Still Looking for that “Wow” Holiday Gift? Give a Metal Detector!

Garrett AT Pro Waterproof Metal Detector

Garrett AT Pro Waterproof Metal Detector

There’s still time to buy a metal detector in time for Christmas 2016! If someone on your gift list needs that one “Wow!” gift, a metal detector is it. caters to last-minute holiday shoppers by offering several guaranteed shipping options. You can order a metal detector until Thursday, December 22nd (before 1PM EST) and still have it delivered in time for Christmas! See our “Holiday Metal Detector Shipping Schedule” for details.

A metal detector fulfills the wishes of even the pickiest recipient. It’s a great gift for someone who has everything; and for kids or seniors who have time for a fun hobby. The exciting thing about treasure hunting is there are metal treasures in every neighborhood. Great places to start hunting include: local parks, schools and playgrounds, beaches and churches. You may not have time to research detectors, so our recommendations are below.

If you’re buying a detector for kids 8 and over, here are popular models:

For adults who are beginners, these are excellent detectors:


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Give Tweens & Teens a Holiday Gift that Promotes Exercise!

Teknetics DigiTek Metal Detector for Teens and Tweens

Teknetics DigiTek Metal Detector for Teens and Tweens

For those of us who have tweens (ages 9-12) and/or teenagers, we all know the dilemma…they are GLUED to their smart phones and electronics. Unfortunately, this is taking a profound toll on today’s kids. According to a recent article, “within the entire population of children ages two to 19 years, the prevalence of overweight and obesity continues to climb.”  It is currently at an all-time high—with 33% of children being overweight, and 26% considered obese. Our kids are simply too sedentary! Although it’s a sign of the times, it’s still unacceptable. And this comes even after Michelle Obama’s initiative to offer healthier school lunches.

Metal Detecting Gets Kids Active and On the Move

A great gift choice for parents of tweens and teens is one that is exciting and promotes exercise—a metal detector for treasure hunting! First of all, older kids love electronics and gadgets. The fact that they can find valuables is motivation enough. Metal treasure can be found everywhere and in every neighborhood. Usually, new hobbyists start finding coins and trinkets right from the start. Gold and silver jewelry is commonly located with a detector, as well as old artifacts. Each artifact tells a story about a time or place in history, and military artifacts can be very valuable. Teens will learn about science and nature while using their metal detector. A detector is a gift that is sure to please!

Best Metal Detectors for Tweens & Teens:

Turn-on-and-go simplicity is an important feature for kids and teens. Early success guarantees future interest in the hobby. Most detectors designed for teens feature an LCD Target identification display and a visual depth display. As you invest a bit more, you’ll see added features in each line-up. Below we’ve listed detector models that are perfect for tweens and teens. They offer a great combination of quality, features and value for your money. A metal detector will prove to be your all-star gift!


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Shop an Authorized Metal Detector Dealer – Not a Mass Retailer! Here’s Why…

Garrett Ace 200 Metal Detector - Full of features + easy to operate for both kids and adults.

Garrett Ace 200 Metal Detector – Full of features yet easy to operate for both kids and adults alike.

Metal detectors are being advertised everywhere lately, which is a tricky situation for consumers. Stores that don’t specialize in metal detectors for treasure hunting are offering “toy detectors” and off-brand models. Unfortunately, many of these so-called metal detectors don’t actually locate treasure. They may emit high beeps and signal erratically, but your chance of really finding metal is slim. (Trust us….we have tested them out!) Here are a few examples: a large toy store is currently selling a kid’s detector for $34.99. All it advertises is a beep alert. Another mass retailer is advertising an off-brand detector for $59.99 with a few features, but no guarantee. It is NOT worth it to spend money on a detector that doesn’t work!

Unparalleled Benefits

First of all, only sells professional-quality detectors from the most well-known manufacturers. This includes entry-level units to the most advanced. A detector designed for kids 8 and under, the Bounty Hunter Junior TID, at only $79.99, offers Target Identification and discrimination. It is absolutely professional quality! Another example is the Garrett Ace 200; at only $169.96, it offers advanced features such as On screen digital target identification,pulse-width modulation for sharp audio, 3 search modes, 4 sensitivity adjustments  and Coin Depth Indicator. All these features yet very easy to use!

