Give Kids a Metal Detector this Holiday Season and Give them the Gift of a New Hobby

Woman with her Garrett Ace 200 metal detector

Outdoor fun can be yours, just like this young lady with her Garrett Ace 200 metal detector.

Finding the best Holiday gift for children on your list can be hard. You want to get them something they’ll like, but also something that will bring value to their lives. Introducing them to a new hobby, like metal detecting, can be the perfect combination.

When you give kids a metal detector, they’ll love the idea of going treasure hunting and finding gold, coins, and other precious items with their new gift. And you’ll love that they’re learning about history, geology, electronics, environmentalism and more all while enjoying fresh air and exercise too. Not only that, when you give kids the gift of a new hobby like metal detecting, it can end up being something that child will enjoy throughout their life, not just that morning when it’s opened.

Selecting Metal Detectors for Kids

To find the best metal detector to give to the children on your Holiday shopping list, be sure to avoid metal detectors touted as being made for kids. The machines you’ll find in the toy store may have a lower price tag, but, they’ll have a much lower success rate as well leaving you with an unhappy, frustrated metal detectorist.

Instead, give kids a metal detector that’s designed for anyone that features a lightweight construction, an adjustable handle and “set and go” controls. This combination of features will give kids a metal detector that’s a good size for them now, yet that can grow with them both in size and skill level as they explore the hobby further.

To get you started, here are the top 7 metal detectors we’d give to kids:

The Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID metal detector is perfectly sized for younger children.

The Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID metal detector.



For kids ages 8 and under, we recommend the Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID metal detector. This detector is perfectly sized for younger children, combining both comfort with easy to understand features. This is a fun metal detector for kids to use and one that will point them to treasure!

Tip – Be sure to see our video and article on selecting metal detectors for kids and children.

Give the Gift of a New Hobby: A Beginners Metal Detector

Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

A metal detector might just be the ultimate gift idea for this holiday season!

Introducing a loved one to a new hobby like metal detecting can make an excellent Holiday gift idea.  All you’ll need is a beginners metal detector and a few accessories to get your father, mother, son, daughter, grandparent, or other loved one into this fun hobby.  

Beginners metal detectors come in a range of different capabilities and prices.  Although you may find more affordable models at toys stores, or from unknown brands, the best beginners metal detectors are going to be good quality machines that are designed to be easy to use.  Otherwise, your loved one will  likely be unsuccessful at metal detecting and give up on a fantastic hobby only because of a poor quality machine.

One of the first things to look for when it comes to beginners metal detectors is “turn on and go” controls.  This means your Holiday gift recipient won’t have to worry about settings and adjustments.  Instead, they’ll literally turn the metal detector on and start finding treasure.  This makes treasure hunting with a metal detector fun, easy, and possibly even a hobby they enjoy for many Holidays to come.

For some ideas to get you started here are the top 6 beginners metal detectors chosen by our experts:

  1. Tesoro Compadre
  2. Fisher F22
  3. Bounty Hunter Gold
  4. Garrett Ace 350
  5. Detector Pro Pirate
  6. Whites Treasure Pro

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Kids are Sure to Appreciate a Metal Detector this Summer

Metal detecting is a hobby the entire family can enjoy. Metal detectors for kids make the perfect gift idea for children of all ages.

Metal detecting is a hobby the entire family can enjoy. Metal detectors for kids make the perfect gift idea for children of all ages.

Shopping for Children this Summer?  

It can be hard to find gifts for kids that are exciting and educational. That’s where metal detectors come in. When you give a child a metal detector, you not only give them that machine, you also offer them a route into a potentially life long hobby that’s filled with education, fun, treasure, and so much more.

When Can a Child Begin Metal Detecting?

By about 6 or 7 years old children can manage their own metal detector and nearly all of them that try it have a fantastic time. Younger children interested in metal detecting can also participate. There are pinpointers they can use as well as shovels, sandscoops and other types of metal detecting tools like these smaller children can use to help their sibling or parent while metal detecting.

Which is the Best Metal Detector to Give a Child?

For many, the toy store would be the obvious place to begin your search for a children’s metal detector. However, a machine that is a toy first and a metal detector second will not yield real results for your little treasure hunter; and she or he will almost certainly become frustrated and quickly lose interest in metal detecting.

