Give Kids a Metal Detector this Holiday Season and Give them the Gift of a New Hobby

Woman with her Garrett Ace 200 metal detector

Outdoor fun can be yours, just like this young lady with her Garrett Ace 200 metal detector.

Finding the best Holiday gift for children on your list can be hard. You want to get them something they’ll like, but also something that will bring value to their lives. Introducing them to a new hobby, like metal detecting, can be the perfect combination.

When you give kids a metal detector, they’ll love the idea of going treasure hunting and finding gold, coins, and other precious items with their new gift. And you’ll love that they’re learning about history, geology, electronics, environmentalism and more all while enjoying fresh air and exercise too. Not only that, when you give kids the gift of a new hobby like metal detecting, it can end up being something that child will enjoy throughout their life, not just that morning when it’s opened.

Selecting Metal Detectors for Kids

To find the best metal detector to give to the children on your Holiday shopping list, be sure to avoid metal detectors touted as being made for kids. The machines you’ll find in the toy store may have a lower price tag, but, they’ll have a much lower success rate as well leaving you with an unhappy, frustrated metal detectorist.

Instead, give kids a metal detector that’s designed for anyone that features a lightweight construction, an adjustable handle and “set and go” controls. This combination of features will give kids a metal detector that’s a good size for them now, yet that can grow with them both in size and skill level as they explore the hobby further.

To get you started, here are the top 7 metal detectors we’d give to kids:

The Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID metal detector is perfectly sized for younger children.

The Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID metal detector.



For kids ages 8 and under, we recommend the Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID metal detector. This detector is perfectly sized for younger children, combining both comfort with easy to understand features. This is a fun metal detector for kids to use and one that will point them to treasure!

Tip – Be sure to see our video and article on selecting metal detectors for kids and children.

Metal Detectors as Christmas Gifts for Him

Give Metal Detectors as Gifts for Guys at any Skill Level

Finding the right gift for him can be challenging – but it doesn’t have to be!  This Holiday season, you can get all the guys on your list into metal detecting.  Whether they’re new to the hobby or seasoned experts, metal detectors and accessories can make the absolute perfect gift for him; and one that will keep on giving for many, many years to come!

If your husband, father, son, grandson, or any other guy on your list is new to metal detecting, look for a “turn on and go” model.  This means the machine will require little if any fine tuning and should be able to be used almost immediately.

Some metal detectors that we find work well for beginners include:

Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500
Bounty Hunter Platinum with 8″ Search Coil
Fisher F-2
Garrett Ace 150
Garrett Ace 350
Teknetics Alpha 2000
Tesoro Compadre

If the guy on your Holiday shopping list has been metal detecting for some time, consider getting him a new metal detector.  As any detectorist will tell you, having more than one machine can be ideal.  If, for example, he currently has a model that will only work on land, pick up an underwater metal detector for him.  You may also consider giving him a more advanced model than the one he currently uses.

Our favorite metal detectors for more advanced enthusiasts include:

Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro with 11″ DD Search Coil
Fisher F- 19 in Green Camo
Garrett ATX
Garrett AT Pro
Tesoro Tiger Shark

Metal Detecting Tools Make Gifts He’s Sure to Like

Whether you need some stocking stuffers, or you just know the guy(s) on your list need some metal detecting accessories he’s sure to have fun with any of these unique, high quality metal detecting tools.

Pinpointers are tops on Many Holiday Shopping Lists: Garrett Pro-Pointer and the Makro Waterproof Pointer
Lesche Digging Tools
Gold Panning Kits and Equipment
Headphones for Metal Detecting: DepthMaster Audiophone II

If you have any further questions about which metal detector or tool to get him, please visit our Learning Library.  You can find a great deal of information here to help you find the best metal detector for every guy on your list.  If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.   All of us here at want to help you give the best gifts this Holiday season and are happy to help you find the right metal detector or accessory for anyone on your list.

So don’t waste time running from store to store never finding a gift he’ll actually use.  Instead, get him a metal detector and you’ll give him a Holiday gift that will last a lifetime!

Check out tomorrow, our blog post on “Metal Detectors as Christmas Gifts for Her.”

Purchasing a Metal Detector for a Beginner?

Given today’s economy and all of the noteworthy treasures that have been found with metal detectors recently, detecting is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. There’s no better time than now to purchase a metal detector for a loved one or yourself. Newbies to the hobby can get started immediately, as so many entry-level models are built to “turn on and go.” Almost all manufacturers have models that are easy to use and understand. If you’re purchasing a detector as a gift, don’t get overwhelmed by too many choices. Make it easy for yourself by answering a few simple questions.

What do you think the newbie will be searching for? Typically, the answer is “everything!” General purpose metal detectors find everything from coins, rings, and jewelry to relics—and they are available at all price levels. For general purpose treasure hunting, look for detectors that include discrimination and pinpointing features. There are popular entry-level (beginners) machines—such as Bounty Hunter metal detectors and Garrett detectors, that come with a very affordable price tag and are extremely simple to operate. However, more advanced models have more features: they may be more capable of identifying targets and cancelling out junk so more valuable are being retrieved. To help make a detector selection, see: What are the Best Beginners Metal Detectors?