Why You Should Give Him a Metal Detector This Holiday Season

Bounty Hunter Platinum pro with 11" DD Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Platinum is a top seller for the holidays and all year long.

Making sure all the special guys on your shopping list are happy this Holiday season can be easy when you get them a metal detector. Whether it’s your son, grandson, father, grandfather, husband or other lucky guy, get him a metal detector this year and you’ll be giving him a gift that gives back for many, many Holidays to come.

Metal Detecting as a Hobby

Metal detecting is an ideal hobby for guys of all ages because it gets them outside, in the fresh air, digging in the dirt and finding treasure. Plus, they’ll meet other metal detecting enthusiasts, make discoveries about the area’s history, and so much more. Gifts for him don’t usually offer all of these benefits but, metal detectors do; and all in one package!

Best Metal Detectors

To get you started here are the top metal detectors any guy on your Holiday shopping list can have fun with:

If the guy you’re shopping for already has a metal detector you can give him metal detecting accessories like a pinpointer, digging tool, carrying case, or new search coil this year. Whatever you choose you can be sure he’ll like your gift because metal detecting and guys of all ages go well together. So give him a metal detector this Holiday season and you’ll be giving him a gift he’ll use and enjoy for many years to come.

Give the Gift of a New Hobby: A Beginners Metal Detector

Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

A metal detector might just be the ultimate gift idea for this holiday season!

Introducing a loved one to a new hobby like metal detecting can make an excellent Holiday gift idea.  All you’ll need is a beginners metal detector and a few accessories to get your father, mother, son, daughter, grandparent, or other loved one into this fun hobby.  

Beginners metal detectors come in a range of different capabilities and prices.  Although you may find more affordable models at toys stores, or from unknown brands, the best beginners metal detectors are going to be good quality machines that are designed to be easy to use.  Otherwise, your loved one will  likely be unsuccessful at metal detecting and give up on a fantastic hobby only because of a poor quality machine.

One of the first things to look for when it comes to beginners metal detectors is “turn on and go” controls.  This means your Holiday gift recipient won’t have to worry about settings and adjustments.  Instead, they’ll literally turn the metal detector on and start finding treasure.  This makes treasure hunting with a metal detector fun, easy, and possibly even a hobby they enjoy for many Holidays to come.

For some ideas to get you started here are the top 6 beginners metal detectors chosen by our MetalDetector.com experts:

  1. Tesoro Compadre
  2. Fisher F22
  3. Bounty Hunter Gold
  4. Garrett Ace 350
  5. Detector Pro Pirate
  6. Whites Treasure Pro

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Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors are Remarkably Affordable

Bounty Hunter Titanium Metal Detector. An easy-to-use yet powerful metal detector.

Bounty Hunter Titanium Metal Detector. An easy-to-use yet powerful metal detector.

Bounty Hunter metal detectors are high-quality detectors — designed by one of the top metal detector manufacturers in the U.S. So, what makes Bounty Hunter detectors so unique?? Their incredibly low price tags! Without sacrificing quality, Bounty Hunter has created a line-up of affordable metal detectors that are ideal for beginners, adults and kids alike. Children are able to catch on to the hobby quickly with a Bounty Hunter metal detector because they “turn on and go.” Their simplicity also makes them a great choice for people who don’t want complicated technology.

But, don’t let the low price fool you. These detectors offer many features you will find on higher end units. This includes deep-seeking capability, target identification and depth display. What users say most about Bounty Hunter detectors is they are effective, lightweight and easy to use. If you or a loved one is just getting started in this hobby, a Bounty Hunter metal detector would be perfect!

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Reviews:

“I have been detecting since the early 1970’s and have owned all brands. I had a current detector from another company but found it too complicated and sold it to get the Bounty Hunter 2500. I love it. You just turn it on and go.” – Review by Kit J

“I am very happy with my new Platinum metal detector. I’ve had it for 4 months, and have found more goodies than my big name brand detector, which cost more money. I think the Platinum is the best metal detector or at the top of Bounty Hunters line and doesn’t cost a fortune.” – Review by Jon D

“I purchased the Bounty Hunter (Legacy 1500) for my 9 year old grandson … He took it to the beach and found a Swiss Army knife in excellent condition. He was thrilled! He and his Dad, and little brother have had fun looking for treasures around their property. The Bounty Hunter is light enough and easy enough for the boys to use and they are having fun with it.” – Review by Sue H on the Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500

Top-Selling Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors:

See and review all models of Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors for yourself.