Give Kids a Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving With A Metal Detector

The modern and easy to use Bounty Hunter Gold Metal Detector

The modern and easy to use Bounty Hunter Gold Metal Detector – a great choice for kids.

Giving children a gift that keeps on giving is often something we strive for during the Holidays, but rarely do gifts for kids actually end up meeting this lofty goal. Metal Detectors for kids are different though. When you give your son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew or other lucky child a metal detector this Holiday season, you’ll be giving them a gift that will give back for many years to come in a variety of ways.

Introducing children to metal detecting through your Holiday gift can give them:

  • A chance to learn about history, geology, ecology, and much more.
  • Opportunities for exercise and fresh air.
  • A way to meet new people by joining metal detecting clubs and engaging with the community while out metal detecting.

Of course your Holiday gift also has the potential to give back by leading them toward valuable treasures as well. While there are many more “trash targets” dug up by metal detectorists than treasures, the potential exists to find something valuable with every outing. This alone is exciting for children and reason enough they’ll like your Holiday gift.  The other benefits of metal detectors for kids are just icing on the cake – or Holiday cookie.

To get you started here are 7 of our recommendations for the best metal detectors for kids.

Giving a gift that can give so much to its recipient isn’t always this easy. But it can be this year when you give the children on your Holiday shopping list a metal detector. Take a 2 or 3 minute read of our buying guide article (with video) entitled Selecting the Best Metal Detectors for Kids and Children.

Learning About Science With Metal Detectors

Iron stone hot rock and treasure found metal detecting

Learning about science is fun and will happen naturally with the use of a metal detector. An iron stone “hot rock” is pictured on the right along with some good old metal detecting treasure finds.

We all know metal detecting is fun, but did you know going out metal detecting can teach you about a variety of areas of science as well?  Here are just a few of the branches of science you’ll study while metal detecting – probably without even realizing it!


You’ve got to know some geology if you want to be a good metal detectorist.  Learning what types of minerals are commonly found around gold, how erosion patterns can help you locate treasure, and more is essential geology knowledge for successful metal detecting.

Pedology (Soil Study)

Successful metal detectorists know their soil.  Understanding the type of soil you’re searching in helps you use the right equipment for the job.  Knowing how the soil was made can also help metal detectorists determine the potential depth of targets as well.


Metal detecting will allow you to see electromagnetic force in action.  Each target has it’s own electromagnetic frequency.  Your detector is designed to react to this unique electromagnetic frequency and uses it to discriminate out trash targets, as well as to give you a possible ID on the target.


Metal detecting forces you to go outside and explore nature. You’ll walk in the woods, dig in the mud, wade in the rivers, and more. All while enjoying your hobby, and finding potentially valuable treasure!

You’ll also get to learn about meteorology, oceanography, and other branches of science as well depending on where you go metal detecting.  For more on all the benefits of metal detecting and how you can get started with this awesome hobby, please enjoy these articles from our learning library.

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