Australian Prospector Unearths 8-Pound Gold Nugget- Worth Nearly $200,000!

Found with a Metal Detector, the Gold Nugget above has Been Dubbed "Friday's Joy"

Found with a Metal Detector, the Gold Nugget above has Been Dubbed “Friday’s Joy”

Another extremely large gold nugget  has been discovered with a metal detector! Just recently (August, 2016), a detecting hobbyist was hunting a field in Central Victoria, Australia, when his detector went crazy. He thought it was just a horseshoe, but decided to dig it up anyway. To his amazement, the detectorist (who wishes to remain anonymous) saw something huge shimmering below him! “As I scraped away the clay and dug deeper, I couldn’t believe my eyes. This wasn’t an old piece of steel. I had just unearthed a colossal gold nugget – a once in a lifetime find! I didn’t think nuggets of this size were still around.” The 8-pound nugget was found 12 inches deep, and has been estimated upwards of $190,000.

Is this a “Mini Gold Rush?”

Interestingly, the man says this field is a worked-over area, but he found a 9-ounce nugget the day before. That’s why he returned to the area in hopes of finding more. The prospector will also be sharing the nugget’s proceeds with his hobbyist friends. He explained that they all previously agreed that they would split any royalties if treasure was ever found. This gold nugget find is creating a worldwide craze, according to Australian news reports. Rita Bentley, from the Prospectors and Miners Association, said she believes there will be a mini gold rush in Australia. Says Bentley, “I would imagine there will be some new people who thought, ‘I’ve always wanted to try that,’ and this will be what pushes them over the edge. Buy a detector and a miner’s right and get out there!” It’s incredible to know that there are nuggets of gold out there this size these days. In fact, a huge gold nugget was found in Northern California not too long ago. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at gold prospecting, NOW is the TIME!


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Monster Gold Nugget Found in Butte County, California

The dream of finding gold is still alive! This is exciting news for amateur prospectors, who really just want to snag a small nugget for simple gold satisfaction. Long-time detectorist and web blogger “Digger Bob” shares a success story that is encouraging and motivational for amateur gold prospectors! His story: a “monster” gold nugget was found in the Butte foothills in Northern California. Weighing in at 6.25 troy lbs. and 75 oz., this huge nugget was discovered with a metal detector at a depth of 12″. The nugget was deposited on a small feeder creek/stream which fed from the main water channel.

Gold Detectors will ALL Find Gold

“Digger Bob” believes that any decent gold detector could have located this nugget, but says that it originally sounded like a trash signal. Because small nuggets had previously been detected in the same area, he knew to dig it up anyways. Gold detectorists always advise digging up ALL targets for this exact reason. Many times gold signals get ID’ed as trash targets – then turn up as gold. As it turns out, this huge gold nugget was sold at an auction for approximately $400,000!. “Digger Bob” points out that it IS really like hitting the lottery or finding your own “retirement fund.” The point is—gold is still absolutely out there, waiting to be discovered!

Common gold states include:  Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

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Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector Review

Full Length Picture of the Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

The Fisher Gold Bug Pro is one of the more advanced gold prospecting metal detectors that can help you find buried gold nuggets.

When looking for a gold prospecting metal detector that has more hands on controls and advanced settings, the Fisher Gold Bug Pro is a machine you won’t want to miss.  If you know anything about the traditional Gold Bug then you know it’s a high quality machine designed and manufactured by an industry leader, that can help you find the smallest gold nuggets even in highly mineralized soil.  Not only that, the Gold Bug is also extremely versatile and can locate other types of targets like relics, and coins as well.  The Gold Bug Pro model takes this high level of functionality and incorporates additional features that more advanced users, as well as those that want to improve their metal detecting skills will really appreciate. The 5 inch search coil is standard on the Gold Bug Pro and for just a bit more, the Gold Bug Pro DP comes with an 11 inch coil instead of the 5 inch.

One of the main things that separates the Gold Bug Pro and the traditional model is the controls.  The Gold Bug Pro offers users the opportunity to utilize a variety of  manual controls including Threshold and Gain, Ground Balance, Discrimination, and Ground to Ground Pinpointing.  All of these manual controls are then integrated into an easy to use interface which allows the Gold Bug Pro to be a nice choice for advanced or intermediate metal detector users along with those newer to the hobby that are looking to advance their skills.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector Controls

The Fisher Gold Bug Pro metal detector offers a variety of manual controls that can help you more easily find buried gold, relics and more.

