Black Friday Metal Detector Sales

Black Friday Metal Detector Sales #3

Fisher F75+ Black Friday metal detector sales Promo Bundle Offer

Our black Friday metal detector sales include the Fisher F75+ Promo Bundle Offer which includes a free FIsher F-Pulse Pinpointer.

On the 19th we announced Black Friday Sales were on the way. Here are the next 4 promotional deals. The Fisher F70 is the first model in the top series from Fisher metal detectors. The top of the line in this series is the Fisher F75.

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Fisher F75 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

The Fisher F75 is a top of the line metal detector perfect for those that are serious about metal detecting and finding buried treasures.

The Fisher F75 metal detector is a top of the line, multi use metal detector that provides users with an excellent experience.  Made and manufactured by Fisher Metal Detectors, also known as Fisher Research Labs, the F75 metal detector is equally suited to finding relics, coins, and even gold nuggets. The F75 detector provides a level of versatility many feel is important and very useful. Earlier this month, we reviewed the Fisher F75 Ltd, which you may want to compare as you choose the best detector for your needs.

Advanced hobbyists will find the manual controls like trigger activated pinpointing, manual or auto ground balancing, and multi mode FASTGRAB serve to give users an opportunity to use a metal detector that’s hands on yet, at the same time, not overwhelmingly difficult to use either.  In fact, the Fisher F75 even has the capability to save your personal settings in it’s non volatile memory!

Fisher F75 Metal Detector Controls

The controls on the Fisher F75 metal detector are easy to use and can help you more easily find relics buried in the ground.

In addition, the Fisher F75 also provides a comprehensive view of the target through it’s large, easy to read LCD display.  Here you can access helpful information including a mineralization bar and 0-99 numeric target identification, plus, the screen comes complete with back-lighting so all this information is readable in low light treasure hunting conditions as well.  This way, you’re well informed about your target no matter where you are and can save time and energy as a result.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector Reviews:

Marc M. emailed – “The Fisher F75 was just the combination of manual and intuitive controls for me.”

Jane O. shares – “I have been enjoying the versatility of this metal detector very much!”

Lawrence R. offers – “A great experience all around!  Even found some treasure the first day out”

If the Fisher F75 sounds like a metal detector you’d like to use as well, visit our Fisher F75 product page.  Here you’ll find more information including the instruction manual and more to assist you in getting to know this metal detector and decide if it’s the one for you.  After all, there are quite a few excellent metal detectors out there, but, finding the one that will work best for you is the only way to truly enjoy this fun hobby.

Fisher F75 Special Limited Edition Metal Detector Review

Fisher F75 Special Limited Edition Metal Detector

The Fisher F75 Special Limited Edition metal detector can help you easily find coins, relics and gold nuggets buried in heavily mineralized soils.

With the Fisher F75LTD, Fisher has taken what many have called the best Fisher metal detector available, the F75, and made it even better.  With the F75, Fisher created a versatile metal detector that can not only find the smallest gold nuggets in the most heavily mineralized soils, but, it can also locate relics, coins, jewelry, and a variety of other types of treasure too.  The F75 is also notably easy to use while still offering users the opportunity to operate manual controls in order to refine the experience however they’d like.

The F75LTD takes all of this, along with the F75’s lightweight, ergonomic design, as well as it’s large LCD display screen, and gives it a “boost”.  By including a more powerful microprocessor along with DSP code the F75LTD offers two new modes called “Boost Process” and “Cache Locating Process”.  With this Fisher has created a machine that can find all of these different items and more in deeper conditions.  The larger the item the deeper the F75LTD can search to find it.  That said, this newest F75 model can also find smaller gold flakes at deeper depths than the standard model.

These new capabilities are only available for a limited time though.  So if you’re thinking the F75 Limited Edition metal detector might be the metal detector for you, you won’t want to wait too long or, it might be gone.  To give you some more information and help you decide if this is the best metal detector for your, let’s take a look at a few customer reviews we’ve received about this unique detector from Fisher metal detectors.

Miguel J. shares –  ”I’ve been so pleased with my Fisher F75 limited edition metal detector.  Excellent deep seeking capabilities and so versatile.”

Aaron B. writes –  “Already finding treasures and have only had the Fisher F75 Limited for a few days!”

Fisher F75 Special Limited Edition Metal Detector Controls and LCD Display Screen

The display and controls on the Fisher F75 Special Limited Edition metal detector are easy to read and use and can help you to find buried treasures deep in the ground.

Belinda D. reports –  “My husband and I have several metal detectors between us, our new Fisher 75LTD is the one we’re both reaching for first.”

If you’d like to see additional information about this spectacular twist on an industry favorite, visit our Fisher F75LTD Metal Detector product page.  This is where we post even more information about the F75LTD including the product video, product specifications, instruction manual, and product catalog.  Take a look and then, if you think the Fisher 75 limited is the best metal detector for you, make your decision before time runs out and you can’t get this enhanced model any longer.