When selecting a child’s metal detector, Daniel suggests two articles:  1. Best Kids Metal Detectors as it a buying & selection guide with specific models you can compare side-by-side and  2. What are the Best Beginners Metal Detectors? which is more of an overview of selecting metal detectors for kids of “any age”.

Tesoro Sand Shark Metal Detector Review

Tesoro Sand Shark Metal Detector

The Tesoro Sand Shark is one of the first pulse induction metal detectors with microprocessor technology that makes it easier to find treasure and relics buried deep underground and underwater.

The Tesoro Sand Shark is a metal detector that many find to be their machine of choice.  Is it yours?  It very well might be.  To find out if the Sand Shark is for you, you’ll want to consider several different factors including, where you’ll be using the metal detector, what you’d like to find with the machine and, who will end up using it; questions you should ask yourself when researching any metal detector actually.

This particular metal detector is made by Tesoro Metal Detectors, a name that means quality; and Tesoro literally means “treasure” in Spanish.  Each of the detectors made by Tesoro, including the Sand Shark, are on the cutting edge of technology and ready to help make you a successful treasure hunter on all your beach and underwater diving expeditions.

Digital Pulse Induction Metal Detector

The Sand Shark was the first Pulse Induction (PI) metal detector to feature microprocessor technology.  As a result, you now have a metal detector with all the benefits needed for deep seeking metal detecting in environments where there is heavy ground mineralization (Like the wet salt water at the beach for example); but now with all the advantages of digital technology as well to make this a high tech machine full of all the extras you want.  All this while maintaining an easy to operate control system that’s extremely user friendly at the same time.

Waterproof Metal Detector  –  Lifetime Warranty

As we mentioned, the fact that the Sand Shark is a Pulse Induction metal detector makes it excellent for use in and around the salt water at the beach.  To support this the Tesoro Sand Shark is also encased in a waterproof housing.  This makes it ideal for use in wet weather or, conditions, like the beach, where you’ll be hunting in an overall wet environment.  With the Sand Shark though, your treasure hunt doesn’t have to stop at the water’s edge.  You can use it underwater and even dive with it in salt or fresh water if you’d like to.  Another neat fact is that all Tesoro metal detectors come with a Lifetime Warranty, including the Sand Shark and Tesoro’s other waterproof detector for underwater use, the Tiger Shark.

Excellent for Beginner and Advanced Users Alike

Tesoro Sand Shark Metal Detector Controls

The controls on the Sand Shark Metal Detector are easy to use and make it one of the best underwater metal detectors for beginners and advanced detectorists.

Another one of the many unique features of the Tesoro Sand Shark is that it’s been designed to offer a variety of features but in an easy to use format.  This makes the Sand Shark an excellent option for beginner and advanced users alike.  You’ll also find that this metal detector features a side/belly mount option that can be installed and used easily without the need for tools.  In addition, it’s also lightweight (under 4.5 lbs) and this, coupled with the fact that it has the option of side body mount makes the Sand Shark an excellent choice for younger and elderly users in particular, as well as the more advanced set that goes out for extended metal detecting excursions.

An All Purpose Metal Detector

Overall, the Tesoro Sand Shark is designed to be an all purpose metal detector.  It can be used in water and on land, and, it can be used to find a variety of items too including gold, relics, coins, jewelry, and more too.  Choose from two search coil sizes, which are the standard 8″ coil and the larger 10.5″ coil to go deeper and cover more ground. Plus, pretty much anyone will have a good time treasure hunting with this detector as we mentioned given it’s lightweight and highly user friendly design.

Tesoro Sand Shark Metal Detector Reviews:

There’s nothing like some customer reviews to top off a solid information search on any product, including metal detectors.  Here are some reviews straight from our customers who’ve purchased and used the Tesoro Sand Shark themselves.

Nate from Pennsylvania reports –  “The Tesoro Sand Shark works well every time I take it out.”

M. Riley from New Mexico says –  “I’ve found a lot of different treasures with my Tesoro Sand Shark and use it at home as well as every time we go on vacation.”