Instead, the best metal detector to give a child is a real machine that has an adjustable handle and that’s lightweight. This way, the metal detector can grow with your child and, it’s easy to maneuver. From there you’ll want to look at the feature set and be sure the metal detector isn’t overly complicated to use. That said, you’ll want the machine to be able to offer the child learning opportunities as well so it shouldn’t be too easy to use either. For some recommendations on the best metal detectors for kids as well as specific features to look for and more, see our buyers guide article “Best Kids Metal Detectors”.

What Are the Benefits of Metal Detecting for Kids?

There are a variety of reasons kids of any age will thoroughly enjoy receiving a metal detector this Summer including:

  • Metal detectors help you explore your surroundings.

  • They teach you about history, geology, electronics, and the environment.

  • When you go metal detecting you spend the entire time outside.

  • You also spend the entire time exercising.

Oh, and don’t forget the opportunity metal detectors give kids to find valuable treasure! Although most metal detectorists will tell you they’re not in it for the money, the opportunity to find a piece of gold, antique jewelry, precious stones, coins, or other treasure is always present. What child wouldn’t love a gift that offered this level of fun and excitement?

When you give a child a metal detector, you’ll get to give them a gift that will keep giving back to them for many years to come. Not only do they get to benefit from all the educational opportunities, and health benefits that come with every use of your gift, each time they find a special treasure, they’ll think of you. So give the special child(ren) in your life a metal detector this Summer and watch them light up with excitement you can feel good about.

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Beginner’s Metal Detector Encourages Kids to “Go Outside and Play!”

The Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 is a top-rated metal detector for both kids and beginner's. This Bounty Hunter metal detector is easy to use and on sale at

Today’s kids live in the age of technology, with gadgets we never even imagined. However, just like 30 years ago—they still need to get outside and play! Being glued to a computer playing games that are devoid of learning and values won’t help them succeed. An outdoor hobby, such as metal detecting for treasure, serves a multitude of benefits to kids and to the whole family! Exercise, quality mental stimulation and human interaction are just a few advantages of metal detecting. A metal detector is a gadget, so that will get kids interested. Little do they know how much they will learn about their treasure finds, geography and science. Now is a great time to purchase a beginner’s metal detector because prices have gotten very affordable.

On sale for $139.99, the Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 is loaded with professional features, yet it’s built for beginners. Kids simply power on the detector and go—finding coins, relics and jewelry on their first time out. The Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 features a depth indicator that kids find really neat because it shows how deeply an object is buried. It also features an easy-to-read LCD display with identification to show what the target is. In fact, this is the lowest priced detector from any company that features an LCD display screen. The detector only weighs two and a half pounds and has an adjustable shaft, so it fits both kids ages 9 and up and adults. Here’s a fun idea to get your child started: Set up a treasure hunt by burying metal objects in your own yard and giving kids a “treasure list” of items to locate. In minutes, they will be hooked on a new outdoor hobby. The Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 is a top-rated metal detector for both kids and beginner treasure hunters!

What’s all the “Buzz” about Metal Detecting?

The hobby of treasure hunting with a metal detector is catching on like wildfire. So, you may be wondering what all the buzz is about. There are many reasons why treasure hunting is gaining popularity—it’s fascinating, profitable, mentally stimulating, takes you outdoors and can be a family hobby. That’s just to get started. From a universal perspective, metal detecting is a perfect hobby for anyone. Kids and teens will enjoy it because it channels their natural energy and curiosity while offering adventure and excitement. Nature lovers can explore the outdoors, adding the element of searching for gold and precious minerals.

History Is All Around Us

Historians can’t get enough of using a metal detector to uncover items from past generations. Thrill-seekers can shipwreck dive and search for underwater treasure. Everyday people looking for a new source of excitement can search for coins, jewelry and other valuables. And treasure hunting is also ideal for seniors. Seniors and retirees can enjoy a renewed sense of adventure while getting outdoor exercise. Essentially, anyone can add excitement to their lives by simply picking up a metal detector. And it doesn’t require the expense of travel or extensive equipment.

Seeking lost treasure is intriguing to everyone. Nothing compares to the sheer thrill of discovery, whether it’s an 80-year-old coin, a gold bracelet, a small gold nugget or a trinket 1000’s of years old. And it doesn’t matter where you live, because lost treasure can be uncovered anywhere- even in your own backyard. If you live in an area where a Civil War battle was fought, you might search for relics. Out West is well-known for its gold prospecting; around the Great Lakes, there are still many undiscovered shipwrecks. And there’s always beach hunting, parks, baseball fields and construction sites. If you do a little research in your town library, you’ll learn a lot about potential treasure hunting sites.