The GUARANTEE boasts unsurpassed customer service and a satisfaction guarantee! Whether you have a question about how your detector works or are experiencing a problem, we will resolve it. We also have a customer-friendly return & exchange policy. Mass retailers will tell you to return the product to the manufacturer. You will never have to worry about that at We are here to help and please our customers!

Don’t take a chance on big box retailers. Order your metal detector from the experts at Contact us for advice and assistance!

It’s Holiday Crunch Time! How to Quickly Select the Best Metal Detector

Guaranteed Holiday Delivery on Metal DetectorsNeed to purchase a metal detector in time for the holidays? Luckily, at, you can order a detector up until Thursday, December 22nd (before 2PM EST) and still have it delivered in time for Christmas. Not that you want to wait until the last minute! If you order by Friday, December 16th, you still have several shipping options. See our “Holiday Metal Detector Shipping Schedule” for details.

With one knob and one button, the Teknetics T2 is easy to operate yet a full featured metal detector.

The Teknetics T2 is easy to operate yet full featured.

If you are purchasing a metal detector for a loved one, the biggest question is, “How do I know which is the best metal detector?” There are tried and true methods for choosing the best detector as a gift. For starters, ask this question: is this a model for a beginner or someone with detecting experience? If it is for a beginner, is this a gift for a child or adult? Many manufacturers make metal detectors specifically geared for kids and teens. The second thing you can do is read a few quick articles, such as: Which Metal Detector is Best for You? and What are the Best Beginners Metal Detectors? From there, you will probably have some models in mind. Customer reviews are a great resource because they give you an honest opinion of each product. If you are comparing a few detectors, read the reviews listed under the star rating (scale of 1 to 5) on each product page. We also offer a “Compare Models” feature, where you can select two models and get a side-by-side comparison of each models’ features and specifications.

Listed below are 10 top-selling metal detectors for the 2016 Holiday Season:

Wish List: Metal Detector for Kids 5-10 Years Old

Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID - Best metal detector for kids and children ages 4 1/2 to 7.

Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID – One of the best metal detector for kids and children ages 4 1/2 to 7.

Curious, imaginative younger kids love hands-on toys and electronics. A metal detector is an ideal holiday gift for this age group! Not only will a metal detector teach your child about science and geology, it will get him/her outside in the fresh air searching and digging for treasure. They can dream about searching for a mysterious pirate’s lost treasure; all the while digging up coins, trinkets and jewels. Each treasure is exciting, whether it’s a simple quarter, a meteorite or a gold nugget. Metal objects and treasures are waiting to be discovered!

Metal Detectors Designed for Younger Kids

When choosing the best detector for a child, it’s important to consider ease-of-use, lightweight design and a smaller arm rest and shaft. There are detectors designed specifically for kids and/or with with adjustable shafts and arm rests. The Controls should be very easy to understand, so your child understands what he/she has found. At $79.99, the Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID Metal Detector is a kid’s detector with an “emoji” display, showing: “probably trash,” “maybe,” and “good stuff!”

The Garrett Ace 300 metal detector is now in stock at

The Garrett Ace 300 metal detector

Metal Detectors for Upper Elementary Kids:

At around age 8, the next model up is the Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1. It is a fun, well-built, light-weight metal detector for older kids. It is a bit more sophisticated because it contains discrimination and sensitivity adjustment. A metal detector is the perfect tech gift for kids this holiday season!

Metal Detectors (Ideal for 8 to 11 Years Old):

Take a 2-3 minute read of the article we wrote What are the Best Metal Detectors for Kids and Children?

How to Choose a Metal Detector “On the Fly”

There are TONS of articles about which metal detector is the best, as well as how to select the right model for you. But, not everyone has time to spend hours researching manufacturers and models. People often come to us for quick selection advice. It’s sort of like Cliffs Notes (a brief explanation of long text). Reasons you may need to pick out a metal detector quickly are:

  • Want to try out the hobby before spending a lot of money
  • It’s a gift for a quickly approaching birthday
  • Want a beginner’s detector for upcoming vacation
  • Need a simple kid’s detector
  • Time-crunched and want to make a quick decision

If this describes one of the reasons you’re in a hurry, and need a metal detector fast—here are some basic guidelines to follow.

