Give Kids a Metal Detector this Holiday Season and Give them the Gift of a New Hobby

Woman with her Garrett Ace 200 metal detector

Outdoor fun can be yours, just like this young lady with her Garrett Ace 200 metal detector.

Finding the best Holiday gift for children on your list can be hard. You want to get them something they’ll like, but also something that will bring value to their lives. Introducing them to a new hobby, like metal detecting, can be the perfect combination.

When you give kids a metal detector, they’ll love the idea of going treasure hunting and finding gold, coins, and other precious items with their new gift. And you’ll love that they’re learning about history, geology, electronics, environmentalism and more all while enjoying fresh air and exercise too. Not only that, when you give kids the gift of a new hobby like metal detecting, it can end up being something that child will enjoy throughout their life, not just that morning when it’s opened.

Selecting Metal Detectors for Kids

To find the best metal detector to give to the children on your Holiday shopping list, be sure to avoid metal detectors touted as being made for kids. The machines you’ll find in the toy store may have a lower price tag, but, they’ll have a much lower success rate as well leaving you with an unhappy, frustrated metal detectorist.

Instead, give kids a metal detector that’s designed for anyone that features a lightweight construction, an adjustable handle and “set and go” controls. This combination of features will give kids a metal detector that’s a good size for them now, yet that can grow with them both in size and skill level as they explore the hobby further.

To get you started, here are the top 7 metal detectors we’d give to kids:

The Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID metal detector is perfectly sized for younger children.

The Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID metal detector.



For kids ages 8 and under, we recommend the Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID metal detector. This detector is perfectly sized for younger children, combining both comfort with easy to understand features. This is a fun metal detector for kids to use and one that will point them to treasure!

Tip – Be sure to see our video and article on selecting metal detectors for kids and children.

Metal Detectors – There’s still time for Guaranteed Christmas Delivery! Order By Friday 2 PM EST

Guaranteed Holiday Delivery on Metal Detectors

Guaranteed Holiday Delivery on Metal Detectors

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Tips For Using Metal Detectors During the Winter

Depending on where you live, metal detecting may have become only a three season activity.  But it doesn’t have to be!  Even if you can’t actually dig the ground up there are a variety of ways you can still be metal detecting during the winter months.

Daniel Bernzweig of shown with the Garrett Ace metal detector, one of our top metal detectors for sale. From kids to adults, popular brands like Bounty Hunter, XP and Tesoro make great Christmas gift ideas.

Daniel Bernzweig of shown with the Garrett Ace metal detector, one of our top metal detectors for sale. From kids to adults, popular brands like Bounty Hunter, XP and Tesoro make great Christmas gift ideas.

Daniel Bernzweig of said “Winter in the North East, where we are located, is a magical time of year. Thoughts of Christmas and other seasonal traditions are on all of our minds. It is the time of the year when children have metal detectors at the top of their holiday wish lists. Be sure to read our section on selecting the best metal detectors for kids. 

Unfrozen Water Bodies

Some of our top metal detectors for sale are perfect for hunting during the winter. If you have water bodies that aren’t frozen, you can get yourself a pair of insulated waders or a wetsuit and use your metal detector here.  Shallow water metal detecting can be a lot of fun and lead to some very unique finds. There’s also a lot less trash to dig when metal detecting in the water. Two popular waterproof detectors are made by Garrett Metal Detectors. These models include the AT Pro and the new ATX which we reviewed in our October blog post.

The Shoreline and Beaches

The shoreline and some beaches (especially saltwater beaches) can also be good places to go metal detecting in the winter.  Metal detectors from Bounty Hunter are fun to use at the beach as all of their models contain water-proof search coils. Even when surrounding areas are snowy, often, with the help of the water and the wind these areas remain snow free.  Plus, sand doesn’t generally freeze above the high tide line, and even then, with a little help from the sun, these areas can be digable during some parts of the day depending on where you are.

Winter Gathering Spots

Even though the ground may be frozen, you can still hunt for treasure in the snow.  Places like sledding hills, ice skating and hockey rinks, and ice fishing ponds can lead to a great deal of treasure like jewelry and coins since items easily fall out of people’s pockets during activities like these. You can find them all winter long with your metal detector!

Researching Areas for Future Hunts

If it’s just too cold and too frozen to actually get outside and go metal detecting where you are, you can begin researching places to hunt once the weather breaks.  The best, most successful metal detectorists do their research before they head out into the field.  They look for specific spots that were well traveled, or where events took place in the past.  Information on your area can easily be found at places like the local historical society and the library.  You might even speak to users from local metal detecting clubs in your area. Longtime residents of the area can also be excellent resources.

Although searching for treasure in the actual ground may not be possible during the winter, you can still go metal detecting.  And, by preparing for spring, summer, and fall metal detecting trips during the winter, all your treasure hunts become more successful.  Don’t put your metal detecting equipment away when the weather turns.  Use these tips to find ways that you can keep up your hobby all year long no matter what mother nature throws at you!