New XP ORX Wireless Metal Detector Comparison Guide

The new XP ORX metal detector was modeled after the world-renowned and top unit, the DEUS from XP Metal Detectors. The ORX is beneficial for MANY detectorists who need a mid-range detector that is stream-lined, easy to use yet powerful in the way of performance.

XP ORX Metal Detector

The two ORX models are very similar; however, you can choose an elliptical or round search coil to be more in-tune with either gold prospecting or coins, relics and jewelry. This all around detector will have you finding valuables quickly with its four pre-set modes; two for gold nuggets and two for coins, jewelry and relics.

Our new guide will help you compare what these two models of XP metal detectors have in common and also what differences make each model unique. See for yourself by taking a read our new guide: XP ORX Wireless Metal Detectors Comparison.

Give Him a Metal Detector and the Fun Will Last All Year Long

Guys can be some of the hardest people on your Holiday shopping list to find gifts for.  This year, make it easy on yourself and give him a metal detector.  Whether he’s never been metal detecting before, is a seasoned pro, or falls somewhere in between, you can find a machine he’s sure to enjoy.  And, best of all, when you give him a metal detector this Holiday season, the fun will last all year long.

Metal Detecting Offers Many Benefits

When you get down to it, not only are metal detectors a gift that offers nearly year round entertainment, they will give him a lot of other benefits as well.  Your father, brother, son, grandfather or other lucky guy on your list will also get a gift that encourages him to get outside, exercise, and learn more about history, geology, antiques, and other subjects.  Oh, and he may just find a treasure or two while he’s out there.

Metal Detectors are One of the Only Gifts that Will Literally Give Back

Probably one of the best benefits of metal detecting is the fact that he will actually find some treasure while he’s out in the field.  While many items found by metal detectorists could actually be classified as junk, others have historical or even sentimental value.  Then, there are the other targets like gold, old coins, antiques ie. old old junk, lost jewelry with or without precious stones, and more that offer the finder great monetary value. When he finds treasures like these, your gift all of a sudden becomes even more meaningful.

They’re Perfect for Any Skill Level Too

Our Learning Library has over 50 articles to help you select the best metal detector. Look to the articles as your metal detector reviews and guides to make your selection of equipment easy.

If you’re concerned that the guy on your Holiday shopping list has never gone metal detecting before, not to worry.  There are models for every ability level.  You can learn more about how to find the right metal detector for anyone on your list in our learning library.  We have a variety of articles, many written as buying guides, that discuss the best metal detectors for new users as well as information on the machines more advanced users are hoping to see under the tree, how to select the metal detecting accessories he needs, and much more.  This way you can be sure you’re getting the best metal detector for the special guy(s) on your list.

Don’t settle for another boring tie, or a video game that will just leave him inside sitting on the couch.  Instead, get the guys on your Holiday shopping list a metal detector and give him a gift that will bring him loads of fun, treasure, and so much more for many Holidays to come.

Discover a World-Class Learning Library at Metal

Metal Detector Learning Library's Learning Library can provide you with all the info you need about metal detectors and metal detecting equipment.

The Learning Library of Metal Detectors at is an amazing compilation of “how to” guides, metal detector articles, in-depth product reviews, field tests, videos, product manuals and catalogs. It is perhaps the most comprehensive “how to” collection of information about the hobby of metal detecting available on the internet. But, it’s not just for hobbyists; you’ll find articles about professional uses for metal detection equipment such as security and industrial units.’s Learning Library features all introductory topics for beginning detectorists as well as volumes of articles pertaining to intermediate and advanced-level detecting and equipment. Basically, anybody and everybody seeking information about metal detecting should visit this online library.

Compare Metal Detectors

Before making any important purchase, it’s wise to gain knowledge about the product you’re buying. For example, if someone is in the market for a new car, they check out Consumer Reports or It’s the same when it comes to a metal detector. Michael Bernzweig of considers the Learning Library to be a tremendous resource. He says, “When my brother Daniel & I launched, our goal was to provide all of the customer service of a local dealer with the resources of a library. A library exclusively dedicated to the use of metal detectors. This is an exciting tool for our customers to use and learn from.”

Based on which type of treasure hunting you’ll be doing or professional application, you can find the best metal detector for the task. Simply click on the section of the Learning Library called Buying Guide Articles. Here, you’ll find a table of contents organized by usage. There are tabs dedicated to every type of hobby detecting from: coin hunting to gold prospecting, relic hunting, treasure caches & hoards, meteorite hunting, scuba detecting and so much more. There are articles about the best detectors for kids and seniors. Buying Guide Articles also includes a widely viewed section called Getting Started with several helpful articles for people who are new to detecting.

Be sure to check out the sections of our Learning Library of Metal Detectors:
1. Buying Guide Articles
“What’s the Best” series of articles for each type of metal detecting application.
2. Field Tests & Reviews
Read actual field test reports from a wide variety of authors and sources.
3. Instructional Manuals
Find a wide variety of manuals for all of the current metal detector models that we offer.
4. Treasure Videos
Discover the latest metal detector tips, techniques, how-to guides and product videos.
5. Product Catalogs
Get general information on metal detectors from manufacturers’ brochures.

If you would like personalized help in selecting the best metal detectors or accessories for your needs, feel free to contact us.