Metal Detector Selection and Usage Information

The first step is getting a decent metal detector and learning how to operate it. You can easily learn some “basics” about metal detecting at The Learning Library is an easy-to-search metal detector article library with how-to-guides and lots of starter information. Articles for beginners will take you step-by-step through the process of selecting a metal detector and how to get started with it. Once equipped with your detector, read the manual and learn about its signals and features, modes of operation and capabilities. And don’t forget to learn basic information about search coils, so you know understand your hunting depths. Soon, you’ll discover why treasure hunting is where it’s at!

It’s a Great Time to be a Beginner Metal Detectorist

Metal Detectors for Beginners

For beginners looking to get into metal detecting, you need to make sure you find the right detector that can help you find hidden treasures.

Now is the perfect time to get started in the hobby of metal detecting. Not only have the prices of metal detectors gotten very affordable, advances in technology have made these units extremely accurate and easy to operate. Even entry-level metal detectors are computerized now; many feature simple, one-touch operation. Toy detectors (which don’t find much of anything) are becoming obsolete.

Daniel Bernzweig of suggests that beginners consider a unit with a visual target indicator. “Visual target ID will report on every target your searchcoil sweeps over. If you see your target, you’ll know whether it’s worth digging.” With so many makes and models of metal detectors, how do you know which one to select? Bernzweig’s advice is to spend a few minutes reading about the subject: How to Select a Metal Detector.

Compare Metal Detectors

After browsing through different brands and products on the website, use the “Compare” feature. Select the “Compare” button on two different detectors. You will see a side-by-side metal detector comparison chart listing each model’s features, star rating from customer reviews and the price – discounted of course.

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Review

The most popular detector model in the Garrett line up.

Find coins, jewelry, relics and more from the moment you turn on the Garrett Ace 250. This is a very popular hobby detector for coins & treasure hunting—it’s among the most high-tech, rugged designs in the industry! The reason why people love the Garrett Ace 250 is because it is loaded with advanced features at a totally affordable price. The micro-

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

The Garrett Ace 250 metal detector is perfect for hobbyists looking to find hidden treasures and more.

processor controls allow you to pinpoint targets with extreme accuracy and hunt at the push of one button. Read “Testing the Garrett Ace 250- Full Review” for an in depth review of this model.  Also be sure to visit our metal detector videos page in the learning center, to view an Ace 250 video that demonstrates how easy it is to operate this model. Detailed information on the controls and field use for this metal detector is available in the owners manual that can be found on our metal detector manuals page.

Professional Features at an Affordable Price

Among the Garrett Ace 250’s most notable features include a high-tech Target ID display that tells you whether you’ve located gold/bronze or silver, pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and more. The Mode Selection function has 5 pre-set modes to choose from: All-metal, Jewelry, Custom, Relics and Coins. There is a Target Coin Depth Scale that shows you exactly how deep you have to dig for a coin; as well as electronic pinpointing to more precisely zero in on your “dig point.”

Precise Notch Discrimination is another noteworthy feature on the Garrett Ace 250. Notch discrimination is a special feature that can quickly and easily be used to either reject a band of targets or accept a band of targets. It is usually used to reject pull-tabs while still finding coins and gold. This ‘notch window’ can be moved up and down the discrimination range until it properly covers your desired range of target response.

Read Garrett Ace 250 reviews from customers that own this model:

Artur W. Said “With the Ace 250 I have found several earrings, pendants and coins … In my opinion this is a great device for a low price.”

Mark R. “You cant go wrong. Great price. Easy to use. Found treasure 1st time out. My first one and I really like it.”

Good S. said “… my first detector, and I bought it on a whim…. arrived very quickly …. impressed with all the features … loved the [included] video tutorial, and had fun right away…. found at least 20 articles in the first 10 feet of searching”

Andy T. “Very pleased… paid for itself on my first outing! Easy pinpointing and good detection.”

Choose from (2) Ace 250 Packages:
Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector– Comes with a single 6.5″ x 9″ search coil. This model comes loaded with features that identify your target, adjustable sensitivity to speed up the recovery process and pinpointing that can separate multiple targets in a small area.

