Nokta Makro Invenio – The World’s First “Smart” Metal Detector and Imaging System is Here!

Invenio Detector and Imaging System

Nokta Makro Invenio – World’s First “Smart” Metal Detector and Imaging System

Invenio – State of the Art Deep-Seeking Treasure Detector

Be among the FIRST to get your hands on revolutionary new detection and imaging technology! The just released Nokta Makro Invenio is the first real-time “smart” detector and imaging system. The Invenio system box and detector shaft communicate wirelessly via an artificial neural network. Uncover extremely deep treasures such as caches, gold, coins and relics as well as ground anomalies (caves and cavities). Invenio’s system box gives you a visual display of a target’s shape, dimension, true depth and identifies the type of metal. Unveiled just last week and now in-stock, Nokta Makro Invenio is the “smart” detector of the future. Order yours today!

Two Invenio Packages to Choose From

Invenio Coin and Nail Image Scan

Nokta Makro Invenio Image scan of a Coin and Nail

Detech SSP 5100 Deep-Seeking Metal Detector-See Treasure to 4 Meters!

Detech SSP 5100 Metal Detector - Deep-Seeking Metal Detector

Detech SSP 5100 Metal Detector – Deep-Seeking Metal Detector for Treasure Caches and Hoards

A Deep-Seeking Metal Detector for Treasure

Detech has truly revolutionized deep-seeking metal detection with the Detech SSP 5100 Deep-Seeker. Locate gold, silver, platinum and precious metals to 6 meters deep. And, an optional search coil extends the range to a whopping 8 meters (or 26 feet deep)! What really distinguishes this two-box detector from others is Discriminating Pulse Induction technology, as opposed to VLF frequency. The Pulse technology eliminates the effects of minerals in the ground for smooth operation. This is important because gold, silver, platinum and copper are commonly found in mineralized soil.

  • Digital microprocessor instantly tells you whether you’ve found Ferrous (iron and steel) or Non-Ferrous (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) targets
  • Target size is graphed and shown on display screen
  • Includes 1.5 meter x 1.5 meter deep-seeking search coil
  • Turn on and go! Beginners can select Auto Tune mode
  • BEST value for a deep-seeking detector!

Detech SSP 5100 Deep-Seeking Metal Detector lets you see precious treasure deep in the ground at an amazing price. There’s no more guess work with this revolutionary deep-seeking unit!


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Whites TM 808 Metal Detector- Find Coin Hoards & Treasure Caches!

Whites TM-808 Deep Seeking Two Box Metal Detector

Whites TM-808 Deep Seeking Two Box Metal Detector

Have you ever gotten a lead about a buried treasure cache’s whereabouts, but didn’t act on it? Perhaps it was hidden on several acres of farmland, and you figured it was an impossible mission. That’s when the Whites TM 808 Metal Detector, a deep-seeking two-box unit, is a priceless commodity! Coin and treasure cache burials were extremely popular in the past, and a large majority are still waiting to be discovered. These caches were buried during an emergency, for safe-keeping and even by outlaws.

Find Large Deeply Buried Treasure’s

Whites TM 808 is specially designed to detect larger objects and deeper metals—up to 20 feet deep! Professional features include: adjustable ground balance, powerful electronics, preset controls and easy tuning. Whites TM 808 is priced right and also detects septic tanks, pipes and relics.


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DRS 3D Stealth Ground Scanner Pro-the Only “See as you Walk Detector!”

Ground-Breaking Detection Technology!
Sensor gathered data converts to graphics in real time on the display. See analysis in color as you walk!

Search for Treasure – Sensor gathered data converts to graphics in real time on the display. See analysis in color as you walk!

Superiority in metal detection equipment has reached a mind-blowing level with DRS Electronics. The advanced DRS 3-Dimensional Stealth Ground Scanner Pro offers features never-before imagined! Using 8 separate sensors to penetrate up to 15 meters deep, this unit illuminates underground cavities and metal targets with a 3D full-color tablet. This is a dream-come-true for serious treasure cache hunters. A full-spectrum color visual analysis instantly shows you: metals, mineral deposits, stone formations, caves, full voids and water.

What’s most unique? The 3D Ground Scanner Pro fully operates in a vest that you wear! Eight geophysical sensors fit into each of the vest’s 8 pockets, while the battery fits into a back pocket. This means that YOU become the metal detector – no equipment  to carry! The 3D Ground Scanner Pro automatically eliminates iron; it draws a signal map of the area below, while displaying target size and depth. A color scale with a numerical system on the display definitively verifies metal, voids and/or water below. For instance, red signifies a metal target, while blue usually marks a cavity. You’ve got to see the DRS 3D Stealth Ground Scanner Pro photos and demos for yourself to actually believe it. Say hello to successful treasure hunting!

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Want to “See” Underground? Check Out the DRS Ground Exper Pro Metal Detector!

DRS Ground Exper Pro Detector - Gold: intense yellow, a red frame and in this case, the round shape of the coin. Iron: intense red, yellow frame plus the shape.

