Whites TM 808 Metal Detector- Find Coin Hoards & Treasure Caches!

Whites TM-808 Deep Seeking Two Box Metal Detector

Whites TM-808 Deep Seeking Two Box Metal Detector

Have you ever gotten a lead about a buried treasure cache’s whereabouts, but didn’t act on it? Perhaps it was hidden on several acres of farmland, and you figured it was an impossible mission. That’s when the Whites TM 808 Metal Detector, a deep-seeking two-box unit, is a priceless commodity! Coin and treasure cache burials were extremely popular in the past, and a large majority are still waiting to be discovered. These caches were buried during an emergency, for safe-keeping and even by outlaws.

Find Large Deeply Buried Treasure’s

Whites TM 808 is specially designed to detect larger objects and deeper metals—up to 20 feet deep! Professional features include: adjustable ground balance, powerful electronics, preset controls and easy tuning. Whites TM 808 is priced right and also detects septic tanks, pipes and relics.


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DRS 3D Stealth Ground Scanner Pro-the Only “See as you Walk Detector!”

Ground-Breaking Detection Technology!
Sensor gathered data converts to graphics in real time on the display. See analysis in color as you walk!

Search for Treasure – Sensor gathered data converts to graphics in real time on the display. See analysis in color as you walk!

Superiority in metal detection equipment has reached a mind-blowing level with DRS Electronics. The advanced DRS 3-Dimensional Stealth Ground Scanner Pro offers features never-before imagined! Using 8 separate sensors to penetrate up to 15 meters deep, this unit illuminates underground cavities and metal targets with a 3D full-color tablet. This is a dream-come-true for serious treasure cache hunters. A full-spectrum color visual analysis instantly shows you: metals, mineral deposits, stone formations, caves, full voids and water.

What’s most unique? The 3D Ground Scanner Pro fully operates in a vest that you wear! Eight geophysical sensors fit into each of the vest’s 8 pockets, while the battery fits into a back pocket. This means that YOU become the metal detector – no equipment  to carry! The 3D Ground Scanner Pro automatically eliminates iron; it draws a signal map of the area below, while displaying target size and depth. A color scale with a numerical system on the display definitively verifies metal, voids and/or water below. For instance, red signifies a metal target, while blue usually marks a cavity. You’ve got to see the DRS 3D Stealth Ground Scanner Pro photos and demos for yourself to actually believe it. Say hello to successful treasure hunting!

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Want to “See” Underground? Check Out the DRS Ground Exper Pro Metal Detector!

DRS Ground Exper Pro Detector - Gold: intense yellow, a red frame and in this case, the round shape of the coin. Iron: intense red, yellow frame plus the shape.

DRS Ground Exper Pro Detector – Gold: intense yellow, a red frame and the round shape of the coin. Iron: intense red, yellow frame plus the shape.

Serious, busy detectorists should REALLY look into the DRS Electronics Ground Exper Pro Metal Detector! This detector is a game-changer because its “Image Scan” technology allows you to “see” a deep-seeking scan of everything underground—pinpointing your treasure. Automatically eliminating trash targets (like soda cans or tops), this unit gives you a real-time full-color scan of EVERYTHING under your feet to 5 meters. You’ll get a comprehensive underground image including metal targets, cavities or water deposits. Imagine this! Gold coins will actually be seen on your display with an accurate round shape and numerical/color identifier.

Why not take advantage of this latest technology?
DRS Ground Exper Pro being used in shallow water.

DRS Ground Exper Pro being used in shallow water.

The DRS Electronics Ground Exper Pro Metal Detector comes with a full-color tablet PC—instantly displaying your finds; as well as 3 deep-seeking search coils. Its color-coded system will display exactly what you’ve found. No more guessing, just more treasure – The DRS Ground Exper Pro is EVERYTHING!

DRS Electronics produces advanced detectors using precision German design and engineering. Get your hands on the latest deep seeking treasure locating technology. Discover deeply buried treasures of precious metals. See all models of DRS Electronics units.

The DRS Advanced Resistivity Scanner Reveals What Truly Lies Below Your Feet

The Advanced Resistivity Scanner (ARS) from DRS Electronics

The Advanced Resistivity Scanner (ARS) from DRS Electronics

DRS Electronics designed the “Advanced Resistivity Scanner” (ARS) to cater to experienced, sophisticated treasure hunters. This is a deep seeking 3D radar metal detection device that eliminates the guesswork involved in traditional metal detecting for treasure. Locate underground gold, cavities and even water. With probes linked to cables attached to a control box, you can scan at least 200 meters down using “resistivity measurement”—or electrical currents. The DRS Advanced Resistivity Scanner sends 110 Volts of electricity underground— which bounces off and interacts with the other probes. In essence, it’s a geophysical system that measures how strongly metal opposes the flow of electricity. Coupled with 3D radar and an included tablet PC with specialty software, the DRS Scanner displays your target’s exact identification, size and depth in 3D. Instantly see if you’ve found gold, copper, silver, iron, water or a void, which could  be a treasure cache! Simply pre-set your intended search area, attach the probes and cables, and place the control box where you are searching. If junk is underfoot, waste no time. Move on to find the REAL VALUABLES!


