Give Kids a Metal Detector this Holiday Season and Give them the Gift of a New Hobby

Woman with her Garrett Ace 200 metal detector

Outdoor fun can be yours, just like this young lady with her Garrett Ace 200 metal detector.

Finding the best Holiday gift for children on your list can be hard. You want to get them something they’ll like, but also something that will bring value to their lives. Introducing them to a new hobby, like metal detecting, can be the perfect combination.

When you give kids a metal detector, they’ll love the idea of going treasure hunting and finding gold, coins, and other precious items with their new gift. And you’ll love that they’re learning about history, geology, electronics, environmentalism and more all while enjoying fresh air and exercise too. Not only that, when you give kids the gift of a new hobby like metal detecting, it can end up being something that child will enjoy throughout their life, not just that morning when it’s opened.

Selecting Metal Detectors for Kids

To find the best metal detector to give to the children on your Holiday shopping list, be sure to avoid metal detectors touted as being made for kids. The machines you’ll find in the toy store may have a lower price tag, but, they’ll have a much lower success rate as well leaving you with an unhappy, frustrated metal detectorist.

Instead, give kids a metal detector that’s designed for anyone that features a lightweight construction, an adjustable handle and “set and go” controls. This combination of features will give kids a metal detector that’s a good size for them now, yet that can grow with them both in size and skill level as they explore the hobby further.

To get you started, here are the top 7 metal detectors we’d give to kids:

The Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID metal detector is perfectly sized for younger children.

The Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID metal detector.



For kids ages 8 and under, we recommend the Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID metal detector. This detector is perfectly sized for younger children, combining both comfort with easy to understand features. This is a fun metal detector for kids to use and one that will point them to treasure!

Tip – Be sure to see our video and article on selecting metal detectors for kids and children.

Shop an Authorized Metal Detector Dealer – Not a Mass Retailer! Here’s Why…

Garrett Ace 200 Metal Detector - Full of features + easy to operate for both kids and adults.

Garrett Ace 200 Metal Detector – Full of features yet easy to operate for both kids and adults alike.

Metal detectors are being advertised everywhere lately, which is a tricky situation for consumers. Stores that don’t specialize in metal detectors for treasure hunting are offering “toy detectors” and off-brand models. Unfortunately, many of these so-called metal detectors don’t actually locate treasure. They may emit high beeps and signal erratically, but your chance of really finding metal is slim. (Trust us….we have tested them out!) Here are a few examples: a large toy store is currently selling a kid’s detector for $34.99. All it advertises is a beep alert. Another mass retailer is advertising an off-brand detector for $59.99 with a few features, but no guarantee. It is NOT worth it to spend money on a detector that doesn’t work!

Unparalleled Benefits

First of all, only sells professional-quality detectors from the most well-known manufacturers. This includes entry-level units to the most advanced. A detector designed for kids 8 and under, the Bounty Hunter Junior TID, at only $79.99, offers Target Identification and discrimination. It is absolutely professional quality! Another example is the Garrett Ace 200; at only $169.96, it offers advanced features such as On screen digital target identification,pulse-width modulation for sharp audio, 3 search modes, 4 sensitivity adjustments  and Coin Depth Indicator. All these features yet very easy to use!

The GUARANTEE boasts unsurpassed customer service and a satisfaction guarantee! Whether you have a question about how your detector works or are experiencing a problem, we will resolve it. We also have a customer-friendly return & exchange policy. Mass retailers will tell you to return the product to the manufacturer. You will never have to worry about that at We are here to help and please our customers!

Don’t take a chance on big box retailers. Order your metal detector from the experts at Contact us for advice and assistance!

First Treasures: Inspiring Top My Finds Story

9 Year Old Anna of Ohio showing off her recent find.

9 Year Old Anna of Ohio showing off her recent find.

It is always exciting to see young treasure hunters get involved in the hobby of metal detecting. Earlier this year, one of the top finds stories was submitted by Tim Clark. Tim is an avid metaldetectorist and the uncle of a young new treasure hunter in Ohio named Anna. The story is entitled “Gold on the First Try!” and is a fun and quick read.

Tim Clark wrote in to say “Just wanted to share with you a photo of Anna with her new Makro pin pointer. Although I’m the one that submitted her story, she definitely deserved the prize. She was so thrilled! Her first words to her Dad after receiving it? “Let’s go metal detecting right now!”

I think I’m now Anna’s favorite great-Uncle!

Thanks again,

Tim Clark
Mansfield, Ohio

Anna pictured with the Makro Pointer her uncle recently presented her with.