Price Categories at a Glance

Here are our Top Picks for Metal Detectors in the $100 – $200 Price Range:

Fisher F11 Metal Detector

Fisher F11 Metal Detector

If you are curious about metal detecting, but don’t want to spend much at first, this may be a good category to start with. Also, if this is a detector that your kids will use or it’s a gift for a child—this price range is right on. You will find coins even with inexpensive detectors; and well-known manufacturers certainly make decent detectors in the entry-level price range. These models work well for beginners, but they generally don’t get high marks for  discrimination ability and durability. Bounty Hunter is a manufacturer that is known for low, affordable prices. carries 7 quality Bounty Hunter models that are under $200! Their claim to fame: “Bounty Hunter gives you top quality metal detectors at the best price! Affordable and easy to use, Bounty Hunter brand metal detectors are your perfect choice for beginners, kids and anyone who simply enjoys the hobby. You’ll be uncovering gold and other precious metals in no time!”

Here are our Top Picks for Metal Detectors Under $200:

$200 – $399 Price Range- Top Detector Choices

If you are serious about detecting, get a metal detector in this price range. Better quality models will start around $200. In the $200 to $399 price range, you can count on excellent iron discrimination, accurate target ID and rugged design for longer hours of detecting. Many of these detectors feature water-resistant search coils for hunting along the shoreline. This doesn’t mean the rest of the detector is fully submersible, so we suggest as a general rule, that you go up to your ankles in the water. Just released is the new Garrett Ace 300 which replaces one the most popular model’s for serious beginner metal detectorists, the Garrett Ace 250. Owners give it good reviews; and at under $255, you can’t go wrong! For a bit more money, the Garrett Ace 400 delivers more amenities, with a higher operating frequency, new salt water capabilities and the deepest seeking Garrett Ace search coil ever.

The Fisher F22 and Fisher F44 models are budget friendly, yet sophisticated with weatherproof design. The big benefit here is the 2-digit Target Identification number you will find on higher-priced models. This adds a lot to the ability to discriminate trash from treasure. The Fisher F22 features 4 modes of operation, while the Fisher F44 features 5 modes of operation—plus they both have a pinpoint mode. The Tesoro Silver Umax is a very popular model in the Tesoro line up that gets high ratings at a price range of around $250. This is a favorite for relic hunting and coin hunting. It is light weight at 2.2 pounds, so it’s easy on the arms for hours of treasure hunting.

The Bounty Hunter Platinum is an easy to use metal detector that shows you what's in the ground before you dig.

The Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector

Rounding out this top-of-entry level category are two units with features you would expect to pay more for. Check out the Bounty Hunter Platinum and the Platinum Pro unit. The Platinum Pro sports a larger, more powerful 11″ DD search coil.

In a nutshell: if you are going to buy quickly, don’t go crazy and overspend on your first detector. If you want to upgrade at a later point, you can always sell the lower-grade detector and move up. If you decide you DO want to do a little research before purchasing a metal detector, be sure to read the articles below:

“How to Select a Metal Detector”

“What is the Best Metal Detector?”

“Which Metal Detector is Best for You?”

Whites Coinmaster Metal Detector: Performance on a Budget

Looking for an entry-level metal detector that is rugged, lightweight and delivers high performance? Whites Coinmaster is on every best-sellers list because of these features

The White's Coinmaster is a value priced entry level model with exceptional performance for the price.

The White’s Coinmaster is a value priced entry level model with exceptional performance for the price.

and more! At well under $200, Whites Coinmaster has an impressive Target ID screen that identifies your targets as you hunt. It is known for easily locating coins and jewelry, with a 5-range discrimination feature – ideal for eliminating iron targets.

This is a great machine on a budget. According to Johnson J. from Michigan, “In regular soft soil, you can find coins at a depth of 8-10″. He went on to say “I have found silver dimes dating back to 1927. The Coinmaster is also very good at discriminating out iron and foil.”


Why Our Kids Need to Get Outdoors- with a Metal Detector!

There is an extreme need for today’s kids to engage in physical outdoor activity— away from computer and TV screens. The benefits of engaging kids in outdoor hobbies is immeasurable. Not only will they get fresh air and exercise, kids will learn and grow mentally. Studies show that too much time in front of a computer screen leads to behavioral and psychological issues. According to Cris Rowan, a pediatric occupational therapist, sedentary children with too much screen time can experience developmental delays. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests time limits for all age groups from 3-18 years old.

Treasure Hunting for Kids

One extremely enticing outdoor activity for children and teens is metal detecting. The prospect of finding treasure is usually enticing enough to get the most “glued to the screen” kid outside. Kids love exploring and becoming young adventurers. And who knows what they may discover? Some lucky kids have found priceless gold coins with a metal detector!