Bev from California shares –  “I take my grandson (7 years old) to the beaches here in Southern California and we almost always find something fun with our Tesoro Sand Shark – He can even use it himself!”

As you can see customers honestly enjoy this machine and, experts in the field agree; the Tesoro Sand Shark is a well designed, all purpose metal detector that’s a nice choice for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike.  If you’re interested in this metal detector and would like more information, visit our Tesoro Sand Shark product details page on our website.  Here you’ll find the company’s product catalog, instruction manual, and even an informational video on the Sand Shark.  If you’ve already done your research you may decide the Tesoro Sand Shark really is the best underwater metal detector for you.  And, if you do, it’s highly likely given the customer reviews, you’ll find some unexpected treasure nearly every time you head out with your machine too.

Teknetics Alpha 2000 Metal Detector Review

Teknetics Alpha 2000 Metal Detector

The Teknetics Alpha 2000 metal detector's light weight and easy to use display helps make it one of the best detectors for beginners.

The first metal detector a new hobbyist purchases or receives as a gift is a very important acquisition, because initial treasure hunting outings will determine whether a novice will take to metal detecting or not. Toy detectors are typically for entertainment only and useless for finding valuables. You are much better off applying that money towards a professional entry-level detector. Teknetics metal detectors are among the finest quality models on the market, so it’s no surprise that the Teknetics Alpha 2000 is one of the best high-performance entry-level models you can find. Its affordable price point is particularly surprising given the combination of impressive depth detection, lightweight design and all of the bells and whistles you get with the Alpha 2000.

Turn-on-and-go Metal Detector

What makes the Teknetics Alpha 2000 great for beginners (including children, a curious wife or parents) is the fact that it is designed to power on and immediately commence to treasure hunting. There are no complicated adjustments; the controls are intuitive. Even the ground adjust is preset for average soil conditions. The lightweight build is comfortable enough for children and seniors to take to the field and beach with ease.

Teknetics Alpha 2000 Features

Teknetics Alpha 2000 Metal Detector Display

The easy to read Teknetics Alpha 2000 metal detector display helps you to find hidden coins and other treasures.

The first thing to note about the Teknetics Alpha 2000 is that it packs a powerful punch for a semi-sophisticated metal detector. It is designed with an operating frequency of 7.8 kHz and features a concentric 8″ open-face coil system for deep detection of targets. The large easy-to-read LCD display even reveals your target depth in inches. The target ID display shows you common targets you are detecting including iron, foil, nickels, aluminum, pennies, quarters, etc. This is coupled with a numerical category ID system to further aid in target identification. Three different tones help you identify what is buried beneath the surface and whether it’s worth digging. The low tone, signals the probability of nails, tin cans, iron or steel objects; or the possibly of a small gold ring. The medium tone indicates newer pennies, small brass objects, nickels and more. The high tone signals large brass objects, silver coins, aluminum cans and more. Six levels of discrimination allow you to eliminate unwanted items and zero in on your intended targets.

Teknetics Alpha 2000 Reviews from Owners:

Sue said:  “We are beginners and this metal detector is exactly what we were looking for. Ordering process and product were wrinkle free. Still having fun and would order again!”

Ryan said:  “No problems noticed at max sensitivity. A bit jumpy on certain targets but the same goes for all entry-level detectors. It is very light weight and fun to use!”

Shaid said:  “Especially great for the price!”

The Teknetics Alpha 2000 is Fit for the Entire Family

They say what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and this Teknetics metal detector keeps true to the saying. This lightweight dynamo is feature-packed for the seasoned detectorist and simple enough for brand new hobbyists. Get up and go with the Teknetics Alpha 2000—it’s made to enjoy hunting at the beach, parks, old home sites, wooded areas or anywhere in your neighborhood. Its powerful, deep-seeking capabilities are sure to deliver results. With a bit of determination, the Alpha 2000 will lead you to deeply buried coins, jewelry, relics and other valuables. Be sure to check out our product page for the Teknetics Alpha 2000 metal detector for further operational details and the full set of features. At a lightweight 2.2 pounds, the feature-packed Teknetics Alpha 2000 is perfect for hours of treasure hunting by hobbyists young and old.