The information provided to you by this metal detector is also of note.  With the Gold Bug Pro, Fisher has designed a machine that can give users valuable information including continuous readouts of the type and amount of soil mineralization you’re dealing with as well as the depth of the target identified all on it’s large, easy to read screen.  This way, you can adjust your settings with greater accuracy and save time with target identification and recovery.

While it seems pretty obvious that this metal detector offers users a lot of nice features most would find enjoyable to say the least, let’s actually hear from some of our customers who have already bought and used the Fisher Gold Bug Pro and see what they say.

Carol and Max share – “We have been metal detecting for quite a few years now but just got our Gold Bug Pro, one for each of us – it’s a nice machine with just the level of control and versatility we were looking for. We are thinking of getting the Gold Bug Pro DP with the 11 inch coil as a back up detector.”

Gabe F. writes – “The Gold Bug Pro actually is great at finding small gold nuggets even in areas with high mineralization.”

We’ve received a lot more positive feedback about this machine as well just like the traditional Gold Bug model; another thing these metal detectors both have in common!  For more information on either model, simply visit our product page.  This is where you’ll find the machine’s instruction manual, a quick overview video and more information like this to help you learn as much as you can about this metal detector and see if it’s the best gold prospecting detector for you.

Makro Announces deephunter Metal Detector

Makro deephunter Metal Detector

The Makro deephunter metal detector is one of the best detectors on the market today that can find smaller items and larger treasures, no matter the conditions.

Introducing the new Makro deephunter Pro Metal Detector!  This model detector is now in stock in our warehouse and ready to be shipped to your door.  Why is this so important? Well, while we always get excited when a new metal detector is released, the deephunter is particularly thrilling.

The large color LCD display provides complete target analysis. Now you can know what you have found, how deep it is and the target dimensions before you dig. A visual image analysis of the target signal is shown in color on the display. The type of target, Gold, Iron etc. is displayed visually on the display.

The deephunter Pro is honestly like no metal detector we’ve seen to date.  Complete with 4 different search

Graphical view of Makro deephunter, which can find large, deeply buried treasures of gold, silver and other precious metals.

Graphical view of Makro deephunter, which can find large, deeply buried treasures of gold, silver and other precious metals.

coils and two separate operating modes – one mode for small sized objects and the other for larger deeply buried targets.  The deephunter can locate nearly any type of target even in the worst soil conditions and at depths unattainable by other metal detectors.  Basically, the Makro deephunter is two separate machines combined into one to create a level of versatility never before experienced in a metal detector.

That said, it’s not a complex machine either.  Most users will find the deephunter fairly simple to operate after reading the easy to understand instruction manual that’s included with the machine. The Manual can also be read in full on our deephunter Pro product page.  Plus, this metal detector really is just easy to operate.  For example, switching between modes requires only the touch of a button.  Setting the ground balance is just as simple.  Other manual controls on the deephunter include Depth, Record, Reset, and Scan.  Controls that are easy to use and understand.

Graphical view of Makro deephunter, which can find individually buried jewelry, relics, gold nuggets and coins

Graphical view of Makro deephunter, which can find individually buried jewelry, relics, gold nuggets and coins

Prepared for any situation, you need only choose the correct operation mode and corresponding search coil to meet your current target choice and the type of environment you’re treasure hunting in.  Then, your deephunter metal detector is ready to roll whether you’re at the beach looking for coins, in the mountains looking for gold, or anywhere in between treasure hunting for any other type of items large or small and either deep or shallow.

With it’s deep seeking capabilities, it’s even possible to find voids in the ground, such as caverns and caves at surprising depth levels with this metal detector as well.  And, while it’s unheard of to find a metal detector that can find both coins and jewelry as well as caverns, caves and other deeply buried treasures, with the release of the Makro deephunter, this unique combination of capabilities is now available.

Metal detectorists take note.  The Makro deephunter is currently the most technologically advanced machine available as well as one of the best deep seeking metal detectors.  If you’re looking for a versatile, easy to use machine that’s ready to go wherever you are, the deephunter Pro is the metal detector to beat and one you’ll definitely want to experience for yourself.