Hand’s On Learning While Having Fun

Metal Detecting and kids just go together. Detecting may lead to other interests and hobbies such a collecting coins.

Metal Detecting and kids just go together. Detecting may lead to other interests and hobbies such a collecting coins.

The benefits of metal detecting include learning about science and the world around us. Geology and biology are all part of treasure hunting, particularly when digging up targets in soil and other terrain. You can expect to encounter all sorts of plants, insects and worms. It’s also amazing how history goes hand-in-hand with treasure hunting. Take for instance, a 1931 S Lincoln wheat penny. Wheat pennies are among the most popular U.S. coins people collect. If your child found a 1931 S Lincoln penny, he or she may wonder: “Where did this wheat penny come from?” “Is it rare?” “What type of metal is it made of?” If you help your child look up information about their find, you will both learn! As it turns out, the San Francisco mint only struck 866,000 Lincoln 1931 pennies that year, which makes the coin relatively rare. A 1931 S Lincoln penny currently sells for at least $100, even in fair condition. Metal detecting makes what would otherwise be a boring old history lesson into an exciting adventure.

Best Metal Detectors for Kids and Teens

The Garrett Ace 150 metal detector

With three large buttons, the Garrett Ace 150 is easy to use and ready to find treasure!

The best metal detector for a child or teen is an easy-to-use model! The easier to operate and understand, the better. There are dozens of entry-level detectors that are built to “turn on & go.” This is what you’re looking for. Many manufacturers have even designed metal detectors specifically for children. Kids just want to be able to turn the machine on and listen for a beep. It’s also nice if there is some sort of target identification display. Below is a list of metal detectors that are ideal for kids (over 8 years old) and teenagers.

Top Detectors for Kids Ages 9 and Up:

For Kids and Children Ages 8 and Under:

We suggest the Junior Treasure Tracker model for younger kids because it is smaller to fit them well and lightweight. At $69.95, this is a totally affordable metal detector with quality features. It is not a toy; beware – as some units sold at toy stores are all gimmick with no usability.

For further details and suggestions, read the article: Best Kids Metal Detectors featuring a video guide.

Kids Metal Detectors Holiday Shopping Guide 2015

The Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 is a top-rated metal detector for both kids and beginner's.

The Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 is a top-rated metal detector for both kids and beginner’s.

Any child would be thrilled with the gift of a metal detector. Kids are intrigued by electronics and gadgets, and every child loves a treasure hunt! Kids metal detectors should be extremely easy to use. If you’re shopping for a kids metal detector this holiday season, be sure to look for a model with some nice features without anything overly complex, to avoid the potential for frustration. Great features for kids include an LCD display showing the discrimination and sensitivity levels, battery level and target identification. A good kids entry-level metal detector should generally cost between $80 and $200. And, many experts suggest sticking with well-established brands such as Bounty Hunter, Garrett, Fisher or Whites.’s 2015 Holiday Sales offer the year’s best prices on entry-level metal detectors for kids, so take advantage of exclusive savings!

Top Metal Detectors for Kids Ages 9 and Up 2015:

For kids and children ages 8 and under, we suggest the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker Metal Detector. At $69.95, this is a real metal detector and not a toy. This unit will fit a child’s smaller size better and be comfortable for hours of use and fun. To see all your options, take a read of the article we wrote called Best Kids Metal Detectors plus, you can even watch the companion video on the same page.

Which Metal Detector does Santa Choose for Gift Giving?

A display screen with easy to read target identification is just one of the features to look for when selecting from all the best metal detector choices.

A display screen with easy to read target identification is just one of the features to look for when selecting from all the best metal detector choices.

Excited about buying a metal detector as a holiday gift for your loved one? Don’t let the selection process make your head spin. You want to get the best metal detector at a good price, but there are so many choices!  To make it easier for you, simply strike a balance between your budget and the features you want in a metal detector (such as target identification). If you’re choosing the best metal detector for someone new to the hobby, an all-purpose detector is a safe bet. Quality entry-level metal detectors are ideal for coin shooting, relic hunting, beach hunting—and some of them are even weather-proof! Here are features to look for on a detector that is under $250:

  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display with 2-digit numerical target ID system
  • Depth indicator that displays target depths in inches
  • Discrimination and All Metal modes
  • Audio tone identification
Here are some of our most popular entry-level metal detectors:

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