Articles on the Best Metal Detectors

Articles on the best metal detectors

Get the resources you need to find the best metal detector for your treasure search.

If you are shopping for a last minute holiday gift, our fast shipping will get it to you quickly and on time! Please see our Holiday Metal Detector Shipping Schedule, for deadlines on placing your order. With the articles and resources found in our Learning Library, selecting metal detectors and accessories will also be fast and easy. As always, please contact us with any questions you may have.

Today Daniel Bernzweig of shared some thoughts on choosing the best metal detectors. He said “be sure to explore the articles in our learning library in our Best Metal Detectors Series” If you are just getting started, he suggests the following two articles: What are the Best Beginners Metal Detectors? and What is the Best Metal Detector? and he went on to say “if you are interested in a specific type of treasure hunting, be sure to explore some of the topic specific articles included in our learning library such as What are the Best Metal Detectors for finding Antique Bottles? and How to Find Meteorites, Gold & Other Precious Minerals with a Metal Detector?

Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Review

The Garrett Ace 350 metal detector is the top model in the Ace series. This model builds on the ever popular Ace 250 metal detector. This model packs enough features for an adult or even an experienced user but is still simple enough for kids to use. Weighing in at just two and a half pounds, this detector is simple to handle and can travel easily. Looking for coins, relics, gold rings or other precious metals? The Garrett Ace 350 may be just the right fit for you. This detector can actually identify your targets before you dig. Now you can focus on locating valuable targets and digging less trash.

Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector

The Garrett Ace 350 metal detector is one of the best detectors for beginners and has the searching power that any experienced user would want.

Garrett Ace 350 Features
This newest model in the Ace series adds several important features. Most notably, an expanded iron range lets you filter out the junk on old home-sites and on iron infested beaches and other locations. The Garrett Ace 350 metal detector also includes an 8 ½” by 11” Rhino-Tough epoxy filled DD search coil. This coil is perfect for metal detecting in highly mineralized areas like ocean beaches. The extra sensitive “tip and tail” of this coil make it superb for searching along walls and close to fences. This model operates at 8.2 kHz, the highest operating frequency in the Ace series – perfect for locating gold rings, jewelry and coins.

Read Garrett Ace 350 Reviews from Users

  • P Arelic said “owned my Garret Ace 350 for about 6 months….. I am a beginner … it was easy to set up and get started”
  • Samson said “I’m completely new to metal detecting… the screen is very easy to understand… have found some really great historical pieces… highly recommend this product”
  • Craigy said “I’ve had the Ace 350 for twelve months now and love it … paid for itself at least five times over…. well done Garrett! …it just keeps surprising me with great finds… Awesome product.”
  • Jan H. said “What a wonderful machine…got my Metal Detector for Christmas… best one for the money… I use it almost everyday and love it. I have found old coins, new coins, jewelry, an old key and much more. I can’t say enough about this machine. I love it.”
  • KC said “I got this for my son in law for Christmas and he loves it! He lives in another state so I don’t get to see him in action, but I do know he loves it and uses it a lot.”
Garrett Ace 350 DD Search Coil

The new Garrett DD search coil in the Ace 350 metal detector gives it more advantages to find that buried treasure.

The Garrett Ace 350 is extremely user friendly and affordable. This model is easy enough for a beginner yet accurate and sensitive enough for a serious professional treasure hunter.  Be sure to view the Garrett Ace 350 video in the learning library. This informative video covers the operation of this model and includes tips and starter points. You can also find the owners manual on the product page. Perfect if you would like to take a peek at the detailed instructions or if you have lost your manual.

In summary, the Garrett Ace 350 is a great all around metal detector for beginners that is lightweight and well designed. This detector is perfect for those looking for a beginners metal detector to get started, an easy to use model or a machine that will be fun for the entire family. This truly is a turn on and go machine that you will be up and running with quickly for hours of fun and leisure. The Ace 350 represents a solid value and is a very well featured detector for anyone looking to get started on a budget.