DRS Ground Exper Pro Detector – Gold: intense yellow, a red frame and the round shape of the coin. Iron: intense red, yellow frame plus the shape.

Serious, busy detectorists should REALLY look into the DRS Electronics Ground Exper Pro Metal Detector! This detector is a game-changer because its “Image Scan” technology allows you to “see” a deep-seeking scan of everything underground—pinpointing your treasure. Automatically eliminating trash targets (like soda cans or tops), this unit gives you a real-time full-color scan of EVERYTHING under your feet to 5 meters. You’ll get a comprehensive underground image including metal targets, cavities or water deposits. Imagine this! Gold coins will actually be seen on your display with an accurate round shape and numerical/color identifier.

Why not take advantage of this latest technology?
DRS Ground Exper Pro being used in shallow water.

DRS Ground Exper Pro being used in shallow water.

The DRS Electronics Ground Exper Pro Metal Detector comes with a full-color tablet PC—instantly displaying your finds; as well as 3 deep-seeking search coils. Its color-coded system will display exactly what you’ve found. No more guessing, just more treasure – The DRS Ground Exper Pro is EVERYTHING!

DRS Electronics produces advanced detectors using precision German design and engineering. Get your hands on the latest deep seeking treasure locating technology. Discover deeply buried treasures of precious metals. See all models of DRS Electronics units.

Garrett ATX Multi-Frequency Military-Grade Metal Detector: Underwater to 10 Feet

The Garrett ATX metal detector deepseeker package includes everything you need to locate deep treasures. The package includes the ATX with 12” DD coil, Land headphones, Soft storage/travel case, Garrett Detector Sling, AA alkaline and rechargeable batteries, Battery charger, 20" Deepseeker Mono Searchcoil and Military-grade Garrett hard case.

The Garrett ATX metal detector deepseeker package includes everything you need to locate gold nuggets, gold jewelry and even deep treasures.

World-renowned shipwreck diver, author and Master Scuba Instructor, Dan Berg, says that determined shallow-water treasure hunters can easily find diamond and gold rings, jewelry and valuable artifacts while water hunting. Berg explains that HIGH-quality underwater detectors will pay for themselves, as their deep-seeking abilities will uncover valuables lost by other machines. The Garrett ATX is a waterproof military-grade unit that provides maximum detection on all targets at the same time. This is due to its multi-frequency motion and non-motion modes — automatically adjusting while you search. Advanced ground balance handles rapidly changing terrain; and extreme sensitivity of the Garrett ATX is designed to uncover gold (from underwater jewelry to tiny gold nuggets). Garrett ATX’s exclusive “DD” search coil enhances detection of the smallest targets. The ATX is an extreme all-terrain metal detector, favored by prospectors for finding nuggets, as well as relic-hunters and shallow-water detectorists. The Garrett ATX is endorsed by “Diggers” Tim Saylor and George Wyant! Waterproof to 10 feet.

Choose the Garrett ATX Metal Detector Deep-Seeker Package to locate deeply buried treasure caches!


Reference: “Beach and Water Treasure Hunting with Metal Detectors,” by Capt. Dan Berg

How to Find Buried Treasure Hoards with Your Metal Detector

Metal detecting for buried treasure hoards is a bit different than metal detecting for coins, jewelry, gold, or other type of item. Treasure caches are generally found at deeper depths than the majority of other types of treasures metal detectorists search for with traditional equipment. This is primarily because these treasure hoards were buried intentionally. It may be a shallow hole but that’s usually deeper than a civil war button dropped on a battlefield; even after it’s been laying around all these years.

Finding Treasure – Deep seeking Metal Detectors

Given the fact that treasure caches are usually found at such deep depths, you will need some specialized metal detecting equipment in order to locate them. First, you’ll want to get a deep seeing two box metal detector. These metal detectors specialize at finding big targets buried deeply underground; perfect for locating buried treasure hoards!

Once your two box metal detector is ready to go, you’ll also want to invest in a good metal detecting shovel so you’re prepared to safely unearth all your finds. To learn more about finding buried treasure caches with your metal detector, please read these other related articles from our learning library.

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Makro deephunter Metal Detector Review

Makro deephunter mineralized beach comparison

The Makro deephunter offers mineralized beach comparison that allows you to easily find jewelery and coins deep within the sand.

Metal detectorists have dreamed about a true, all around machine for years.  With the creation of the Makro deephunter pro metal detector this dream has finally come true!

Makro deephunter deep search comparison

The Makro deephunter offers deep search comparison that allows you to find things more easily that are buried deep within the ground.

Makro has designed the deephunter metal detector to be adept at finding the widest range of targets possible.  From small coins and gold nuggets to large deeply buried treasures to underground caverns and caves the deephunter can find it all.  In fact, when you use the deephunter metal detector you’ll end up finding targets others have missed because this machine is so unique in it’s capabilities.

