Black Friday Metal Detector

Black Friday Metal Detector #4

Black Friday Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro Metal Detector with 11" Waterproof Coil and Bonus Package offer.

Black Friday Metal Detector: Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro Metal Detector with 11″ Waterproof Coil and Bonus Package offer.

Four models are included in this offer. The Bounty Hunter Platinum is the top of the line Bounty Hunter model. Choose from an 8″ or 11″ search coil. The two other models included in the promotion are the Bounty Hunter Titanium and Gold.  Each model in the line-up offers excellent value at an affordable price.

Just starting with the hobby?

Take a moment to sign up for our Free How To Guides email series. These guides teach you the basics you need to know. Learn how to select a great metal detector. We have one guide for metal detector newbies. There is a second guide for selecting kids metal detectors. The final guide in the series is our new 2018 holiday gift guide.

Bounty Hunter Platinum: One Detector that Does it All!

Metal detecting has become an avid sport for many people. Hunting for lost or purposely buried items with a metal detector opens up an exhilarating time of outdoor adventures for the hobbyist and his/her family and friends. It is truly a hobby that can pay for itself. Daniel Bernzweig, of points out, A couple of great finds like a piece of gold jewelry, some type of a diamond piece, or a valuable relic or coin could very well pay for any investment you’ve made in your detector. That’s why it’s a good idea for someone who’s serious about the hobby to purchase a decent machine. Better machines have more capability of identifying targets before you start your dig. These units will also be more automatic, fully featured and easier to tune and use.

Bounty Hunter Platinum—Find More Valuable Treasures

The Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector has one of the largest display sceens that you will find on a modern detector today. The Bounty Hunter Platinum is an easy to use metal detector that shows you what's in the ground before you dig.

The Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector is one of’s best-selling models—sale priced unbelievably during our holiday sale! This metal detector is ideal for new and even seasoned detectorists because it is so easy to use; at the same time being capable of locating the oldest and deepest coins, rings, jewelry and relics in all ground conditions. Bounty Hunter Platinum’s target ID display will identify common targets such as iron, foil, nickels, soda can pull tabs, screw caps, pennies dimes quarters etc. It also displays a unique target identification number for every target based on level of conductivity. Other features include four custom programs: discriminate mode, pinpoint, ground grab and all-metal mode. Bounty Hunter Platinum sets a new standard for high-end features and value. See a full list of product features. Free Headphones, Full-Size Carry Bag and Bonus Accessory Kit Included. Choose the Platinum detector with either of these two search coil options: 8″ coil option for $299.95 or the 11″ coil option for $399.95.

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Spring Metal Detector Sale

Our Big Spring 2014 Sale on Metal Detectors Is Here!

As the weather turns warmer and the days grow longer, our attention turns to outdoor activities like biking, hiking and metal detecting! This year what better way to get out and enjoy the nice weather than with a metal detector. The activity is one that you can share with others or do on your own. It is good exercise and a great opportunity to explore your surrounding area at a whole new level. This year get started with the hobby you have been thinking about doing for years!

Spring Sale on Metal Detectors

Today Daniel and Michael Bernzweig of announced the beginning of their annual Spring Sale. Michael said "This event marks the official start of the metal detecting season and our 31st year in business!" The sale begins today and continues through Friday June 20th, 2014.

From adults to kids, metal detecting is a hobby that the entire family can share together! Take a moment to review all of our top metal detectors for sale. If you are choosing a metal detector for a child be sure to review our top picks for the best kids metal detectors. Get your Spring shopping done today and take advantage of our annual Big Spring Sale on metal detectors.  The offers start today and run through Midnight  Friday June 20th, 2014. We hope you enjoy our best metal detector deals.

Here are the specific offers in Our Big Spring Metal Detector Sale:

1. DepthMaster Audiophone II Metal Detector Headphones (Save $40)
Professional metal detecting headphones. Coiled cord. Dual volume controls. Works with all metal detectors. Hear the oldest, deepest targets. Our best selling headphone for metal detectors.
List Price: $79.95 – Big Spring Sale Price $39.95 – See Deal Now

2. Gold Metal Detector Accessory Starter Kit (Save $219.85)
Contains All the Accessories You Need to Go with Your Metal Detector: Headphones. Digging Trowel. Carry Bag. Free Bonus Golden Doubloon Replica Coin. Our best selling metal detector accessories kit.
List Price: $289.80 – Big Spring Sale Price $69.95 – See Deal Now

3. Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 Metal Detector (Save $140)
Digital LCD Display. Top Selling First Detector – Great for Beginners looking to find coins, jewelry and relics. Includes Free Bonus Kit of accessories.
List Price: $319.99 – Big Spring Sale Price $179.99 – See Deal Now

4. Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector (Save over $280)
Our Best Selling Model Bounty Hunter Metal Detector at the Lowest Price of the year. Free Headphones, Full-Size Carry Bag and Bonus Accessory Kit Included.
List Price: $579.95 – Big Spring Sale Price $299.95 – See Deal Now

5. XP DEUS 3.2 Wireless Metal Detector – 4 Configurations to Choose From! (Save up to $400)
Lightweight. Powerful. Fast. Deep Seeking. World’s First Wireless Metal Detector. Top of the line model. Now shipping with version 3.2 software. Great for Coins, Relics, Jewelry and now Gold with the new Gold Nugget Prospecting mode. Be sure to take advantage of the XP Metal Detectors Americas $100 mail in accessory promotion which is valid through January 31, 2014. Choose from these four XP DEUS configurations:

  • DEUS Starter Bundle (Includes WS4 LCD Backphone Headphone & 9″ Coil with Telescopic Pole) List Price $1549.00 – Big Spring Sale Price $1299.00 – See Deal Now
  • FX-02 Wired Backphone Heaphones + Remote + 9″ Coil with Telescopic Pole – List Price $2049.00 – Valentine’s Sale Price $1699.00 – See Deal Now
  • WS4 Backphone Headphones + Remote + 9″ Coil with Telescopic Pole – List Price $2299.00 – Big Spring Sale Price $1899.00 – See Deal Now
  • WS5 Full Sized Headphones + Remote + 9” Coil with Telescopic Pole – List Price $2399.00 – Big Spring Sale Price $1999.00 – See Deal Now

6. Garrett ATX Metal Detector with Standard Package (Save $449)
ATX Standard Package Includes: Garrett ATX detector with 12″ DD Search Coil, Land Headphones, Soft storage/travel case, Garrett Detector Sling, AA Alkaline and rechargeable batteries with battery charger. The ATX model is the top Garrett metal detector for gold and a whole lot more.
List Price: $2495.00 – Big Spring Sale Price $2120.75 – See Deal Now

7. Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector with Pro Package (Save over $460)
GTI 2500 Pro Package Includes: GTI 2500 Detector, 9.5″ PROformance Imaging Searchcoil, 12.5″ PROformance Imaging Search Coil, Garrett Universal 5 Pocket Metal Detector Carry Bag, Garrett Deluxe Headphones, GTI Environmental Screen Cover Up, How to Find Lost Treasure Field Guide, Plus an extra $179.65 Bonus Package!
List Price: $1,399.95 – Big Spring Sale Price $934.95 – See Deal Now

8. Makro deephunter Pro Metal Detector System (Save over $2299)
The deephunter by Makro Locates Deep Treasures, Cavities and also Individual Coins. Pro Package Includes everything you will need: 2 Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Batteries, Universal AC Wall Charger, 100 to 240 Volts, 50 and 60 Hz, Special Leather Carrying Bag for LCD System, Cordura Nylon Carrying Bag For All Equipment, Adjustable Shaft and Cable, Premium Carrying Harness, Cordura Nylon Carrying Bag For Deep Search Coil, Car Charger, Koss UR/29 Premium Head Phone, US & European Wall Plug Connections Included, Detailed Product Manual, Instructional DVD (English/Spanish), 2 Year Warranty, C32 DD Search Coil 26 x 32 cm (10 x 12.5 Inches), C47 DD Search Coil 39 x 47 cm (15.5 x 18.5 Inches), T44 DD Search Coil 36 x 44 cm (14 x 17.5 Inches), T100 DD Search Coil 60 x 100 cm (23.5 x 39.5 Inches)
List Price: $7,999.95 – Big Spring Sale Price $5700 – See Deal Now

9. Teknetics T2 Special Limited Edition Metal Detector (Save $350)
The Teknetics T2 Special Limited Edition is the latest version of the classic T2 metal detector. This enhanced version features the new boost and deep treasure cache modes. Ease of use yet advanced features make this detector an extreme value.
List Price: $1249.00 – Big Spring Sale Price $899 – See Deal Now

Our Big Spring Metal Detectors Sale is now on! Remember, as you shop metal detectors, these special promotional offers are good only at and valid as supplies last.  Take advantage of these special offers now before they end at Midnight on June 20th, 2014.