Strike Gold with a Metal Detector

Gold Prospecting Metal Detectors for Finding Gold

When it comes to prospecting for gold, you need to own the right gold metal detector that can help you find it.

Can you really find gold with a metal detector? That’s a common question that both Michael and Daniel Bernzweig of get asked a lot. Their response? “Yes! With the correct type of metal detector and patience, it is very possible for any hobbyist to locate gold nuggets and flakes.” Gold prospecting metal detectors can discover gold as small as half a grain. They can also detect nuggets up to depths over a foot. These modern high-tech detectors with precise circuitry have the high sensitivity needed to find gold and can balance out all effects of mineralization.

Some gold prospecting metal detectors, such as the Garrett AT Gold and Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ, feature discrimination capabilities that allow you to search for coins, jewelry and relics as well. Before you set out for gold, get off to an educated start by reading an article from our Learning Library: What’s the Best Gold Prospecting Metal Detector? It will enlighten you about the types of gold detectors, search coils for prospecting, discriminating out junk metals and how deep you can search for gold. The Bernzweig brothers offer a final bit of advice, “Hunt in areas where gold has already been found. Today’s modern gold metal detectors may lead you to small and even large nuggets previously overlooked.”

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector Review

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

The Fisher Gold Bug metal detector is one of the best gold prospecting detectors that can help you find hidden treasures like gold nuggets.

The Gold Bug metal detector from Fisher Research Labs is a unique gold prospecting metal detector adept at finding even the smallest gold nuggets.  Many users report finds in places where others have searched and even found gold before.  It’s not just a single use machine though.  With it’s two different search modes, all metal and discriminate, the Gold Bug is also a fine detector for locating most coins, jewelry, relics, and other types of treasure.  A multi-use metal detector with this type of versatility alone is an excellent value.  But, there are many other aspects of this metal detector that make it a fantastic choice as well.

Designed to locate the tiniest nuggets in the toughest conditions, the Gold Bug includes a small super sensitive 5 inch DD waterproof search coil. This makes pinpointing targets in even the most heavily mineralized soils, like those where gold is located, a breeze.  In addition, the Gold Bug is highly sensitive and offers Threshold control, fast manual Ground Balancing using Fisher Ground Grab and a Sensitivity Gain adjustment as well.

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector Controls and LCD Display Screen

The Fisher Gold Bug metal detector has a large LCD display that is easy to read and target buried gold nuggets.

Plus, whether you’re looking for gold nuggets, coins, or other types of relics, the Fisher Gold Bug has features that will make any type of treasure hunt easier.  The machine boasts a large, easy to read LCD screen so you can check the ground conditions and target response with ease.  Plus, it’s one of the lightest weight metal detectors in the industry. Weighing in at just 2.5 pounds this is one serious performer that is designed with ergonomics in mind.  These features make the Gold Bug an excellent choice for younger users, senior citizens, those with lower physical fitness levels, and anyone else who just wants an easy to use and versatile gold prospecting metal detector!

To get an even more balanced picture of this machine, lets take a look at a few of the Gold Bug metal detector reviews we’ve received from users who’ve purchased from

Red G. says –  “The Gold Bug from Fisher is a great gold prospecting detector.  I found some of the tiniest nuggets with this hot machine.”

Glen and Suz share –  “Thanks for helping us find The Gold Bug metal detector. It’s so light and easy to use and has helped us really enjoy this fun hobby.”

Shamus writes –  ”The Gold Bug metal detector was just what I’ve been looking for. Its very versatile and I’ve found gold nuggets, a few coins, and some jewelry so far.”

To see even more information about this Fisher metal detector, visit our Fisher Gold Bug product page.  Here you’ll find the instruction manual, a video, product specifications and more to give you a well rounded view of this unique and versatile metal detector. With a bit of reading, you can decide if it’s the best metal detector for gold to fulfill your gold prospecting and treasure hunting dreams.

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector Review

The original Fisher Gold Bug is a legendary gold prospecting metal detector that was designed and manufactured by Fisher Research Labs.  The Gold Bug 2 is an enhanced version of this tried and true gold prospecting metal detector and is sure to excite and amaze just as the original did with a variety of features that make treasure hunting successful, and fun!