XP DEUS: the “Do it All” Wireless Detector: Proven in the Gold Fields

Finding gold in nature is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack. A metal detector will make both of these tasks easier! This is because “float” gold is very small, lodging in hollow places or behind boulders and other barriers to its downhill movement. Float is part of the ore that somehow breaks off from the mother lode and gets carried away by gravity, wind, water, earth movement or other acts of nature. It often gets covered by a surplus of rock and gravel that has washed on top of the gold ore. Prospectors who search old placer mining areas can use a metal detector to find any gold that was bypassed. In many cases, the use of a deep-seeking high-quality metal detector is the only way long-overlooked ore deposits and left behind gold can be found. In just minutes or hours, a gold detector can locate the same precious metal that took months and years to find with shovels and pans.

A Good Quality Instrument is an Investment

In the field with the XP DEUS metal detector

Look to the XP DEUS metal detector since “the quality of the metal detector you take into the gold fields will have a significant impact on whether you find gold or not.”

Without a doubt, the quality of the metal detector you take into the gold fields will have a significant impact on whether you find gold or not. There are sophisticated detectors solely designed to find gold. But not so fast! Before you purchase a gold-seeking metal detector, there’s an important question you should ask yourself, “Will I be using this detector to hunt only for gold?” Treasure is everywhere—and while gold may be the crown jewel, you can also uncover valuable old coins, priceless military relics, antiques, meteorites, buried treasure caches and so much more! There are truly universal metal detectors, such as the XP DEUS, that are spectacular instruments capable of finding just about everything. Many veteran detectorists urge newbies to investigate the benefits of purchasing a multi-purpose unit—so as to get the most their money can buy.

XP DEUS – Lightweight, Powerful and Deep Seeking

The XP DEUS Metal Detector is the world’s first wireless metal detector. It is equipped with a wireless search coil, wireless remote control digital display and wireless audio headphones. All three components communicate through a digital wireless radio signal; this eliminates the need for wires that can get tangled and compromised. What’s really unique is you control all of the detector functions with the headphones alone: ground balance, frequency, discrimination, sensitivity and custom programs. Similarly, the search coil operates independently. The XP search coil processes the target signal directly via a miniature digital circuit. This is state-of-the-art technology exclusive to XP DEUS. This detector is known for detecting gold nuggets at extreme depths and seeing gold mixed close to and among iron. It is also an expert at locating coins, relics and meteorites. Wet salt-water beach hunting is a breeze with the XP DEUS. Field tests give it the highest possible ratings. One customer found a 5.6 gram nugget within 10 minutes. This is the best example of a “do it all” detector available today!

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River Gold in the River of Dreams: Garrett ATX Metal Detector

The majority of people know that natural gold is found in water, but they don’t know why. Although gold is commonly found in rivers and streams, it didn’t just originate there. Over centuries, changes in water movement occur. These changes create new streams which travel into gold fields—where dirt, rock and gold lies. As gravity carries the water and elements, heavier materials (namely, gold) become trapped under lighter dirt and rocks. Gold is eventually pulled by gravity to the lowest possible level of the waterway in which it’s traveling. This is why many prospectors spend their time searching for natural gold in “alluviums”: the sedimentary material deposited in the valleys of large rivers.

Where are Gold Placer Deposits Found?

Typical locations for alluvial gold placer deposits are on the inside bends of rivers, in natural hollows and at the base of a waterfall or other barrier. Basically, anywhere you can see a bend, twist or entanglement in a river or stream is a good place for gold prospecting. Smooth river-worn nuggets are out there—waiting to be uncovered; they are the prized finds of a prospector. With the correct equipment and necessary techniques, any recreational prospector can be successful.

Military-Grade Tough: Garrett ATX Waterproof Metal Detector

Garrett Metal Detectors ATX metal detector.

Considered a “super” detector for gold, the Garrett ATX metal detector uses pulse technology to locate the smallest gold nuggets plus relics and coins in the most extreme conditions.

For the reasons described above, a serious gold prospector needs a heavy-duty, highly capable gold metal detector. In comes the Garrett ATX Metal Detector—among the very best gold metal detectors ever manufactured. It has a durable design that meets military standards, so this detector can easily withstand extreme conditions and rugged terrain. Many detectorists stay away from the water because they are afraid of damaging their detector or search coil. The Garrett ATX is waterproof to 10 feet, so creeks and rivers are no problem. You can hunt in places inaccessible to others. The Garrett ATX features advanced pulse induction technology and a new DD coil design for extreme and uniform sensitivity— finding tiny gold pieces as easily as larger gold nuggets. One prospector who only hunts with his ATX says, “It handles EMI’s (electrical interference) perfectly and ground balances extremely quick. I give this unit a 10 out of 10.”

There are many more exciting features the Garrett ATX has to offer. Be sure to read about ATX’s exclusive Advanced Ground Balance capabilities!