Metal Detectors – The Best Holiday Gift! Get in Time for Christmas!

Over $8,00 in Treasure Finds

Pictured above are some of the over $8,000 in rings, coins and other jewelry found with a metal detector by customer John M from Texas.

Tons of people write to us every day asking about metal detectors as holiday gifts. It may be for their husband, Dad, kids or other loved ones. But without knowing what to buy, they need advice! We offer suggestions and models to fit each individual.

Here are the TOP REASONS why a metal detector is the BEST gift!

  1. Unexpected:  A detector is not what you would expect to open as a gift. A metal detector is “cool.” All models are professional, even those under $100, so they are legit!
  2. Exciting: Anyone is excited to find treasure! Real treasure is FUN to find. Watch how fast your loved one will pop in the batteries and head outside to use their detector and find treasure.
  3. Hobby: Everyone needs a hobby. It helps distract from everyday stress, getting you outside and enjoying life.
  4. Profitable: Believe it or not, most hobbyists who have been hunting for a few years say your finds will almost always pay for the metal detector and more!

Here’s some information on getting started with metal detecting as a hobby:

Bounty Hunter metal detectors are known as great beginner units.  For lower prices, check out “entry-level” models; for higher quality features, look at “mid-range” in the article “Which Metal Detector is Best for You?” above.

Get a metal detector in time for Christmas! Here’s our Holiday Shipping Schedule with Rates and Dates:


Whites TreasureMaster: Answers the Call for an Impressive Detector

Whites Treasure Master Metal Detector

Whites TreasureMaster Metal Detector

Treasure is easy to find with the Whites TreasureMaster Metal Detector! The price of this model (under $300) suggests it is an entry-level detector, but users say that’s a misnomer and a well-kept secret. “Seriously, the features, functionality and performance of the Whites TreasureMaster far outstrip ANY entry-level machine I have ever used. This is a detector that you can literally use right out of the box.”

Whites TreasureMaster Features

Among the TreasureMaster’s advanced features: 4 search modes: Coins & Jewelry, Beach, All Metal and Pinpoint; 8 Target ID segments and a beautiful visual display with easy adjustments and countless options. So many…it is hard to list them all. Whites TreasureMaster has every treasure hunter covered!


“Get a Hobby!” with the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500

Do you know someone who needs to get a hobby? Perhaps it’s your spouse, your dad, brother or yourself. Here’s a holiday tip: instead of kicking around all sorts of hobby ideas, why not give the gift of an exciting hobby this year? A metal detector for treasure hunting could easily be the best gift your loved one gets—as long as you jump on it! Daniel Bernzweig of says, “Metal detecting is the greatest hobby on earth! There are treasures everywhere, both large and small,  just waiting for you or me to dig them up. Right now as we speak, people are digging up buried treasure!” During the Annual Holiday Metal Detector Sale, some of the most popular detectors and accessories are at the lowest prices in years.

The Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 is a great all around metal detector for coin, relic and beach hunting. It's a great combination of quality, features and price.

One good example is the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500, which is on sale for $179.99. That is a savings on $140 off the regular price. This is the perfect entry-level metal detector because it has advanced features and settings—more like a high-end unit. The Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 features a large LCD display screen with digital target identification and depth readings. The Legacy 2500 metal detector also has four different audio tones and is another way the unit can better identify what the target may be. Another huge perk on the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 is that the holiday special includes a free bonus accessory kit. It’s a great holiday gift at an amazingly low price!

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