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector

The Fisher Gold Bug 2 is a high frequency metal detector that is perfect for prospecting for gold nuggets.

High frequency metal detectors like those in the Gold Bug series are ideal for finding gold nuggets, among other things.  The Gold Bug 2 takes this to the next level by offering users a machine that operates on the highest frequency in the line up – 71kHz.  This makes the machine highly sensitive and enables it to find even the smallest gold nuggets.  And, for even greater precision the Gold Bug 2 also comes equipped with a manual sensitivity control.

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector Control Panel

The control panel of the Gold Bug 2 metal detector offers dual knob ground controls and a 3 position mineralization switch to help make it easier to find buried gold.

In addition, the Gold Bug 2 features dual knob ground rejection controls and a 3 position mineralization switch so you don’t have to worry about soils with high ground mineralization levels; which is where gold is often found.  The Gold Bug 2 features a waterproof search coil and is resistant to dust and moisture as well.  So, while the control box is not submersible, the Gold Bug 2 is ideal for use in wet areas like rivers, streams and creeks where gold is often found.

The Gold Bug 2 provides users with a metal detector that will meet their needs for comfort too.  It weighs only 2.9 lbs, is ergonomically designed, and, the control box can be chest or hip mounted for even more comfort.  The, the Gold Bug 2 improves the user’s experience even further with it’s “Iron Discrimination” mode that rejects iron trash targets and hot rocks so you’re only spending your time digging for real treasure.

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Reviews:

Jan shares – “I always wanted to find gold and the Gold Bug 2 has made it happen.”

Brian writes – “The Gold Bug 2 has been easy to use and I take it most places I go. I was most surprised by it’s sensitivity and it’s been reliable. My gold finds have paid for this machine many times over.”

Along with the product summary and customer reviews, you can also find information like the instruction manual, product specifications and a video overview at our product page for the Gold Bug 2.  You have three choices when ordering, the Gold Bug 2 with either the smaller 6.5″ search coil, the larger 10′ coil or a combo with both search coils.  Take a look, then after taking in all of this great information, you can make a more educated decision about the Gold Bug 2 metal detector and it’s place in your treasure hunting tool box.

Garrett Introduces the AT Gold Prospecting Metal Detector

Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland Texas has just introduced the new Garrett AT Gold metal detector. This easy to use gold prospecting metal detector is the latest addition to the Garrett line-up. With the price of gold within striking distance of $2,000 an ounce, their

Garrett Electronics has just introduced the AT Gold Metal Detector. This model will be available in limited supply from starting in October, 2011.

Garrett Electronics has just introduced the AT Gold Metal Detector. This model will be available in limited supply from starting in October, 2011.

timing could not have been better!

This model is produced in the same chassis as their popular water hunting metal detector, the Garrett AT Pro. Don’t let the familiar design fool you! This new model in the AT series is a serious gold prospecting detector, packed with new features. The AT Gold is designed with ease of use in mind. This unit contains features that are sure to help even the novice treasure hunter strike gold! While complete details are shown on our Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector page on our website, here are the items that catch our eye.

An Adjustable Ground Balance Window

For the first time, users now have the capability to spread the ground balance setting. This allows you to effectively ground balance to a range of values. This is particularly helpful in reducing the effects of hot rocks and terra cotta.

A True Gold Prospecting Frequency

We were excited to see that Garrett chose an 18 kHz frequency for this new machine. This high frequency is perfectly suited to locate the tiniest gold nuggets.  As an aside, this unit will also be ideal for locating gold jewelry, lead relics, bronze, copper, silver and brass targets.

Rugged All Terrain Design and Versatility

Like the AT Pro, the AT Gold is waterproof to 10 feet. This unit is ideal for prospecting in streams and river beds. Now you can bring your metal detector in to the toughest environments.

A New Gold Prospecting Search Coil

Garrett has done their homework and designed a small, sensitive new coil featuring the DD design. The 5”x8” PROformance search coil is the perfect complement to the new AT Gold. The design of this coil provides smooth operation in the mineralized ground conditions where gold is found.

The AT Gold is the first waterproof gold prospecting display with a full visual display. We are confident that this new model will send their competitors back to the drawing board.  The AT Gold has a suggested list price of $799.95 and is available from at the discounted price of $679.96. The first shipments are expected to arrive in October, 2011.