For example,  The Makro deephunter can find a 2.9 gram copper coin between 9 and 17 inches underground depending on the search coil used.  At the same time it can also find a 40 inch copper plate at over 10 feet deep!  This truly is a wide range of targets; and the metal detector finds all these treasures at depths no other multi use metal detectors can touch.

The deephunter’s ability to search so deeply in any type of ground conditions is supported in part by the four (4) search coils included with each machine; two (2) for each mode.  Switching between the coils is quick and easy, and provides users with the largest set of search options imaginable; even in highly mineralized soils.  It’s these search coils, coupled with the two distinct operating modes, that give the deephunter

Makro deephunter Metal Detector

The Makro deephunter metal detector is one of the most powerful detectors on the market today that can easily detect things buried deep within the ground.

capabilities that essentially make it two different metal detectors rolled into one.

You might assume that with all of these specialized search capabilities the deephunter is an advanced metal detector and would be difficult to use.  That would be wrong though!  Makro made the deephunter easy to use so that every metal detectorist can enjoy it’s state of the art feature set.  The machine can change between modes with just a flip of a switch.  Additional manual controls include Ground, Depth, Record, Reset, and Scan, along with general buttons like “OK”, “+”, and “-”.

The Makro deephunter metal detector makes target identification and recovery easier as well thanks to the large, color, LCD screen located right on top of the control box.  You can get visuals on everything that’s going on in simple to read, full color graphs including depth readings and a graphic that shows the shape of each target detected.  In addition, while visual alerts are available in Mode 1, Mode 2 provides users with audio alerts.  This way, if there is a preference, the Makro deephunter can meet these needs as well. When the deephunter is first turned on, you may choose either English or Spanish as your operating language.

Users will also surely enjoy the ferrous elimination feature.  Operational in both mode 1 and mode 2, the ferrous elimination feature makes junk metals almost disappear.  As a result, the deephunter is able to make target recovery even more efficient since you aren’t wasting time digging for trash.  With the Makro deephunter, you’ll only be finding treasure.

This metal detector is so unique it’s already stirred conversation including here at  Let’s take a look at one of the customer reviews we’ve received so far.

Mitchell writesI’ve wanted a multi use metal detector for years but never been convinced.  I finally decided to try one when I saw the Makro deephunter.  It’s only been three weeks but

Makro deephunter search

If you need a detector that can seek deep within the ground and be able to distinguish what you're looking for, the Makro deephunter is for you!

it really does anything anywhere!  Thanks for your help and patience on the phone while I was trying to pick the right unit.

As you can see the Makro Deephunter is not like any other metal detector on the market today.  To learn even more about this new machine visit our deephunter product page.  Here you’ll find a full color interactive slideshow, the product catalog, downloadable instruction manual, an informational video, and more in order to help you get the feel for the device and decide if it’s the metal detector that will best meet your individual needs.





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Makro JeoTech Deep Seeking Metal Detector Review

Makro Jeotech Deep Seeking Metal Detector

The Makro Jeotech deep seeking metal detector allows you to easily find treasures buried deep within the ground and the type of metal, either Junk or Precious.

Want to find the gold, jewelry, caves, cellars, and other types of deeply buried targets others have left behind? The Makro JeoTech deep seeking metal detector Pro Package is what you need to do just that. This metal detector was designed by Makro Metal Detectors to find targets ordinary detectors aren’t able to locate. And, now that you can get the pro package, the Makro JeoTech can go even deeper!

Complete with two search coils, the Makro JeoTech has the ability to search as deeply as any two box metal detector yet, at the same time, it’s also able to detect gold and buried treasures up to 4 meters (a little over 13 feet!). With this type of search capabilities, the Makro JeoTech metal detector gives users an exceptionally wide range of possible search targets and conditions.

In addition, Makro has equipped the JeoTech metal detector with an advanced Target Signal Identification System. With both a flash LED display system and Audio alerts you’ll be able to identify what you find underground in real time before you dig it up saving time and reducing false positives that send you expending energy digging for trash instead of treasure. The LED display system will tell you if the target is a Junk or Precious metal or if it is a Cavity or Void under foot. You’ll also find easy to use manual controls including Sensitivity, Reset, Volume and Light Adjust, Scan, and Ground. Everything you need to adjust the machine for a successful expedition whatever the conditions.

Don’t take our word for it though let’s look at a few of the customer reviews we’ve received regarding the JeoTech deep seeking metal detector Pro Package:

Sherman emailed – “I’ve enjoyed the Makro JeoTech a lot.”

Win writes – “Great detector, easy to use, and fantastic depths.”

Joe shares – “The JeoTech pro package is the most sensitive deep seeking metal detector I’ve seen yet. Great recommendation! Exactly what I was looking for.”

Think the Makro JeoTech Pro-Package may be the deep seeking metal detector for you too? Visit our product page for more information. You’ll find even more product stats along with an informational video, the full downloadable instruction manual and the product catalog. Take a minute to read through everything and then you’ll know pretty much everything there is to know about the JeoTech deep seeking metal detector and can be sure it’s the one to help you meet your personal treasure hunting goals.