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Deluxe Sports Package– Comes bundled with extra Garrett brand accessories and two search coils, the standard 6.5″ x 9″ and a larger 9″x12″ search coil. This bigger search coil hunts deeper and covers more ground per sweep when hunting in large open areas.

What Will You Find with the Garrett Ace 250?
The Garrett Ace 250 is great for beach hunting, parks, ball fields, construction sites, wooded areas, along streams or anywhere coins can be found. This model is best known for finding coins, jewelry and relics. You can search for Indian head and Wheat pennies,

Ace 250 treasures found

With the Ace 250 metal detector, you will easily be able to find all types of treasures from coins to jewelry.

Buffalo nickels, Barber dimes, Liberty Walking half-dollars, silver dollars and gold coins. The All Metal mode is a lot of fun because you will find more and deeper coins, but every target will have to be dug as you will be digging “all metals”. The good news here is that the Ace 250 will also pick up other valuable metal objects, such as Civil War relics.

The Ace 250 often comes to mind when people ask, “What is the best detector for finding coins?” Since there are more buried coins than there are in circulation, this detector’s engineers crafted it to be a mighty coin-hunter. Grab one today; it’s the perfect beginners metal detector to get started with.

Geocaching with a Metal Detector

Metal Detecting and Geocaching – Enjoy Both Hobbies Together for Twice the Fun

Metal Detecting and Geocaching are two really fun and exciting hobbies. But, they’re pretty different. Or are they? Well, in some respects metal detecting and geocaching are different. When you head out with your GPS coordinates to find your geocache, you’re not expecting to dig or wander around until you find your treasure like you would if you were going metal detecting for a treasure cache. That said, these two hobbies actually have more similarities than they do differences.

Just to name a few, both Metal Detecting and Geocaching are:

  •     Excellent forms of exercise
  •     Great ways to enjoy the thrill of hunting for treasure
  •     Hobbies that get you outside in nature
  •     Activities that take you to new and wonderful places
  •     Things you can enjoy alone or with family or friends

Actually, even if we only look at this short list of things metal detecting and geocaching share, it’s easy to see that these two unique hobbies could actually benefit each other and

Using a hand held GPS and a metal detector is a great way to go combine the hobbies of metal detecting and Geocaching.

Using a hand held GPS and a metal detector is a great way to go combine the hobbies of metal detecting and Geocaching.

be enjoyed together for even more treasure hunting fun. For example, geocaching can give metal detector enthusiasts a starting point to begin looking for buried treasure as well as a guaranteed find; something that doesn’t always come with metal detecting.

When geocaching in and around cellar holes and old home sites, bring your metal detector along. These are great spots to find treasure as well. In fact with a metal detector you can easily pinpoint targets through the various layers of debris, walls and other obstacles. Simply put, after you have found your geocache, your metal detector will help you find coins and relics commonly found around old home sites.

As you can see, geocaching and metal detecting really do go hand in hand. The only question left is, what’s the best metal detector for geocaching?

This is a question that doesn’t have just one answer and instead, it will actually have a different answer for each person. The type of metal detector that’s best for anything,

Metal Detecting and Geocaching go hand in hand. The Magellan eXplorist GC is a popular hand held device used along with a metal detector.

Metal Detecting and Geocaching go hand in hand. The Magellan eXplorist GC is a popular hand held device used along with a metal detector.

including geocaching, varies from person to person. Some factors to consider when deciding on which metal detector will be right for your geocaching expeditions include whether or not you’ll be near water, your height and strength, and, as always, your budget.

With these personal preferences in mind, some of the best entry level metal detectors for geocaching are made by Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors. The Bounty Hunter Platinum is a great starter model. Garrett Metal Detectors also makes a great model for geocaching, the Garrett AT Pro. If you’ll be near water for even part of the time this is a great choice. If you just want the best, the top of the line model is the XP DEUS. While they each have different features and strengths, any one of these metal detectors will help you find that buried treasure cache more easily. Use the links to each of these models, above, for full details on each one and to read metal detector reviews left by experienced users.

And, whichever model of detector you choose, you’ll definitely enjoy geocaching and metal detecting even more when you combine them together for one exciting trip. Each hobby has so much in common, that, when they’re done together, it makes both more fun than ever before!