Anna pictured with the Makro Pointer her uncle recently presented her with.

PS I first started detecting early in 2014; since then, five of my friends have bought metal detectors because of my passion for the hobby.”

Editors note: Our family has been involved in the hobby for over forty years. Michael and Daniel Bernzweig started with their first metal detectors at the ages of 5 and 10 respectively. That was 1975 – since that time, our family hobby and passion has turned into a full time business. We love seeing others get started with their first metal detectors.

Why a Metal Detector is a Great Holiday Gift Idea for Kids

when you give a child a metal detectorYou literally give them a gift that has the potential to give back throughout their entire lives.”

Choosing the best holiday gift for kids can be hard. Although they may have quite a few things on their wish list, the Holidays can also be an opportunity to introduce them to something new. Metal detectors are a good example of this. Many kids don’t think to put them on their Holiday wish lists yet metal detectors make great Holiday gifts for nearly any child on your list. Here are just a few reasons why.

Treasure Hunting is Fun

Metal detectors make such excellent gifts for kids because they get to actually hunt for, and usually find, treasure. There is no way to know what’s buried beneath your feet. Using a metal detector to find out is exciting, fun and may even help pay for college!

They’ll Get Out in the Fresh Air

While out treasure hunting with their new metal detector, children also get to spend time in the great outdoors. Some of the special places metal detectorists go to find treasure include parks, beaches, forests, and other beautiful locations.

Metal Detecting Provides Kids Time for Exercise

Exercise is another benefit the children in your life will receive when you give them a metal detector this Holiday season. Walking around all of the interesting, picturesque locations you go with a metal detector as well as digging up all the targets the machine locates gets you moving and feeling great whenever you head out.

There Are Opportunities for Learning As Well

The chance to learn more about a range of subjects is always present when you’re out metal detecting. History, Geology, Environmentalism, Biology, Communication, Electronics, and more will be broached when you’re out metal detecting with kids.

As you can see, when you give a child a metal detector, you give them so much more than just a machine. You literally give them a gift that has the potential to give back throughout their entire lives. That said, be sure to choose a real metal detector to give to the lucky child in your life, not one “made for children”. This way, she or he will get to actually have success with their new hobby and not end up heading home, frustrated due to limited machine capability. Look for light weight, quality metal detectors with adjustable handles and set and go controls. These features will ensure an easy to use, yet high functioning metal detector for kids; a gift that they’ll remember for many Holidays to come. We make selecting the best unit easy for you with our buyers guide article Best Kids Metal Detectors.

Tip: Looking for more fun ideas for kids? Check out the Mommy Insider, a fun parenting and lifestyle blog for mothers.

With the Garrett Ace 150, Kids Can Dream Big!

Kids should be encouraged to dream their many dreams. Armed with a metal detector, they can embark upon exciting and potentially lucrative treasure hunts. There is no limit to the treasure kids can find: lost or buried coins, jewelry, military relics, antique toys and artifacts, meteorites and even gold. In 2010 in England, a three-year-old boy was on his first treasure hunt with his father when his metal detector signaled. The little boy found a gold locket potentially worth £2.5million (almost $4 million U.S.) It was found in a gold container used to hold religious relics. Experts later analyzed the container and locket, determining an early 16th century origin—likely belonging to a member of the royal family. Most kids don’t start treasure hunting when they’re three! But it goes to show you, you can only strike gold if you’re looking and digging.

Daniel Bernzweig of said “lots of first-time hobbyists get their first metal detector as a Christmas or holiday gift.”

The Garrett Ace 150 is the perfect entry-level model for beginners and kids! At the holiday sale price, the Garrett Ace 150 offers amazing features and value for the money.

The Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector is the lowest priced metal detector in the popular Ace series. It is the perfect entry-level model for beginners and kids!  At today’s holiday sale price of $152.95, the Garrett Ace 150 offers amazing features. For one thing, it has a large visual target ID display screen, which identifies the type of metal found, and also has a coin depth indicator. The Garrett Ace 150 features three different search modes, discrimination capability and audio tone identification—all for one low price. And the best part? It is easy to operate! All you have to do is look at product photos and read the Garrett Ace 150 reviews to see why this is among the best metal detectors for beginners. Daniel Bernzweig, of adds, I love to see kids with metal detectors. They get to explore and be young adventurers. Who knows what they may discover?

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Beginner’s Metal Detector Encourages Kids to “Go Outside and Play!”

The Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 is a top-rated metal detector for both kids and beginner's. This Bounty Hunter metal detector is easy to use and on sale at

Today’s kids live in the age of technology, with gadgets we never even imagined. However, just like 30 years ago—they still need to get outside and play! Being glued to a computer playing games that are devoid of learning and values won’t help them succeed. An outdoor hobby, such as metal detecting for treasure, serves a multitude of benefits to kids and to the whole family! Exercise, quality mental stimulation and human interaction are just a few advantages of metal detecting. A metal detector is a gadget, so that will get kids interested. Little do they know how much they will learn about their treasure finds, geography and science. Now is a great time to purchase a beginner’s metal detector because prices have gotten very affordable.

On sale for $139.99, the Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 is loaded with professional features, yet it’s built for beginners. Kids simply power on the detector and go—finding coins, relics and jewelry on their first time out. The Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 features a depth indicator that kids find really neat because it shows how deeply an object is buried. It also features an easy-to-read LCD display with identification to show what the target is. In fact, this is the lowest priced detector from any company that features an LCD display screen. The detector only weighs two and a half pounds and has an adjustable shaft, so it fits both kids ages 9 and up and adults. Here’s a fun idea to get your child started: Set up a treasure hunt by burying metal objects in your own yard and giving kids a “treasure list” of items to locate. In minutes, they will be hooked on a new outdoor hobby. The Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 is a top-rated metal detector for both kids and beginner treasure hunters!

A Professional Metal Detector: Built Just for Kids!

You can purchase the Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1 for kids 9 and older. It will signal quality targets giving kids a feeling of success in their new hobby of metal detecting.

Interested in a metal detector as a holiday gift for your child or teen? The best advice Michael Bernzweig of gives for young newbies, “Definitely purchase an entry-level detector made by a major manufacturer—not from a toy store. The toy store detectors ‘mimic’ the real thing with high-pitched beeps, but they won’t actually locate treasure. You can purchase the Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1 for $79.99 and it will signal quality targets!” Success is an important factor when kids begin a new hobby. Even if they’re just locating pennies and dimes, they will learn the hobby of treasure hunting and how a metal detector works.

The Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1 is among the first professional metal detectors ever designed for kids of age 9 and up. This is the perfect balance: the unit is advanced enough to locate metal treasure, yet simple enough for kids to operate and understand. This metal detector is ready to turn on and go. It also features discrimination and sensitivity controls—typically found on more expensive adult models. On their first hunts, kids should use minimal discrimination or none, so they can locate every object—including bottle caps and trash. The idea is to get them learning how the machine operates and in the process, they won’t miss any treasure. For kids 9 years old and older, Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1 is a sure holiday hit!

Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter FastTracker Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter FastTracker metal detector is simple to use and can help you find what you're looking for.

New to metal detecting or looking for a machine for someone who is? The Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker makes an excellent first metal detector for anyone in the family. It’s light-weight, adjustable, easy to use, and allows you to focus on finding treasure as opposed to programming your metal detector.

The Fast Tracker is also a metal detector that can be used in a variety of different locations with little in the way of tuning. Equipped with preset ground balance this metal detector is fun and easy to use; although a manual sensitivity control is included on the machine for even deeper searching capabilities. Once targets are located the metal detector will notify you with it’s two tone audio target identification system. This, coupled with the metal detector’s manual discrimination control will help you distinguish between trash and treasure before you dig to help you save time and energy.

Aside from the two manual controls mentioned, sensitivity and discriminate, the Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker manages all other functions. This makes it easy to use yet still technologically advanced enough to find treasures including jewelry, relics, and coins reliably and in nearly any conditions.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of the many customer reviews we’ve received about the Fast Tracker metal detector so far to help you get an even better picture of this value priced metal detector.

Bounty FastTracker Controls

The controls on the Bounty FastTracker are easy to use and can help you spot buried coins, relics and more buried in the ground.

Creek House writes – “Our yard is at the edge of an old Revolutionary War battleground and encampment. Using the Fast Tracker was fun for my hubby and nephews especially here.”

Ann’s Review – “We bought the metal detector for our 13 year old grandson … He absolutely loves it and has used it every weekend at the beach and in our yard.”

As you can see the Fast Tracker is a metal detector that kids, adults and beginners alike will find useful and simple to operate so the focus is on the fun of treasure hunting the whole time. If you’re interested in finding more information about this metal detector, visit our Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker product details page. Here you’ll find items like machine specifications, the full product manual, and an informational video, all to assist you in finding the best metal detector for your situation.


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